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Alessandro Arlindo INACIO da Silva

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Hello! Welcome to my Page.

I'm a biologist working in the State Forestry Institute of Minas Gerais-IEF.

I have great interest in amateur radio concept. Preference: DIGITAL MODES, SATELLITES, ISS, CW, Construction and Operation of QRP.

I volunteer Ham Radio of the National Amateur Radio Emergency Network-RENER. The RENER aims to supply the usual means of communication when the same can not be triggered, because of disaster or state of emergency.

I am a member of the Association of Radio Amateurs of Uba and Region-ARUR, through this Non Governmental Organization, recognized as Public Utility. We perform volunteer work in favor of Brazilian amateur radio conceptand assisting Civil Defence and systemic organizations in Brazil.

My Club:

LABRE Liga de Amadores Brasileiros de Radio Emisso

CWJF Grupo Juizforano de CW - NR: 502

ARUR Associao de Radioamadores de Ub e Regio

NDG Natal Digital Group - NR: 2922

EPC European PSK Club - NR: 10005

BDM Belgium Digital Modes - NR: 0287

CDG Croatian Digital Group - NR: 0349

DMC Digital Modes Club - NR : 2922

PODXs 070 CLUB Penn Ohio Society DX 070 Club - NR: 1122

WSC World Slow Scan Television Club - NR: 34

FH Feld Hell Club - NR: 2619

ERC European ROS Club - NR:0372

Result of my participation in Contest:

*INDEPENDENCE DAY BRAZIL 2010 (PSK31)* Category; Single Operator 40m High Power Firts Place, "CHAMPION"

*EPC WW DX CONTEST 2010* Category; SOLP 40 First Place in South America

*EU PSK DX CONTEST 2010* Category; SOAB LP 12 First Place in South America

*ALESSANDRO VOLTA (RTTY) 2010* Category; Single Operator 16 st Place

*EA PSK 31 CONTEST 2010* Category; single operator 40m DX 22st Place

*SP DX RTTY CONTEST 2010* Category; Single Operator 334st Place

*51st CVA (Concurso Verde Amarelo)* Category; QRP CW Second Place

*51st CVA (Concurso Verde Amarelo)* Category; SSB 80m 100W 9st Place

*EPC WW DX CONTEST 2011* Category; SO 40HP Second Place in South America

*ARR BPSK 63 CONTEST 2011* Category; Single Operator 101st Place

*CQMM DX CONTEST 2012* Category; Single Operator, All Band, QRP 6st Place

*CVA DX CW CONTEST 2013* Category; Single Operator, All Band, QRP CW Second Place

*CQMM DX CONTEST 2014*Category; Single Operator, All Band, QRP CW (operating PY4BBB)6st Place

*CVA DX CW CONTEST 2014*Category; Single Operator, All Band, QRP CW4st Place

My Radio Station:

Transceptor: IC 706 MK IIG (ICOM), IC 718 (ICOM), IC V 2200H (ICOM), FT 817ND (YAESU), FT 7B (YAESU), FT 2200 (YAESU), FT 51R (YAESU), FT 2900R (YAESU), TM V7 (KENWOOD), TM D710 (KENWOOD), TH D7A(KENWOOD),VR 3RN (VOYAGER), DR 135T MKIII (ALINCO), COMCO 652 HA - VHF AM TRANSCEIVER USED IN PAN AM WORLD AIRWAYS - Property Tag: 120587 - (COMCO) - donated by PY4UBA.

Antenna: INVERTED "L" ANTENNA 160m (HOMEMADE), G5RV - MFJ 1778 80 - 10m (MFJ), LOOP MAGNETIC HF (project created by NITIN WILLIAM VU3GAO - built by me), MORGAIN 80/40m (HOMEMADE), HEXAGONAL BEAM 15/10m (project created by LEO B. S. Jr K4KIO - built by me), MOXON 6m (HOMEMADE), ZBZ46BL VHF/UHF (project created by ROLAND PY4ZBZ and ARNALDO PY4BL - built by me), VXY10A 2m (ANTENAS TRIANGULO), JOTA VHF (HOMEMADE), SLIM JIM VHF (HOMEMADE), MOBILE ANTENNA Dual Band VHF 3/8 Wave & UHF 5/8 Wave x 2 - AP0191 (STEELBRAS), MOBILE ANTENNA VHF 5/8 M-410C (AQUARIO), MOBILE ANTENNA VHF 1/4 M-300C (AQUARIO), COLLINEAR VHF (HOMEMADE), PORTABLE ANTENNA HF/VHF/UHF MIRACLE WHIP HF (project created by ALAN G3WXI - built by me), PORTABLE ANTENNA Dual Band - NA-771 (NAGOYA), COLLINEAR ANTENNA 1090.00MHz (project created by IVO BRUGNERA I6IBE - built by me), MOBILE ANTENNADual Band VHF/UHF - NL 770R (NAGOYA)

Accessories: SWR & POWER METER AV-20 (NAGOYA), SWR METER 3P (VOYAGER), SWR METER C 21-525B (MICRONTA), SWR METER HF (project created by NEWTON C. BRAGA - built by me), SWR METER VHF (project created by LEONARDO PACE PY2GLO - built by me), RF Ammeter HF (project created by LOUIS FACEN PY2BX - built by me), FIELD STRENGTH METER HF/VHF?(project created Andy Collinson - built by me), GPS LEGEND S (ETREX ), GPS2 (BYONICS), TNC TINY TRAK 4 (BYONICS), TNC TINY TRAK 3 (BYONICS), TNC TINY PU2SBY (project created by Luiz PU2SBY),RECEPTOR SDR DVB-T+DAB+FM(DVB)

Antenna Tuner: MFJ 949 (MFJ), ATU 4 (TEICO), Artificial Ground (project created by COLYN BAILLIE GD4EIP - built by me), 80-10 AT (DENTRON), ATU MT-2 (SOUNDY)

Power Supply: 13,8V/26Amp - 26AF(JBPS), Battery 120 Amp (AJAX), 13,8V/12Amp - Fid 12 (INDUTEL), 13,8V/15Amp (HOMEMADE), 13,4V/20 Amp - GOLDSHIP 500W (GOLDSHIP) - adapted and donated by S. XAVIER PY4UBA, Battery Charger 5Amp (ADVANCED G12), Nobreak STAY 700 USB (APC), 13,5V/20Amp (MACEDO PU2NLV), 5V/10Amp-12V/1,5 Amp WY-02B1SR (WEI-YA) - donated by PY4UBA, Nobreak PS800 (MICROSOL), 13,8V/30Amp - YGY 123000 (YGY)

CW Key: ASON (ASON) - donated by MARIO PY4FQ, VESPA DOURADA (made by ROBERTO PY2USD), K10 PLUS - electronic keyer CW (made by MARIO PY4FQ), Portable Micro Keyer WECO - MODEL 6B (JH Bunnell)

Microphone: KBS 3000 (KBS), Equalizer (LUPITY), MP (GOLDSHIP)

Interface: CAT IC-V (original design of Jeri Holy OK2WY - adapted and built by me), INTERFACE SMART (ROSSI PY2WY), CAT BOX (project created by BAS HELMAN G4TIC - built by me), CAT TMV7A (project created by GERALD CRENHAW WD4BIS - built by me), RIB RADIO CAT USB + INTERFACE (NILSON PU2PYF), RIB RADIO USB 718 (NILSON PU2PYF), BLUETOOTH to RS232 CONVERTER - Mega Squirt MS I/II/III (ZUCHI), USB to RS232 CONVERTER - 04.00040A (ZUCHI), DIGI VOX(NILSON PU2PYF).

QRP: FT 817ND (YAESU), QRP YG 1 - TX 40m, CW - 6L6 electron tubes (project created by MARCO A. GAMBAGORTE PY2CWW - built by me), QRP TRAPEZUNGA - TX 40/80m, AM CW - 6AQ5 12BY7 12AX7 electron tubes (original design of AMER J. FERES PY2DJW and GOMES PY2MG - adapted and built by me), QRP CONTRARIADO - RX 40/80m, AM CW SSB (project created by GOMES PY2MG - built by me), QRP EL84 - TX 80m, AM CW - EL84 electron tubes (project created by NITIN WILLIAM VU3GAO - built by me) # The vacuum tubes, used in all my mounts, were donated by S. XAVIER PY4UBA #

PC:?DIMENSION 5150 (DELL - Windows XP), 386 Laptop (TOSHIBA - MS DOS 5.0 - Windows 3.11), N 23S (CCE - Linux Kurumin), RV411 (SAMSUNG - Windows 7), RASPBERRY PI - MOD B - 512M (RASPBIAN - LINUX), SUPREME - AMD SEMPRON 1,0Ghz (Windows XP) donated by PY4BBB and PY4UBA, GT - S5360B GALAXY YOUNG ( SAMSUNG - ANDROID 2.3) GT - 7204 (GENESIS - ANDROID 4.3), SMARTPHONE GT-19505

Software: MixW2.19, Ham Radio Deluxe 5.23, Digital Master 780, DIGTRX 3.11, KGSTV 1.01, EasyPal 22B, WSJT 9.0, JT65-hf, JT9 0.48, Orbitron 3.17, ROS 7.24, Multipsk 4.24, APT Decoder, 2.50, AGW Packet Engine 2003-308, WACARS 0.7, Ui-View 32V2.03, IZ8BLY 3.0, AGW TRACK, PSK 31 G3PLX 1.06, Contact DX 7.0, Digipan 2.0, TMV7A 1.04, Hamcomm 3.1, FTV 1.1, Ham Scope 1.56, MMSSTV 1.13, WXToing 2.10.11, UREQF 3.31, HamFax 0.8, FLdigi 3.21.12, LINPSK Linux, ACARSD Linux, X APRS Linux, Acfax Linus, APRSDROID V1.23, DROIDSSTV V1.32, DROIDRTTY V1.23, DROIDPSK V3.10, SARTrack 0.96, APRS Messenger 3.27.




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