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Klaus-Peter (Klaus) Dreessen

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 5190

2017-IOTA & WWFF-Expedition

May 20./21. QRV from land,EU-037signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SM7/DL2YBG

May 21. 25. based withinSMFF-0366/ Ekn on a camping site from there we go by boat at least once toEU-177during daylight. call signs are SD7V/5, SD3G/5 and SM5/DL2YBG .

May 25.-27. signing SD7V, SD3G/7 and SM7/DL2YBG again, finally we will activateEU-138from Tjurk

Operations will be CW and SSB. There is still a chance that I will receive a Swedish special call as well I applied for (maybe SD5Y?).


fine that you visit my page. My name is Klaus, born in 1961. In 1979 I get
my first licence. One year later, after the cw-exam: DL2YBG. After 3 decades of qrt, I am QRV again, since December 2012.
I enjoy CW and QRP/Low power for great satisfaction.
My station is a K3 with a P3, a Belagi key and a Groundplane Antenna (WARC Bands 6 mtr over gnd) and a Endfed Wire (23 mtr long/10 mtr high) for all the other bands 160-6 mtr.
For RTTY/PSK I use the Mode "CW to Data".That meams, I dont use a PC, the TX-Text is given with the Morse-key, the RX-Text I can see on the K3-Display.
Since May 2015, I activate the Castle Syke WCA: DL 04438/NBN 077
If I work QRP or QRPp, I don`t use the suffix:"/qrp". You can find the info
on my Paper-QSL. In 2013, more than 20% are qrp-QSO`s, in 2014 actually there are more than 650 CW-QRP-Qsos in my log.

QSL-Policy: Whenever I work you for the first time,or on a new band or mode, I will immediately send a QSL via the bureau,unless you advise otherwise.

I use also EQSL and LoTW, but prefer paper-qsl.
Hpe hear you on the Bands.
Gl es vy 73
DARC: OV Syke, DOK: I25
AGCW-DL: 837
DIG: 6366
EPC: 21955

Info: Picture on my new QSL-card (sine 09/2014) : Baltic-Sea/Isl. Aero (IOTA-Ref: EU172) - A little bridge near Aeroskobing Havn. Made in summer 2014 during our holiday sailing-cruise.

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