425 DX News issue #1021

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27 November 2011                                          A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1021
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B8    - Jacques, F1BCS will be active as 3B8/F1BCS  from  Mauritius  Island
         (AF-049) from 29 November to to 17 December. Look for  him  on  15,
         17 and 20 metres SSB, RTTY and PSK. [TNX DX World]
4W     - Stuie, VK8NSB is in the planning stages for a  DXpedition  to  East
         Timor in July 2011, possibly with an IOTA Contest  entry  from  the
         rare OC-232 group. Those who  may  be  interested  in  joining  the
         expedition are invited to contact him at vk8nsb[@]hotmail.com  [TNX
         DX World]
A7     - The Lufthansa Amateur Radio Club, in  cooperation  with  the  Qatar
         Amateur Radio Society, will be active as A71DLH from Qatar from  27
         November to 3 December. Operations are planned  on  all  bands  CW,
         SSB and digital modes. QSL via DL0LH and logsearch at www.dl0lh.de
BY     - Steve, BA5TT will be active as B5TT from  Dongluo  Island  (AS-138)
         on 27-28 November, including an entry in the CQ WW  DX  CW  Contest
         on 160 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX BA5TT]
CT7    - Francois, ON4LO says he will be active as CT7/ON4LO/p from  various
         Portuguese lighthouses between 1 December and 15 January  2011.  He
         will operate SSB on 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres.
F      - The  Council  of  Europe  ARC  (TP2CE, http://ewwa.free.fr/ will be
         active  as TP60CE  for  the  last  time on 3-5  and  8  December to
         commemorate  the 60th  anniversary of  the European  Convention  on
         Human Rights. QSL via F5LGF. [TNX F6FQK]
GM     - Col, MM0NDX and the  MS0INT  team  (George/EA2TA,  Christian/EA3NT,
         Vincent/F4BKV, Simon/IZ7ATN, Bjorn/SM0MDG and  two  more  operators
         to be added nearer the time) will be active from three IOTA  groups
         between 15 and 22 June 2011, weather and sea permitting. They  plan
         to operate from  the  islands  of  Benbecula,  Grimsay,  Baleshare,
         North Uist and Berneray in the  Outer  Hebrides  (EU-010),  the  St
         Kilda archipelago (EU-059, for three  full  days)  and  the  Monach
         Isles (EU-111, for 24 hours). QSL via M0URX. A new  MS0INT  website
         with full details will be live soon. [TNX MM0NDX]
OE     - Special event station OE40ADXB will be active  on  15-31  December,
         to celebrate the 40th  anniversary  of  ADXB-OE,  the  Austrian  DX
         Board (OE1XBC). Look for activity on 80-10 metres SSB and  CW,  and
         digital modes on 30 and 20  metres.  QSL  to  OE1XBC  (Austrian  DX
         Board, P.O. Box 1000, 1081 Wien, Austria). [TNX OE1WEU]
OH_ant - Mika, OH2FFP will be  in  charge  of  the  next  Finnish  Antarctic
         Research Program  expedition  to  Aboa  station,  Queen  Maud  Land
         (Antarctica)  in  December-January.  He  will  operate  again    as
         OJ1ABOA, and he might be QRV  also  from  nearby  Wasa  Station  of
         Sweden. Around Christmas he will stay for three or  fours  days  at
         Swedish Station Svea. [TNX DX World]
V7     - Yuri, N3QQ and Tim, NL8F [425DXN 1020] expect  to  be  active  from
         the Marshall Islands between 1 and 16 December. They plan to  spend
         2-3 days on Ujelang  Atoll  (OC-278,  new  one)  during  that  time
         frame,  indicatively  "around  9-12  December",  with  activity  as
         V73RRC (QSL via N7RO) on 40-6 metres CW and SSB.  While  on  Majuro
         (OC-029) and Enewetak (OC-087) they will operate as V73QQ (QSL  via
         N7RO) and V73CF (QSL via K8NA) respectively. Updates and  live  GPS
         tracking at www.oc-278.ucoz.com [TNX NG3K]
VE     - John, VE8EV will be active as VE8EV/p from  Banks  Island  (NA-129)
         during this weekend. He will  operate  mostly  SSB,  possibly  with
         some activity in the CQ WW DX CW Contest and via  satellite  ("I'll
         try to at least be on all the HO-68 (SSB)  and  AO-51  passes  that
         favour North America and Europe", he says).
VK     - Ben, VK5ZMM and Dirk, VK5AUQ will be active  from  Kangaroo  Island
         (OC-139) from 28 November to 1  December.  They  will  operate  SSB
         (VK5AUQ) and digital modes (VK5ZMM). QSL both calls via PA2C.  [TNX
         DX World]
VP9    - Hans, SM3TLG will operate SSB and CW  as  VP9/SM3TLG  from  Bermuda
         (NA-005) on 1-5 December. QSL via  home  call,  bureau  or  direct.
         [TNX SM3TLG]
Z2     - Mirek, VK6DXI will be active again as Z21DXI from Zimbabwe on  6-17
         December. It will be a business trip and he will be QRV during  his
         limited spare time.  QSL  via  SP5UAF,  direct  or  bureau.  Direct
         requests for Z21DXI's February activity are  processed  and  mailed
         on a daily basis, SP5UAF says, while  bureau  cards  are  processed
         twice a month. [TNX SP5UAF]

PATAGONIA TOUR ---> Jean-Pierre, F5AHO  will  be  active  as  CE/F5AHO  from
Riesco Island (SA-091)  starting on 26 November. On 2-5 December  he will be
QRV  from Ushuaia, Tierra del  Fuego  (SA-008)  as LU/F5AHO and perhaps from
other two IOTA groups. He  will operate SSB and PSK on 20 and 17 metres. QSL
via home call. [TNX DX World]

CQ WW DX CW  CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (27-28 November):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA
02     VE2XAA/2      SOAB         Canada               VE2XAA
05     VP9I          SO           Bermuda              N1HRA
07     H7V           M/S LP       Nicaragua            W5PF
07     HK0GU         SO           San Andres           DL7VOG
07     HQ2W          M/S          Honduras             HR2DMR
07     TI5N          M/2          Costa Rica           W3HNK
08     C6AGU         SOSB 160m    Bahamas
08     C6AKX         SOSB 20m     Bahamas              WA4WTG
08     C6AQQ         SOAB LP      Bahamas              ND3F
08     C6ARR         SOSB 160m    Bahamas              WA4WTG
08     C6ATA         SOSB 40m LP  Bahamas              WA4WTG
08     CO8LY         SOSB 15m     Cuba                 EA7ADH
08     CO8TW         SOAB LP      Cuba                 HB9SVT
08     KP3Z          SOAB HP      Puerto Rico          N4AO
08     TO3A          SOAB HP      St Barthelemy        VE3EY
08     TO5T          SOAB HP      Martinique           JE1JKL
08     V26K          SOAB LP      Antigua              AA3B
08     V47NT         SOAB HP      St. Kitts            W2RQ
08     VP2E/K1XM     M/2          Anguilla
08     VP2M???       M/S          Montserrat           K9CS
08     VP2V/N3DXX    SOAB         British Virgin Isls  KN5H
08     VP5CW         SOAB         Caicos Isls          W5CW
08     WP3C          SOAB LP      Puerto Rico          W3HNK
08     ZF1A          M/S          Cayman Isls          K6AM
09     9Y4W          SOSB 20m     Tobago               DL4MDO
09     FY5FY         SOAB LP      French Guiana        FY5FY
09     HK1AA         SOSB 80m     Colombia             EA5KB
09     HK1MW         SOSB 10m     Colombia             K4AMW
09     HK1N          SOSB 40m     Colombia             EA5KB
09     P40C          SO LP        Aruba                LoTW
09     P40L          M/S          Aruba                WA3FRP
09     P40W          SOAB         Aruba                N2MM
09     PJ2T          M/M          Curacao              N9AG
09     PJ4A          M/S          Bonaire              K4BAI
09     PZ5T          SOAB HP      Suriname             VE3DZ
10     HD2M          M/M          Ecuador              SM6FKF
14     CR2X          SOAB         Azores               OH2BH
14     EA6URA        SOSB 40m     Balearic Isls        EA3AIR
14     GI1A          SOAB HP      Northern Ireland     M0DXR
14     GJ2A          SOAB HP      Jersey               qrz.com
14     GZ7V          SOAB HP      Shetland Isls        LoTW
14     LX7I          M/2          Luxembourg           LX2A
14     MD4K          SOSB 15m     Isle of Man          G3NKC
14     MD6V          SOSB 20m     Isle of Man          G3NKC
14     MJ0ASP        SOSB 15m     Jersey               LotW
14     MW5B          SOSB 80m     Wales                G3TXF
14     TM5CW         SO           France               F5SJB
14     ZB2X          SOSB 10m     Gibraltar            OH2KI
15     9H3TX         M/2          Malta                DL5XAT
15     E7DX          M/S          Bosnia Herzegovina   E77E
15     IM0/OL5Y      SOSB 15m     Sardinia
15     IR9Y          M/2          Sicily               IT9ABY
15     OH0X          M/S          Aland Isls           OH2TA
15     OH0Z          SOAB HP      Aland Isls           W0MM
15     OH2BH         SOAB         Finland              OH2BH
15     OH8X          SOAB         Finland              OH2UA
15     RW2F          M/S          Kaliningrad          DK4VW
15     T70A          SOAB HP      San Marino           T70A
15     TK5A          SOAB         Corsica              IZ8GCB
15     ZA3HA         M/2          Albania              HA8MT
16     ER0WW         SOAB HP      Moldova              RA4LW
16     UU5A          M/?          Ukraine              K2PF
17     EX8O          SOAB         Kyrgyzstan           EX8O
17     EY8MM         SOSB         Tajikistan           K1BV
17     UP7A          SOSB 40m     Kazakhstan           UN7AL
19     RA0FF         SOAB         Russia (AS)          RA0FF
20     P3F           M/2          Cyprus               5B4AHJ
20     P3N           SOAB HP      Cyprus               RW3RN
20     TC3A          M/2          Turkey               LZ1NK
20     TC4X          SOSB         Turkey               OH2BH
20     TC7M          SOAB         Turkey               R5GA
21     4L0A          SOAB HP      Georgia              LoTW
21     4L5O          SOSB 80m     Georgia              N3SL
21     4L8A          SOAB         Georgia              K1BV
22     8Q7DV         SOAB         Maldives             UA9CLB
22     VU2PAI        SOAB HP      India                VU2PAI
22     VU2PTT        SOAB         India                VU2PTT
24     B5TT          SOSB 160m    China                BA5TT
24     B7P           M/S          China                BD7IXG
26     HS0AC         M/S          Thailand             HS0ZFZ
26     HS0ZEE        SOAB         Thailand             qrz.com
26     HS8JYX        SOSB 15m     Thailand             HS8JYX
26     XU7ACY        SOAB LP      Cambodia             W2EN
27     AH0BT         M/2          Mariana Isls         7L1FPU
27     AH0DX                      Mariana Isls         WX8C
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 JH7QXJ
27     DU1/JJ5GMJ    SOAB LP      Philippines          JH5RXS
27     KG6DX         SOSB 15m     Guam                 KG6DX
27     NH2T          SOAB HP      Guam                 W2YC
27     V63YT         SO           Micronesia           JE1SCJ
28     9M2CNC        SOSB 20m     West Malaysia        G4ZFE
28     9M6/KM0O      SOAB         East Malaysia        KM0O
28     YE1C          M/S          Indonesia            YE1C
29     VK6AA         SOAB HP      Australia            DL8YR
32     FO8RZ         SOAB HP      French Polynesia     F8BPN
32     ZK2A          M/?          Niue                 PA3LEO
32     ZL7NV         SOSB 20m     Chatham Isls         W6NV
32     ZL7V          SOSB 15m     Chatham Isls         OH1VR
33     3V3A          SOAB LP      Tunisia
33     5C5T          M/S          Morocco              EA5YU
33     CN2R          SOAB HP      Morocco              W7EJ
33     CN3A          SOAB         Morocco              I2WIJ
33     CR3E          SOAB         Madeira Isl          W3HNK
33     CR3L          M/2          Madeira              DJ6QT
33     EA8CMX        SOSB 80m     Canary Isls          OH2BYS
33     EA8CUU        SOSB         Canary Isls          OH6CS
33     ED8T          SOAB         Canary Isls          EA8AY
33     ED9M          M/S          Ceuta & Melilla      HA1AG
33     EF8M          SOAB         Canary Isls          UA3DX
33     IH9GPI        M/M          African Italy        IH9GPI
33     IH9R          SOSB 40m     African Italy        IZIGAR
33     IH9X          SOSB 80m     African Italy        IK1QBT
34     ST2AR         SOAB LP      Sudan                S53R
34     SU/HA3JB      SOSB         Egypt                HA3JB
35     5N7M          SOSB 10m     Nigeria              OM3CGN
35     6V7Y          SOAB LP      Senegal              RX3RC
35     9L5VT         M/2          Sierra Leone         G3SXW
35     C5A           M/M          The Gambia           OM2FY
36     9J3A          SOAB LP      Zambia               S57S
36     ZD8O          SOAB         Ascension Isl        OH0XX
37     5X1XA         SOSB 20m     Uganda               G3SWH
37     5Z1N                       Kenya                G3RWF
37     5Z4EE         SOAB         Kenya                NV7E
37     J28AA         SOAB LP      Djibouti             K2PF
37     J28RO         SOAB HP      Djibouti             F8DFP
38     ZS2DL         SOAB HP      South Africa         NI5DX
38     ZS4TX         SOSB 10m     South Africa         ZS4TX
39     5R8WW         SOAB         Madagascar           OH0XX
40     TF3CW         SOSB 20m     Iceland              LX1NO
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqc2010.html - good contest to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

QSL VU2PAI ---> Pai, VU2PAI has uploaded to LoTW about 100,000  QSOs  dating
back to 1995. He still has many paper logs, which sooner or  later  will  be
entered  into  his  computer.  Pai  still  has  traditional  cards  for  his
operations as VU2PAI/C, AT0PAI, AT2PAI and VU2PAI/50, as  well  as  for  his
IOTA  activities  from  St.  Mary's  Island  (AS-096)  and   Sacrifice  Rock
(AS-161). "Do not send 'green stamps'", he says: IRCs are all right, but  he
prefers you to affix "2-3 beautiful stamps" on your  envelope  to  him,  for
his collection (and do not forget to include a  self-addressed  envelope  or
address sticker). Queries can be sent to vu2pai[@]gmail.com [TNX VU2PAI]

QSL 3B9FR ---> Robert, 3B9FR "has health problems  that  have  been  keeping
him from operating and answering QSL cards",  The  Daily  DX  reports.  "The
health problem has been going on for some years and requires special  care",
so "hold your cards until further notice".

QSL VIA N3SL ---> Steve, N3SL is the QSL manager  for  two  special  contest
callsigns  issued  to  individual  GM  operators:  GM2V  (GM3WOJ)  and  GM5X
(GM4YXI). Additionally, GM7V, a long-standing club callsign,  is  moving  to
Steve as the manager. GM2V and  GM5X  QSLs  are  in  the  process  of  being
printed, but possibly not "in hand" before the end of the year.  GM7V  cards
are being shipped to Steve from Scotland, arrival date  unknown.  If  anyone
should need one of these calls confirmed for a 2010 DXCC submission,  please
send your request with a note, and Steve will confirm with  a  different  GM
card. If you've already sent him a request and need a card  now,  email  him
at n3sl[@]arrl.net. [TNX N3SL]

QSL VIA OH3WS ---> Pasi, OH3WS  says  that  the  OJ0W  (Market  Reef,  11-22
September 2010) and OH0/OJ0W (Aland Islands, 10 September 2010)  cards  were
sent to the OH Bureau a few days ago. His next  activity  from  Market  Reef
will be in April/May 2011.

+ SILENT KEYS + Recently  reported  Silent  Keys  include  Andreas  Pavlidas
(5B4AC), Henry F. Zimmerman (K4FU), Kurt  Heidergott  (K7UU),  Jose  Queiroz
Souto (PR7NJ), Vladimir A. Kryganov (UA3ZK) and John H. Possehl, Jr. (W3KV).


QSLs received direct or through managers:  3B9/IZ4AKS,  4K9W,  4L0A,  5J0BV,
5T5AZ, 5T5BV, 5V7DX, 5V7TT, 6V7W,  7P8JK,  7V2PI  (AF-097),  7X2GX,  8R1RPN,
9M6DXX/p (OC-295), 9M6XRO/p (OC-295), 9U1VO, 9V1/IK1PMR, A31A, A51A,  A71EM,
A92IO, AL7A, AM1G (EU-080), AP2NK, C35JM,  CE3RR,  CE9/R1ANF,  CO8LY,  CR2X,
CT3FQ, CU2KG, D44TD,  D4C,  DS1REE,  DT8A,  E4X,  EA9IB,  EI185RNLI,  EK6LP,
FP/KV1J,  FY5HE,  GP0STH,  H74LEON,  HV0A,  HZ1GW,  IS0E,  J28RO,  J3/AA8LL,
K7A,  K8GI/3  (NA-140),  K8GI/4  (NA-085),  KG4WV,  KG4WW,  KH0N,  KH2/N2NL,
KK6WW/KH0, KL7J,  KP4QI,  MJ/DL2BY,  N9BX/4  (NA-069),  OA4SS,  OH0B,  OJ0B,
(SA-016), PY3DX/p, RK9KWZ/p  (AS-083),  SU/HA3JB,  SU1SK,  SV9/N0RB,  T88NA,
TA0/WA2KBZ, TG9ADM, TS7TI/P (AF-092), TY5ZR,  UK8AR,  UK8OM,  UN5J,  V44KAI,
V47KP, V85TL, V85TX, VB1H, VE2XB/VY0 (NA-007),  VE7IG/2  (NA-177),  VE7RSV/7
(NA-091),  VI2BI  (OC-212),  VI2MI  (OC-223),  VK4LDX/P  (OC-172),   VP2EMR,
(OC-177), YL2BJ, Z21BB, Z30U, ZD7FT, ZK3YA, ZL4M, ZL7J, ZP6/N3BNA, ZS8M.


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