425 DX News issue #1018

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06 November 2010                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1018
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3DA    - Gert, ZS6AYU (3DA0GF on CW) and  Hannes,  ZS6BZP  (3DA0HC  on  SSB)
         will be active on 40-10 metres from Swaziland on 5-8 November.  QSL
         via home calls, direct only. [TNX NG3K]
5W     - Rudi, ZL2KBR will be active as 5W0BR from Apia, Samoa  (OC-097)  on
         5-13 November. He will operate SSB and PSK31 on all bands with  100
         watts, dipoles and/or a vertical antenna. QSL via home  call.  [TNX
         OPDX Bulletin]
6W     - Matthias DL5MFL, Juergen DL4MAQ and Sven DF9MV will  be  active  as
         6V7Z from Senegal on 8-18 November. They plan to  operate  CW,  SSB
         and possibly PSK31 with two  stations.  QSL  via  DE0MST.  [TNX  DX
CE     - Cezar, VE3LYC and Johan, PA3EXX will  attempt  a  very  challenging
         expedition to the Wollaston Islands (SA-031, IOTA Most  Wanted  #6)
         and  Diego  Ramirez  Islands  (SA-097,  IOTA  new   one)    between
         approximately 7 and 22 January. The plan is  to  operate  for  four
         days from each group.  However,  weather  and  sea  conditions  can
         influence significantly this schedule. The team  has  retained  for
         this trip the services of Thomas, an experienced skipper, with  his
         40 ft yacht. They are aware that landing  on  SA-097  is  extremely
         difficult and may not be possible within such a limited  timeframe.
         The logistical support received from the Radio Club  de  Chile  and
         Radio Club de Punta Arenas has been  invaluable  in  obtaining  the
         licenses, permits, and authorizations required  for  this  project.
         This is not only a difficult but also a very  expensive  operation.
         At this time the  team  seeks  enthusiastic  group  and  individual
         donors who wish to be part of this effort.  Financial  support  can
         be  sent  by   mail    to    Cezar,    VE3LYC    or    PayPal    to
         tiberius.trifu[@]gmail.com. All contributions to this project  will
         be acknowledged. Callsigns and QSL instructions will  be  announced
         in due course. [TNX VE3LYC]
CY0    - "It has been a very busy time", N0TG says, "but we have  been  able
         to put all of the details together. The aircraft has been  repaired
         and the Sable Island DXpedition is back on the calendar".  The  new
         dates are 6-13 December. Further  information  is  expected  to  be
         published on www.CY0dxpedition.com.
EA     - ARMIC,   the   Association  of  Disabled   Blind  Radioamateurs  of
         Catalonia, will  operate  three  special  event  stations  (EG0EJA,
         EG3VP and EG3VSP) on 7 November during the visit  of  the  King  of
         Spain  for  the  consecration  of  Barcelona's  famous  church,  La
         Sagrada Familia, presided by Pope Benedict  XVI.  QSL  via  EA3RKR.
         [TNX EA3RKR]
EA6    - Peter, G3TKK will be active holiday style as  EA6/G3TKK  from  from
         central Majorca, Balearic Islands (EU-004)  on  5-14  November.  He
         will operate CW, BPSK and RTTY. QSL via home call. He  will  upload
         his log to LoTW as soon as possibile on return. [TNX G3TKK]
GU     - Look for MU/F4EGD, MU/F4ERS, MU/F5CWU and  MU/F5NHJ  to  be  active
         from Guernsey (EU-114) on  9-19  November.  They  will  operate  on
         160-10 metres all modes with three stations. QSL  via  home  calls,
         direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
HZ     - Abdul,  HZ1DG  expects  to  be  active  from  the  Farasan  Islands
         (AS-193) on 6-7 November. He will operate mainly on 20 metres  SSB.
         [TNX The Daily DX]
I      - Tony, IK1QBT and Emilio, IZ1GAR will be active  as  IH9/IK1QBT  and
         IH9/IZIGAR from Pantelleria (AF-019) on 23-30 November.  They  will
         participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as IH9X (on 80  metres)  and
         IH9R (on 40 metres) respectively. QSL via home calls. [TNX IK1QBT]
ON_ant - Karel,  ON5TN  will  be  staying  at  the  Belgian  Antarctic  base
         "Princess  Elisabeth",  Antarctica  between  10  November  and   24
         February 2011. He plans to operate again  as  OR4TN  in  his  spare
         time, starting in December.  Updates  will  be  posted  on  qrz.com
         under OR4TN. QSL via ON5TN. [TNX ON5NT]
PJ4    - Look for Hennie, PJ4/PE1MAE to be active from Bonaire (SA-006)  for
         about four months starting on 8 November. QSL via bureau or  direct
         to PA2NJC. [TNX DX Newsletter]
TJ     - Henri,  F6EAY  is  now  stationed  in  Cameroon  "for  professional
         reasons" and is expected to remain there for quite  some  time.  He
         is active as TJ3AY and will operate RTTY and SSB  on  40-6  metres.
         QSL via F5LGE. [TNX F5NBU]
V5     - "Personal  circumstances"  forced   Klaus,  DJ4SO  to  postpone  to
         February 2011 his activity from Namibia, which was due to start  on
         3 November [425DXN 1017]. [TNX The Daily DX]
XE     - Manuel, XE2HUQ and Tony, XE2HVF plan to be  active  as  XF1HUQ  and
         XF1HVF from Magdalena Island (NA-078)  on  18-22  November.  Expect
         activity on 80-10 CW and SSB. QSL via home call.  [TNX  XE2HUQ  and

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DX0DX ---> The DX0DX expedition to the Spratly  Islands  [425DXN  1013]  has
been extended to 1 February, in order to accommodate the CQ World Wide  160m
CW Contest. A very large team of operators from 15 nations  will  be  active
from four operating sites with eleven transceivers (four  each  for  CW  and
SSB, plus two on digital modes and one for 6m, 2m, 70cm & 23cm) and  a  wide
range of antennas (yagis, verticals  and  4-squares).  Updates  and  further
information,  including  details  on  how  contribute  to  this    expensive
operation, can be found at www.dx0dx.net [TNX VK3PC]

G3SWH OQRS SERVICE ---> "I am pleased to announce the launch of  my  On-line
QSL Request System (OQRS). In addition to the long  established  ability  to
request bureau cards via e-mail, you can now request QSL cards  for  any  of
the 100+ callsigns that I manage to be mailed to you direct and to  pay  for
the postage etc. via PayPal. Why bother with mailing  direct?  The  OQRS  is
easy and reasonable. Any queries or unforeseen issues will  be  handled  via
e-mail. Please visit my web site www.g3swh.org.uk  for  further  information
and instructions". [TNX G3SWH]

T32C ---> "An anonymous sponsor has kindly offered to  pay  for  the  return
flights between Honolulu and Kiritimati, plus hotel and food costs while  on
the island, of a young  amateur  to  join  the  T32  DXpedition.  The  young
operator will be required to  pay  for  his/her  flights  between  home  and
Honolulu. We are looking for a competent operator in the 18 to 25 age  group
and we have reserved a slot during the second half of  the  DXpedition  from
9th to 27th October 2011.  If you are interested, or know  of  somebody  who
might be, please email Neville, G3NUG (g3nug[@]btinternet.com)  as  soon  as
possible". [TNX www.t32c.com]

TOP LISTS ---> The latest Topband, Topmode  and  Toplist  listings  are  now
available  at  www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.   QSOs    confirmed
through LoTW or included in on-line logs  are  eligible  for  listing.  Send
send your scores, as  well  as  any  request  for  further  information,  to
Erminio Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow[@]fastwebnet.it)

QSL GALLERY ---> The large  collection of  QSL cards on  Les Nouvelles  DX's
web site has been  updated. Thirteen different  galleries  include cards for
the ten Most Wanted DXCC Entities (331 QSLs), the 58 deleted  DXCC  entities
(1141 QSLs), obsolete prefixes (3123 QSLs), stations from Magrebh from  1947
to 1962 (361 QSLs), D5 and  DL5  stations  from  1945  to  1962  (61  QSLs),
Antarctic bases  (817  QSLs)  &  TAAF  (Terres  Australes  and  Antarctiques
Francaises, 261 QSLs), the  various  French  DXCC  island  Entities  in  the
Pacific Ocean (325 QSLs) & the Indian Ocean (96  QSLs),  pre-1945  countries
(1037 QSLs), French Departments (633 QSLs) and  CONUS  (112  QSLs),  plus  a
gallery for cards not accepted by DXCC (119 QSLs). Several cards  are  still
needed  (expecially  for  F7  stations  from  France    1948-62)   and  your
participation is encouraged - please visit  www.LesNouvellesdx.fr  and  send
your comments to lesnouvellesdx[@]free.fr [TNX F6AJA]

VOACAP ONLINE ---> The  point-to-point  HF  propagation  prediction  service
VOACAP  Online  (http://online.voacap.com)  now  uses    Google    Maps  for
coordinate entry. The transmitter and receiver coordinates  are  defined  by
dragging two location markers on the map. The mouse wheel or  keyboard  keys
can be used for zooming in and out so  placing  the  markers  at  the  exact
points on the map is as accurate as it can get. Jari Perkiomaki (OH6BG)  has
also updated the sunspot predictions until the year 2012.

ZL8X ---> The latest update on the forthcoming DXpedition  to  the  Kermadec
Islands [425DXN 1009] is available at www.kermadec.de.  In  particular,  the
"Operating" page now features the announced frequencies table and some  tips
about working ZL8X on the low bands, RTTY, 6 metres and during the CQ WW  DX
CW contest.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2A        VK4AN       FO8RZ       F8BPN       P49Y        AE6Y
3DA0GF      ZS6AYU      FP/KV1J     KV1J        PA6DADA     PA0MBD
3DA0HC      ZS6BZP      FY5LH       F5KDR       PA6Z        PA9M
3V8SS       IZ8CCW      GB0KLT      MM0GHM      PJ2/K9SG    N9AG
3W1M        OM3JW       GI5K        G3SWH       PJ2DX       W0CG
4B1B        EB7DX       GI6K        GI0KOW      PJ4X        W1MD
4B1EE       EA5KB       GJ2A        K2WR   [a]  PR2B        PY2BW
4B1MW       XE1MW       GJ2A        GJ3DVC [b]  PR5D        PY5DC
4B2EX       XE2EX       GM0B        MM0BHX      PS2T        K3IRV
4B2S        XE2S        GM2T        GM4UYZ      PT5T        K3IRV
4J3M        DL7EDH      GM2V        N3SL        PV2P        PY2DY
4L0A        EA7FTR      GM5X        N3SL        PW2B        PY2HL
4L0CR       DL8KAC      GU1OCN      G1OCN       PW2D        PY2VM
4L5O        N3SL        GW9T        GW6NLP      PW5G        PP5VB
4L8A        K1BV        H22H        5B4MF       PW7T        PT7WA
4M1F        YV1JGT      H2T         5B4XF       PX2T        PY2DN
5B4AJC      UA3DX       H7A         TI4SU       RC9O        UA9PC
5B50J       5B4AHJ      HA15COOP    HA1XY       RL3A        W3HNK
5H3EE       DL4ME       HB0/HB9AON  DJ2YE       RM5A        UA3DX
5H9PD       W8FV        HB9H        HB9CXZ      RO9O        RZ9OO
5N7M        OM3CGN      HB9HLM      EA7FTR      RT0C        RW0CF
5R8X        OH2BH       HC8A        KU9C        RT3F        RK3DZB
5W0KY       VK2ZKY      HG6N        HA6KNB      RT5Z        UA3ZK
5X0CW       DK7PE       HG7T        HA7TM       RU1A        RU1AE
5Z4EE       NV7E        HI3CC       ON4IQ       RW2F        DK4VW
6V7T        F5RAV       HI3K        KB2MS       RY6Y        N3SL
6W1RY       F5VHJ       HI3WL       DK8OJ       S79AD       IW0HLG
7J5AAS/4    DL2OBO      HI8CJG      EA7FTR      S79K        G3NKC
7Q7HB       G0IAS       HK1R        EA5KB       S79LC       I5IHE
8P5A        NN1N        HK1T        EA5KB       SI9AM       SM3CVM
8Q7EJ       G3VDB       HK1W        EA5KB       SK50AU      SK2AU
8R1K        OH0XX       HK1X        EA7FTR      SN0BFF      SP2PBY
8R1RPN      OH0XX       HK4QMH      EA5KB       SN2K        SP2YWL
9L0W        DK2WV       HP1/IZ6BRN  IZ8CLM      SN3R        SP6HEQ
9M2ADX      JH8PHT      HQ2W        HR2DMR      SN6Z        SP6RZ
9M2CNC      G4ZFE       IF9A        IT9ATF      SO2J        SP2EKI
9M2IDJ      JA6IDJ      IG9D        IZ8TDP      SO8R        SQ8JLA
9M6LSC      JF2QNM      IG9S        IZ8GCE      ST2AR       S53R
9M8Z        M0URX       II2IARA     IQ2MI       ST2UOK      EA7FTR
9Q6CC       CX2CC       II2MM       IK2AQZ      SX2500M     SV2GWY
9U0A        DL7DF       II2S        IZ2FOS      SX5P        SV5FRD
9V1YC       W5UE        II5P        IZ5ICH      SY2V        SV2GJV
9X0SP       DL7DF       IM0C        IS0AFM      SZ8L        SV3GKE
9Y4W        DL4MDO      IO5O        IK5RLP      T6TL        N4FF
A25AN       KD5TAN      IQ1RY       IK1HXN      T88DL       DL2OBO
A25BI       K5ZOL       IR4M        IK4WMH      T88OM       JA1FMZ
A25CF       K5LBU       IR4X        I4EAT       TC87TC      TA1HZ
A25HQ       K5LBU       IR8R        IK8HCG      TE8I        TI8II
A25UQ       W5UQ        IR9W        IW0HBY      TG9NX       N4FKZ
A41KJ       NI5DX       IR9Y        IT9ABY      TI0RC       TI2KAC
A41OO       NI5DX       IU9T        IT9ESW      TI5N        W3HNK
A61BK       NI5DX       IU9X        IT9SPB      TM0T        F4EFI
A61Q        EA7FTR      J28RO       F8DFP       TM2C        F6KUF
A71CO       EA7FTR      J37K        AC8G        TM2S        F5PED
A73A        EA7FTR      J37T        VE3EBN      TM2T        F6KDF
AH0BT       7L1FPU      J43J        DJ5JH       TM2Y        F6BEE
AH2R        JH7QXJ      J45MW       ON4MW       TM40CDG     F5KOJ
AM1A        EA1URG      J45PO       ON4PO       TM5KD       F5KKD
AM1Q        EA1QA       J48CM       YU7CM       TM7F        F6KRC
AM1T        EA1FCR      J48JJ       HA7JJS      TM9R        F6KNB
AM3SSB      EA3JW       J48NL       HA6NL       TO7A        UT5UGR
AN5C        EC5CR       J48OV       HA5OV       TO9RRG      FG5KC
AO7O        EA7NL       J48P        HA7PL       UO5L        UN7LZ
AP2NK       W3HNK       J48PS       HA6PS       UP0L        DL8KAC
AY0DX       LU3DR       J48Z        YU1FW       UP2L        UA9AB
B1Z         EA7FTR      JT0YAB      UA9YAB      UZ2M        US0LW
B4TB        BA4TB       JT0YPS      UA9YPS      V26B        KA2AEV
B7P         BD7IXG      JT5DX       JT1CO       V26BD       NQ3X
BT4EXPO     BA4EG       JU5DX       JT1BV       V26BZR      W2BZR
C31CT       EA3QS       JW5E        LA7XM       V26OC       N3OC
C37N        EA4URE      KH0/KW2X    JG7PSJ      V31BD       K5WW
C4M         W3HNK       KH7CW       K2WR        V31FF       K9IMM
C4W         5B4WN       KP2B        K2DER       V31LG       W9GL
C6ALP       W8QT        KP2M        AI4U        V31MH       W7ASF
C91DJ       GI4FUM      KP3Z        N4AO        V31SB       WH6H
C91DL       GI4FUM      KP4BD       EA7FTR      V31TS       KB7JAL
C91JE       N9MDH       KR1V/KH0    JR6DRH      V48M        W2OX
C91JR       GI4FUM      L25X        WD9EWK      V63CJB      JJ2CJB
C91MV       GI4FUM      L73D        EA5KB       V63DX       JA7HMZ
C91WW       GI4FUM      LN3Z        LA9VDA      V63EPO      JA7EPO
CE1A        XQ1KZ       LN8W        LA9VDA      V63T        JA7GYP
CE1D        CE1VIL      LO7D        LW1DRH      V6B         JA7HMZ
CE1TT       EA5KB       LO7H        LU7HW       V84CQ       V8MVE
CE1Z        CE1WNR      LP1H        EA5KB       VC2Z        VE2BR
CE3G        CE3WDH      LR1H        LU2HOD      VC3A        VE3AT
CE3W        XQ7UP       LR2F        LU2FA       VC3X        VE7VR
CE4CT       EA5KB       LR4E        LW4EU       VC6A        VE6SV
CM8RRM      EA5KB       LS1D        LW9EOC      VE2IM       VE3DZ
CN2R        W7EJ        LT1F        AC7DX       VK0KEV      JE1LET
CN3A        I2WIJ       LT4S        LU8SAN      VK4KW       N3SL
CN8SG       EA7FTR      LU4DX       EA5KB       VK8NSB      M0URX
CO8LY       EA7ADH      LU6FOV      EA5KB       VP2MDG      K2DM
CP4BT       EA5KB       LU7VCH      EA5KB       VP5DX       NU4Y
CQ3L        DJ6QT       LU7YZ       EA7FTR      VP5I        I8UZA
CQ8X        OH2BH       LW1HR       EA5KB       VP5T        N2VW
CQ9T        CT3KN       LW3DC       EA5KB       VP8DLB      2M1DHG
CR2X        OH2BH       LW6DG       EA5KB       WH7Z        W0CN
CR3A        CQ9K        LW7H        EA5KB       WP3C        W3HNK
CR3L        DJ6QT       LX9DX       LX2A        XR5N        CE5WQO
CR5L        CT1DSV      LZ9W        LZ1PM       XR6T        CE3FED
CR5WFF      CT1EJB      M2A         G3SDC       XU7ACY      W2EN
CV5D        CX2ABC      M4A         M0BLF       XV1X        OK1DOT
CW5W        CX6VM       M9X         M0URX       XV2RZ       OH4MDY
CX/N3BNA    KA2AEV      MC0SHL      M0URX       XV9DX       OM3JW
CX4AAJ      EB7DX       MD2C        MD0CCE      YB9/WK1S    JA1PBV
CY0/VE1AWW  VE1AWW      MI0M        MI0SAI      YE2R        EB7DX
D2SG        GM4FDM      MU3IOP      G1OCN       YJ0HA       HA5UK
DU1/F4BKV   F4BKV       NP2KW       EB7DX       YL7X        YL2LY
DX33A       DU7RJA      NP4DX       W3HNK       YN2AA       NN3W
E2E         HS0ZFZ      OA4SS       KB6J        YR5N        YO5PBF
E7DX        E77E        OE3K        OE1DIA      YV1FM       IT9DAA
EA8CMX      OH2BYS      OF50RR      OH8DR       YV200D      YV1DIG
EA8OM       DJ1OJ       OG1M        OH1VR       YV7/UY5ZZ   UY5ZZ
ED1R        EA4RCH      OG4T        OH4MFA      YW200T      YV5JBI
ED1T        EA1HLH      OH0V        OH6LI       YW5T        YV5JBI
ED5T        EA5ELT      OH0YY       OH2YY       ZD9GI       ZS1A
EE2K        EA2RKO      OH0Z        W0MM        ZF2AH       W6VNR
EE2W        EB2BXL      OK7O        OK1OUE      ZF2LC       W2SM
EE7D        EC7DND      OL1X        OK4PA       ZP5CGL      IK2DUW
EF8A        EA7FTR      OM0A        OM0AAO      ZP8VAO      K2DER
EF8R        EA8CAC      ON30ON      ON4CAS      ZS6TQ       K3IRV
EG8FPT      EA8NQ       ON60BLV     ON4CRD      ZS9X        K3IRV
EH3PLP      EA3DTD      OP4K        ON4JZ       ZS9Z        ZS1OIN
EK6TA       DJ0MCZ      OY6A        OY2J        ZV2C        PY2CX
ER0WW       RA4LW       OY6FRA      OY1JD       ZV2K        PY2SHF
ER4DX       RA4LW       P33W        UA3DX       ZV2V        PY2LED
EW8AF       DL8KAC      P3N         RW3RN       ZW5B        K3IRV
EY8/UA4LCQ  UA4LCH      P3Z         5B4AFM      ZX2B        PY2MNL
EY8MM       K1BV        P40B        KE5OG       ZX5J        AI4U
FM/KL7WA    UT5UGR      P40P        W5AJ        ZY2C        PY2ADR
FM1FV       W3HNK       P40W        N2MM        ZY5Z        PP5JAK

[a] USA
[b] Rest of the world

CX2CC    Christian  Cardarello, Avenida Italia 3319, 11600 Montevideo,
DK2WV    Karl Heinz Ilg, Max-Low-Str. 15, 85579 Neubiberg, Germany
DK7PE    Rudolf Klos, Ulrichstrasse 26, 55128 Mainz, Germany
DL7DF    Sigi Presch, Wilhelmsmuehlenweg 123, 12621 Berlin, Germany
EF9K     Melilla DX Group, P.O. Box 677, 52080 Melilla (Melilla), Spain
F4BKV    Vincent Colombo, 32 rue de Gibrand, 17350 Port-d'Envaux, France
F5RAV    Luc Thibaudat, 15 rue de Moiscourt, 27140 Gisors, France
G0IAS    Allan Hickman, The Conifers, High Street, Elkesley, Retford, DN22
         8AJ, United Kingdom
GI4FUM   David Hutchinson, 42 Oldstone Hill, Muckamore, Antrim, BT41 4SB,
         United Kingdom
GJ3DVC   Jersey Amateur Radio Society, Le Chemin des Signaux, St. Brelade,
         Jersey, JE3 8LQ, United Kingdom
HA5UK    Kovacs Gyorgy, Budapest, Csur u. 15, 1162, Hungary
JA1BVA   Masaaki Saito, 4-7-8 Komatsu, Konosu-shi, Saitama-ken, 365-0041,
OH0XX    Olli Rissanen, Apartado de Correos 2, 28750 San Agustin del
         Guadalix (Madrid), Spain
OH4MDY   Reijo Laitinen, Mantytie 13, 76940 Nenonpelto, Finland
T70A     A.R.R.S.M. Radio Club, Casella Postale 77, 47890 San Marino,
         Repubblica di San Marino
TI3/W7RI Scott C. Bidstrup, De la Iglesia 700 mts Sur, Cartago, El Guarco,
         Tobosi, 30803, Costa Rica
VE1AWW   Alan W. Wilson, 73 Spikenard St, Dartmouth NS B2W 3B8, Canada
W0CG     Geoff Howard, P.O. Box 1147, Coeur d'Alene ID 83816-1147, USA
XM7CPR   Daniel Fiechter, P.O. Box 301, Nimpo Lake BC V0L 1R0, Canada
ZS1A     Johan Sevenster, 2 Roozeboom Street, De Bron, Bellville, 7530,
         South Africa
ZS6AYU   Gerard D. Roux, P.O. Box 34393,Erasmia, 0023, South Africa
ZS6BZP   Hannes Coetzee, Goshawkstraat 134, Rooihuiskraal-Noord, Centurion,
         0157, South Africa


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