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Amateur radio activity for a charitable cause

We want to promote the idea of Special Olympics with special event stations and a special prefix which is applicable on demand for all austrian amateur radio stations.
Many of our colleagues requested for the prefix OE2017 and promote the idea of special olympics.

In 1977, 40 years ago, the first Special Olympics World Winter Games (OE40SO, OE40WG) were held. The idea has grown and so this year, 2017, the 11th games (OE11WG, OE11SO) with 2700 athlets from 107 countries will be competing in Schladming, Ramsau and Graz.

From March, 14 to March, 26 the following club stations are active on all bands: Kainachtal (OE6XRG / OE11WG), Leibnitz (OE6XFG / OE11SO), Mrztal (OE6XMG / OE40SO) and Technical University of Graz (OE6XUG / OE40WG). Also many of OE2017 stations, which you can find in our list.

So we can offer this special award to all hamradio operators who work these stations.

Special Olympics World Winter Games 2017 - Award

Each station using the OE2017 prefix is valid to earn 1 point using any mode and on every band.
Contacts with special event stations OE40WG - OE40SO - OE11WG - OE11SO are good for 10 points on every band and mode.

Earn at least more than 11 Points and contact at least one special event station with the prefix ofOE40 or OE11

Earn at least more than 20 Points and contact at least one special event station with the prefix OE40 or OE11

Earn at least more than 40 Points and contact at least one one special event station with OE11 and one with OE40

The award is issued in electronic format, as a pdf document and has no fee. The online application will be on our homepage soon.

further Infos:

We will mostly work in SSB. If you search us in a specific mode: here is our prelimary schedule for this two weeks. It will be updated for the second week.

Check if you are in the log on ClubLog. We try to upload live. But sometimes we do it on the next day:

OE11WG is a Special Event Station form Clubstation OE6XRG


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