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QSL: Bureau preferred, also LOTW & OQRS. NO E-QSL


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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 21709

22 July - 4 August, including IOTA 2017 will be on Isle of Man as MD/OO4O

OO4O is thevanity callsign of ON4APU, used mostly for WPX contests and travel to IOTA's. I am active with my low power setup: a Kenwood TS590 with a Hygain TH11DX for 20, 17, 15, 12, 10, a 6 element Yagi for 6m, dipoles for 30, 40, 60 and 80m and a quarter wave vertical for 30m and 40m, an inverted L for 160m. 4m by using a transverter 28-70Mc into a 4 element.

Travel with a Kenwood TS480/TS590, spiderbeam 6-10-15-20mand verticals and dipoles40-80m.

===QSL INFO=== If we've worked on-the-air. Thank you for the QSO and please send me your card via the Belgian QSL bureau! Because I collect PAPER QSL cards, and over the years Ive accumulated thousands of cards. Honestly, I do not understand hams who do not send out paper QSL anymore (have you seen the LOTW only, or eQSL only messages?). They spent a large amount of money to their station setup, but a paper QSL card @ a few cents per card for each received QSL and a membership in the country amateur association is too much? When non-ham (and ham) visitors ask about my hobby, I can show them my LoTW printout that generates no real Q&A, but when I haul out my paper QSL collection, especially my binder with all the DXCC entities in their four pocket plastic protectors, we can spent hours on it! Computer logging software replaced paper logs, but I will regret the day to come when electronically confirmed QSOs will push out that glossy collectable paper QSL card!

If you send a direct card please send no money, only sase. I always answer almost immediately (if cards are printed yet). I do not need your money for the postage; it's my pleasure:

OO4O has been present or activated in the past from PA, DL, F, LX, OZ, LA, G, GD, I, IA5 (Elba), TK, EA, EA6, S5, OK, 9A, HA, HB0, HB9, UA (clubstation), VK, 9V, HS, 3V8SS (clubstation), SV5

On several occasions, I am active from IOTA locations during summer holiday trips. Next to Great Britain , where I have a son, Ben, living, I have been visiting the excellent (fish) waters of Denmark since 2004. Here are some pictures from recent activities:


Activity fromRhodes EU-001 in the IOTA contest 2016 as SV5/OO4Ofrom the Rhodes clubstation: very special thanks to Denis SV5FRDfor his time and effort before and during contestand also Mike SV5BYR for assistance to access the clubstation! (picture from left to right: SV5BYR, OO4O seated, SV5FRD)


OZ/OO4O activity from FYN Island EU-172 Denmark during 01 - 06 May 2011.Thanks for the contacts ! Thanks for all the fish fun also!

OZ/OO4O activity from LANGELAND Island EU-172during 01 - 06 May 2012. Fishing rods caught qso's but also Cod and Garfish


verticals 40, 20 & 15m

9A/OO4O activity from KRK Island EU-136 during 27-30 July 2012 and IOTA contest 2012 : #1 World IOTA Fix single Op low power mixed 24hrs all band
Photos show my setup with the 40m, 20m and 15m verticals strapped on the wooden fence. Simple low profile setup with fishing rods


OZ/OO4O activity (40m only) from LANGELAND Island EU-172 Denmark during 18 -24 May 2013, but no "radio"pictures taken... just fishes and my xyl !


Activity from Elba Island EU-028 in the IOTA contest 2013 as IA5/OO4O (IOTA DXpedition Single Op low power mixed 24hrs all band): It was hard work in 32C working the pileup as I was the only one on EU-028 (hihi). Great FUN

My 5 verticals shown on the 2nd from left picture: from left to right 40 - 20 - 10 -15 and 80m. I had a clear view from the winery estate on the Thyrenian Sea and mainland Italy. Made some 1100 qso's on this trip. QSL 100% via buro and LOTW


Activity from Corsica EU-014 in the IOTA contest 2014 as TK/OO4O (IOTA DXpedition Single Op low power mixed 24hrs all band): great FUN working the pileup. 1265 qso


Activity from Mallorca EU-004 in the IOTA contest 2015 as EA6/OO4O (IOTA DXpedition Single Op low power mixed 24hrs all band). 2000+ qso's with a spider beam

OO4O and XYL before the IOTA contest

IMPORTANT ! No hobby without my XYL ! She makes it possible to travelto IOTA's ! Thanks !

73 de NOEL OO4O & ON4APU


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