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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 77244

Upcoming dxpeditions:

Sept 29th - Oct 27th 2015 - North Cooks(Manihiki) (E51MQT) 10-160m, SSB/CW/RTTY  - Our station consists of a K3/KPA500 and CrankIR verticals on the beach. We have successfully tested the 160m TX antenna using a modified CrankIR on 10m - 160m , and a 80m/160m RX only antenna.

We might be calling for EU/AF as well as NA/SA during their respective sunrise and sunsets, and will work the rest of the world during the remaining time. QSL manager for E51MQT is N7BX. 

Nov 14th - Nov 24th 2015 - Willis Island(Middle Cay) (VK9WA ) 10-160m, SSB/CW/RTTY - We are going to activate Middle Cay islet (VK9W). This will be a small team of 8 operators, up to 4 stations for a duration of 10 days. We have received landing rights and callsign for the operation. We are now primarily working on planning and purchasing equipment/supplies for the trip. A charter vessel has been secured, with on  air dates of Nov 14th - 24th. Charter boat cost is coming in around $42K USD, which will account as the largest single line item expense within our operational budget, so please consider contributing to our cause @ . In an effort to keep costs at a minimum, we have planned this to be a micro light expedition. Our station equipment will consist of several Elecraft K3/KPA500 and SteppIR CrankIR verticals on the beach. Stations will be powered by Honda 2000EU generators. QSL manager for VK9WA is N7SMI

QSL Information:

  • QSL available using LOTW, direct with SASE( IRC or $2 for international), bureau.
  • *** NO IRC or SASE??? Your QSL will be returned via bureau!! No exceptions!!! ***
  • Contact me directly for log corrections, or missing QSL cards.

Current activities:

Construction of SVDA(s) for 10m-20m,160m RX only antenna, as well as a modified CrankIR for 160m TX.

Home QTH:

SteppIR Big vertical - 70 radials & 2000' feet of 14 gauge wire on a rare snowy day in Seattle.

SteppIR Big vertical in my back yard

Previous dxpeditions:

March 11 - 25th, 2015 - Montserrat (VP2MQT)

October 3 - 13, 2014 - Austral Islands (TX5Z)

Sept 18 - Oct 2, 2014 - Christmas Island, Australia(VK9AN)

April 2-14th, 2014 - San Andres (5J0X , HK0/N7QT)

Nov 16-24th, 2013 - Sint Maarten (PJ7/N7QT)

Nov 7-15th, 2013 - Saba (PJ6/N7QT)

October 2-14th, 2013 - Austral Islands (TX5D)

April 5-16th 2013 - Saint Lucia (J6/N7QT)

Dec 2-12th, 2012 - Saint Lucia (J6/N7QT)

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