425 DX News issue #1066

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08 October 2011                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1066
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

9H     - DL8KX and DD8ZJ will be active as  9H3KX  from  Malta  (EU-023)  on
         8-14 October. They will operate CW and SSB on  the  HF  bands.  QSL
         via DL8KX.
9H     - Eight German  operators  (namely  DG0OHD,  DK8YY,  DL1AOB,  DL1AWD,
         DL4JS, DL5AOL, DL8ALU and DO5KO)  will  be  active  as  9H9OB  from
         Malta (EU-023) on 14-22 October, WAG Contest  included.  They  will
         operate SSB, CW and digital modes on the HF bands, plus SSB and  CW
         on 2m. QSL via DH7WW, direct or bureau. [TNX DH7WW]
9L     - Jan DJ8NK, Heye DJ9RR, Karl-Heinz DK2WV,  Andy  DL5CW  and  Andreas
         DL9USA will be active as 9L0W from Banana Island  (AF-037),  Sierra
         Leone from 22  November  to  4  December.  They  will  operate  CW,
         RTTY/PSK and SSB on 160-10 metres  with  four  stations,  and  will
         take part  in  the  CQ  WW  CW  Contest.  QSL  via  DK2WV.  Further
         information can be found at www.mdxc.org/9l0w/
A7    -  Six   operators   from   the  Lufthansa   Amateur  Radio  Club,  in
         cooperation with the Qatar Amateur Radio Society,  will  be  active
         again as  A71DLH  from  Qatar  on  22-29  October.  Operations  are
         planned on all bands CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via  DL0LH  and
         logsearch at www.dl0lh.de
D4     - Seven operators (namely  I4UFH,  IK1HJS,  IK2NCJ,  IT9SPB,  IZ4DPV,
         IZ4UEZ, IZ8FWN) will be active from the D4C contest station on  Sao
         Vicente Island (AF-086, www.d4c.cc)  between  10  and  30  October,
         including a multi-op entry in  the  CQ  WW  SSB  Contest.  QSL  via
         IZ4DPV (direct) or CT1ESV (bureau), plus LoTW and eQSL. [TNX NG3K]
D4     - Achim, DL1DAW will be active as D44TZN from Sal Island (AF-086)  on
         12-18 October. He plans to operate holiday style  on  80-10  metres
         SSB, CW and RTTY, and to  take  part  in  the  WAG  Contest  (15-16
         October). All of the QSOs wil be confirmed  automatically  via  the
         DARC bureau and LoTW. Direct cards via DL1DAW.
I      - Scout station II5BP will be active during the 54th Jamboree On  The
         Air (15-16 October). QSL via IW5EGT (but all of the  QSOs  will  be
         confirmed automatically via the bureau). [TNX IW5EGT]
LA     - Bjorn, LA5UKA and  Trond,  LA9VDA  will  be  active  as  LA6Q  from
         Spjaeroy Island (EU-061) until 9 October. They  will  operate  SSB,
         CW and digital modes on 40-10 metres and 6m  MS.  QSL  via  LA9VDA,
         direct or bureau (email requests for bureau cards can  be  sent  to
         la9vda[@]gmail.com). [TNX LA9VDA]
VK9_c  - Lot, DJ7ZG and Babs, DL7AFS (www.qsl.net/dl7afs/) will be active as
         VK9CX from the Cocos (Keeling) Islands (OC-003) from 19 October  to
         9 November. They plan to operate RTTY, PSK and SSB on 80-6  metres.
         QSL via DL7AFS.
W      - Look for Jim, KA3UNQ/p to  be  active  from  Middle  Hooper  Island
         (NA-140) on 8 October. He will operate SSB  on  40  and  20  metres
         starting around 13 UTC. QSL via home call. [TNX usislands.org]
W      - Weather permitting, Dragan K0AP, Hector AD6D (XE2K) and Mike  AB5EB
         will be active from Grand Island (NA-089) on  14-16  October.  They
         plan to be QRV as K0AP/5, AD6D/5 and AB5EB/5  on  40-10  metres  CW
         and SSB with two stations. QSL via home calls. [TNX DX World]
XV     - Mio, JR3MVF and Chae, HL1KDW will be active  as  XV2YL  and  XV2KDW
         respectively from Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam until 12  October.  Most  of
         their operation will be on 20 and 15 metres. [TNX QRZ-DX]
ZS_ant - Gerard, ZS7KX (home call ZS6KX) will be stationed at the  SANAE  IV
         Base (Queen Maud Land, Antarctica) until mid-February 2012.  "I  am
         operational on 20 meters, frequency 14.175 MHz  at  about  14  UTC,
         weather permitting", he says.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3D2R ---> It went QRT from Rotuma earlier than  originally  planned,  at  11
UTC on 5 October. The team expected to depart the island at 12 UTC,  and  to
reach Suva (Fiji) on the 8th. The final log update  will  be  uploaded  upon
arrival  in    Suva.    The    3D2R    log    search    can    be  found  at

CQ DX MARATHON ---> CQ Magazine has announced "a  significant  expansion  in
the number of DX Marathon plaques to be awarded each year". Presently  there
are only two plaques (for the top Unlimited Class and for  the  top  Formula
Class scores); starting with the announcement of the 2011  Marathon  results
(June 2012), additional plaques will be awarded for the  top  CW,  top  SSB,
top Single Band (10, 12, 15,  17,  20,  30,  40,  80)  and  top  Continental
scores. An additional sponsor  for  top  Digital  Mode  score  is  desired. 
Please contact the DX Marathon Administrator,  K9EL  (k9el[@]dxmarathon.com)
if you wish  to  sponsor  this  plaque.  Details  on  the  new  plaques  and
qualifying scores can be found on DX Marathon website (www.dxmarathon.com).

MALPELO 2012 ---> The Malpelo 2012 DXpedition's  team  now  consists  of  18
operators representing eight countries. Two members of the team will  travel
to Malpelo for a reconnaissance visit in late October.  The  purpose  is  to
check out possible operating sites and make final decisions on the type  and
placement of antennas, as they want to try to  have  antennas  oriented  for
all parts of the DX world. 
Every effort is being made to  extend  the  length  of  time  available  for
operating. It appears that they can get to the island one  day  earlier  and
may have the option of staying a few extra days.The  current  plan  has  the
team QRV on or about 23 January for 12-14 days. Operations  are  planned  on
160 through 6 metres on CW, SSB and one digital mode.  N2OO  and  the  SJDXA
will handle QSL duties.
The Malpelo  team  is  paying  all  their  transportation  expenses  to/from
Colombia and putting up about one-half  of  all  the  DXpedition  costs.  To
cover the remainder of our expenses, contributions are being sought from  DX
Foundations, DX Clubs and individual DXers. You may contribute  directly  to
DXARC  (Colombia),  K4UEE  (North  America),  DJ9ZB   (Europe)    or  JA1ELY
(Asia/JA). See www.hk0na.com for further information on how  you  can  help.

ROCKALL ---> Patrick, ON4HIL and Rudi, ON7YT were active on 40m as  MM0RAI/p
from Rockall (EU-189) from 15.45 UTC on 1 October until  06.52  UTC  on  the
2nd. The logsearch is now up and running at www.rockall.be

SAC SSB ---> The Scandinavian Activity SSB  Contest  will  be  held  on  8-9
October, from 12 to 12 UTC. Radio Arcala has set  up  a  special  DX  Summit
sub-page  (www.dxsummit.fi/sac)    so    you    can    follow    the  Nordic
country-to-country  battle  and  also  find  exclusively  individual  Nordic
spots. [TNX OH2BN]

T32C ---> The DXpedition to Christmas  Island  has  passed  the  60,000  QSO
milestone (57% CW, 40% SSB and 3% RTTY, but the team is  "making  an  effort
to increase the RTTY percentage").
This "has turned out to  be  something  of  an  unplanned  Field  Day  style
operation", G3XTT reported on 5 October, "and we now  have  no  expectations
of our container of equipment  arriving  while  we  are  here  on  Christmas
Island. Instead, the team  hand  carried  just  over  one  metric  tonne  of
equipment (poles, cables,  radio  gear,  computers,  etc)  to  the  island".
Antenna-wise, they have "two-element vertical dipole arrays by the  sea  for
20 through 10, quarter-wave verticals with elevated radials for 30  and  40,
a quarter wave vertical with ground radials for 80 and a 15m high T  antenna
with ground radials for 160. We also have two Beverage receive antennas  for
160 and now have additional vertical dipoles for 10, 15 and 20 to  allow  us
to retask the low band stations as second stations on those  bands  when  LF
is closed. We are  continually  refining  our  antenna  systems  within  the
limits of the wire, poles and coax that we  have  here,  though  the  second
tranche of operators who arrive in a week's time will bring more".
The current continental percentages are 54% NA, 24% AS, 17% EU,  5%  others:
"we have pretty much been working all comers to clear the decks so  that  we
can begin to focus more on Europe where band openings are much more  limited
than to the US and  Japan".  The  latest  press  release,  as  well  as  the
logsearch and a  feedback  facility,  can  be  found  on  the  T32C  website

TOP LISTS ---> The latest Topband, Topmode  and   Toplist  listings are  now
available   at   www.425dxn.org/awards/toplist/index.html.   QSOs  confirmed
through LoTW or included in on-line logs are eligible for listing. Send your
scores, as well as any request for further information, to Erminio Pandocchi
I2EOW (i2eow[@]fastwebnet.it).

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8FQ       K5XK        EE7H        EA7AH       P29FR       I2RFJ
3D2EG       K3IRV       EF7R        EA7AJR      P29ZAD      NI5DX
3D2R        YT1AD       EF8M        UA3DX       PI35EDE     PI4EDE
4J0K        RW6HS       EK6LP       RN4LP       PZ5LP       PA1LP
4K3K        RW6HS       EK6TA       DJ0MCZ      R230Z       UA6GX
4L1UN       EA7FTR      ER4A        RA4LW       R80TV       R7AA
4L4ZA       DJ1CW       ES9C        ES5RY       RA3CQ       M0OXO
4M1F        YV1JGT      EW6DX       EB7DX       RV7AB       DL6ZFG
4M5L        YV5LI       EY0A        UA4LCH      SN0ZH       SP3PJW
4M5RY       EA5KB       EY8DX       UA4LCH      SO4M        SP4MPG
4W6AAD      VK3ZGW      EY8MM       K1BV        SP0DXC      SP7DQR
5C2B        IS0AGY      FK8GX       W3HNK       ST2NH       EA7FTR
5C2J        IK7JWX      FK8HW       VK4FW       SZ3I        SV3BEF
5C2P        IK2PZC      FY8DK       F5TJP       T32C        G3NUG
5C2S        IZ7ATN      GB11NH      G4OSB       T6BP        9A6AA
5C5W        EA5XX       GB40HMSB    G0TOC       T6RH        NI5DX
5K3R        HK3R        GB650JP     G0OOO       T88KH       JH3KEA
5N51EAM     IK2IQD      GM7R        N3SL        TC3IRESC    TA0U
5N7Q        DF8DX       HA50HG      HA0HG       TI2CF       W3HNK
5T0JL       ON8RA       HB9IRC      HB9OCR      TM38O       F6ITD
5Z4/PA5M    PA7FM       HB9SFGB     HB9EDG      TM4P        F6CXJ
6O0M        PA7FM       HB9SPACE    HB9ACA      TP50CE      F5LGF
6Y6U        W1UE        HC2SL       EA5KB       TR8JH       F6FWT
7X2VX       F4EPP       HF100MSC    SP1NQF      UA0YAY      IK2QPR
9A12AO      9A2GA       HF225DT     SP9PTA      UK8OM       4Z5OG
9G1YE       PA3ERA      HG15IPA     HA3JB       UN7MMM      EA7FTR
9L1BTB      SP7BTB      HG7T        HA7TM       V44KAI      W5TFW
9N1FE       EA5ZD       HK0/DL5YWM  DL5YWM      V63DX       JA7HMZ
9Q6AL       DF9TA       HK1NA       K6IPM       V63T        JA7GYP
A61M        EA5GL       HL0V        HL2UVH      V7/KD4TL    KD4TL
A65CB       EB7DX       HL5KY       W3HNK       V85/WK1S    JA1PBV
A65CF       EA7FTR      HP1/IZ6BRN  IZ8CLM      VK0TH       JE1LET
AY8A        LU8ADX      IQ0HV/0     IK0ZRR      VP9I        N1HRA
BG5RSO      BA4EG       IR5ONU      I5KKW       W1S         K1NIU
BU100       BM2JCC      J28RO       F8DFP       W1Y         WA1VKO
BV100       BV2KI       J28UC       F5RQQ       XU7ACY      W2EN
BV100ROC    BM2JCC      J49XB       DJ9XB       YB#/WK1S    JA1PBV
C31CT       EA3QS       JG8NQJ/JD1  JA8CJY      YB0MWM/9    YB9WZJ
C4Z         G3SWH       JW6VM       LA6VM       YB9WZJ/9    YB9WZJ
CM8AKD      EA7FTR      JW7XK       LA7XK       YJ0ABP      DJ0YI
CN8QY       I8LWL       JW8DW       LA8DW       YJ0AGK      VK3GK
CO2NO       HA3JB       K4L         N4NX        YJ0ANR      NQ7R
CP6LA       HA3JB       KB7OBU/KH2  JA3VXH      YJ0VK       VK2CA
CR3L        DJ6QT       LM9L4OY     LA9L        YS3CW       I2JIN
CR5D        CT1FJO      LS1D        LW9EOC      YW4D        EA7JX
CR6K        CT1ILT      LT0H        EA7FTR      YW5T        YV5JBI
CV5K        CX2ABC      LU7YZ       EA7FTR      YY1MA       EB7DX
CX2TG       EA5KB       LX7I        LX2A        ZL50GH      ZL1ANH
CX2TQ       IK2DUW      LY775A      LY5A        ZM4T        ZL2AL
CX5TR       EA5KB       MM0RAI/p    ON4ATW      ZS3Y        SQ8X
CX7CO       WB3CDX      MS0WRC      G0MTD       ZS6CCY      K3IRV
D2SG        GM4FDM      NH7O        EA5GL       ZS6TQ       K3IRV
DQ1175E     DL5DCL      OG0I        OH2TA       ZV2K        PY2SHF
E70YL       E77E        OK8FK       DK7FK       ZW1AS       PY1NP
ED5CEF      EA5CEE      OM55TV      OM3MB       ZW8TS       PS8NF

CX1EK    Luis Matho, 2303 Nordok Place, Alexandria VA 22306, USA
DL5YWM   Daniel Gerth, P.O. Box 1101, 04736 Waldheim, Germany
EA5GL    Pedro Miguel Ronda  Monsell, C/ Maximiliano Thous 16-24, 46009
         Valencia, Spain
EA5XX    Julio Volpe O'Neil, P.O. Box 4062, 03080 Alicante, Spain
G3NUG    Neville Cheadle, Lower Withers Barns, Middleton on the Hill,
         Leominster, HR6 0HY, United Kingdom
HS0ZEX   Robert Gschwendtner, P.O. Box 348, Post Office Phuket, 83000
         Phuket, Thailand
I8LWL    Leopoldo D'Avino, Ufficio Castellammare di Stabia, Casella  Postale
         60, 80053 Castellammare di Stabia NA, Italy
IK2PZC   Ruggero Ghisolfi, Via A. Costa 27, 20026 Novate Milanese MI, Italy
IK7JWX   Alfredo De Nisi, Vico della Cavallerizza 4/D, 73100 Lecce LE, Italy
IS0AGY   Ampelio Jose Melini, Ufficio  Quartu  Sant'Elena,  Casella  Postale
         66, 09045 Quartu Sant'Elena CA, Italy
IZ7ATN   Simon Gadaleta, Ufficio Molfetta, Casella Postale 8, 70056
         Molfetta BA, Italy
JA1PBV   Sadao Ito, 3-8-12 Baraki, Ishioka-shi, Ibaraki-ken, 315-0042, Japan
JA8CJY   Susumu Sanada, 5-17 Shinei 5-Jo  4-Chome,  Kiyota-ku,  Sapporo-shi,
         Hokkaido, 004-0835, Japan
JE1LET   Masahiko Otokozawa, 985-7 Kuno, Odawara-shi,  Kanagawa-ken,
         250-0055, Japan
N4NX     William T. Barr, 355 Westerhall Ct., Atlanta GA 30328, USA
ON4ATW   Theo Vanderydt, Zandstraat 39, 3545 Halen, Belgium
PA7FM    Dennis Robbemond, Loggerhof 11, 3181 NS Rozenburg, The Netherlands
VK2CA    Allan Meredith, P.O. Box 890, Mudgee NSW 2850, Australia
XU7SSB   Hiroo Yonezuka, Box DD 153, Huang Sathai, Vientiane, Laos
YB9WZJ   Joni Salim, P.O. Box 127, Sorong 98401, Indonesia
YT1AD    Hrane Milosevic, 36206 Vitanovac, Serbia


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