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Accepts QSL via:
e-qsl: YES
mail QSL:NO

lookups: 62003


*************** NN4F Information **************
Mixed 320, Phone 295, CW 187, Digital 117

160m -
53/ 80m - 100 / 40m - 161/ 30m - 30/ 20m - 252/ 17m - 152/ 15m - 179/ 12m - 42/ 10m - 193

DXCC Challenge: 1152
WPX Award: 1553
WAZ: 40

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LOTW/EQSL: updated data as of 07-31-14: 86,348 qso's

Equipment: FTDX-3000D, Alpha 78, FT-100D, FT-897D, FT-2800M, VX5R, Tuners: Dentron Super Tuner 160-10AT 1KW, MFJ969 300W

Antennas: Mosley TA-63M 6 Band 6 Ele Beam (20/15/17/12/10 4el, 6m 3el) at 55ft on a Aluma Tower T50XHD, Full 5/8-wave 160m Doublet at 60ft (308ft) for 160-40, PAR-OA50,Homebrew 4ele for 6m,Diamond VX2000 clone, for 2m/70cm local repeater work at 60ft.

Sennheiser Headset HMD280Pro, Yaesu MD-100-A8X, RadioShack RS33-3038
Recievers: AOR7030 / BC780x2 / AR8000 / Pro92 / Pro91 / RTLSDRx6 / HFUpconverter

Contest Awards:

2010 CQWPX SOAB(A)LP #1 USA, #1 4th Call Area, #2 North America, #11 World - Record Holder W4 Call Area 1,425,363 pts
2008 CQWPX SOAB(A)LP #2 USA, #14th Call Area, #10 World.
2007 IARU
- SOABmixed - 1st Place ARRL SC Section, 1st Place ARRL Roanoke Division, 10th Place US/VE Top Ten.
2006 ARRL International DX - 1st Place Phone Single Op, Low Power, SC Section.
2006 ARRL International DX - 1st Place CW Single Op, Low Power, SC Section.
2006 IARU HF World Championships - 1st Place ARRL SC Section.
2006 ARRL 10m DX - 1st Place Mixed, Multi op, Low Power, SC Section.

Moved to the USA in 2001 and sat the Tech exam, passed my Amateur Extra on the 18th of November 2005, received the callsign of AI4MT, previously held the callsign of KG4TPO. I have since applied for and been granted this Vanity Callsign of NN4F active as of October 2nd 2007

I am a big CW fan although it took me many years to pass the test, I didn't think I would ever use it, well seems i now like it! and use it regularly, since passing my extra in Nov 2005, I can average around 25-30 wpm, I got my speed up using a combination of g4fon and teach, both excellent programs.

You can find me most evenings on 28.450 with the local gang, or on 20m Calling CQ around - 14.170+/-

I am member of the following clubs:

Ridgeville & District Amateur Radio Society (President) or
Southeast Contest Club
Original 13 Colonies Special Event Team K2L (SC)

In Memory of the C6APR gang, W2GJ, K3IXD, W3PP and my CW teacher and antenna guru Randy K4QO, gone but never will you be forgotten. The 2009 CQWW SSB is for you guys...-.- ...-.- ...-.- ...-.- on 21st October 2009


Would like to give thanks to Randy, K4QO for helping me pass the code, and being my antenna guru.



Myself and members of RADARS operated as K2L 
part of the 13colonies special event station
Active on All Bands 160-6
K2L stations represented South Carolina
all qsl's for the K2L operation are via KG4RUL
for more info see
I'll was the one with the English accent, other Stations for SC using K2L will be 
NN4F Total 7,969
Total Event QSO's 108,485


Top Operator High Power - 2014 13 Colonies K2L

Top Op HP

Top State SC - 2014 13 Colonies K2L

2012 IARU

2011 ARRL 10 Meter




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