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Hendricks County Amatuer Radio Society

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*** MAY 28th through JUNE 11th 2016 ***


Our operating schedule is here:

June 11th we will be setup in Danville at Ellis park. We will have many operators working on this day starting at 10 AM.

Hendricks County Amateur Radio Society is sponsoring this special event station for the Indiana Bicentennial celebration in honor of Adrian Parsons.

Who is Adrian Parsons?

Adrian A. Parsons Indianas Soybean Pioneer The soybean industry in Indiana started on a farm located just a few miles southwest of Avon in Washington Township, Hendricks County. It was there that Adrian A. Parsons (1846 1929) started growing soybeans in the latter part of the Nineteenth Century. He was the first farmer of record to engage in the purposeful and sustained experimentation with and production of the crop in the state. Born in Guilford County, North Carolina, young Adrian immigrated with his family to the Avon area in 1852, and he resided in Washington Township most of the rest of his life. While still a teenager, he enlisted in the 9th Indiana Cavalry of Union volunteers during the Civil War, and was severely wounded in action south of Franklin, Tennessee, in December 1864. After the War he settled into farming, and also taught school, served a term as Hendricks County Recorder, and several terms as Washington Township Trustee. With diminished robustness from the effects of his war wound, Adrian compensated by closer study of and experimentation with unconventional agricultural crops and methods. Around 1891 he obtained a batch of soybeans imported from Japan, and started growing the exotic legume while grappling with issues of variety adaptability, culture, and utilization. Recognizing early on that soybeans were useful for building soil fertility and as forage for livestock, he urged other farmers, through personal contacts and the farm press, to try the crop. His advocacy of the soybean was at first met with resistance and even derision, but his persistent demonstration of the crops utility on the average farm helped advance its acceptance in Hoosier agriculture. The development of industrial soybean processing capability in the 1920s compounded the crops value as a grain commodity, and set the stage for its major economic importance today. Adrian Parsons lived to see his own community become a leader in soybean production, and he was recognized by the American Soybean Association and the farm press as Indianas soybean pioneer. As agricultural journalist A. E. Andrews summarized in a 1931 tribute: Mr. Parsons was like many a man of the best and most practical intentions he was criticized by those who did not fully understand him; but today his county follows the path he blazed, and who can measure his influence on the nations agriculture?

Send your Direct QSL with prepaid postage and a SASE (Big enough for a certificate (81/2x11))to:

Hendricks County AmatuerRadio Society
C/O Wayne Michael
1255 Weston Drive
Indianapolis IN 46234

--- WINTER FIELD DAY 1/30/2016 to 1/31/2016--

K9W is the special callsign reserved for Hendricks County Radio Communications Support Group for Winter Field Day 2016.

For more infomraiton about HCRCSG please visit our website at:

WinterFieldDay is January 30 - 31stfrom12 PMEastern to 12 PMEastern.

We will be operating from Brownsburg Indiana.

EQSL, LOTW and QRZ logs will be submitted.

Direct Mail

Send your Direct QSL with prepaid postage and a SASE to:

Hendricks County Radio Communications Support Group
C/O Wayne Michael
1255 Weston Drive
Indianapolis IN 46234
FOR JOTA 2015 Direct QSL cards can be sent to:
Troop 306 Avon
C/O Wayne Michael
1255 Weston Drive
Indianapolis IN 46234
FOR WAKE ISLAND direct QSL cards please send to:
Wake Island DXpedition
P.O. Box 5221
Lake Wylie, SC 29710
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