425 DX News issue #1045

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14 May 2011                                               A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1045
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

8R     - Alex, W1CDC will be active as 8R1A from Guyana  on  13-24  May.  He
         will operate holiday style on 80-10 metres  CW  and  SSB.  QSL  via
         home call, direct or bureau. [TNX The Daily DX]
9A     - Jan, PA4JJ will be active holiday  style  as  9A/PA4JJ  from  Porec
         (Croatian mainland) on 6-24 June. He will operate  RTTY  and  PSK31
         most of the time. QSL via home call (OQRS on  http://www.pa4jj.nl).
         [TNX PA4JJ]
CO     - Gustavo, CO2NO and Lazaro, CO2WL will participate in this weekend's
         Volta RTTY Contest (www.contestvolta.com)  as  SOAB  entrants.  QSL
         both via HA3JB (direct). [TNX HA3JB]
CT7    - Algarve STAR DX Team (http://algarvedx.com) members CT1EHX,  CT1GFK
         and CT1IUA will be active as  CR55PQ  from  the  Escola  de  Tropas
         Para-quedistas  (the  Portuguese  Paratroopers    School),    which
         celebrates its 55th anniversary. Look for activity on  80-6  metres
         CW, SSB and RTTY on 21-23 May. QSL via CT1EHX. [TNX CT1GFK]
CT7    - Special event station CS2HD will be  active  ob  23-29  May for the
         Harley Davidson owners international meeting that will  take  place
         in Tavira, Portugal. QSL via CT2FPE. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
DU     - DV1UD, 4F1OZ, 4F2KWT and possibly one more  operator  are  planning
         an expedition to take place  from  the  rare  Jolo  Group  (OC-119)
         "sometime later this month". The callsign might be DX8DX  or  DX8J;
         "alternatively, they may use DU8/homecalls". [TNX DX World]
F      - Joel F1BLQ, Michel F5EOT, Eric F5LOW, Laurent F5MNK, Fabrice  F5NBQ
         and Bertrand  F6HKA  will  be  active  as  TM0Z  from  Batz  Island
         (EU-105) on 21-26 May. They will operate SSB, CW, RTTY and  PSK  on
         80-6 metres with at least four stations. QSL via F5EOT,  direct  or
         bureau. Further at http://www.frag33.org/www.cdxg.org/TM0Z.html [TNX
G      - Kev, M0TNX and Paul, G0WRE will be  active  as  GB2HI  from  Hilbre
         Island (EU-120) on 20-22 May. He will operate SSB with some  CW  on
         40, 30, 20, 17 and 15 metres, plus 6 and  2  metres  if  conditions
         allow. QSL via M0OXO (see  www.m0oxo.com  for  instructions).  [TNX
GM     - Vincent, F4BKV plans to be active from  Shetland  (EU-012),  Orkney
         (EU-009) and Great Cumbrae (EU-123) on 11-13 June prior to  joining
         the MS0INT team (see below). [TNX MM0NDX]
GM     - The proposed timetable  for  the  MS0INT  IOTA  expedition  [425DXN
         1021] is as follows:
         14 June     MM/F4BKV & MM0NDX/p  South Uist (afternoon)    EU-010
         14 June     MM/F4BKV & MM0NDX/p  Berneray (evening)        EU-010
         15 June     MM/F4BKV & MM0NDX/p  Benbecula (morning)       EU-010
         15 June     MM/F4BKV & MM/EI6DX  Grimsay (afternoon)       EU-010
         15 June     MM/EA5KA & MM/EA3OR  North Uist (afternoon)    EU-010
         15 June     MM/EA3NT & MM0NDX/p  Baleshare (afternoon)     EU-010
         15 June     MM/IZ7ATN & others:  Berneray (evening)        EU-010
         16-17 June  MS0INT/p             Monach Isles              EU-111
         17-20 June  MS0INT               St Kilda Archipelago      EU-059
         Activity from EU-059 will run until 8 UTC on 20 June at the latest.
         There  will  be three stations active on CW and SSB on the HF bands
         and 6 metres (RSGB 50MHz Trophy Contest included). "We will attempt
         to follow this schedule as closely  as  possible", Col MM0NDX says,
         "but since the weather and seas dictate this expedition, our  plans
         may change suddenly". QSL for MS0INT and MS0INT/p  via  M0URX,  all
         QSLs for MM/homecall via RX3RC. The website for the  expedition  is
         at www.ms0int.com
HB0    - Gabriele I2VGW, Andrea IZ2LSC and Tony IZ3EZV  will  be  active  as
         HB0/homecall from Liechtenstein on 2-5 June. They plan  to  operate
         holiday style CW, SSB and RTTY, with main focus to be given to  12,
         17 and 30 metres and the upper HF bands.  They  will  also  give  6
         metres a try. QSL via home calls. [TNX IZ3ESV]
I      - IT9AHI, IT9DVZ, IT9TFX, IT9TQH, IT9YMM, IT9ZIV and IW9FSG  will  be
         active as IE9Z from Ustica Island (EU-051) on 20-23 May. They  will
         operate SSB, CW and RTTY on the HF bands, plus 6 and 2 metres.  QSL
         via IT9TFX, direct or bureau. [TNX IT9YMM]
JW     - Jon, LA8HGA will be active as JW8HGA  from  Longyearbyen  (EU-026),
         Svalbard on 19-23 May. He will operate CW only  on  the  HF  bands.
         QSL via LA8HGA, bureau or direct. [TNX NG3K]
KL     - Yuri, N3QQ and other Russian Robinson Club members plan to  operate
         as KL7RRC from St. Matthew Island (NA-232,  new  one)  indicatively
         between 29 July and 5 August. "Our plans depend on  weather,  final
         permissions  from  the  US  Fish  and    Wildlife    Service    and
         transportation availability", they say. QSL via  UA9OBA  and  N7RO.
         Check http://www.na-234.com/ for updates.
LU     - Members of the Radio Club de los Andes will be  active  as  LU8YE/Y
         from the shores of Lake Meliquina on 20-22 May. They  will  operate
         SSB, CW and digital modes on 80-10 metres with  two  stations.  QSL
         via EA7FTR. [TNX LU7YS]
OJ0    - Pasi, OH3WS will be active as OJ0W from  Market  Reef  (EU-053)  on
         14-21 May. He will operate CW and SBB on the HF bands in his  spare
         time. QSL via OH3WS. [TNX NG3K]
OZ     - Look for Mic, OZ/DG5LAC to be  active  on  80-10  metres  SSB  from
         Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171) on 13-19 May. QSL via home call (direct  or
         bureau), LoTW and eQSL. [TNX DG5LAC]
OZ    -  A   group  of   German  Scouts  will  be  active  again  as  OZ1RDP
         (www.oz1rdp.de) from Romo Island (EU-125) on 10-14 June. They  plan
         to operate SSB and BPSK31 mainly on 80, 40, 30 and 20  metres,  and
         on 2m JT65. QSL via DL9BCP, direct or bureau. [TNX DL9BCP]
PY     - Orlando, PT2OP and Fred, PY2XB are in the  planning  stages  of  an
         operation to take place from IOTA group SA-045  during  the  second
         half of August. Further information  is  expected  in  due  course.
         [TNX islandchaser.com]
SM     - Rick, SM6U and other 4-7 operators will  be  active  as  7S6W  from
         Vinga Island (EU-043) on 19-22 May. They will  have  four  stations
         active on 80-10 metres SSB and CW with some RTTY. Updates  will  be
         posted to http://sm6.se/7s6w/ [TNX rsgbiota.org]
SV     - Laci, HA0HW will be active again as SV8/HA0HW from  Thassos  Island
         (EU-174) from 26 May to 5 June, including an entry in  the  CQ  WPX
         CW Contest as J48HW. He will operate on the HF bands and 6  metres.
         QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX HA0HW]
SV9    - OK1AMM, OK1HH and OK2BOB will  be  active  as  SV9/homecall/p  from
         Crete (EU-015) on 17-28 May. They will operate CW and  SSB  on  all
         bands, with a focus on 17, 12, 10 and 6  metres.  A  side  trip  to
         Gavdos Island (EU-187) is also being planned. QSL via  home  calls.
         [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
T2     - Haru, JA1XGI will be active as T2XG from Tuvalu (OC-015)  on  17-24
         May and as 3D2XG from Nadi, Fiji (OC-016) on 24-27  May.  He  plans
         to operate CW, SSB and  RTTY  on  40-10  metres.  QSL  via  JA1XGI,
         direct or bureau. [TNX DX World]
TA     - Special callsigns TC1919ATA and TC130ATA will be activated on 18-20
         May and 16-22 May respectively to commemorate the the start of  the
         Turkish war for independence  and  the  130th  anniversary  of  the
         birth of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. QSL TC1919ATA via  TA6P  and  TA6U,
         QSL TC130ATA via TA1HZ. [TNX TA1HZ]
TJ     - Henry, TJ3AY has been issued special  callsign  TJ3IC  to  be  used
         until  30  May  to  commemorate  the  51st  anniversary   of    the
         independence of Cameroon. QSL via F5LGE.
VE     - Rick, K6VVA and Oliver, W6NV  will  be  active  as  K6VVA/VE7  from
         Quadra Island (NA-091) on 2-5 June. They  will  operate  mostly  CW
         with some SSB on 40-15 metres. QSL via  N6AWD,  direct  or  bureau.
         Further information can be found at www.k6vva.com/iota/na091/  [TNX
VE     - Look  for  Gregg,  VE3ZZ/VY2  to  be  again  active   from  VY2TT's
         superstation on Prince Edward Island (NA-029) from  25  July  to  1
         August, including an entry in the IOTA Contest. QSL via home  call,
         direct or bureau. [TNX VE3ZZ]
W      - Rick, K6VVA and Garry, NI6T will be active as  K6VVA/6  from  Santa
         Catalina Island (NA-066) on 24-26 May. They will operate mostly  CW
         with some SSB on 40-15 metres. For 5-6 hours on 25  May  Rick  will
         be QRV from a 1,600 feet elevation QTH primarily  for  Asia,  where
         this IOTA group  is  a  most  wanted.  "Please  only  one  QSO  per
         band/mode", he  says,  "even  if  you  hear  two  separate  K6VVA/6
         stations on the same band/mode". QSL via N6AWD, direct  or  bureau.
         Further information at http://www.k6vva.com/iota/na066 [TNX K6VVA]

SOUTH PACIFIC TOUR ---> Pista, HA5AO and George, HA5UK  will be active  from
Fiji  (requested call 3D2UK), Tuvalu (requested call T2HA), Western Kiribati
(requested call T30HA)  and possibly Banaba (requested call T33HA) between 1
October  and  15 November.  They will  operate  CW, SSB  and RTTY  with  two
stations on 160-10 metres. QSL via HA5AO, direct or  bureau, and LoTW.  More
details  are  expected  in  due course. A log search will  be  available  at
http://ha5ao.novolab.hu/ [TNX HA0HW]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4W6A ---> 4W6A will be QRV  on  all  bands  and  modes  from  Atauro  Island
(OC-232), Timor-Leste on 16-26 September [425DXN 1039],  and  everything  is
on schedule for the expedition. Team members' air tickets have  been  booked
and paid for, a boat has been chartered, the  accommodation  on  Atauro  and
the generators have been booked, arrangements have been  put  in  place  for
sufficient fuel to be transported to the island. Hopefully the team will  be
able to use an Internet connection on the island, and, if this proves to  be
reliable, logs will be uploaded to Club Log (www.clublog.org) and LoTW on  a
daily  basis.  The  latest  press  release  (11  May)   can    be  found  at
www.4w6a.com, along with further information on the DXpedition  and  details
on how contribute to the project.

MIDWAY ISLAND ---> "I have just been assigned to work on Midway  Island  as
the Chief Communications Officer", Joe W5FJG says. "I hope to be on the  air
as KH4/W5FJG either the last week of May or the first week in June.  I  will
be stationed here for at least one year.
At this time I have an Icom Ic-7000, but no antenna.  I  am  working  within
the guidelines of the Island administrators on getting  an  antenna  in  the
air to start off with. I intend to work from 6 through 40 (80 if a  suitable
antenna can be obtained). SSB, CW, RTTY and  other  digital  modes  will  be
I am seeking donations of (or  funds  for  the  purchase  of)  a  Multi-Band
Vertical and or smaller 3el yagi.  Also  looking  for  donations  for  other
station equipment.
Since I will be here for  one  year  or  more,  I  am  looking  to  build  a
permanent Amateur radio shack that will keep Midway on the air long after  I
have departed.
Will provide more info such as QSL route and  operating  times  later".  Joe
can be contacted at joeyjeepusa[@]yahoo.com

MILLS ON THE AIR ---> The Mills On The Air weekend will  be  held  on  14-15
May, with amateur radio operations taking place from several  mills  in  the
Netherlands and in the UK. Announced  activities  include  PD6MILL  from  De
Eendracht (QSL via PD7BZ) and GB6MW from Meopham Windmill (QSL  via  G4DFI).
Further information on the  event  can  be  found  at  www.pd6mill.com  [TNX

SILENT KEYS ---> Frank R. Smith (AH0W) passed away on 30 April at  61  years
of age. A  well  known  DXer,  he  conducted  and  participated  in  several
DXpeditions, e.g. 4J1FM/4J1FW (Malyj Vysotskij  1992),  XF4M  (Revillagigedo
1994),  AH4/AH0W  (Midway  1996),  K7K  (Kure  1997),  K4M   (Midway  1997),
XW30/XW30A (Laos 1998), 3B9R (Rodrigues 1999).
Other recently reported Silent Keys include Earl H. "Sonny" Marsh  (KE4LDJ),
Earl M. Ringle (N7ER), Gerard "Jerry" Scarano (W1ZM) and Marwin  H.  Gonsior


QSLs received direct  or  through  managers:  1A0KM,  3B8/EA3BT,  3B8/EA3WL,
3B8/F6HMJ, 3DA0GF, 3DA0TM, 3G1M, 4A4A, 4L1MA, 4S7NE, 5B/UT0U, 5M2TT,  5V7DX,
5X1NH, 6O0X,  6W/HA0NAR/p,  6W/WJ2O,  7P8KDJ,  7Z1TT,  8R1RPN,  8R1Z,  9L0W,
9M2CNC, 9M6XRO, 9M6XRO/p (OC-133), 9Q/DK3MO, 9Q50ON,  9V1DR,  9V1SV,  9Y4ZC,
A25AN, A65BP, A73A, AH0/AB2RF, BQ100,  BV100,  C6ANM,  CP6AA,  CT3FT,  CW3TD
(SA-057), CW5R (SA-039), CX9AU, D2CQ, D44BS, D44TBE, DU1AV, DU1IST,  E21EJC,
E51CG,  EP2MKO,  ER3ZZ,  ET3SID,  EU3AR,  FG4NN,  FG5DH,   FG5FR,   FP/N9JZ,
HD2M, HK1X, J28RO, J39BS, J5NAR, J6/VE3CZF,  J88DR,  JD1BMH,  JT5DX,  JY4NE,
P40V, P40YL, P49V, PJ2/K8LEE, PJ2/N0VD, PJ2/W5FKX, PJ2T, PJ4A,  PJ4B,  PJ4I,
PJ7DX, PJ7E, PX8J, PZ5RA, R1ANP,  RI1FJ,  S21N,  S9DX,  SU/HA3JB,  SV0XCA/5,
TR8CA, TZ3M,  UA0SR,  UA0ZC,  UA2FCB,  UK8FF,  UN3F,  UN7QX,  V21ZG,  V25OP,
V44KAI, V47KP, V55DLH, V73RRC  (OC-273),  V85AVE,  V85TL,  VK0KEV,  VK4LDS/p
(OC-171), VK5MAV/5 (OC-139),  VK9C/G6AY,  VK9CF,  VP5/W5CW,  VR2XMT,  VU4PB,
XE2WWW, XF1RCS  (NA-171),  XV2RZ,  XW1B,  XX9TLX,  YB0AKM,  YS0IARU,  Z22CW,


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