425 DX News issue #1016

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23 October 2010                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1016
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B8    - Gerd, DG5MMW will be active as 3B8/DG5MMW    from  Mauritus  Island
         (AF-049) from 30 October to 6 November.  He  will  operate  holiday
         style on 40-15 metres mainly SSB and  PSK31.  QSL  via  home  call.
         [TNX DG5MMW]
3D2    - Eddie, VK4AN will be active as 3D2A (QSL via home call)  from  Viti
         Levu Island (OC-016) between 27 October and 14  November.  He  will
         operate SSB, CW and digital modes on 160-10 metres, and  will  take
         part in the CQ WW DX SSB Contest  as  a  Multi-Single  entry  along
         with 3D2AA. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
4J     - 4J5A, 4J5T, RA6FPL (4K3FPL) and RL3KT (4K3QQA) will  be  active  as
         4J0WFF from Lake Gey-Gel Nature  Reserve  on  22-25  October.  They
         plan to operate CW and SSB on  40-12  metres.  QSL  via  4J5T  (c/o
         Parvana Hasanova Fornati, 12584 Eden Court, Apple Valley MN  55124,
         USA). [TNX 4J5T]
6W     - Luc, F5RAV will be active as 6V7T from Senegal from 25  October  to
         1 November. e will operate SSB and PSK31 on 160-10 metres and  will
         participate in the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest.  QSL  via  F5RAV,  direct
         only. [TNX NG3K]
CT7    - The CR5WFF team reports they will  be  active  from  the  Serra  de
         Montejunto Protected Landscape on 23-24 October. QSL via CT1EJB.
CT9    - Darren, G0TSM will be  active  holiday  style  as  CT9/G0TSM   from
         Madeira (AF-014) from 25 October  to  1  November,  including  some
         search & pounce during the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest.  As  the  station
         will only be 100W  and  a  mobile  whip  antenna,  he  expects  his
         signals to be "quite poor". QSL via  home  call  and  LoTW  (bureau
         cards can be requested by e-mail). [TNX G0TSM]
CY0    - Bad weather conditions prevented AA4VK, AI5P, N0TG and VE1RGB  from
         flying to Sabe Island on 21 October,  and  the  forecast  does  not
         look promising. The next flight attempt will be on  23  October  at
         15 UTC. "If we are delayed  until  Monday",  N0TG  says,  "we  will
         extend the end date beyond the current  schedule  of  29  October".
         Bookmark www.cy0dxpedition.com for updates.
EA8    - The Grupo  DX  Teide  (http://ea8arg.ure.es/)  will  be  active  as
         EG8FPT from the lighthouse at Punta de Teno on Tenerife  Island  on
         23-24 October. EA8AM, EA8ARG, EA8AY, EA8BFH, EA8BRW and EA8IH  will
         operate SSB, CW and digital modes on the HF bands, as  well  as  on
         VHF and UHF. QSL via EA8NQ, direct or bureau. [TNX EA8NQ]
FM     - Dim, UT5UGR will be active as as FM/KL7WA from Martinique  (NA-107)
         from 26 October to 3 November. He will participate in the CQ WW  DX
         SSB Contest as TO7A. QSL via UT5UGR. [TNX UT5UGR]
GU     - Dave, G1OCN (M3IOP) and his wife Carol, 2E1DQZ will  be  active  as
         GU1OCN (MU3IOP) and 2U1DQZ from the island  of  Alderney,  Guernsey
         (EU-114) between 29  October  and  5  November.  Activity  will  be
         holiday style on 80, 40, 20, 17, 10 and 6 metres  SSB  and  digital
         modes. QSL direct only to G1OCN. [TNX NG3K]
HL     - Special callsign D7G20 will be active between  29  October  and  28
         November to celebrate the G20 Summit that will be  held  in  Seoul.
         Expect activity on 80-6 metres CW, SSB and RTTY. [TNX DX World]
I      - IT9ATF, IT9NPR, IT9PPG and IT9WDC  will  be  active  as  IF9A  from
         Favignana Island (EU-054) on 27-31 October, including an  entry  in
         the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL via IT9ATF, direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
PJ7   -  Charlie,  K4UWH  will   operate  as  PJ7/K4UWH  from  Sint  Maarten
         (NA-105) between 23 October to 5 November. Expect him to be QRV  on
         40-10 metres CW only, mainly during his evening  hours  .  QSL  via
         home call, direct or bureau and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
S7     - David G3NKC, Fred G4BWP,  Martin  G4XUM  and  Mike  G7VJR  will  be
         active  from  Mahe  (AF-024),  Seychelles  from  26  October  to  2
         November, including an entry in the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest  as  S79K
         (QSL via G3NKC).
S7     - Davide,  IW0HLG  will  be  active  as  S79AD  from  Mahe  (AF-024),
         Seychelles from 26 October to 4 November. He will  operate  holiday
         style on the HF bands and 6 metres, SSB and digital modes. QSL  via
         home call, direct or bureau.
SV     - Special event  stations  SX2500M,  SX2500M/p  (from  Marathon)  and
         SX2500M/m (on the route from Marathon  and  Thessaloniki)  will  be
         active on 30-31 October to celebrate the 2500th anniversary of  the
         Battle of Marathon. Expect activity on the HF  bands  SSB,  CW  and
         digital modes. All of the QSOs will be confirmed automatically  via
         the bureau. Further information at http://sx2500m.blogspot.com/
T8     - Nob, JA1FMZ will be active as T88OM from  Palau  (OC-009)  from  27
         October to 1 November. He  will  operate  holiday  style  on  20-10
         metres SSB, with activity during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest. QSL  via
         home call (direct) and LoTW. [TNX DX World]
V3     - Mike, W7ASF and Tom, KB7JAL will be active as V31MH and V31TS  from
         Belize from 27  October  to  4  November,  CQ  WW  DX  SSB  Contest
         included. They will operate mostly SSB and  PSK  on  80-20  metres.
         [TNX DX World]
V6     - Miki,  JJ2CJB  will  be  active  as  V63CJB  from  Chuuk  (OC-011),
         Micronesia between 29 October and 2 November. He  will  concentrate
         operations during the CQ WW DX SSB Contest; outside the contest  he
         will operate holiday style on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres  CW  and
         SSB. QSL via home call, direct  or  bureau,  and  LoTW.  [TNX  OPDX
V6     - JA7HMZ (V63DX), JA7GYP (V63T) and JA7EPO (V63EPO)  will  be  active
         from Pohnpei (OC-010), Micronesia from 29 October  to  4  November.
         QSL via home calls. They will participate  in  the  CQ  WW  DX  SSB
         Contest as V6B (QSL via JA7HMZ). [TNX NG3K]
VE     - Celebrating the 65th anniversary of the United Nations and  UNESCO,
         the Westcumb Amateur Radio Club  (VE1WRC  )  will  operate  special
         event station VC1J on  24  October.  They  will  operate  from  the
         Joggins Fossil Cliffs (Nova Scotia), which became  a  UNESCO  World
         Heritage Site in 2009. [TNX Southgate ARC]
VP2M   - George, K2DM  will  be  active  on  160-6  metres  as  VP2MDG  from
         Montserrat (NA-103) from 27 October to 2 November,  CQ  WW  DX  SSB
         Contest included. QSL via K2DM. [TNX NG3K]
YV     - Vladimir, UY5ZZ will be active as YV7/UY5ZZ from  Margarita  Island
         (SA-012) from 26 October to 7 November, including participation  in
         the CQ WW DX SSB and Ukrainian DX  Contests.  QSL  via  home  call.
         [TNX UY5ZZ]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DXCC NEWS ---> The following operations have been approved for DXCC  credit:
9U1KI, 9U1RSI, 9U1VO and 9U4T  (Burundi,  2010  operations);  A51A  (Bhutan,
2010 operation); T6MB (Afghanistan, 2010 operation). If you ahve had any  of
these operations rejected in a recent  submission  please  send  a  note  to
dxcc[@]arrl.org. [TNX NC1L]

PACIFIC DXERS ---> Pacific DXers (http://pacific-dxers.com)  was  formed  in
September 2010 for anyone interested  in  Pacific  DXing  or  DXing  in  the
Pacific. "We already have a well  stocked  'DXpedition  Kit'  available  for
members to use", Eddie, VK4AN says. It will be made available on  a  booking
basis for DXpeditions in the South Pacific  area  from  2011  onwards.  They
have also "negotiated a big reduction in price at a ham-friendly  resort  in
Fiji for members staying at least a week, and  are  continuing  negotiations
with other resorts around the Pacific."

QSL 9J2CA ---> Phil, G3SWH says he is no longer the QSL  manager  for  9J2CA
or 9I40CA, and he has no blank cards left.

QSL PJ2A ----> Effective immediately Jerry, N5UCF will  be  serving  as  QSL
manager for PJ2A. He will have logs for all PJ2A contacts,  will  be  answer
direct and bureau requests. "QSL cards  are  ordered  and  in  queue  to  be
printed", he says, "so please be patient for a  return  QSL  over  the  next
several months or so". 

RADIO ARCALA & CQWW SSB  CONTEST  --->  Radio  Arcala  (www.radioarcala.com)
will deploy four stations in this year's event: OH8X from  Northern  Finland
operated by OH2UA (SOAB), OH0B from the  Aland  Islands  operated  by  OH2UA
(SOAB), CR2X  from  the  Azores  operated  by  N5TJ,  5R8X  from  Madagascar
operated by OH2BH, OH2PM, OH6KN, OH7EA and OH8NC  (Multi-Single).  QSL  OH8X
via OH2UA, others via OH2BH. [TNX OH2BN]

VHF-DATABASE ---> The latest issue of the VHF-DATABASE (3.10 -  10/2010)  is
now available to private users as well as DX-Cluster  Sysops  on  Make  More
Miles on VHF (www.mmmonvhf.de), the VHF-DX-Portal. [TNX DL8EBW] 

+ SILENT KEYS + Marcel Dehonin (ON4QM) passed away a few weeks ago  after  a
long illness. He will be remembered  mainly  for  his  operations  from  the
Pacific, such as A35DM, FW5XX, H44QM, ZK1DM, ZK2XX, ZK3DM  and  FO0DEH  from
several rare IOTA groups in French Polynesia and the Austral Islands.  Other
recently reported Silent Keys include Clifton D. Swigard (W7NA)  and  Makoto
Inami (JA6AV), former Vice President of the Japan Amateur Radio League.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3G200PCG    XQ7UP       GB1WSD      M3ZYZ      PJ4N        DJ8NK
3Z0DKI      SP2DKI      GM3WOJ      N3SL       PJ4NX       PA3CNX [b]
3Z200CHOPIN SP9W        GP0STH      G4DIY      PJ4W        W3HNK
3Z2010CY    SP4NDU      GT1IOM      GD1MIP     PJ5/AA4NC   AA4NC
4J6RO       4K4K        GX2UG       G0PFH      PJ5/AH6HY   AH6HY
4L4ZA       DJ1CW       H74LEON     TI4SU      PJ5/K1XM    KQ1F
4W6AAD      VK3ZGW      HC2SL       EA5KB      PJ6/K4LMY   K4LMY
4X0WFF      4X4JU       HF200FC     SP9HTY     PJ6A        N4NX
5R8AL       G3SWH       HG100V      HA6VA      PJ7MF       IZ1MHY
5R8FL       G3SWH       HI8E        NK4L       PJ7UQ       W3HNK
5R8GT       DJ5IO       HK1RRL      EA5KB      PV7M        PT7ZT
5R8GZ       G3SWH       HZ1SBS      HZ1HN      SN0JP       SP9PKZ
5V7TT       I2YSB [a]   HZ1ZH       EA7FTR     SO3BASF     SP3PKC
5V7TT       G6BMY [b]   IR0JOTA     IW0FFP     SP200AAZ    SP4AAZ
5W1SA       JH7OHF      IR7WFF      IK7JWX     SP200BCA    SP7BCA
6W7RV       F8CMT       IR9CIRM     IQ9TP      SP200CGN    SP5CGN
7Q7HB       G0IAS       JW/HB9LEY   JQ2GYU     SP200FC     SP7KED
9A5Y/p      9A7W        JW6EHQ      pirate     SQ200FC     SQ9CWO
9H3SGM      9H5SN       K5W         W5UE       ST26ASC     ST2M
9H9MSG      9H1SF       KH0R        JE6DND     SU8JOTA     SM5AQD
9M2MRS      PA0RRS      KK6WW/KH0   JA6EGL     SX100SEP/5  SV5FRD
9M6/KM9D    OM2SA       LA6Q        LA9VDA     SX1L        DL1JCZ
9M6RHM      NI5DX       M0RSE       G3SWH      T80W        JM1LJS
A25DF       IK1MDF      NH2T        W2YC       TC03W       OK2GZ
A25MB       IZ5MMB      OC80A       OA4O       TC7YLH      TA1HZ
A25SL       W5SL        OE50AMRS    OE4RGC     TF3CW       LX1NO
A25ZY       I0ZY        OE50FQU     OE3FQU     TI3/W7RI    AI4U
A60JOTA     A62ER       OE50XCL     OE4RGC     TM0RDR      F4FJH
A65BM       W4JS        OE50XLC     OE4RGC     TO3GA       DL3GA
A71BU       NI5DX       OE50XMA     OE4RGC     TR8CA       F6CBC
BN100       BM2JCC      OE50XRM     OE4RGC     TY1JB       DL2UX
BP100       BX4AQ       OH0B        OH2BH      V47JA       W5JON
BU100       BM2JCC      OH8X        OH2UA      V47KP       W2OX
BV100       BV2KI       ON4JOTA     ON4GDV     V55JAM      V51Q
BV100ROC    BM2JCC      OX/DF9TM    DL2SWW     V73QQ       N7RO
C56FR       ON4TA       OX/DL1RTL   DL1RTL     VE1OMI      K3OMI
C5YK        ON7YK       OX/DL2SWW   DL2SWW     VK4LDX/p    VK4LDX
C6AEZ       NE8Z        OX/DL2VFR   DL2VFR     VQ9JAB      KC2TEN
C91MS       GI4FUM      OX2A        OZ1ACB     VQ9LA       N0QM
CO6RD       8P9NX       OY1OF       M0URX      VY0JA       N3SL
CO6WD       8P9NX       PA100SRS    PD9RAY     W3WFF       N3GJ
CR5EAM      CT2JSF      PA100WELP   PC2S       WH0AA       JA6GLD
D2QMN       RZ3EC       PA90GEUS    PA3GWN     WH2D        K3UOC
D4C         IZ4DPV [a]  PJ2/OH1VR   OH1VR      XR33AA      CE3AA
D4C         CT1ESV [b]  PJ2/PB2T    PB2T       XV4TUJ      OK1DOT
E51NOU      N7OU        PJ2/W5MPC   W5MPC      XX9TLX      DK7LX
EK3GM       IK2QPR      PJ2A        N5UCF      YB8EL       EA7FTR
EM0NFF/p    UT8NT       PJ2MI       EB7DX      YW1AJ       YV5AJ
EM8NFF/p    UT7NW       PJ2T        N9AG       ZD8ZZ       K7ZZ
ER8C        ER1DA       PJ4/PG4M    PG4M       ZD9AH       DL2AH
FH8ND       F1OKV       PJ4/W9NJY   WD9DZV     ZM4M        ZL4PW
FM5DN       KU9C        PJ4B        PA8A       ZM4T        ZL2AL
GB100MWT    G0MWT       PJ4D        W3HNK      ZS6CCY      K3IRV
GB1MT       M0XIG       PJ4I        DL9USA     ZW1ROE      PY1ZV

[a]  direct
[b]  bureau

AA4NC    William J. Roberts Jr, 8104 Lawdraker Rd, Apex NC 27502, USA
AH6HY    David A. Flack, P.O. Box 29761, Honolulu HI 96820-2161, USA
CS2FCS   Associacao de Radioamadores do Litoral Alentejano, Rua do Parque
         10, 7540-172 Santiago do Cacem, Portugal
DJ8NK    Jan B.C. Harders, Kalckreuthweg 17, 22607 Hamburg, Germany
DL1RTL   Heiko Mann, Gaggenauer Str. 81, 14974 Ludwigsfelde, Germany
DL2AH    Ulrich Krieg, Feldstr. 9, 06774 Soellichau, Germany
DL2SWW   Frank Dreyer, Gartenweg 9, 19069 Alt-Meteln, Germany
DL2VFR   Enrico Stumpf-Siering, Hinter den Hofen 4, 27305 Sustedt, Germany
DL9USA   Andreas Glaeser, P.O. Box 100 246, 03122 Spremberg, Germany
I0ZY     Gianfranco Scasciafratti, Via Quirico Filopanti 2, 00152 Roma RM,
I2YSB    Silvano Borsa, Viale Capettini 1, 27036 Mortara - PV, Italy
IK1MDF   Lorenzo Tabaracci, Via Sarzanello 260/M, 19038 Sarzana SP, Italy
IZ1MHY   Andrea Gili, Via Dorgia 54, 19126 La Spezia SP, Italy
IZ5MMB   Pier Giannarelli, Via Podenzana 10, 54033 Carrara MS, Italy
K4LMY    Henry N. Hassell, 17251 Ingram Lane, Amelia VA 23002, USA
KQ1F     Charlotte L. Richardson, 11 Michigan Dr, Hudson MA 01749, USA
N4NX     William T. Barr, 355 Westerhall Court, Atlanta GA 30328-1233, USA
N5UCF    Gerald R. Byrd, 14018 Keebler Road, Gulfport MS 39503, USA
N7RO     Richard J. Moen, 2935 Plymouth Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA
OH1VR    Seppo Sisatto, Ojakatu 3 A 18, 33100 Tampere, Finland
OK2GZ    Jaroslav Kelar, Gen. Svobody 1200, 783 91 Unicov 1, Czech Republic
PA0RRS   Richard Smeets, Constance Gerlingsstraat 60, 5121 ZR Rijen, 
PA8A     Peter Jelgersma, Noordzijde 14, 2411 RA Bodegraven, Netherlands
PG4M     Michiel Minderhoud, Tiendweg West 10, 2941 EP Lekkerkerk,
PJ7E     Sint Maarten 2010, P.O. Box 333, Bethlehem GA 30620-9989, USA
VK4LDX   Craig Edwards, P.O. Box 487, Belgian Gardens QLD 4810, Australia
W3HNK    Joseph L. Arcure Jr, 115  Buck  Run  Road,  Lincoln  University  PA
         19352, USA
W5MPC    Michael P. Corey, 149 Union St Apt 5, Bristol CT 06010, USA
W5SL     Julian J. Sewell, 14949 Fm 1826, Austin TX 78737, USA
WD9DZV   Timothy M. Garrity, 5407 W Rosedale Ave, Chicago IL 60646-6525, USA


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