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Drone video(Summit, NY)

W2RE @ 100' on tower with Ocean View!!!!

Sunset & Sunset W2/Summit

S9TM DXpedition to Sao Tome

Childern of Sao Tome intrigued by our operation. Above Photo Ray W2RE gets hugs from the kids just as he finished up building 1/4wv 160 vertical on the beach. Below Ray W2RE, Pat N2IEN, Lee WW2DX take photo with a few yound children. The Yagis are used for monn-bounce and made history from Sao Tome as the first QSO ever from S9.

OY DXpedition to Faroe Island

FJ DXpedition to St. Barthelemy

The FJ team made over 7000 Qs holiday style from 2/11 2/17 2015. Please QSL to NR6M for FJ Cards. FJ/W2RE made 3100 Qs. We plan to be QRV from same location in 2016. Thanks for all the Qs.

Ray W2RE and Lee WW2DX climbing the Arctic King at TF4M. What a thrill to climb this massive array on the Frjords in the NW corner Iceland, not many hams will ever experience the excitement to this level, we are very blessed to have the opportunity!


What a blast from Sicily!:)


Family Photos:

FJ/KB2HZI St. BarthelemyWife and Kids!

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Ray W2RE and Lee WW2DX operating W1I in 2014 WRTC2014 Field-Day (Yacht Style)2014 Field-Day Yacht style!yachtLee WW2DX and Pat N2IEN tune the TransWorld Antenna.2014 ARRL DX CW (VP2EZZ) AnguillaVP2EZZWhats a location. Thanks to Pat N2IEN and Nada for the flight to Anguilla! Cant wait to go back!:) In Photo: Lee WW2DX, Pat N2IEN and yours truly Ray W2RE.TF/W2RE 2013 IARU Championship (Iceland)loriiceland


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