425 DX News issue #1069

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29 October 2011                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1069
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3W     - Once again Retu, OH4MDY will be active as XV2RZ from  Vietnam  from
         1 November to 12 December. He plans to operate CW and SSB  on  80-6
         metres. QSL via home call, direct only. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
6W     - Mark, AA1AC will be active on 80-10  metres  as  6W/AA1AC  from  Le
         Calao, Senegal on 4-11 December.  QSL  via  home  call,  direct  or
         bureau. [TNX AA1AC]
7Q     - Rob, GM3YTS and Gav, GM0GAV will be active  as  7Q7GM  from  Malawi
         from  31 October to  13 November (http://7q7gm.blogspot.com/). They
         will operate CW only, with a special effort on 80 and  160  metres.
         QSL via  GM4FDM. All  QSOs will be  uploaded to  LoTW as soon  they
         return home. [TNX DX World]
7X     - Special callsign 7U1MA (Metro d'Alger)  will  be  in  use  on  1-30
         November to  mark  the  opening  of  the  underground  (subway)  of
         Algiers. QSL via bureau or direct to 7X2ARA.
8Q     - Jim, G3VDB will be active as 8Q7EJ from the Maldives (AS-013)  from
         31 October to 13 November. He will operate holiday style on the  HF
         bands using CW, PSK31, SSB and RTTY. QSL via  home  call.  [TNX  DX
8Q     - Cesare, I0WDX will be active as 8Q7CC from  the  Maldives  on  2-12
         November. He will be QRV on 40-10 metres CW, SSB and RTTY. QSL  via
         home call (direct). Furher information at www.dxcoffee.com/8q7cc/
9N     - The 14-24 November 9N7MD  DXpedition's  team  now  includes  I2VGW,
         I8YGZ, IV3BSY,  IZ2ESV,  IZ2GNQ,  IZ2KXC,  IZ3NXC,  IZ8CCW,  4Z4DX,
         4Z4OQ, CE6TBN, F1HRE, F5EOT, F9IE, ON7RN, XE1L,  XQ3SA  and  YB3MM,
         They will operate SSB, CW and RTTY with four  stations  around  the
         clock  (one  dedicated  to  RTTY)  on  the   following    announced
         SSB    1840, 3799, 7080, 14200, 18145, 21295, 24950, 28470
         CW     1826.5, 3505, 7005, 10105, 14025, 18075, 21025, 24895, 28025
         RTTY   3600, 7040, 10140, 14085, 18100, 21080, 24930, 28085
         The pilot stations will be IZ8BGY (Europe and Asia) and N1DG (USA).
         QSL via IK2VUC, direct or bureau (an OQRS for  direct/bureau  cards
         will be activated on the website after the  DXpedition  goes  QRT).
         All of the QSOs  will  be  uploaded  to  LoTW  after  four  months.
         Further  information,  including  logsearch  and  details  on   the
         Nine-November  Trophy  for  working  9N7MD,  can  be    found    at
A5     - Shin, JA2PSV will be working in Bhutan until September 2013. He  is
         active as A52SV in his spare time on 15, 12 and 10 metres CW,  SSB,
         RTTY and PSK with 100 watts and  a  vertical  wire  whip.  QSL  via
         JA2PSV and LoTW. [TNX The Daily DX]
A5     - LA9DL and LA6VM will be active as A52DL and A52VM  from  Bhutan  on
         3-13 November. They will operate CW (A52VM), digital modes and  SSB
         (A52DL) on 80-10 metres. QSL via home calls. [TNX DX World]
CE9_ant- Tomas, CE3VPM  will be active  as  CE9VPM  from  Chilean  Air  Base
         Presidente  Gabriel  Gonzalez  Videla,  Antarctica   starting    in
         November until March 2012.  Activity  will  be  on  20  metres  and
         possibly other bands. [TNX DX World]
CY0    - Ron  AA4VK,  Jeff  N1SNB  and  Murray  WA4DAN  will  be  active  as
         homecall/CY0 from Sable Island  (NA-063)  from  28  December  to  6
         January. "During the March  2011  operation,  propagation  was  not
         favorable  on  the  high  bands",  they  say.  "Also,  Japan    was
         devastated by a tsunami in the early days of  the  DXpedition  and,
         as a result, our many JA friends went QRT,  as  they  responded  to
         take care of their country". The  team  plans  to  be  QRV  on  all
         bands, but "a special emphasis will be directed to providing a  new
         country or band-country on the high bands. Further, a special  goal
         will be to work stations from Japan that understandably missed  out
         on the March 2011 operation". The website for the expedition is  at
EA6    - Laci HA7PL, Csaba HA6PJ,  Zsolt  HA6PS  and  Alex  HA7JJS  will  be
         active as EA6/homecall from the Balearic Islands on  1-8  November.
         They will operate CW and SSB on 80-10 metres, with  main  focus  on
         participation in the HA QRP Contest (80m, CW  only)  as  EA6/HA5RT.
         QSL EA6/HA5RT, EA6/HA6PJ and EA6/HA6PS  via  home  call  direct  or
         eQSL; QSL EA6/HA7JJS and EA6/HA7PL via home call direct or  bureau.
         [TNX HA0HW]
F      - Special station TM44RT will be active on 4-6 November to  celebrate
         the  40th  anniversary  of  the  French  Army's  44th  Transmission
         Regiment. QSL via F5KBB. [TNX F8REF]
FG     - Armin, DK9PY will be active as FG/DK9PY  from  Guadeloupe  (NA-102)
         on 6-25 November. He will operate CW only on 80-10 metres,  with  a
         focus on 30, 17 and 12m. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.  [TNX
HZ     - Abdul, 7Z1CQ and a large group  of  operators  will  be  active  as
         7Z7AA from Jabal Al Lith (AS-191, new one) on 17-25 November.  They
         plan to operate SSB, CW and RTTY with six stations (200  watts)  on
         160, 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres. QSL via 7Z1CQ.  The  website
         for the expedition can be found at www.dxcoffee.com/7z7aa/
J6     - The Buddies in the Caribbean DXpedition  group,  which  specializes
         in 100 watt or less low power radios  and  the  Buddipole  portable
         antenna systems,  will  be  back  to  St  Lucia  (NA-108)  on  4-12
         December. This time the operators will be AA4OC, K9CJM, N7BF,  N7UN
         (J68UN), W3FF (J68FF), WD9CMD, WF2S and WU1B. There will  be  three
         fixed stations active on 160-10 metres CW, SSB, and  RTTY  or  PSK.
         At the  same  time,  several  teams  will  be  battery-only,  field
         portable either from St Lucia beaches or  mountain  tops.  QSL  via
         LoTW,  eQSL,  or  direct  to  the  operator's  home  call.  Further
         information can be  found  at  http://suitcasedxpeditions.com  [TNX
KH0    - Kan, JJ2RCJ will  be  active  as  AH0/AB2RF  from  Saipan,  Mariana
         Islands (OC-086) on 3-6 November. He  plans  to  focus  on  digital
         modes (RTTY and PSK63/31) and 80-30 metres. QSL via JJ2RCJ,  direct
         or bureau, and LoTW. Online log at  www.qsl.net/ab2rf/KH0.htm  [TNX
KH8    - The 17-28 November K8A DXpedition to American Samoa  [425DXN  1051]
         has been "postponed indefinitely due to logistical problems".  [TNX
         The Daily DX]
KP4    - Puerto Rico's coat of arms was granted  by  the  Spanish  Crown  in
         1511, which makes it the oldest currently  used  in  the  Americas.
         Celebrating this 500th anniversary, the Puerto Rico  Amateur  Radio
         League (www.prarl.org) will operate special event  station  K4E  on
         5-19 November. QSL via KP4ES (direct).
OZ     - Special callsign 5P12EU will be in use from 1 January  to  30  June
         to celebrate the Danish Presidency of the Council of  the  European
         Union. Bureau cards  can  be  requested  by  sending  an  email  to
         qsl[@]5p12eu.dk; the QSL route for direct  requests  is  via  OZ0J.
         The logs will be uploaded to LoTW  and  eQSL.  Check  www.5p12eu.dk
         for further information, including details on the  relevant  award.
         [TNX OZ0J]
PY     - Jim, PY7XC and others will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB  Contest
         as PX7C from Itamaraca Island (SA-046). QSL via PY7CRA. [TNX PY7CX]
SM     - Marcel, ON6UQ and and Jef, ON4ACA will be active from  SI9AM  (King
         Chulalongkorn Memorial  Amateur  Radio  Society,  www.si9am.se)  in
         Ragunda from 27 October to 2 November. They plan to operate CW  and
         SSB on 160-10  metres  and  to  participate  in  the  CQWW  DX  SSB
         Contest. QSL via SM3CVM, direct or via bureau. [TNX SM3CVM]
TA     - Special callsign TC88TC will be in use until  30  October  fro  the
         cities of Istanbul,  Giresun  and  Edirne  to  celebrate  the  88th
         anniversary of the birth of the Republic of Turkey. QSL via  TA1HZ.
         [TNX TA1HZ]
TT8    - Phil, F4EGS has been in Chad  since  23  October  and  will  remain
         there until 23 December. He will be active again as  TT8PK  in  his
         spare time. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
V7     - Neil, WD8CRT expects to be active again  as  V73NS  from  Kwajalein
         (OC-028), Marshall Islands by  early  November.  He  should  remain
         there for three years. QSL via W3HNK. [TNX The Daily DX]
VE     - Toshi, JA8BMK and Keith, VE7MID will be active  as  VE2/JA8BMK  and
         VE7MID/VE2 from  Zone  2  on  1-9  November.  Their  activity  will
         concentrate on 160 and 80 metres, with a full size 80m vertical,  a
         160m L and two beverages. [TNX NG3K]
VE     - Michael, VE3NOO  will  operate  as  VE3FRST  on  1-30  November  to
         celebrate the International Year of Forests. QSL via  VE3NOO.  [TNX
VK     - Special callsign VK100ARV will be in use for the month of  November
         to celebrate  the  100th  anniversary  of  Amateur  Radio  Victoria
         (www.amateurradio.com.au). QSL via bureau.
VK9    - Pekka,  OH2YY  will  be  active  as  VK9XM  from  Christmas  Island
         (OC-002) on 4 and again on 8-11 November, while on 5-7 November  he
         will be active as VK9CM from Cococs-Keeling (OC-003). He  plans  to
         operate SSB on 40-10 metres  from  both  locations.  QSL  via  home
         call, direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]
VP2M   - Gregor DF7OGO (VP2MGO), Tom K3WT (VP2MWT), Ron N0AT (VP2MTA),  Vlad
         N0STL  (VP2MTL)  and  Bill  W0OR  (VP2MOR)  will  be  active   from
         Montserrat (NA-103) between 18 November and 6 December.  They  will
         be signing VP2MWG (QSL via N0AT, direct, bureau  and  LoTW)  during
         the CQWW DX CW and ARRL 160 Meter contests; before  and  after  the
         contests they will operate CW, SSB and RTTY on 160-6 metres.
VP9    - Look for Paul, VP9KF  (G4BKI)  to  operate  CW  only  from  Bermuda
         (NA-005) on 2-16 November.  Operation  will  focus  on  the  higher
         bands, where eleven previous trips, in the last  five  years,  have
         resulted in very few  QSOs.  QSL  direct  only  to  W4/VP9KF  (Paul
         Evans, 6809 River Road, Tampa, FL 33615, USA). Further  information
         can be found at http://vp9kf.com [TNX W4/VP9KF]
VU     - Amateur radio operators from India  have  been  granted  permission
         "to suffix /F1 at the end of their  callsigns  to  mark  the  first
         ever Formula 1 race in India this weekend. Use  of  the  suffix  is
         allowed until 31 October". [TNX VU2CDP]
ZD8    - Steve, G3ZVW will be active as ZD8N from Ascension Island  (AF-003)
         from 21 November to  2  December.  He  will  operate  CW,  SSB  and
         digital modes on 80-10 metres, and will take part in  the  CQWW  DX
         CW Contest. QSL via G3ZVW, direct or bureau. [TNX G3ZVW]
ZD8    - Oliver, W6NV (ZD8W, QSL via home call) and Jorma, OH2KI (ZD8X,  QSL
         via home call) will  be  active  from  Ascension  Island  on  21-29
         November. They will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as  ZD8W
         (Multi-Single); before and after the contest  they  will  focus  on
         the low bands. [TNX W6NV]

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (29-30 October):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY            QSL VIA
02     VE2IDX                     Canada               VE3ZF
02     VE2IM         SOAB HP      Canada               VE3DZ
04     VC3R          SOAB HP      Canada               VE7VR
05     FP/KV1J       SOAB         Miquelon Isl          KV1J
05     VC2Z          M/S          Canada               VE2BR
05     VP9I          SO           Bermuda              N1HRA
06     XE1RCS        M/S          Mexico                LoTW
07     HQ2W          SOAB QRP     Honduras            OK1DOT
07     HU1YS         M/S          El Salvador          EA5GL
07     TI8M          M/2          Costa Rica          TI2KAC
07     V31MH                      Belize               W7ASF
07     V31TS                      Belize              KB7JAL
07.    HQ2GL         SO           Honduras              W9GL
08     6Y9X          SOAB HP      Jamaica               KQ1F
08     8P5A          SOAB HP      Barbados              NN1N
08     C6ARW         SOAB LP      Bahamas              N0HJZ
08     FM5FJ         SOSB 20m LP  Martinique            KU9C
08     KP2B          MO (remote)  US Virgin Isls       K2DER
08     KP2M          M/M          US Virgin Isls        AI4U
08     KP2MM         SOSB         US Virgin Isls        LoTW
08     NP4Z          SOAB         Puerto Rico           N4AO
08     PJ5/SO6X      SO           St. Eustatius       SP6IXF
08     PJ6T                       Saba                  N9PD
08     PJ7X          M/2          Sint Maarten         F6EXV
08     T46A          M/?          Cuba                 EA5GL
08     TO5A          SOAB HP      Martinique           F5VHJ
08     V26B          M/S          Antigua             KA2AEV
08     V47JA         SOAB         St. Kitts            W5JON
08     VP2MDG        M/2          Montserrat            K2DM
08     VP5DX         M/S          Caicos Isls           NU4Y
08     VP5T                       Caicos Isls           N2VW
08     VQ5X          M/S          Turk & Caicos         W4OX
09     8R1EA         SOSB 10m     Guyana               AH8DX
09     FY/F5HRY      SOSB 10m     French Guiana
09     FY5KE         SOSB 15m     French Guiana
09     P40A          SOAB         Aruba               WD9DZV
09     P40P          SOAB         Aruba                 W5AJ
09     P40W          SOAB HP      Aruba                 N2MM
09     PJ2T          M/M          Curacao              W3HNK
09     PJ4T          M/?          Bonaire             KA2AEV
09     PZ5MM         SOAB         Suriname             DK1MM
11     PS2T          M/?          Brazil               K3IRV
11     PU5FJR        SOSB 10m LP  Brazil               PP5JR
11     PX7C          M/S          Brazil              PY7CRA
12     CE1A          M/M          Chile                XQ1KZ
13     CW5W          SOAB HP      Uruguay              CX6VM
14     C37N          M/?          Andorra             EA4URE
14     CR2X          SO           Azores                LoTW
14     EA6/AA5UK     SOAB LP      Balearic Isls        AA5UK
14     ED1R          M/2          Spain               EA4RCH
14     EI8GQB        SO2R         Ireland              ON4EI
14     GJ2A          M/S          Jersey                LoTW
14     HB0/SP7VC     SOAB HP      Liechtenstein        SP7VC
14     LX7I          SOAB         Luxembourg            LX2A
14     MU/PA9M       M/M          Guernsey              PA9M
14     SI9AM                      Sweden              SM3CVM
15     4O3A          SOAB         Montenegro         qrz.com
15     E7DX          M/S          Bosnia-Herzegovina    E77E
15     II9K          M/S          Italy (Sicily)      IT9HBT
15     II9T          M/2          Italy (Sicily)      IT9CHU
15     IR7R          M/S          Italy               IZ7GXB
15     OH0X          SO           Aland Isls            LoTW
15     OH0Z          SOAB HP      Aland Isls            W0MM
15     OH2BH         SO           Finland               LoTW
15     OH8X          SO           Finland               LoTW
15     OJ0X          M/2          Market Reef           LoTW
15     T70A          M/S          San Marino            T70A
15     TK5KP         SOAB         Corsica              TK5EP
15     UA2KK         SOSB 40m     Kaliningrad         bureau
15     Z37M          M/S          Macedonia             Z37M
15     ZA20QA                     Albania             HA0NAR
15     ZA3WW                      Albania              LZ2HM
16     ER4A          SOAB         Moldova              RA4LW
17     EY8MM         SOSB         Tajikistan            K1BV
17     UK9AA         SOSB 160m    Uzbekistan           UK9AA
20     5B/HA5PP      SOAB         Cyprus               HA5PP
20     J48CM         SOSB 80m     Greece               YU7CM
20     J48OV         SOSB 40m     Greece               HA5OV
20     P33W          M/S          Cyprus               UA3DX
20     TA2/DL7BC     SOAB LP     (Asiatic) Turkey      DL7BC
20     TC3EC         M/?          Turkey               TA3GO
21     4L0A          SOSB 40m HP  Georgia               LotW
21     A73A          M/M          Qatar               EA7FTR
22     8Q7DV         SOAB         Maldives              R9DX
22     A51B          SOSB 10m     Bhutan                W0GJ
22     A52AB         SOSB 15m     Bhutan               UA3AB
22     A52IR         SOSB 80m     Bhutan                K0IR
22     A52PC         SOSB 40m     Bhutan                W0BM
22     A52PP         SOSB 20m     Bhutan               W8AEF
22     VU2PAI        SOAB HP      India               VU2PAI
23     JT5DX         M/2          Mongolia              LoTW
24     B3C                        China                BA4EG
24     B7P           M/M          China               BD7IXG
24     BV100         M/?          Taiwan               BV2KI
24     BX5AA         SOSB 10m HP  Taiwan               BX5AA
26     XV9DX         SOSB 15m     Vietnam              OM3JW
27     AC2AI/KH2     SOAB         Guam                JJ2CJB
27     AH0BT         M/2          Mariana Isls        7L1FPU
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                JH7QXJ
27     KG6DX         SOSB 10m HP  Guam                 KG6DX
27     NH0S          SOAB HP      Mariana Isls        JF2SKV
27     NH2T          SOAB         Guam                  W2YC
27     T8AA                       Palau               JH1WXT
28     YE0X          M/?          Indonesia             YE0X
28     YE1ZAW        M/S          Indonesia           YE1ZAW
28     YE2R          M/M          Indonesia            EB7DX
29     VI6XX         SOAB         Australia            VK6XX
31     KH6LC         SOAB         Hawaii              WA6WPG
31     KH7X          M/M          Hawaii                K2PF
31     NH7A          SOAB HP      Hawaii               F5VHJ
31     TX5A                       Marquesas            RZ3EC
32     3D2T                       Fiji                 VK4FW
32     E51Z          M/?          South Cook Isls      K6VNX
32     ZK2X          SOAB         Niue                  N3SL
33     3V8SS         SOAB LP      Morocco              LX1NO
33     CN1C          M/?          Morocco             EA7FTR
33     CN2R          SOAB         Morocco               W7EJ
33     CN3A          M/S          Morocco             IV3ZXQ
33     CR3A          M/?          Madeira               LoTW
33     CR3L          M/2          Madeira Isls         DJ6QT
33     EB8AH         M/2          Canary Isls           LoTW
33     EE9Z          M/?          Ceuta & Melilla      EA9LZ
33     EF9A          SOSB         Ceuta & Melilla      EA5DY
33     I2ADN/IG9     SOSB 10m     (African) Italy      I2ADN
33     IG9R                       African Italy       IK8HCG
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         African Italy         eQSL
35     6V7Q          SOAB         Senegal              F8IJV
35     C5A           M/M          The Gambia           OM2FY
35     D4C           M/?          Cape Verde            LoTW
36     ZD8O          SOAB         Ascension Isl        OH0XX
37     5Z4EE         SOAB HP      Kenya                 NV7E
37     J28RO         SO           Djibouti             F8DFP
38     V55A                       Namibia              M0OXO
39     5R8A                       Madagascar          JH8JWF
40     JW5E          M/S          Svalbard              JW5E
40     TF3CW         SOSB 20m     Iceland              LX1NO
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqs2011.html - good contest to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4W6A ---> Logs were uploaded to LoTW  a  few  days  after  the  end  of  the
DXpedition and QSL cards have been ordered. As of 23 October, QSLs for  over
11,000 QSOs have already been requested either  direct  or  by  OQRS.  These
requests have already been processed and the direct QSLs  will  be  sent  as
soon as the cards are received from the printers. Bureau cards requested  by
OQRS will be sent out soon afterwards, with direct  mailings  to  the  major
QSL bureaux of the world.
A report on the DXpedition with a few photos and  videos  can  be  found  at
www.m0urx.com, while 150 more photographs have been uploaded to the  Gallery
on www.4w6a.com. More videos taken by VK8DX  and  MW0JZE  can  be  found  on
YouTube - search "4W6A" and look for the videos uploaded by  "mw0jze".  [TNX

2011 ST0R operation from the new DXCC entity of South Sudan  are  now  being
received by DXers around the world.  With next  year's  publishing  deadline
for 2011 results fast approaching on 31 December 2011, the ARRL  will  offer
a special,  reduced-price  option  for  those  DXCC  participants  who  have
already made at least one application during 2011.
You MUST have already made a  submission  in  the  2011  calendar  year  via
either LoTW or via a traditional, paper application.  If you  have  made  an
application already in 2011, then you may submit a paper ST0R QSL (no  other
cards, just the ST0R South Sudan card) following these rules:
* Enclose $5.00 (check, money order, CC#, or cash  at  your  risk)  for  USA
* Enclose $6.00 (check, money order, CC#, or cash at your risk) for  non-USA
* Enclose an SASE for the return of the ST0R card;
* This special submission is ONLY for the ST0R card;
* If ANY  other  card(s)  are  included  this  will  be  considered  a  full
submission subject to full fees, even if you already submitted in 2011;
* These submission  conditions  apply  ONLY  if  you  have  already  made  a
submission in 2011;
* This offer DOES NOT apply if you have not yet made your  2011  submission.
All DXCC fees are in effect as you can include this card with  your  regular
* This special offer expires on December 31, 2011 and is NOT  extended  into
2012. [TNX Bill Moore NC1L, ARRL Awards Branch Manager]

EARTHQUAKE EMERGENCY ---> Radio Amateurs in  Turkey  remain  active  in  the
response  to  the  earthquake  that  struck  Van  province  on  23  October.
Assistance has been given by TRAC in setting up VHF/UHF networks  to  relief
agencies and some traffic is being carried on the 144  MHz  band.  The  need
for HF operations is reducing, however there is still a  government  station
which may operate on 7.092 MHz USB.  Amateurs  are  still  requested  to  be
careful when operating between 7.092 and 7.095 MHz to avoid interference  to
ongoing relief operations. [TNX IARU Region 1]

IOTA EU-155 ---> The retention of EU-155 in IOTA  list  is  in  doubt.  "The
IOTA Manager was informed at Ham Radio 2011  Friedrichshafen  that  the  two
barrier islands listed  as  qualifying  for  EU-155,  Baron  and  Scanno  di
Piallazza, no longer exist. Authoritative information has now been  provided
by a local operator to show this probably  to  be  the  case.  It  is  worth
noting that the Po Delta is a remarkably fragile  natural  environment  with
barrier reefs, as and when they occur, subject to change by tide and  storm.
IOTA rules require that, in the absence of  qualifying  islands,  the  group
concerned should be suppressed. One final check will be made on  the  latest
satellite pictures expected shortly  following  which  a  decision  will  be
taken and a notice issued. In the meantime, no new  operations  claiming  to
take place from EU-155 will be regarded  as  qualifying  for  credit".  [TNX
Roger Balister, G3KMA, RSGB IOTA Manager]

RADIO ARCALA & CQWW SSB  CONTEST  --->  Radio  Arcala  (www.radioarcala.com)
will deploy five stations in this year's event:
CR2X from the Azores operated by OH2UA;
OH0X from the Aland Islands operated by OH2PM;
OH2BH from Southern Finland operated by OH6UM;
OH8X from Northern Finland operated by OH6KZP;
OJ0X from Market Reef operated by OG9X, OH0XX, OH2BH, OH6VM and SM0W.
All CQWW QSOs, SSB and CW, by Radio Arcala stations will be confirmed  on  a
single X-rated QSL card and via LoTW. [TNX OH2BN]

+ SILENT KEYS  +  Recently  reported  Silent  Keys  include  Claudio  Cateni
(I1IIO), Alexei K. Ryabchikov (UA9CM),  Mikhail  V.  Netrebyuk  (UR5YN)  and
Bill Leavitt (W3AZ).


QSLs received direct or through  managers:  3A/IZ7EVZ,  3Y0E,  4K8M,  4L1MA,
4L1UN, 4S7KM, 5H3VB/5 (AF-074), 5H9PD, 5N7M, 5V7CC, 5X0CW, 6W/RK4FF,  8P9AA,
8P9NX, 9H4JX, 9H5BZ, 9K2HN, A61ZX, A71CM, AH0J, C31BO, C31CT, C91KHN,  C91R,
HS0ZCW, J28RO, JW7QIA, KL7RRC (NA-232), MD0CCE,  MD9Y,  NH0J,  NH0Z,  OA4TT,


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