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Hello, thankyou for viewing this info here and also thanks to QRZ.COM for making it possible.

I was first liscenced in 1977 after V85SS (Om Ambran), who is the most senior local Bruneian Ham amateur radio operator introduced HAM RADIO to me , when i was 23 years old. I sincerely thanks for his dedication and support.

I am retired Army communication Officer (Major) and graduated from  School Of Signals Blandford , United Kingdom . My first Callsign was VS5TT and changed to V85TT when Brunei Darussalam Celebrating first National Day in 1984. My Callsign recently change to V85TL. My previous callsigns are also V85/G3VXX and V88HTL. My working condition is Yeasu FT 450D with 3 element beam and home made multi dipole antenna 80m,40m,and 30m band about 12 meter height. Output power only 100 watts PEP.

Am enjoyed operating in CW mode. Active in CW on most of the days between 12.00 GMT to 16.00 GMT. on the following frequency; 7.017 mhz, 10.107 mhz, 21.017, 28.027 and 24.894 2300 to 0100 GMT. QSL CARD only direct and no e-qsl please. I do not have QSL MANAGER and prefer to reply all paper qsl card my self . In order to reply your QSL CARD within two weeks, please send me your SAE and 2 valid IRC with official stamp one left hand of the IRC coupon or 2xus green stamps. Your QSL card will be replied  100%....

Brunei Darussalam is located at the North West of Borneo Island facing South China Sea. HAVE FUN WITH OUR FANTASTIC HOBBY AND CW FOREVER. ALL HAMS ARE BUT ONE FAMILY. .

Finally , Wishing all QRZ.COM members and HAM operator happy dxing. Hope we meet on the bands .....88/73



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