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Siegfried Hari, DK9FN

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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: NO
mail QSL:YES

lookups: 98155



H4ØFN DX-Expedition December 21st, 2013 to January 11th, 2014 is successfully OVER !

QSLs for only this DX-Expedition are available until 15th December 2014.

All other previous H4Ø logbooks of former DX-Expeditions are meanwhile closed and no more QSLs available. I'm not able and I do not have time to search in 17 old lookbooks after years for each single QSL request. One year must be enough to make up your mind to ask for a QSL or not.


Important Notice: DK9FN is QSL manager only for H4ØFN. He is not manager for other H4Ø stations.

Please refer to QRZ.COM pages of other H4Ø stations where you can read clearly who is the right QSL manager !




QSL - Manager for H4ØFN:

Siegfried Hari, DK9FN

P.O. Box 1224

D-63488 Seligenstadt



The few incoming direct QSLs I can answer within moderate short time. QSL via buro will take much longer since I can do such a huge number of QSLs only during my small spare time.

I want to thank my previous managers HA8FW and HA8DD for their great work doing all the QSLing for me during the past.


QSL via Direct rules: For those HAMs who want to have the QSL card directly via mail please add minimum 3 US $ which includes a donation for the hospital and suffering people of TEMOTU. Please no IRC !!! Hams who do not participate with a TEMOTU donation with less than 3 US $ or using IRC will be excluded from the QSL direct delivery (only via buro).

New sponsors from June 2014 on: W0CO

February 2012: A first donation about 700 US $ was handed over in February 2012 to the TEMOTU hospital Director of Nursing Mr. Augustine Bilve as a result of payments from direct QSL deliveries by H4ØFK and H4ØFN. Thanks for a few $ extra in your letters.

December 2012: H4ØFN handed over a second donation about 700 US $ to the 2nd director Mr. Simon Melau.

December 2013: H4ØFN again provided another 700 US $ to the Lata hospital Mr. Simon Melau collected donations by direct letter requests.

2nd Director Mr. Simon Melau thanks all HAMs for their donation via H4ØFN


Children of Temotu saying THANK YOU to all HAMs for their donation


More information about the Lata hospital you can find in Dr. Kittel's report at:


Please read the advice given in:



About RST: Please use real and true RST reports. I hate permanent "599" liars.

Sponsors who want to support the TEMOTU children hospital are most welcome.


Sponsor list for the last expedition with more than 20 US $:

DJ7MI, HA2QE, DL7DF, DO2AT, DG1FK, HA2EOW, WiMo-Germany, Silkal Germany,




added DK8NC from DARC DXMB

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