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Quick bio:

First licensed in 1989 at the age of 13 as KB8HBA- got my extra at 14 and received the call AA8AO. I then dopped out of the hobby for about 25to experience teenage years, college, and marriage.

Just got back into it in Feb 2017 when I moved to the Greater Atlanta, FA area and have had a blast dusting off my CW and getting into JT65. I recently received the callsign WF4W (Apr 2017)

I mostly enjoy chasing DX - I've achieved Mixed DXCCvia LoTW in just 90 days! I dug out my old QSL cards and have another 80 unique entities confirmed. . .

I am currently running a IC-7300 to a 6BTV - sometimes I turn on the ALS-600 for a little 500w kick. It's a simple setup - nothing fancy or complex - but it's amazing what you can do with minimal "stuff" . The 6BTV + 17 is hard to see against the trees -- but thats the point! I am very happy with this vertical installation - it's the first HF vertical I've ever used. The install is nice and clean.

I've upgraded! I decided to add the DXEngineering Tilt base and radial plate... I also added two more radials for 80/40/20


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