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QSL: Direct via KC├śW - No LoTW - No Bureau - DX $2 - USA SASE


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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 817339

We may have worked each other from my one year DXpedition to St. Helena Island as ZD7X. Perhaps we meet during a 7 month CW only DXpedition to Cambodia as XU7XXX. West Kiribati asT3COW. Haiti as HH5/KCW. Zimbabwe as Z25DX. Vanuatu asYJCOW. Martinique as TOO. Montenegro as 4O/KCW. Samoa as 5WCOW. Canada as KCW/VE5. Tuvalu asT2COW. Romania asYO/KCW. Philippines as4I7COW. Guatemala as TG7/KCW. American Samoa as KH8/KCW........Unfortunately the H44COW and3D2KOW DXpeditions were both canceled due to equiptment theft while in the South Pacific. Over 120,000 QSOs have gone into the logs from my "One Man DXpeditions".

In 1995 I completed my goal of 11 Band CW WAS. (160 - 6 meters + Satellite)

QSL direct to my Minnesota PO Box. NO LoTW or BUREAU. DX stations $2. USA stations just enclose your SASE. Call me old fashioned but I still enjoy receiving paper QSL cards in the mail. I have no plans of ever joining LoTW.

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Tuvalu (100% CW)

Haiti (60% CW)

American Samoa (100% CW)

TOO (95% CW, all hand sent)

Vanuatu (100% CW)

Romania (100% CW)

Guatemala (100% CW)

XU7XXX (100% CW, all hand sent)

West Kiribati (100% CW)

Zimbabwe (100% CW)

St. Helena (50% CW, all hand sent)

Samoa (100% CW)

Montenegro (100% CW)

Philippines (100% CW)

432 MHz EME (2001 - 2005) 100% CW

Shania, KCW & Friends

KCW/M (in a past life)


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