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Scott Tuthill

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YN5Z operations are by Scott/K7ZO. I will be using YN5Z again for my Nicaragua operations during 2014. Thanks to the Telcor licensing team in Nicaragua for issuing me the callsign valid for the full year as well as granting my request for a 2X1 call. (I used YN5ZO during 2012 and YN5Z during 2013.)

See the bottom of this page for QSL information.

December 18, 2014 Update. My most recent and final 2014 operation was during the ARRL 10 Meter Contest. I operated as Single Operator, Low Power, Phone Only in the new Unlimited category. Unfortunately my amplifier died sometime between CQWW SSB and when I turned in on for this contest so I had to operate low power. I am still working on the story and will post a link to it when complete. I also made 127 QSOs outside the contest on SSB and RTTY. The log for all my QSOs has been uploaded to LOTW as of today 21 Dec.

My second 2014 YN5Z operation was during the CQWW SSB contest where I operated as a Single Op All Band High Power entry. My score and story can be found at: Logs have been uploaded to both LOTW and the QRZ.COM logbooks.

My first 2014 YN5Z operation was during the ARRL DX Phone contest.  You can find my writeup of the contest at: The log has been uploaded to LOTW and QRZ.COM. Final results have been posted and I came in 4th place SO HP from DX. Thanks everyone for the QSOs.

My YN5Z station is a total Field Day operation with me putting the antennas up and wiring everything together before every contest and then taking it down immediately after. The full station takes about 1 1/2 days to put up and 1 day to take down. The station is composed of:

  • A 5 band Spiderbeam antenna and their 10M pushup mast and tripod. This is connected to the amp with 100 feet of LMR-240. The antenna is stored in one hard sided golf case and the mast and tripod in a hard sided ski case since the mast is just a bit too long to fit into a golf case.
  • A full size 1/4 wave vertical for 40M with 32 thirty foot long radials. This is connected to the amp with 125 feet of LMR-240
  • A aged HF2V top loaded with three 15 foot wires for 80M and 160M. Also with 32 thirty foot long radials. This is connected to the amp with 150 feet of DX Engineering RG-8X. The verticals are stored in another hard sided golf case.
  • An Elecraft KPA-500/KAT-500 amp, tuner, antenna switch set
  • A Kenwood TS-590 with SEC switching power supply.
  • Heil Proset and Boss Footswitch
  • A microHAM microKEYER II
  • WriteLog Contesting Software
  • An ASUS Ultrabook PC.

A short video tour of my Nicaragua QTH and operating position can be found at: I took this the morning after the 2013 CQ WW SSB contest.

Information on my 2013 Operations

My 2013 YN5Z operations are complete. If I worked you in a contest thanks for the QSO. All logs have been uploaded to LOTW and QRZ.COM and I am replying to all cards received direct and the buro. See below for QSL information.

I operated in Nicaragua as YN5Z three times during 2013 around specific SSB/Phone contests. I am a contester at heart and the motivation for my YN5Z operations is to be sought after DX in major contests leading to high rates and scores.Yes, I am a rate junky. My goals were to place in the Top 10 in my category with essentially a Field Day operation. Outside of the contests I also get on the air for more casual QSOs as well as some dxpedition class RTTY. Unfortunately you won't find me on CW as I am just not that good a CW operator.

These contests were as follows and with a link to my write-up about the contest.


I QSL 100%. My preferred method is via LOTW or the QRZ.COM log book. I do not use eQSL. I will also gladly provide a paper QSL for those that want one. You can obtain one via the buro or direct. Direct QSL's should go to my K7ZO address in QRZ.COM, not to Nicaragua. If you want a reply direct please include a SASE or SAE and Green Stamp or IRC. My preference is for $1 even though US Air Mail stamps currently cost more than that. I will make up the difference as part of my Ham Spirit. I can also accept payment for return postage via Paypal. Send me a direct e-mail if you would like to do this. IRC's are strongly discouraged. Any card received direct without return postage will be returned via the buro. Also any card received without a return envelope will be returned via the buro. I don't have the time to individually address envelopes.

As a note to US operators you can use the ARRL Buro system to send me your cards and I will return them via the buro as well.

As of 21 December 2014 I am processing direct cards the same day they are received. So, the reply card goes out the next day. I have processed all buro cards received and return cards have been send to the ARRL Outgoing QSL Bureau. My most recent shipment of outgoing cards to the buro was mailed 10 November 2014. In the most recent shipment most of the cards were from 2013 contests - notably CQWW SSB and ARRL 10 Meter. If you want to know if your buro card has been received and replied to drop me an e-mail.

Of the 31,308 QSOs I have made as YN5Z I have received 985 paper QSL cards. 617 of these were direct and the rest from the buro.


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