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The OG0A gang has experienced all kinds of weather and all kinds of radio propagation...but still forging ahead on a variety of bands, with a QSO total of 11.000 passed last night. Two more days to go.

Kim, OH6KZP has started the RTTY offering on 80M and 30M with an initial great opening to Japan. We plan to do most of the RTTY business today, Saturday and the early part of Sunday. Our hope still is the low bands will come back after an CME and huge, visible aurora borealis hitting these islands to wipe out all bands for almost a day.

The question is what do you do when all propagation is gone and the show is so wet that you cannot even make a snowman? This came to our mind positively here on our lonely little island when we turned Virtual Radio on and logged another 100 QSOs and reached our present total of 70 countries worked. These were QSLed instantly as the HamSphere system does not call for paper QSLs and does not support any QSL bureau network.

Who did we work in Virtual Reality? We contacted dozens of hams that we keep working on the regular HF bands. We've QSOed VE3EXY, K7RAN, N7NG, TI2SSO, F5JFT, VE8AP, AP2MAB, 9V1CZ, JT1DN but also Z81B in South Sudan fame as he need to keep a low antenna profile because of the recent unrest, But additionally lots of new operators who are on to satisfy their urge to collect DXHC countries and want to experience Amateur Radio-like traffic without yet taking the exam. In some cases we felt like being in charge of a driving school in motion, but ultimately these people behaved super nicely - much more so than we often see in our real world. We have now logged 250 QSOs in Virtual Reality.

Steve, GW4BLE put it nicely on the CDXC reflector when he said:

Like many CDXC members of a 'certain age', my introduction to amateur radio was probably along a similar path - tuning in to broadcast radio, dabbling with electronics at school and stumbling across the amateur bands.

Times have changed, read through the 'Mission X' document at

It's interesting indeed to read of this new 'youth strategy', not to be discounted out of hand, perhaps?

If the wider concept of 'Virtual Amateur Radio' appeals to those who, for whatever reason, are unable to participate in REAL amateur radio, then so what. Who am I to judge?

Life's too short,

Steve , GW4BLE

Snow has now fallen on Aland Islands - coming about two months late - but coming nevertheless. Snowfall has some negative consequences as well as each snow flake is heavily charged electrically; static noise was hard to beat last night. In the real world!

And OG0A is here to make more QSOs in both worlds.

Aland Islands
January 9, 2014


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