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George Dewar

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VY2PLH (PEI LightHouse) is a special callsign dedicated to activated lighthouses on Prince Edward Island.

Prince Edward Island (NA029) may be Canadas smallest province but when it comes to lighthouses it has an abundance. The Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society web site ( states their purpose as follows;

"The purpose of the Prince Edward Island Lighthouse Society is to aid in the preservation of the lighthouses of the area and to work with the Canadian Coast Guard and other agencies, both government and non-profit groups, to achieve the safekeeping of the buildings, artifacts and records of Prince Edward Island Lighthouses."

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2017 Activations

September 16/17 - Souris - ARLHS CAN464 N46 20.76 W62 14.85 FN86vi


19/20 August 2017 - East Point - ARLHS CAN165 ILLW CA0048 N46 27.152 W61 58.31 FN96ak

15/16 July 2017 - Point Prim CAN809 N46 03.01 W63 02.35 FN86lb

23/24/25 Sept. 2016 - Tignish Run CAN 036 N46 56.776 W63 59.672 FN86aw

20 Aug. 2016 Wood Islands CAN 535 N45 56.99 W62 44.76 FN85pw G5RV Junior Available

3/4/5 June 2016 Souris CAN 464 N46 20.76 W62 14.85 FN86vi

16/17/18 October 2015 Wood Islands CAN 535, 536 and 537. N45 56.99 W62 44.76 FN85pw

15 August 2015 - Cape Bear (ILLW CA0049/ARLHS CAN 092) N46 00.215 W62 27.487 FN86sa

16 August 2015 - East Point (ILLW CA0048/ARLHS CAN 165) N46 27.152 W61 58.31 FN96ak



Canada Stamped SAE USA SAE + $1.37CDN International SAE + $2.85CDN

Point Prim -

Tignish Run

Wood Islands Lighthouse -

Souris Lighthouse -

Cape Bear Lighthouse -

East Point Lighthouse -


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