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e-qsl: NO
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lookups: 14586

First licenced as GM7BUD in August 1988 as a class B then in July 1989 as GM0LVI as a class A. Though spent the previous few decades as an SWL on and off as work, family, studies and QTHs allowed.

I was bitten and infected with the radio bug back in the mid-1950s when on the family BC radio I heard guys talking to each other on the 80m band. Luckily in those days AM was still the main mode of voice communication. I played about trying to get better reception by improving the antenna and one winter picked up the strains of Waltzing Matilda which was the station ident of the Australian BC company on short wave. That was it, I was hooked! Next step was the acquisition of an ex WWII RA1155 receiver so that I could resolve SSB and erecting decent antennas for the amateur bands and a lot of reading in radio periodicals. It was a long apprenticeship but by the time (about 30 years later!) I got around to sitting my exams for a license I was very well grounded in theory and operating procedure. Things all seem too easy these days.

Interest and enthusiasm declined from about 2007 mainly due to the accelerating decline in operating standards I encountered on HF.

Now my enthusiasm has been rekindled due to playing QRP radio where operating standards are pretty well what they were like when I first discovered ham radio decades ago. Getting big kicks from 1000 miles per Watt!!

If you hear me calling CQ from home I'll almost certainly be running 5 Watts but I do crank up the power when /P to all of 10 Watts and if you are on my 'needed list' and the pileup is intimidating I'll turn on the KXPA100.

Current setup at home - Elecraft KX3, 5 band 2 element quad, GP for 30m and HF2V on 40/80m. 5 element yagi for 6 metres. FT1000MP Mk5, IC706, FT-817 all now sold as the KX3 does it all. I do though have a KXPA100 for chasing the final 20 DXCC 'needed'. Key is a Begali Traveller (a little blue beauty).

/Portable - abroad and in motorhome - KX3, various GPs and a Buddistick.

I took early retirement in 2004 after spending the previous 28 years as Principal (Head Teacher) of an elementary (primary) school in Perth City. Though spent my early working years deep underground as a mining electrical engineer. My xyl who was a teacher in our village school retired at the same time. We now spend several weeks each year visiting the remoter parts of our beautiful home country in our motor home and about six weeks a year in SV8 on the island of Zakynthos and the KX3 travels with us. In between trips away I enjoy growing fruit and vegetables in our garden, greenhouse and polytunnel, though horticulture and absences from home do not go too well together! As well as gardening and amateur radio I enjoy photography the picture on my QSL card is one I took after a GMDX convention at Bannockburn several years ago and did a bit of Photoshopping on.

QSLing - I upload my home station log to LoTW and to ClubLog about monthly. I make a lot of /P contacts (about 1000 in 2014) from various locations in Scotland and abroad (mainly SV8) and usually use paper logging for these and can't upload these as there are too many. If you wish a QSL for a /P contact a card via the bureau or direct will get you one for sure.

Such a shame Lighting Bolt no longer make them as mechanical construction is superb.


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