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Since first licensed in 1977 as WB2MAE, David has always found amateur radio an effective 'diversion' from the pressures of life. The trip from Novice to Advanced took place over a 12 month period while at Ramapo High School (@ WA2UYB), finally upgrading to Extra in 1983 as a diversion from school work while attending The Ohio State University (@ W8LT).

David was next licensed as NW2D. At that time, he was interested in contesting and computing, spending a good deal of time at N2AA (K2GL QTH at the top of Tuxedo Park, NY) working on antennas. A duping program was soon written and run during the 1987 CQWW. Raw scores had always been shared on 3830 after the contest. That year, the score was reported clean. Within a matter of 3 minutes after the close of the contest. Custom logging programs followed including CQWW, ARRL SS, and ARRL DX that were only shared with close friends KR2J (now W5OV) and WI2W. Another software success was the Jersey City Keyer. Written for both beginner and seasoned contester, this PC based program did it all! MFJ bought it - and killed it.

When the vanity pool opened up, David decided to take a call that was reminiscent of the big contesting days: NA2AA

Contesting is the part of ham radio that David loves the most. Radiosport! From modest efforts at his home station, to operating some of the BIG contest stations such as N2AA (@ K2GL) and N2RM where winning the US was fairly commonplace. VHF contesting was alot of fun with the crew at K2BAR. David's real fun has come operating in the Carribbean at stations V26B and PJ4G / PJ4X, where David is now a member (see The picture above was taken at the end of ARRL DX SSB 2013 - tired, but well worth it - the 3 man team won the World M/2.

David is also a bit of a CW fanatic. He loves listening to code. David collects Vibroplex Bugs and Electric Specialty Mfg 'Cedar Rapid Bugs'. His favorite is his 1961 Blue Racer. David is always on the lookout for pre World War 2 Vibroplex bugs in exceptional condition, as well as some of their rare models or odd-ball color bases. And the Cedar Rapids bug is cool as it seems to be the only one ever offered in kit form! Again, he is always on the lookout for those bugs as well. Some of them are crazy looking because people took to personalizing them in the construction phase!

David belongs to the following CW organizations: (come on people, KNOW CODE!)

CW Ops (Life Member) # 1198 (see

NAQCC (Life Member) # 6781 (see

SKCC (Life member) #10947 (see

David is also a member of the ARRL, AMSAT, and the Frankford Radio Club. GO FRC!

See you on the air!

Using his FT1000MP as V26AA on 15 meters at V26B for CQWW SSB 2001.

Running 2m for ARRL June VHF at K2BAR the first year they lost use of the camper.

Running a pile-up on 6m for ARRL VHF January at W2DTA's new station. Tony on 2m. (Sadly Tony is now a SK)

This was the view of the antenna farm at K2GL in Tuxedo Park, NY circa 1985. The first super station David ever had the opportunity to operate from. Some interesting antennas? Look just to the lower left of the house. That is stacked 10 over 10 element yagis on 10 meters! A laser beam to Asia! Just beside the house was 5 over 5 element yagis on a Big Bertha rotatable tower. Just amazing antennas! And radios! And operators!

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