425 DX News issue #1090

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24 March 2012                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1090
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3DA    - Filip, ON4AEO and several other operators from  Belgium  and  South
         Africa will be active as 3DA0FC from Swaziland on 6-10 April.  They
         plan to operate SSB, RTTY and PSK on 80-10 metres. QSL via  ON4CJK,
         direct  or  bureau.  Further  information  can    be    found    at
9M6_spr- Pekka, OH2YY will  be  active  as  9M6/OH2YY  from  Layang  Layang,
         Spratly Islands (AS-051) on 23-26 March,  CQ  WW  WPX  SSB  Contest
         included. He will be QRV on 40-10 metres SSB, with a  focus  on  17
         and 12 metres. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX The  Daily
A3     - Haru, JA1XGI will be  active  as  A35XG  from  Tongatapu  (OC-049),
         Tonga on 2-9 April. Activity will be on  30-10  metres  (especially
         30, 17 and 12 metres) using CW, SSB  and  digital  modes.  QSL  via
         home call, direct or  bureau,  and  LoTW.  Further  information  at
CX     - A second operation from Isla Gorriti (SA-039) is expected  to  take
         place from 30 March to 1 April. Twelve operators  from  Radio  Club
         Uruguayo and Uruguay DX Group will be  active  as  CW5GI.  QSL  via
         ON5NT. [TNX CX5DNT/ON5NT]
F      - Special callsign TM27UFT will be in use (CW  only)  on  8-22  April
         for  the  27th  annual  meeting  of  the  Union    Francaise    des
         Telegraphistes, to be held in Vineuil on 27-28 April.  All  of  the
         QSOs will be confirmed automatically via the bureau.  Direct  cards
         should be sent to F6ICG.
G      - Commemorating the Titanic's  100th  anniversary,  special  callsign
         GB100MGY will be active from Fort Perch Rock  Marine  Radio  Museum
         in New Brighton, England on 6-26 April. QSL via  M0BZZ,  direct  or
         bureau.  Further  information  at www.gb100mgy-fortperchrock.co.uk
         [TNX M0CMW]
GJ     - Pete,  K8PT  and  Craig,  K3PLV  will  be  active  as  MJ/K8PT  and
         MJ/K3PLV from Jersey (EU-013) from 27 March to 3 April.  They  will
         operate CW, SSB, RTTY and some PSK on 160-2 metres.  QSL  via  home
         calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
GM     - Tom/M0DCG, Mark/M0UTD and Ray/M1REK will be active  as  GM6TW  from
         the Inner Hebrides (EU-008) on 7-13 April. Their main QTH  will  be
         the Isle of Jura,  but  they  will  also  operate  from  Islay  and
         Colonsay. QSL via M0UTD. [TNX M0UTD]
ON     - Commemorating the  Titanic  Centenary,  the  Vlaamse  RadioAmateurs
         will operate  three  special  stations  -  OO100MGY,  OR100MGY  and
         OT100MGY - on 1-30 April, with a special effort during the  weekend
         of 14-15 April. Further information  can  be  found  at  www.vra.be
         [TNX ON7GZ]
PJ2    - Jan-Willem, PA7JWC and Monique, PD7DB will be active as  PJ2/PA7JWC
         and PJ2/PD7DB  from  Curacao  (SA-099)  on  2-9  April.  They  will
         operate SSB,  CW,RTTY  and  PSK  on  80-10  metres.  QSL  via  LoTW
         (preferred) or via home calls, direct and bureau. [TNX NG3K]
UA     - Special event station UE85DRK will be active until 25 March, CQ  WW
         WPX SSB Contest included, to commemorate the  85th  anniversary  of
         DOSAAF Russia in the Komi Republic.  QSL  via  UA9XL.  Please  note
         that DXCC wise, as of 1 December  2011  stations  located  in  Komi
         count for European Russia (not Asiatic).
V6     - Jonas, SA0AAZ and Carin,  SA0BAC  will  be  active  as  V63AAZ  and
         V63BAC from Weno, Chuuk  Islands  (OC-011)  from  26  March  to  10
         April. They will operate holiday style on the HF bands SSB and  CW.
         QSLs via SA0AAZ. [TNX The Daily DX]

CQ WW WPX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following    stations    have    announced
their participation in this year's event (24-25 March):
Call          Category        Country            QSL
3V8BB         M/S             Tunisia            YT1AD
3Z6V          SOSB 10M        Poland             SP6DVP
4L5O          SOSB            Georgia            N3SL
5D5A          M/S             Morocco            IV3ZXQ
5K3W          SOSB 20m        Colombia           HK3W
5Z4EE         SOAB HP         Kenya              NV7E
6V7Z          M/S             Senegal            RA9FW
7S0X          M/2             Sweden             SM0MDG
9A22P         M/S             Croatia            9A2NA
9A3B          SOAB            Croatia            9A1AA
9A7A          M/2             Croatia            9A1HDE
9M6/OH2YY     SO              Spratly IsLs       OH2YY
9M8Z          SOSB HP         East Malaysia      M0URX
A25HQ                         Botswana           K5LBU
A73A          M/2             Qatar              EA7FTR
CE0Y/NL8F                     Easter Isl         K8NA
CE1A          M/?             Chile              XQ1KZ
CQ3L          M/2             Madeira Isls       DJ6QT
CQ8X          SO              Azores             OH2BH
CR2X          SOAB HP         Azores             OH2BH
CR3A          M/?             Madeira            LoTW
CW4R                          Uruguay            CX1AA
D4A                           Cape Verde         KU9C
DA0T          M/2             Germany            bureau
DL1630Y       SO LP           Germany            bureau
DR7X          M/S             Germany            bureau
E21EIC        SOAB LP         Thailand           E21EIC
EB8AH         M/M             Canary Isls        EA8AH
ED1R          M/2             Spain              EA4RCH
ED3X          M/?             Spain              EA3JW
ED9Z          M/?             Ceuta & Melilla    EA9LZ
EE1W          M/?             Spain              EA1AZ
EE7L/EA1      SOAB HP         Spain              EA7HLU
EE8Z          SOAB            Canary Isls        LoTW
EF7W          SOSB            Spain              EC7KW
EF8C          SOAB LP         Canary Isls        EB7DX
FM5FJ         SOSB 20m        Martinique         KU9C
GW9X          SOAB HP         Wales              MW1LCR
HI8LAM        SOAB LP         Dominican Republic HI8LAM
HU0A          M/S             El Salvador        YS1GMV
IB1B          SOAB            Italy              IW1QN
IF9A          M/S             Sicily             IT9ATF
IH9YMC        SOSB            African Italy      eQSL
II9K          M/S             Sicily             IT9HBT
II9P          M/S             Sicily             IT9CHU
IO5O          M/S             Italy              IK5RLP
IQ1RY         M/2             Italy              IW1FNW
IR1A          SO              Italy              IK1GPG
IY4FGM        M/S             Italy              IK4UPU
J52HF                         Guinea-Bissau      I3LDP
JT5DX         M/S             Mongolia           JT1CO
KP2MM         SOAB            Virgin Islands     LOTW
LN3C          SOAB HP         Norway             LA9DFA
LN7H          M/?             Norway             LA7H
LP1H          M/M             Argentina          EA5KB
LR3M          M/2             Argentina          LU1MA
LS1D          M/?             Argentina          LW9EOC
LX75RL                        Luxembourg         LX2A
LX7I          SOAB            Luxembourg         LX2A
NH7A          SOAB HP         Hawaii             F5VHJ
OH0X          SO              Aland Isls         OH2TA
OH8X          M/?             Finland            OH2UA
OJ0VM         SO              Market Reef        OH6VM
P3N           SOAB HP         Cyprus             RW3RN
P40W          SOAB            Aruba              N2MM
P41P                          Aruba              W3HNK
P49Y          SOAB            Aruba              AE6Y
PJ2/DK5ON     SO              Curacao            DK5ON
PJ4Z          M/2             Bonaire            K4BAI
PU5BIA        SOSB 10M        Brazil             PP5JR
PU5FJR        SOSB 10M        Brazil             PP5JR
PV7M          SOAB LP         Brazil             PT7ZT
PZ5P          SOAB HP         Suriname           UA4LU
RM3F          SOAB HP         Russia (EU)        LotW
S79NEN                        Seychelles         DO5NEN
SZ3P          M/S             Greece             SV3DCX
T6MO          SOSB LP         Afghanistan        K9GY
TC3C          M/S             Turkey             TA3HM
TM1T          SOAB            France             F5TRO
TO5K          SOSB HP         Martinique         RC0F
TO7BC         SO              Mayotte            DL7BC
UE85DRK       M/?             Russia (EU)        UA9XL
V47JA         SOAB            St Kitts & Nevis   W5JON
V55B                          Namibia            GI4FUM
V55V          M/2             Namibia            DJ8VC
VC2G          M/S             Canada             VE2BR
VC3B          M/S             Canada             VE3ATX
VC3T          SOAB            Canada             VE3DZ
VC6Z                          Canada             VE6BF
VP52V         SOAB LP         Turks & Caicos     W5CW
WP2Z          M/S             Virgin Isls        KU9C
XE5AE         SO              Mexico             XE1AE
XQ7UP         SO              Chile              XQ7UP
XR6T          M/2             Chile              CE3FED
YB8Y          M/2             Indonesia          YB1GJS
Z35X          SOSB 15M        Macedonia          DJ0LZ
ZA1TC                         Albania            TA1HZ
ZY5Y          SOSB 10m        Brazil             PP5BS
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing maintained
by Bill, NG3K at www.ng3k.com/Misc/wpxs2012.html - good contest to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

AEGEAN RTTY CONTEST ---> The third edition of the Aegean RTTY  Contest  will
be held from 12 UTC  on  19  May  through  12  UTC  on  the  20th.  Complete
information  can  be  found  on    the    Aegean    DX    Group's  web  site
(www.aegeandxgroup.gr) of from the Contest manager  Alexander  Karpathiou  ,
SV8CYR (sv8cyr[@]gmail.com). [TNX SV8CYV]

DX DINNER ---> The SouthWest Ohio DX  Association  (SWODXA)  is  pleased  to
again sponsor the DX Dinner, to be held in conjunction with the 2012  Dayton
Hamvention on Friday, 18 May at the Dayton  Marriott  Hotel.  The  programme
will also include the DXpedition of the Year award, the announcement of  the
CQ Hall of Fame inductee, and the presentation of many door prizes.  Details
and ticket information can be found at www.swodxa.org [TNX W8GEX]

LOGS ---> The logsearch for 3C0E (Annobon) and 3C6A (Bioko  Island)  is  now
up and running at www.gdgdxc.net/3c0e/index.php

VIDEO: ST0R  --->  The  International  DX  Association  is  going  to  start
offering various videos of  DXpeditions  that  INDEXA  helped  support.  The
first video is the story of ST0R,  the  2011  DXpedition  to  the  new  DXCC
Entity of South Sudan - go to www.indexa.org and  click  on  the  DXpedition
Video button  on  the  left  side  of  the  page.  The  videos  will  change
periodically. [TNX K4MQG]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2YA       JA1NLX      D2QMN       RZ3EC       OJ0VM       OH6VM
3V8SS       LX1NO       D44TRS      KU9C        OZ2SPACE    OZ7AKT
3Z45HBW     SP5ZRW      DA0HEL      DF6QC       P33W        UA3DX
4J3DF       RW6HS       DM50IOTA    DL2VFR      P3N         RW3RN
4JS0NG      4J5A        DQ125HSB    DF7AA       P40YL       AI6YL
4K0CW       DL6KVA      DU1IST      JA1HGY      P49V        AI6V
4K7Z        RU3SD       EG0MOD      EA7URU      PJ2/IW1FC   IZ1MLQ
4KS0NG      RU3SD       EI100T      EI4HQ       PJ4/N4OO    K4BAI
4L0CR       DL8KAC      EK3GM       IK2QPR      PJ4/W4DXX   K4BAI
4S7BRG      LZ3HI       EP3PK       IK2DUW      PJ4/W9NJY   WD9DZV
4U1GSC      9A2AA       ES9C        ES5RY       PJ4/WW4LL   K4BAI
4X0A        4X1VF       EX1EPC      EX8AB       PR7ZAJ      F5TLF
5B4AJC      UA3DX       EY0A        UA4LCH      PT2ZXR      DJ0XR
5C5W        EA5XX       EY8DX       UA4LCH      PW2D        M0OXO
5H3EE       DL4ME       FK8CE       LZ1JZ       PX7C        PY7CRA
5N7M        OM3CGN      FK8DD       LZ1JZ       PY7ZBK      HB9BEI
5P12EU      OZ0J        FK8GX       W3HNK       PZ5P        UA4LU
5P5K        DL7AOS      FR5DZ       F6CXV       S540DKR     S59DKR
5R8AL       G3SWH       G5D         G3UJE       S555E       S50E
6V7Z        RA9FW       GB0BB       G1EYY       S79NEN      DO5NEN
7P8BP       EI8BP       GB0SP       M0DOL       SM7CRW      W3HNK
7P8CC       EI7CC       H22H        5B4MF       SN70AKK     SP9PLK
7P8PB       EI7CC       HA100CGCDH  HA0MO       SU1SK       SM5AQD
7Z1HB       DE1ZHB      HC5T        HC5VF       SV0XCC/9    LZ1YE
9A8DX       9A3JB       HD91CM      W7SE        T32TV       KH6CG
9H3ET       G3LET       HG56OD      HA3OD       T6MO        K9GY
9K2/SP4R    SP7DQR      HI8CJG      EA7FTR      TC18M       TA1HZ
9M2TO       JA0DMV      HK1T        EA5KB       TC2X        OH2BH
9M6/OH2YY   OH2YY       HR5/F2JD    F6AJA       TC7B        W3HNK
9M6XRO      M0URX       HR5/NC2N    W3HNK       TI2CF       W3HNK
9N1AA       N4AA        II0IDR      IZ0FVD      TO7BC       DL7BC
9Q6/ZS4U    K3IRV       II0IGU      IZ0EGC      UA0YAY      IK2QPR
9Q6AL       DF9TA       II1ICS      I1SAF       UE85DRK     UA9XL
A25CF       K5LBU       II3ALP      IQ3CR       UK8OWW      4Z5OG
A25DS       VE7DS       II3ICZ      IW3IE       V31TE       W7AV
A25JR       N5JR        II6ICA      IW6ATQ      V31ZD       W7AV
A25KW       VE7MID      J45PO       ON4PO       V44KAI      W5TFW
A61BK       NI5DX       J88DR       G3TBK       V5/DM3BJ    GI4FUM
A61QQ       IZ8CLM      J88EA       PU8WWW      V5/GI4DOH   GI4FUM
A65EE       IZ8CLM      JT5DX       JT1CO       V5/GI4FUM   GI4FUM
AH0J        JA1NVF      JU5DX       JT1BV       V5/GI8MIV   GI4FUM
AT2DW       VU2SWS      JW2XNA      LA2XNA      V55V        DJ8VC
C31CT       EA3QS       JW6VJA      LA6VJA      V73NS       W3HNK
C4W         5B4WN       JW7QIA      LA7QIA      V85/AH2Y    HL1IWD
C56LH       OZ1IIL      JW8HGA      LA8HGA      V85TX       W3HNK
CE0Y/NL8F   K8NA        JY5MM       IK2DUW      VP2EH       N5AU
CE4SES      EA5KB       KG4SS       K4MIL       XE3MAYA     XE3D
CL8AKY      EA7FTR      KH0WW       JP1IOF      XF1AA       IT9EJW
CM8RRM      EA5KB       KH2L        W3HNK       XL3T        VE3AT
CN2R        W7EJ        KL7SB       NI5DX       XT2AEF      JH3AEF
CN2YZ       IZ8CCW      LN8W        LA9VDA      XT2IVU      JA3IVU
CN8QN       EA7FTR      LS1D        LW9EOC      XU7TZG      ON7PP
CO2WL       HA3JB       LW5HR       EA5GL       XV2RZ       OH4MDY
CO6LE       EA5GL       LW6DG       EA5KB       YB8Y        YB1GJS
CO6RD       EA5GL       LX9DX       LX2A        YI9EO       N4EO
CP6XE       IK6SNR      LY22A       LY5A        YP0WFF      YO2KQT
CR3L        DJ6QT       LZ40YG      LZ1YG       YT16IARU    YU1EA
CR6K        CT1ILT      MW2I        WW2R        ZB2CN       DJ9WH
CU2KG       OH2BH       NR1J/KH2    JF1SJT      ZF2LC       W2SM
CV7R        CX2ABC      OG30OJ      OH3OJ       ZP6CW       ZP6CU
CW5W        CX6VM       OH0X        OH2TA       ZW7TU       PR7ZAJ
CX7CO       WB3CDX      OJ0MC       OH6MC       ZX5ZZ       PY5PDC

IT9EJW   Alfio Bonanno, Via della Regione 20, 95028 Valverde CT, Italy
JA1NLX   Akira Yoshida, 1238-23 Kogasaga, Machida-shi, Tokyo, 194-0014,
JH3AEF   Junichi  Tojo, 1-16-20 Ajiro-kita, Higashiosaka-shi, Osaka-fu,,
         577-0058, Japan
OH2YY    Pekka Ahlqvist, Vapaalanpolku 8B, 01650 Vantaa, Finland
OH4MDY   Reijo Laitinen, Mantytie 13, 76940 Nenonpelto, Finland
VU2SWS   Sarla Sharma, 7 Gaurav Apts, behind Ashok Nagar, Nahur, Mulund
         (West), Mumbai 400080, India
XU7AAA   Hiroo Yonezuka, c/o Kamsab Beach Hotel, #34 Vithei Krong Street,
         Sangkat 3, Sihanoukville, Cambodia
YB1GJS   Gjellani Joostman Sutama, Griya Depok Asri C-8/7, Depok 16411,
         Jawa Barat, Indonesia


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