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YinZhou Middle School Amateur Radio Club Station

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BY5CD is a student club station of YinZhou middle shool,NingBo city,Zhejiang province,PR of China. The station is being run and operated by students(YB andYL). Running withtwoFT2000 by YAESU. The rooftop of the school serves as the antenna farm of the club including

10m: 3 * 5ele stack

15m: 2 * 5ele 1* 3ele stack

20m: 2 * 4ele stack

40m: fullsize Moxon

80m: GP and Sloper

160m:GP and Sloper

Active on the DX bands and also during contests. If ever you hear us on the bands, don't hesitate to give us a call.

Hope to make contact 73,
Robin LE (BD5CHU)
Vice president YinZhou Middle School Amateur Radio Club

QSL Card Notes

If QSL direct, address the card to


P.O.BOX 233-599

SHANGHAI, 200233


Attentions:1 DIRECT+SASE(2US$ OR1 IRC OR 1 EURO) will return by direct
2 DIRECT without SASE will return by BURO
3 Buro will return by buro but we don't know when we can send it to you, maybe a long
time (one or two years or more maybe)

the image of the members of club station of YinZhou middle shool ,2009 first class

the image of listening signal training

the image of DX contest 2009

the image of 2011 CQ WPX Contest Group

the image of students team for Contest

the image of BY5CD Radio Station Shack For Ms or M2


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