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Ralph kluge

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update....25-10-13 bad news is that I won't be activating oc111 this year due to a failing weather window and an early predicted cyclone season which will force us to return to VK sooner than expected. I will be QRV however from Awei Island oc035 for the CQ WW contest 25/27 Oct. Hope to hear you from there....good luck and good DX. Welcome. to our journey Here in Vanuatu waters, after completing the h44/40 iota tour And having successfully completed the installation and training of the VHF marine safety pilot project, I am relaxing here For some time. I hope to activate a few more Iotas I have no idea where when or which ones, but with a more reliable internet It will be easier to update, so please check in from time to time. Best 73. To all and thanks for the continued support. Ralph (Aka h44rk, h40iota)


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