425 DX News issue #1010

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11 September 2010                                         A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1010
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3V     - 9A3A, I8LWL,  IK7JWX,  IK7UXW,  IZ7ATN  and  local  operators  from
         3V8ST, 3V8SA and 3V8SQ expect to be active on all bands  and  modes
         as TS7TI/p from Plane Island (AF-091) and  Kuriat  Island  (AF-092)
         between 14 and 23 September.  QSL  via  I8LWL  (www.i8lwl.it)  [TNX
6W     - Enrico, IK2FIL will   operate  as  6V7X  from   Le  Calao,  Senegal
         during the "last two weeks of September". Main activity  will  take
         place during the  CQ  WW  RTTY  Contest  (25-26  September),  while
         outside the contest he will operate on  30  metres  RTTY  after  21
         UTC. All of the  QSOs  will  be  confirmed  automatically  via  the
         bureau, LoTW and  e  QSL.  Direct  requests  should  be  mailed  to
         IK2FIL. He has a website at http://6v7x.jimdo.com/
7X     - Afif, 7X2RO and other six operators will be active  as  7V2PI  from
         Pisan Island (AF-097) on 16-20 September, weather permitting.  They
         will operate CW and SSB on or near the usual IOTA frequencies.  QSL
         via EA5FL, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
DL     - Andreas, DL2AGB will be active on 80-10  metres  as  DL2AGB/p  from
         Ruegen Island (EU-057) on  12-16  September.  QSL  via  home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
F      - Theo, ON4ATW plans to operate as F/OR2T/p from Porquerolles  Island
         (EU-070)  for  a  few  hours  (approximately  10-18  UTC)  on    11
         September. [TNX DX World]
GJ     - Craig, K3PLV will be active as MJ/K3PLV  from  Jersey  (EU-013)  on
         14-22 September. He  will  operate  CW,  SSB  and  RTTY  on  160-10
         metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX K3PLV]
GM     - Six members of the Middlesex DX Group  will  be  active  as  GB2MUL
         from the Isle of  Mull  (EU-008)  on  18-24  September.  They  will
         operate SSB and digital modes  on  80-2  metres.  QSL  via  2W0VAG,
         direct or bureau. [TNX DX World]
I      - Look for Claudio, IZ0KRC to be active  as  IA5/IZ0KRC  from  Giglio
         Island (EU-028, IIA GR-002) on 10-20  September.  He  will  operate
         holiday style SSB and RTTY on the HF bands and 6  metres.  QSL  via
         home call, bureau preferred. Guenter,  DL3NBI  will  be  active  as
         IA5/DL3NBI from the very same island on 12-29  September.  QSL  via
         home call, direct or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
OJ0    - Pasi, OH3WS will be active as OJ0W from  Market  Reef  (EU-053)  on
         12-22 September. He will operate CW and SSB on the HF bands  during
         his spare time. QSL via OH3WS. [TNX OH3WS]
OZ     - Bernd, DL8AAV will be active as OZ0AV from  Laeso  Island  (EU-088)
         on 13-24 September. QSL via home call. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
PA     - A couple of holiday style operations are going to take  place  from
         IOTA group EU-038. Roland, PA/DL1EAL will  operate  from  Texel  on
         11-23  September,  while  Marcel,  PD5MVH/p  will  be  active  from
         Schiermonnikoog on 13-25 September. QSL via  home  calls.  [TNX  DX
TA     - Karl, WA2KBZ is active as  TA0/WA2KBZ  from  Buyukada  Island  (not
         IOTA) until the end of the month. QSL via home call. [TNX  ARRL  DX
TF     - Rene, DL2JRM and Netti, DO6XX will be  active  as  TF/DL2JRM/p  and
         TF/DO6XX/p form Iceland (EU-021)  on  18-23  September.  They  will
         operate CW and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL via home calls,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
UR     - Yuri,  UR5RQB   says  he  will  operate  SSB,  CW  and PSK-31  from
         Berdyanskiy Lower Lighthouse (ARLHS  UKR-003)  between  14  and  24
         September. During the last four days he will be  joined  by  UR4QX,
         UR3QKD, US4QWX.
ZL7    - Kaz, JH1HRJ (ZL3JP) will be active again as ZL7J from  the  Chatham
         Islands (OC-038) on 17-21 September. He will operate  SSB,  CW  and
         possibly RTTY on 160-10 metres, with special attention to  160  and
         80m. QSL via JH1HRJ, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CQ SA  SSB  CONTEST  --->  "To  encourage  greater  participation  of  South
American amateur in international contests", the CQ SA SSB Contest  will  be
held  on  9-10  October.    Complete    information    can    be   found  at
www.brcontest.com [TNX PY2EB]

DX-CODE OF CONDUCT ---> "It is no secret that  the  on-the-air  behavior  of
hams, especially in pileups,  has  gotten  worse  in  the  last  few  years.
Unpleasant, uncivil, impolite  behavior  of  our  fellow  hams  reduces  the
enjoyment of our hobby". How can you help improve ethical conduct?  Look  at
http://dx-code.org and "learn more about how to operate and  best  use  your
operating skills to make it  into  the  DX  log,  in  a  way  that  is  both
efficient and follows the ethical standards  of  operating  on  the  amateur
bands". [TNX ST2AR/S53R]

DX MAGAZINE MOST WANTED SURVEY ---> The DX  Magazine's  annual  Most  Wanted
Survey is being conducted  now  through  15  October.  The  survey  form  is
available at www.dxpub.com/dx_survey2010.html (please note that it is not  a
complete list of all DXCC Entities:  if  you  need  something  that  is  not
listed, simply use the "Additions or Comments"  space  at  the  end  of  the
form). The overall top 100 will be posted on the web site around 15  January

HELP KADEK  ---> Kadek, YB9BU (ex YC9BU) lost his logs and QSL cards in  the
fire that destroyed his house in early April 2007  [425DXN  837].  He  would
like to apply for DXCC, WAZ and WAS: "if you  ever  worked  YC9BU  or  YB9BU
since 2003", Steve (W2FB) says, you can help Kadek by reissuing a  QSL  card
(bureau is all right).

NETHERLANDS ANTILLES ---> On 9 September "delegations from  the  Netherlands
Antilles signed a declaration in The Hague reforming  the  status  of  these
five former Dutch island  colonies  in  the  Caribbean",  Radio  Netherlands
Worldwide reports. "As of 10 October 2010, the Dutch Antilles will cease  to
exist as a country. Curacao and Sint Maarten will become separate  countries
within the  Kingdom  of  the  Netherlands,  while  Bonaire,  Saba  and  Sint
Eustatius will become special Dutch municipalities".

QSL MANAGER OFFERED --->  Kire,  Z33BMW  offers  his  services  to  stations
needing a QSL manager. He can be contacted at z33bmw[@]yahoo.com

QSL  PX8J  &  PX8L  --->  The  QSLs  are   being    processed,   Ciro  PY7ZY
(py7zy[@]gmail.com) says. The first batch will be mailed  on  15  September,
followed by a  second  batch  on  the  30th.  Check  www.px8j.com  after  15
September for a list of problem QSLs.

WRTC 2014 ---> The United States will host the next  World  Radiosport  Team
Championship, to be held in New England on  July  2014.  The  selection  was
announced by WRTC Sanctioning Committee chairman  Tine  Brajnik  (S50A),  as
the US group, led by the Yankee Clipper Contest Club won out  over  a  group
from Bulgaria. Further information at www.radio-sport.net

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently reported Silent Keys  include  Manel  Dotu  Pascual
(EA3EJA,  President  of  ARMIC,  the    Association    of    Disabled  Blind
Radioamateurs of Catalonia) and David Bishop (VE7PO).

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8FQ       K5XK        EG3SDC      EA1AUM      N3U         W3PN
3G200AA     CE3AA       EG4SDC      EA1AUM      NH2T        W2YC
3Z200FC     SP8MI       EG5VCE      EA5HJY      OE50AMRS    OE4RGC
3Z2010CY    SP4NDU      EG5WFF      EB5HRX      OE50XAM     OE4RGC
4H1S        DU1IVT      EG7SDC      EA1AUM      OE50XCL     OE4RGC
4K9W        DL6KVA      EG8SDC      EA1AUM      OE50XCW     OE4RGC
5P5L        DD2ML       EG9SDC      EA1AUM      OE50XMA     OE4RGC
5R8FL       G3SWH       EH1SDC      EA1AUM      OH0CO       SM6CCO
5R8GZ       G3SWH       EH2HJ       EA2CJW      ON30ON      ON4CAS
5R8UI       IZ8CCW      EH2SDC      EA1AUM      ON4WAR      ON7RY
8P5A        NN1N        EH4VCE      EA4DCU      P33W        RA3AUU
9A/VE3ZIK   DO7ZZ       EH7SDC      EA1AUM      PA65VERON   PA3CAL
9A500AA     9A2AA       EH8SDC      EA1AUM      PC600P      PA3HGP
9H0VRZ      PB9ZR       EH9SDC      EA1AUM      PD55RADAR   PD3EM
9H3OO       LU4OO       EI50UN      EI2V        PI65AAG     PA3BNT
9H3UM       SQ9UM       EK6LP       RN4LP       PJ2MI       EB7DX
9H3X        PE1NGF      EM0ITU      UT3UZ       PY0FF       W9VA
9H3YM       PE1OFJ      EM65IG      UR7IA       R0/US0IW    US0IW
9M2QQ       DF5UG       EM65LX      US3LX       R1000YR     RM3M
9M6DXX      M0URX       EM65M       UR5MID      RI0FKD      UA3DLD
9M6RHM      NI5DX       EM65MP      UR3MP       RI1FJ       UA2FM
9M8QQ       DF5UG       EN1UCF/p    UR7UT       SN0KK       SP6FRF
9X0TL       DL2RUM      EN3QFF      UR6QS       SN0NA       SP6OPZ
A41KJ       NI5DX       EO5MAF      UR5MM       SN0PL       SP5KP
A51A        JA1TRC      EO65JS      UU9CW       SN140MPR    SP9KDU
A65BI       SM5DJZ      EO65QM      UR7QM       SN50SA      SP9PSJ
AH0BT       7L1FPU      EO65V       UR7VA       SN90HRS     SP9ZHR
AM8RHG      EA8CNB      EX2F        RW6HS       SP200BCA    SP7BCA
AP2TN       DJ9ZB       FO8RZ       F8BPN       SP2010FC    SP4GHL
BG6AHU      BA4EG       GB0BHR      MW0MUM      SV5/SM8C    SM0CMH
BT4EXPO     BA4EG       GB0KEW      G0MIN       T6LR        SP8PRL
BV0J        BM2JCC      GB1DCT      M0XIG       T6MB        SP8UFB
CO6RD       8P9NX       H74LEON     TI4SU       TM32CDXC    F5CWU
CO6WD       8P9NX       HF10TMZC    SP2ZCI      TM36WFF     F5SSN
CR5WFF      CT1EJB      HF155KRG    SP6ZJP      TN5SN       IZ1BZV
CX4AAJ      EB7DX       HF440W      SP7KED      UA0FUA      IK2QPR
D2SG        GM4FDM      HI3WL       DK8OJ       UE0ZFF      UA0ZV
DP850ZZ     DL3VFN      HK6K        EA5KB       UE9OFF/P    RZ9OC
DT0DWAC     HL0KHQ      HP1/IZ6BRN  IZ8CLM      UK8IF       RW6HS
DU1IST      JA1HGY      II1CC       IZ4SUC      UN7AB       DL8KAC
EA9EU       EA5KB       II1TLA      I1YRL       UR4MWF/p    UR2ML
EG1FAV      EA1RCI      II3PAN      IV3IUM      VI2MI       VK2IR
EG1FIM      EA1URV      IR0ROMA     IK0LZR      VO2/NF6J    DL7RV
EG1OTA      EA2RC       J48HW       HA0HW       YK1BA       N5FF
EG1SDC      EA1AUM      JT1PX       HA8PX       ZB2FX       G3RFX
EG1VCE      EB1FGO      LA6Q        LA9VDA      ZG2FX       G3RFX
EG2SDC      EA1AUM      LU1QS       EA5KB       ZP8AE       EA7FTR
EG3LH       EA3GHZ      MD0XVL      OE3GEA      ZY6Z        PY6HD

3B9/IZ4AKS Giorgio Minguzzi, Via Savio 2, 48012 Bagnacavallo - RA, Italy
EA2RC      Juan Carlos Salazar Herrero, P.O. Box 300, 48930 Getxo (Vizcaya),
GM4FDM     Tom Wylie, 3 Kings Crescent, Elderslie, Johnstone, PA5 9AD,
           United Kingdom
IK2QPR     Paolo Fava, Via Bertani 8, 46100 Mantova - MN, Italy
JA1TRC     Jay S. Oka, P.O. Box 8, Oiso-cho, Naka-gun, Kanagawa-ken,
           259-0111, Japan
N5FF       Saad A. Mahaini, 428 Brook Glen Dr, Richardson TX 75080, USA
PY6HD      Jose Hamilton Limeira, Rua C N 64 - Conjunto ACM - Mangabeira,
           Feira de Santana-BA, 44056-008, Brazil
RN4LP      Vladislav V. Lakeyev, P.O. Box 208, Dimitrovgrad, Ulyanovskaya
           obl., 433512, Russia
US0IW      Sergej V. Bartashevich, ul. Oskolskaya 94m Slavyansk, Donetskaya
           obl., 84118, Ukraine
VK2IR      Tommy Horozakis, P.O. Box 13, Sans Souci NSW 2219, Australia


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