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Tim Cotton

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Our last C6A operationwas from Marsh Harbor, in the Abacos, along with C6AUM (Mike) and C6AKQ (Bob). We operated from a seaside cottage on a narrow spit of land just East of Marsh HarborNov. 24 thru Dec. 7, 2015.

We plan to return to the same locationin February, 2017. We expect to arrive on February 7 and leave on February 21. In 2017 we plan on using end fed half wave verticals for 30 thru 10M out on the deck over salt water. Each of the three of us will be operating single band during the ARRLDXCW contest. C6AKQ will be on 160, C6AUM on 40 and C6ARU on 20. C6AUM and C6AKQ plan on operating in the CQ WW RTTY WPX contest the week before the ARRL contest.

QTH on narrow spit of land East of Marsh Harbor.

For C6ARU QSOs ONLY... QSL to N4UM with SASE or 2 Green Stamps. No EQSL. No LOTW.No IRCs!

In 2015 we used 3 MFJ telescoping 17 ft. whips on 40 thru 6 meters and had a 40 ft. Spiderbeam fiberglass pole to support an 80M inverted L with a direct saltwater ground. We extended the top loading wire for use on 160. It was extremely windy for the first 8 or 10 days of the operation and we didn't use the big pole until things calmed down. Unlike previous expeditions by ferry to Freeport, we hadto bring all of our antennas and gear with us on theflight from West Palm Beach. In the past we had antennas and other gear that stayed in Freeport. This year we'll be bringing 3 of the 40 ft. Spiderbeam fiberglass poles. One will be for an 80M inverted L, another for 40M quarter wave vertical and the third will be used for various EFHWA's on higher bands. The 80M inverted L will be base loaded for 160 meters.

I operated single band on 20M CW during the CQWWDXCW test last trip and made almost 1500 QSOs. C6AKQ made over 900 QSOs operating single band on 10 during the contest and C6AUM made about 2100 going single band on 15. The little MFJ whips worked rather well with 2 radials per band suspended on a deck over salt water. We're hoping the EFHWAs work better this year. C6AUM also made over 700 QSOs in the ARRL 160 meter contest the following weekend.

C6AUM (K4RUM- Son of C6ARU).

C6AKQ (N4BP - Grandfather of C6ARU). (Just kidding!)

MFJ 17 ft. telescoping whips on deck of cottage.

Two 30 in.copper pipes in water used as grounds on 80 & 160.

Spiderbeam pole used on 80 & 160M.

Matching/loading coil used on 160M.

Harbor at Cherokee about 30 miles south of Marsh Harbor.


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