425 DX News issue #1043

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30 April 2011                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1043
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3A     - Andrea, IZ2LSC will be active as 3A/IZ2LSC from Monaco on 30  April
         and 1 May. He will be running 100 watts into a  multiband  vertical
         antenna, with planned activity on 40-10 metres SSB and QRS CW.  QSL
         via home call (bureau preferred) and LoTW.
3A     - Special callsign 3A2CWG will be in use on  1-31  May  to  celebrate
         the 20th anniversary of the Monaco Telegraphy Group (3A-CW-G).  QSL
         via 3A2LF.
4J     - Special callsign 4JV3AM will be in use on  4-20  May  to  celebrate
         the 66th anniversary  of  the  end  of  World  War  II  and  honour
         Azerbaijani hero Mamish Abdullayev. QSL via  RW6HS  (direct  only).
         [TNX RW6HS]
5R     - Giorgio, IZ4AKS will be active as 5R8KS from Nosy Be (AF-057)  from
         31 May to 6 June. He  plans  to  operate  holiday  style  on  40-10
         metres CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL via  IZ8IYX.  Further  information  at
8P     - Fred, PY2XB will be active as 8P9XB from Barbados (NA-021) on  8-21
         May. He will operate CW, SSB and RTTY on  80-6  metres  (beacon  on
         50.099 MHz). QSL via PT7WA.
9M2    - VK6DXI's trip to Malaysia [425DXN 1041] has been delayed.  He  will
         be active as 9M8DX/2 from Kuala Lumpur, West Malaysia on  2-7  May,
         one week later than expected. This will a business trip, with  some
         CW activity during the local evening  hours. QSL via  SP5UAF.  [TNX
DL     - Thomas, HB9SVT will be active  as  DL/HB9SVT  from  Fehmarn  Island
         (EU-128) from 22 May to 12 June. He plans to be QRV on 80, 40,  20,
         15, 10 metres CW,  SSB,  RTTY  and  BPSK31,  and  to  operate  from
         several lighthouses. QSL via homecall, direct or bureau, plus  LoTW
         and    eQSL.    Detailed    information    can    be    found    at
         www.hb9svt.ch/dl-hb9svt [TNX HB9SVT]
GM     - A group of  Camb-Hams  members  will  be  active  as  GS3PYE/p  and
         GS6PYE/p from the Isle of Arran (EU-123) on 1-8 May. They  will  be
         QRV on most HF bands SSB, digital modes and some CW, as well as  on
         6, 4 and 2m, plus 70cm via satellites. QSL  via  M0VFC,  direct  or
         bureau. Further information can be  found  at  www.dx.camb-hams.com
         [TNX M0VFC]
HI     - Ronny, ON4ARV  will  be  active   as  HI7/OT4R  from  Punta   Cana,
         Dominican Republic (NA-096) on 2-20 May. He  will  operate  SSB  on
         10, 15 and 20 metres on a daily basis between 20 and  22  UTC.  QSL
         via LoTW and eQSL only. [TNX NG3K]
HL     - A group of eight operators will be  active  as  HL0A  from  Kanghwa
         Island (AS-105) from 29 April to 1 May. QSL via HL2UVH.
HL     - Han DS2GOO, Son DS3HWS, Chae DS5BSX and  possibly  others  will  be
         active from Pigum Island (AS-060) on 7-9 May. Plans are to  operate
         CW, SSB and digital  modes on  80-10 metres.  QSL via  home  calls.
         Log search at http://ds2goo.karl.or.kr/2011/Pigum_Island/ after the
         operation. [TNX HL1VAU]
I      - The Extreme DX & Contest Group (www.extremegroup.org) will  operate
         as IL3A from several different islands in Venice Lagoon between  30
         April and 30 October.  QSL  via  IK3HHX,  direct  or  bureau.  [TNX
I      - Promoting the "Antonio Canova Award", special  station  II3AC  will
         be active  on  1-31  May.  The  award  is  issued  by  ARI  Treviso
         (www.aritreviso.it/Diploma Canova.html) to  celebrate  this  famous
         Italian sculptor, who was born in 1757 in a village  near  Treviso.
         QSL via IK3GES, direct or bureau. [TNX IZ3EBA]
I      - Lucio, IK8EJN and other operators from ARI Termoli will  be  active
         as IL7A from the Tremiti Islands (EU-050) in May. QSL  via  IK8EJN.
         [TNX IK8EJN]
JX     - The website for the 6-14  July  JX7VPA  operation  from  Jan  Mayen
         [425DXN 1029] is now  up  and  running  (http://janmayen2011.org/).
         Stan, SQ8X and other seven operators will be active on 40-6  metres
         with three stations. Their primary modes will be CW and RTTY,  with
         some SSB and BPSK63 "when time  and  conditions  permit".  QSL  via
         OQRS (direct and  bureau)  or  SQ8X  direct.  Further  information,
         including logsearch  (after  the  operation)  and  details  on  how
         contribute to  this  expensive    project,  can  be  found  on  the
         expedition's website. [TNX SQ8X]
KH0    - Kan, JJ2RCJ will be active as AH0/AB2RF  from  Saipan  (OC-086)  on
         1-5 May. He will focus on RTTY and PSK. QSL via  JJ2RCJ  and  LoTW.
         [TNX NG3K]
OK     - Members of Radio Club OK1KWN will  operate  special  event  station
         OL950CHEB will be  active  on  1-31  May  to  celebrate  the  950th
         anniversary of the city of Cheb. QSL via OK1MO.
PA     - Gerard, PD2GCM and Bertus, PD2GJS will be active as  PD04ISLE  from
         the nature reserve of Tiengemeten Island  (EU-146)  starting  on  1
         May. They will operate SSB and some RTTY  and  PSK  on  20  and  40
         metres. The activation will be continued throughout 2011.  QSL  via
         PD2GCM, direct or bureau.  Further  information  can  be  found  at
SP     - Special station SQ100MSC will be active between 1 May and  31  July
         to commemorate the 100th anniversary  of  the  second  Nobel  Prize
         awarded to Maria Sklodowska Curie. QSL via SP5XSL.  Information  on
         the relevant award can be found at qrz.com under SQ100MSC.
SV5    - Fred, PA1FJ will be active as  SV5/PA1FJ/p  from  Karpathos  Island
         (EU-001) on 8-14 May. He will operate SSB and CW  on  40-6  metres.
         QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
UA     - Celebrate the 66th anniversary of the end of World War II,  special
         callsign R1945HS will be in use on 1-31 May. QSL via RW6HS  (direct
         only). [TNX RW6HS]
UN     - Celebrating the 50th anniversary of the first manned space  flight,
         special prefixes  UN50,  UO50,  UP50  and  UQ50  are  in  use  from
         Kazakhstan until 31 May. The following stations are expected to  be
         QRV: UN50SK (home call UN7GWC), UO50G  (home  call  UN2G),  UP1ASTR
         (home call UN0GL), UP50ASTR (home call  UN6GK),  UP50F  (home  call
         UN7FW), UP50YG (home call UN7Z), UQ50G  (home  call  UN6QC),  UQ50L
         (home call UN7LZ), UQ50P  (home  call  UN7PL).  Information on  the
         relevant   award  at  http://un-dx.ucoz.com/index/yuri_gagarin/0-36
         [TNX UN6QC]
V4     - Once again John, W5JON will be active as V47JA St.  Kitts  (NA-104)
         from 12 July to 2 August. He will operate SSB on 80-6  metres,  and
         will participate in the  CQ  WW  VHF  Contest  and  the  RSGB  IOTA
         Contest.  His  wife  Cathy,  W5HAM  will  occasionally  operate  as
         V47HAM. All QSLs via W5JON. [TNX W5JON]
V8     - John, 9M6XRO will be active again as V85/9M6XRO from Brunei on  4-9
         May. He plans to operate RTTY, CW and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL  via
         M0URX. [TNX The Golist]
VE     - Special event callsign VC2CQ85 will be in use on 1-31 May  for  the
         85th anniversary of the Club Radio Amateur de  Quebec  (CRAQ).  QSL
         via VE2CQ. [TNX VA3RJ]
VE     - John, VE8EV and Patrick, VE8GER will be active as  XK1T  from  Tent
         Island (NA-193) on 16-19 June. They will operate  mainly  SSB  with
         some CW on 20 metres; some activity on 30, 17,  and  15  metres  is
         also likely. Updates will be posted to http://ve8ev.blogspot.com/
W      - The HAMCOW (HAM  Radio Communications On Wheels, http://hamcow.net)
         team will be active as W1ACT from Martha's  Vineyard  (NA-046)  and
         Gay Head Lighthouse from 6-8 May. QSL via N1JOY, direct only.  [TNX
XE     - Special event station 6J5M will be active on 1-6 May for the  Cinco
         de Mayo festivities, celebrating the anniversary of the  Battle  of
         Puebla (1862). QSL via XE1AMF. Information on  the  relevant  award
         che be found at http://diploma.puebladx.org/

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> Torsten, DL1THM and Anja DH2AK will be active  as  ZF2TH
and ZF2AT  from Grand Cayman Island (NA-016) on 6-13 May,  and as DL1THM/C6A
and  DH2AK/C6A  from  New  Providence Island (NA-001), Bahamas on 13-20 May.
Activity will  be  holiday style  and  mostly on 20 meters SSB. QSL via home
calls, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

425 DX NEWS MAGAZINE  --->  The  March  2011  issue  is  now  available  for
download at www.425dxn.org/monthly/index.html. [TNX IZ3EBA]

AZERBAIJAN --->  Frequency  allocations  on  40  and  80  metres  have  been
expanded, and amateur radio operators  from  Azerbaijan  (4J,  4K)  are  now
allowed to use 7000-7200 kHz and 3500-3800 kHz. [TNX 4J5T]

DX DINNER ---> The Southwest Ohio DX Association (SWODXA) announces  that  a
limited number of dinner tickets are still available for the  DX  Dinner  to
be held in conjunction with the Dayton Hamvention. This  year's  event  will
be on 20 May at the Dayton Marriott. For  programme  details  and  to  order
tickets, go to www.swodxa.org or www.swodxa.blogspot.com [TNX W8GEX]

MT. ATHOS VISIT ---> "I have just returned from my 2 week  visit  to  Greece
and pilgramage to Mt. Athos", Rick  NE8Z  reports.  "Monk  Apollo,  SV2ASP/A
greeted me with open arms. I was able to make a donation of  various  pieces
of radio equipment to his monastery which will allow  him  to  operate  from
two or more portable hilltop locations.
SEMDXA members provided him with a new MFJ Keyer, LDG antenna  tuner  and  a
Heil BM-10  headset.  Budd  W3FF  and  his  son  Chris  donated  a  complete
Buddipole Antenna system. The ARRL donated 8 log  books,  band  plan  charts
and a backpack for the  portable  equipment  transportation.  Both  portable
locations  have  clear  360  degree  views  to  all  directions  unlike  the
Docheiariou Monastery which has a large mountain  blocking  signals  to  and
from Asia.
Father Apollo is presently active on the radio daily between  1700-2100z  on
160, 30, 17 and 12 metres CW, SSB and RTTY. He is building a new  ham  shack
which will be ready in a few months. Once he is  in  the  new  QTH  he  will
install his new 40 foot tubular tower and a Step-IR 3 element yagi that  was
donated to him by Dominik, DL5EBE".  Slideshow  on  the  SEMDXA  website  at

RUSSIA JOINS CEPT  --->  The  Russian  State  Radio  Frequencies  Commission
decided on 10 March  2011  that  the  Russian  Federation  shall  join  CEPT
Recommendation T/R 61-01 and ECC Recommendation (05)06 (CEPT  Novice),  thus
making it  possible  for  every  CEPT  License  holder  to  operate  on  the
territory of the  Russian  Federation,  within  a  limit  of  three  months,
without any additional permission.  The  call  sign  to  be  used  shall  be
RA/Personal Call sign. [TNX IARU Region 1]

SILENT KEYS ---> James McLaughlin, WA2EWE (T6AF, ex YI9EWE) was one  of  the
nine Americans killed on 27 April in a shooting at  Kabul  airport.  He  had
been serving in Afghanistan as a flight instructor since late 2008, and  was
regularly active on the bands, mainly RTTY and PSK.
Other recently reported  Silent  Keys  include  Angus  "Gus"  Duncan  Taylor
(G8PG), Petr A. Taranov (RK6ACM) and R. Neville Copeland (ZL2AKV).


QSLs received direct or through managers:  3DA0GF,  4L/UU0JM,  4L5O,  4X4FR,
4Z5RT,  5B8AD,  5D5A,  5R8HL,  5R8X,  5X0CW,  6O0N,   6W/AA1AC,    6W/EI6DX,
6W/HA0NAR/p  (AF-078),  7Z1TT,  8P6DR,  9L0W,  9M6XRO/8  (OC-165),  9M6XRO/p
(OC-295), 9M8DX/2, 9Q50ON, 9V1YC, A25SL, AP2NK,  C37N,  C4I,  C6ANM,  CP4BT,
CP6XE, CR2X, CS2C, CW3TD  (SA-057),  CX6VM,  D2CQ,  D44BS,  DU1IST,  E21EJC,
E51CG,  EP2MKO,  ET3SID,  FG5FR,  FM4LV,  FM5BH,  FM5WD,   FR5ZL,   FS/K4UP,
J5NAR, J5NAR,  J6/VE3CZF,  J68UN,  J8/W9DR,  J88DR,  JT5DX,  JW9VDA,  JY4NE,
JY5HX, K6PV/6 (NA-066), KH0/G3ZEM,  KH0/KT3Q,  KH2/WX8C,  MJ/K3PLV,  MU0FAL,
OD5NJ, OH0/OH7MM,  OH0B,  OH0BP,  OH0X,  OJ0B,  OM3EY,  OX/DL1RTL  (NA-151),
OX3XR,  P40D,  P40YL,  PJ2DX,  PJ2T,  PJ4/K2NG,    PJ5/AA4NC,    PJ5/SP6EQZ,
R1ANP/A, RI1FJ, S9DX, SV9/DJ7RJ, T30OU, T6AF,  T88ZM,  TC4X,  TI5KS,  TJ3AY,
TO3A,  TT8DX,  UA0YAY,  UA2FCB,  UA2FR,  V25OP,  V47KP,  V51AS,  V85/9M6XRO,
(NA-128), YB0NFL, YS3CW, Z22CW, ZA3HA,  ZB2FK,  ZD9T,  ZF2AM,  ZF2LC,  ZL8X,
ZW8B (SA-025).


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