425 DX News issue #1029

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22 January 2011                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1029
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3B     - Slavo, SP2JMB and Bogdan, SP2FUD will be active as  3B8/SP2JMB  and
         3B8/SP2FUD  from  Mauritius  Island  (AF-049)  between  4  and   24
         February. Expect them to be QRV on 80-10 metres CW, SSB  and  RTTY,
         including an entry in the CQ WPX RTTY Contest (12-13 February).  On
         18-22 February they will be active  as  3B9/SP2JMB  and  3B9/SP2FUD
         from Rodrigues (AF-017). They plan to operate CW and RTTY on  80-10
         metres, and to take part in the ARRL DX CW Contest.  QSL  via  home
         calls. [TNX SP2JMB]
9K     - Amateur radio operators from Kuwait  are  allowed  to  use  special
         prefix 9K50 from 26 January through February to celebrate the  50th
         anniversary of  the  independence  of  their  country.  The  Kuwait
         Amateur Radio Society (KARS)  will  operate  as  9K50NLD  on  24-28
         February. [TNX The Daily DX]
A3     - Yoshi, JA1NLX will be active as A35AY from  Fafa  Island  (OC-049),
         Tonga on 4-9 February. He will operate mainly CW with some RTTY  on
         80-10 metres, using 100 watts and a vertical antenna "with lots  of
         radials" on the beach. QSL via home call,  direct  or  bureau,  and
         LoTW. Visit  www.ne.jp/asahi/ja1nlx/ham/A35_2011.html  for  further
         information. [TNX NG3K]
CN     - The team of operators for the  1-5  February  expedition  to  Herne
         Island (AF-068) [425DXN 1027] now includes Mounaim CN8QY  (QSL  via
         I8LWL), Leopoldo I8LWL (5C2L, QSL via home  call),  Ruggero  IK2PZC
         (5C2P, QSL via home call) and Alfredo IK7JWX (5C2J,  QSL  via  home
         call). They will operate SSB and maybe  digital  modes  on  the  HF
         bands and 6 metres. Check www.i8lwl.it for updates and  log  search
         after the expedition. [TNX IK7JWX]
FH     - Bruno, DH1BL will be living on Mayotte (AF-027) for the next  three
         years. Currently active  as  FH/DH1BL,  he  expects  to  get  a  FH
         callsign in the near  future.  QSL  via  DL7BC,  direct  or  bureau
         (cards will be printed when the FH callsign is issued to him).
FJ     - Daryl, W7TAE  will  be  active  as  FJ/W7TAE  from  St.  Barthelemy
         (NA-146) on 23-28 January. He plans to operate mainly  SSB  on  40,
         20 and 17 metres in his spare time. [TNX The Daily DX]
FM     - Rene, F5LGE is active as FM/F5LGE from  Martinique  (NA-107)  until
         30 January. He operates CW only on 80 and 160 metres. QSL via  home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX F5NBU]
HB9    - Special event callsign HB60LU will be in use until 31  December  to
         celebrate  the  60th  anniversary  of  USKA  branch  of    Lucerne,
         Switzerland. QSL via HB9DWL, LoTW and eQSL. Information on the  Old
         Lucerne Award  can  be  found  at  www.award.hb9lu.qrv.ch  [TNX  DX
HI     - Claudio, HB9OAU will be active as  HI7/HB9OAU  from  the  Dominican
         Republic on 6-18 February. His main QTH will be Bayahibe  (NA-096),
         with possible one day operations as HI2/HB9OAU  from  either  Saona
         and/or Catalina islands (NA-122). He will operate holiday style  on
         10, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 metres SSB. QSL via home call, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX HB9OAU]
I      - Sam, LY5W will be active again as IT9/LY5W from Sicily  between  24
         January and 1 February, including an entry in the CQ  WW  160-Meter
         CW Contest. QSL via home call (requests  for  his  October-November
         2010 activity are being processed right now). [TNX LY5W]
I      - Special station IO5ANT will be  active  during  the  8th  Antarctic
         Activity  Week  (21-27  February)  from  the  National  Museum   of
         Antarctica in Siena. QSL via IW5EFX. [TNX IW5EFX]
JT     - Ken, K4ZW will be active as either JT1ZW and  JT5DX  from  Mongolia
         between 24 January and 2 February, with an an emphasis on  the  low
         bands and the CQ WW 160 CW Contest. [TNX The Daily DX]
JX     - The new dates for the operation from  Jan  Mayen  (EU-022)  [425DXN
         987] are 6-14 July. The group callsign issued to the expedition  is
         JX7VPA. The team will operate CW, RTTY/PSK and  some  SSB  on  30-6
         metres - no activity at all is planned on 160 and  80  metres,  and
         also 40m "might not be  usable  at  tat  time  of  the  year".  All
         details will be available on a dedicated  website  currently  under
         constructon (http://janmayen2011.org).
KH2    - Nobu, JR3STX and Take, JS6RRR will  be  active  on  all  bands  and
         modes as W3STX/KH2 (QSL via JR3STX) and KH2/JS6RRR  (QSL  via  home
         call) from Guam (OC-026) on 10-15 February. [TNX JR3TVH]
P4     - Dee, W1HEO will  be  active  as  P4/W1HEO  from  the  P49V  contest
         station on Aruba (SA-036) on 3-16 April. He  will  operate  CW  and
         SSB on 160-10 metres, with  a  focus  on  30-10m.  QSL  via  W1HEO,
         direct or bureau. [TNX W1HEO]
PJ     - EA1PP, EB1HF and EC1DPM will be active holiday style from  Bonaire,
         PJ4 (SA-006) on 5-10 February and from  Curacao,  PJ2  (SA-099)  on
         11-16 February. They will operate SSB and RTTY, including  activity
         during the CQ WPX RTTY Contest from PJ2. [TNX EA1PP]
PJ6    - Mike, G4IUF will be active holiday style  as  PJ6/G4IUF  from  Saba
         (NA-145) between 27 January and 3 March. He  will  operate  CW  and
         SSB on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX VA3RJ]
PY     - A group of  eight  operators  from  APRE  (Associacao  Paulista  de
         Radioamadores Escoteiros, www.apre.com.br) will be active  as  PR2R
         from Comprida Island (SA-024) on 28-30 January. They  will  be  QRV
         on 80, 40, 20, 15, 10, 6 and 2 metres. QSL via PY2OP. [TNX NG3K]
SM     - ON4AWT,  ON5RZ  and  ON7DS  will  be  active  from  SI9AM (the King
         Chulalongkorn Memorial  Amateur  Radio  Society,  www.si9am.se)  in
         Ragunda  from  26  January  (evening  local  time)  to  31  January
         (morning local time), including an entry in  the  UBA  DX  Contest.
         QSL via SM3CVM, direct or via bureau. [TNX SM3CVM]
T8     - Mike, JA6EGL and Hiro, JA6KYU will be active  as  T88SM  and  T88HS
         from Palau (OC-009) on 10-15 February. They plan to be QRV on  80-6
         metres CW and SSB, QSL via home calls, direct only. [TNX JN6RZM]
TA     - Special callsign TC2011EWU will be in use between 27 January and  6
         February for the  XXV  Winter  Universiade  (the  World  University
         Games organized by the International University Sports  Federation)
         to be held in Erzurum, Turkey. QSL via operator's instructions.
V3     - V31ME and V31ML are active from Ambergris Caye  (NA-073)  until  26
         January, as  their  announced  operation  from  IOTA  group  NA-180
         [425DXN  1023]  has  been  cancelled.  QSL  via  DJ4EL  and  DJ1JB,
         respectively. [TNX PB1TT]
V3     - Ken, N2ZN will be active as V31AM from  Placencia,  Belize  on  2-8
         March, including a SOAB HP  entry  in  the  ARRL  DX  SSB  Contest.
         Activity before and after the contest will be mostly  on  CW,  with
         maybe some digital  modes  also.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or
         bureau, and LoTW. [TNX N2ZN]
VE     - Christian, F5IDM will be active as  VE7/F5IDM  from  Quadra  Island
         (NA-091) on 29-31 January. Christian  has  lived  in  Hawaii  since
         1996, and QSLs either direct (Christian  Veillet,  P.O.  Box  2124,
         Kamuela  HI  96743,  USA)  or  through  the  KH6    bureau.    [TNX
W      - A group of operators from QCWA Chapter 119 will be  active  as  W4T
         from Tangier Island (NA-083) on 27-31 July, IOTA Contest  included.
         They plan to operate CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK  on  80-10  metres.  QSL
         via K5VIP. [TNX W4VIC]
XT     - Jon, K3QF will be in Burkina Faso "for the next few weeks".  He  is
         QRV as XT2RJA in his spare time, usually during his evening  hours.
         He hopes to be active in the CQ WW 160-Meter DX  Contest.  QSL  via
         K3QF. [TNX The Daily DX]
XU     - Wim, XU7TZG and Peter, XU7ADW will be active  as  XU7KOH  from  Koh
         Russei (AS-133) on 21-24 January. They will operate SSB  and  PSK31
         on 80-10 metres. QSL via ON7PP. [TNX DX World]
ZS8    - "The polar supply ship arrives on 15  March",  Pierre,  ZS8M  says,
         and adds that his "SSB operation  will  most  likely  end  on  this
         date". However, there is a "possibilty  that  PSK  operations  will
         continue until May". Pierre will depart Marion Island on 5 May.

AFRICAN TOUR ---> Peter, HA3AUI is going back to Africa.  He will be  active
in  his spare time as either 6W2SC (from Cabrousse, Senegal) and J5UAP (from
Varela,  Guinea-Bissau) between approximately 1 February and 31 March. Peter
plans to operate mainly CW and RTTY on 160-10 metres. QSL via HA3AUI, direct
only. His website is at www.cqafrica.net [TNX NG3K]

PACIFIC TOUR ---> In preparation  for the  September-October  expedition  to
Conway  Reef (www.yt1ad.info/3d2c/index.html),  Hrane, YT1AD is in the South
Pacific  area  until 29 January.  Plans  are to visit  and be QRV from Samoa
(5W8A, until 22 January),  American Samoa (KH8/N9YU, 22-25 January) and Fiji
(3D2AD, 26-29 January). QSL via YT1AD.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CONTEST DINNER ---> The 19th Annual Dayton Contest Dinner will  be  held  on
21  May  at  the  Crowne  Plaza  Hotel.  Tickets  are    available  only  on

CQ DX MARATHON ---> Log submissions for the 2010 DX Marathon must be  in  by
23.59 UTC, 31 January 2011. The DX Marathon email  server  crashed  and  was
down from 05.00 UTC to 22.00 UTC on 19 January. Any logs  sent  during  that
period are unfortunately lost and will need to be re-submitted.  A  complete
list of all logs received is posted  on  the  website  (www.dxmarathon.com).

PIRATE ---> John, ZD9GI (Gough Island, AF-030) was  pirated  on  17  and  20
metres CW. He has been active on SSB (15, 17 and 20m) and PSK (15 and  17m),
but he does not operate CW at all. [TNX DX World]

QSL HG3DX ---> The new QSL manager is Tibi, HA1DAE.  He  is  collecting  the
logs, which will be uploaded to Club Log (www.clublog.org).  QSL  direct  or
bureau. [TNX HA1DAE]

SOUTH ORKNEYS 2011 ---> Announced frequencies for the VP8ORK  expedition  to
the South Orkney Islands (27 January to 8 February) are as follows:
BAND     SSB      CW      RTTY
160m     1.843    1.827      -
80m      3.781    3.524    3.590
40m      7.055    7.024    7.040
30m        -     10.104   10.149
20m     14.190   14.024   14.089
17m     18.145   18.070   18.103
15m     21.295   21.024   21.089
12m     24.987   24.892   24.917
10m     28.470   28.024   28.089
An Online QSL Request System (OQRS) will be available and you will  be  able
to  request  your  QSLs  one  of  three  ways:  OQRS  Direct,  OQRS  Bureau,
traditional  direct  to  VE3XN.  The  website  for  the   expedition  is  at

+ SILENT  KEYS  +  Recently  reported  Silent  Keys  include  Livio  Marocco
(IK1RLI), Alain Martinet (C31LN),  Drago  Grabensek  (S59AR),  Ken  Stenback
(W8KS) and Sigrid Handke (DL7CN), who passed away on 24 December  2010.  She
was the wife of the late Frank Turek, DL7FT (SK since August 2004).


QSLs received direct or through  managers:  3A2MD,  3B8DB,  3DA0GF,  3DA0TM,
4S7ULG, 4X6HP, 5N7M, 5R8IC, 5V7TT, 5X1NH,  8R1RPN,  9H3NO/p,  9H3UM,  9K2HN,
9L0W, 9L5VT, 9M6DXX/p (OC-295), 9U0A, 9U1RSI,  9UXEV,  9X0SP,  AH0BT,  C50C,
C56E, C5A, C6APT, C6ARR, C6ATA, C91DL, C91JR, C91WW, CN2MR, CO4SM  (NA-056),
CP4BT, CP6XE,  CT9/DL5AXX,  CX/N3BNA,  D2QV,  DU1/JJ5GMJ  (OC-128),  E20MDN,
E73M, EJ4II (EU-103), EJ8GQB (EU-103), EK6TA, EL2DX, ER1DA,  ER650M,  EY8MM,
FK8CP,  FM/JE1JKL/p,  FO8RZ,  GM0DHZ/P  (EU-012),  H40FK,  H7V,   HH2/OH2TA,
HH2/PY3SB, HK4CZE,  J28RO,  J6/WB4WXE,  J7N,  JY4NE,  JY5HX,  KG6DX,  KG6SL,
KP2/N1WON,  LA2GRA  (EU-033),  LU/F5AHO/p  (SA-049),  LU1ZA,LU1ZD,   MD0CCE,
MU/F5CWU,  MW5B,  OH0/PA3ALK,  OH9AA/p  (EU-126),  OM2VL,  OM8A,    OX/DF9TM
(NA-151), OX/DL2SWW (NA-151),  OX/DL2VFR  (NA-151),  PJ2/DL5RDO,  PJ2/K2TQC,
PJ4D,  PJ4I,  PJ4N,  PJ4W,  PJ5/AA4NC,  PJ5/AH6HY,  PJ5/K1XM,    PJ5/SP6EQZ,
PZ5T,  RI1FJ,  S79K,  ST2AR,  SV0XCA/5,  SV5/SM8C,  TC0T  (AS-159),  TF3CY/5
(EU-168), TL0A, TO5T, TO7ZG, TX4T, V31RG, V44KAI, V47KP, V47Z, V51AS,  V73TM
(OC-087), VK0KEV, VK4LDX/p (OC-171 and OC-172), VP2V/NY6X, VP9HE,  WH0/WH7C,
YW5LF (SA-059), ZB2FK, ZD9AH, ZD9GI, ZL7/W1SY, ZS8M.


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