425 DX News issue #1121

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27 October 2012                                           A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1121
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

4S     - Peter, DC0KK will again be active again as 4S7KKG  from  Sri  Lanka
         (AS-003) from 9 November to 9 March 2013.  He  operates  mainly  CW
         and digital modes. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.
5T     - Sadao, JA1PBV is active in his spare time as 5T5BV from  Mauritania
         until 9 November. CW and RTTY are  his  preferred  modes.  QSL  via
         home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
5T     - Jean, ON8RA says he will be active again as 5T0JL from  Nouakchott,
         Mauritania starting on 16 November. He will  also  join  the  5T0SP
         DXpedition team (24 November-10 December, http://5t0sp.dxing.pl).
8Q     - Jim, G3VDB  will  be  active  again  as  8Q7EJ  from  the  Maldives
         (AS-013) between 29  October  and  11  November.  He  will  operate
         holiday style mainly on 20 metres CW, SSB, PSK31 and RTTY. QSL  via
         home call and LoTW. [TNX ODPX Bulletin]
DL     - Volkert, DL6BE will be active as DL6BE/p from Oehe Island  (EU-057)
         from  29  October  to  4  November.  QSL  via  home   call.    [TNX
J7     - Walter, HB9MFM will be active  as  J79WTA  from  Dominica  (NA-101)
         from 26 October to 17 December. He will operate  holiday  style  on
         160-10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
OZ     - Dirk, DF3XX will be active as OZ/KH6DXX from Romo  Island  (EU-125)
         from 28 October to 9 November. He will  participate  in  the  IPARC
         (International Police Association Radio  Club)  SSB  Contest  on  4
         November. QSL via DF3XX, direct or bureau.
VK     - Special event callsign VI6ARG30 will be active on 5-18 November  to
         celebrate the 30th anniversary of  the  Peel  Amateur  Radio  Group
         (VK6ARG). QSL to VK6VKS.
VP8    - Once again Mike, GM0HCQ is active from onboard the  Royal  Research
         Ship James Clark Ross heading to  the  South  Atlantic.  Whilst  in
         Antarctic and Falkland Islands waters he uses the  call  VP8CMH/mm,
         at all other times he uses GM0HCQ/mm. The ship will  stop  at  King
         Edward Point, South Georgia on 18-19 November, and  Mike  might  be
         able to go ashore and be QRV as VP8SGK. QSL for  all  callsign  via
         GM0HCQ (direct only), LoTW and eQSL. The ship itinerary  and  other
         information can be found at www.gm0hcq.com.
VP9    - Look for Paul, VP9KF to operate CW only from  Bermuda  (NA-005)  on
         5-19 November. He plans to concentrate on JA greyline.  QSL  direct
         only to W4/VP9KF (Paul Evans, 6809 River  Road,  Tampa,  FL  33615,
         USA). Further information can be  found  at  http://vp9kf.com  [TNX
W      - W6VX, N6IC, N6FH, NY6Y,  KJ6Y  and  and  N6KZ  will  be  active  as
         homecall/p from Santa Catalina Island (NA-066)  on  9-12  November.
         They operate CW and SSB on 80-10 metres. QSL via home  calls.  [TNX
         The Daily DX]
YJ     - Daniel, VK4AFU will be active as YJ0AFU from  Port  Vila  (OC-035),
         Vanuatu on 3-10  November.  Main  modes  will  be  JT65A  on  80-10
         metres, CW and SSB on 6 metres (further  information  on  qrz.com).
         QSL via NA5U and LoTW.
ZL7    - Announced frequencies for ZL7A's 1-9  November  activity  from  the
         Chatham Islands [425DXN 1116] are:
         CW    3507 7007      10107 14027 18077 21027 24897 28027 50117
         SSB   3788 7077/7157   -   14170 18127 21270 24937 28470 50117
         RTTY  3622 7032      10141 14087 18101 21087 24921 28087 50300
         QSL via JF1OCQ, direct  or bureau (e-mail requests for bureau cards
         to jf1ocq[@]arrl.net), and LoTW.

CQ WW DX SSB CONTEST  --->  The  following  stations  have  announced  their
participation in this year's event (27-28 October):
ZONE   CALL          CATEGORY     COUNTRY              QSL VIA
02     VC2X          SOAB         Canada               VE3ZF
02     VE2IM         SOAB         Canada               VE3DZ
04     VC3J          SOAB         Canada               VE3JPP
04     VC3X          SOAB HP      Canada               VE7VR
05     VC2B          M/S          Canada               VE2BR
05     VC2T          M/S          Canada               LoTW
05     VD1M          M/S          Canada               VO1MP
05     VP9I          SOAB LP      Bermuda              N1HRA
07     HR2WW         MO           Honduras             KD4POJ
07     HR9/NP3J      SO           Honduras             EA5GL
07     TI8M          M/2          Costa Rica           TI2KAC
07     V31MW         SOAB HP      Belize               N0HJZ
07     YN2AA         SOAB HP      Nicaragua            NN3W
07     YS1YS         M/S          El Salvador          YS1GMV
08     6Y9X          M/2          Jamaica              KQ1F
08     8P2K          SOSB 10m     Barbados             KU9C
08     8P5A          SOAB HP      Barbados             NN1N
08     C6AQQ         SOAB LP      Bahamas              N3IQ
08     C6AZZ         SOSB 20m     Bahamas              KQ8Z
08     FG/F5UTN      SO           Guadeloupe           F5UTN
08     J38T                       Grenada              KS5Z
08     KP2/NQ3X      SOAB         Virgin Isls          NQ3X
08     KP2M          M/?          Virgin Isls          AI4U
08     KP2MM         SO           Virgin Isls          LoTW
08     NP3X          SOSB 20m     Puerto Rico          NP3O
08     NP4G          SOSB 20m     Puerto Rico          NP3O
08     NP4Z          SOAB         Puerto Rico          N4AO
08     PJ6/G4IUF     SOSB 10m     Saba                 G4IUF
08     T46A          M/?          Cuba                 EA5GL
08     TO9R          SOAB         Martinique           S53R
08     V26B          M/M          Antigua              KA2AEV
08     V47JA         SOAB         St. Kitts            W5JON
08     VP2MDG        M/2          Montserrat           K2DM
08     VP5T          M/M          Turks & Caicos       N2VW
08     VQ5X          M/S          Turks & Caicos       W4OX
08     ZF2AH         SOAB         Cayman Isls          W6VNR
09     9Y4D          SOSB 20m     Trinidad & Tobago    9Y4D
09     FY5KE         SOSB 15m     French Guiana        FY1FL
09     HK1NA         M/M          Colombia             K6IPM
09     HK3TK         SOSB 10m     Colombia             F5CWU
09     P40L          M/S          Aruba                WA3FRP
09     PJ4X                       Bonaire              W1MD
09     TO2A          SO           French Guiana        KU9C
11     ZP9MCE        SOSB 10m     Paraguay             EA5ZD
11     ZW5B          M/M          Brazil               K3IRV
12     3G3W          M/?          Chile                XQ4CW
13     CW0A                       Uruguay              HB9IBG
13     CW5W          M/S          Uruguay              CX6VM
14     C37NL         M/2          Andorra              C37URA
14     CQ7A          M/S          Portugal             CT1DSV
14     CR2X          SOAB HP      Azores               OH2BH
14     EA6/AA5UK                  Balearic Isls        AA5UK
14     EA6XQ         SOAB HP      Balearic Isls        EA6XQ
14     ED1R          M/2          Spain                EC1KR
14     ED1WW         M/S          Spain                EA1FCR
14     ED5O          M/S          Spain                EA5URS
14     ED5T          M/S          Spain                EA5ELT
14     EE1W          M/M          Spain                EA1AZ
14     EF7X          M/S          Spain                EA7GYS
14     EI1A          SO2R         Ireland              ON4EI
14     F6KOP         M/2          France               bureau
14     GD3RXQ        SOAB HP      Isle of Man          G3RXQ
14     GJ2A          M/S          Jersey               GJ3DVC
14     LX7I          SOAB         Luxembourg           LX2A
14     SI9AM                      Sweden               SM3CVM
15     9A1P          M/S          Croatia              9A2RD
15     9A7A          M/S          Croatia              9A1HDE
15     9H3PP         SOSB         Malta                HA5PP
15     9H9X          M/S          Malta                LoTW
15     E7DX          M/S          Bosnia-Herzegovina   E77E
15     ES9C          M/S          Estonia              ES5RY
15     IF9A          M/S          Sicily               IT9ATF
15     II9K          M/2          Sicily               IT9HBT
15     II9P          M/?          Sicily               IT9CHU
15     IO5O          M/S          Italy                IK5RLP
15     LY7A          M/M          Lithuania            LY2ZO
15     OH0JFP        SOSB         Aland Isls           OH0JFP
15     OH0X          SOAB HP      Aland Isls           OH2TA
15     OH0YY         SOSB 10m     Aland Isls           OH2YY
15     OH0Z          SOAB HP      Aland Isls           W0MM
15     OH8X          SOAB         Finland              OH2UA
15     TK9R          SOAB HP      Corsica              IK8UND
15     UA2K          SOSB 20m     Kaliningrad          bureau
15     UI2K          SOAB HP      Kaliningrad          UA2FZ
15     Z60WW         M/2          Kosovo               OH2BH
16     UZ2M          M/S          Ukraine              US0LW
17     EY8MM         SOSB 10m     Tajikistan           K1BV
17     UK9AA         SOSB 10M     Uzbekistan           UK9AA
19     RU0FM         M/S          Russia (Asia)        LotW
20     C45T          SO           Cyprus               5B4MF
20     P3F           SOAB HP      Cyprus               M0DXR
21     A73A          M/M          Qatar                EA7FTR
21     T6MO          SOSB         Afghanistan          K9GY
24     BX5AA         SOAB HP      Taiwan               BX5AA
24     BY5CD         M/M          China                BD4HF
24     XX9TTT        SOSB 15m     Macau                IZ8CCW
25     D9K           M/S          Korea                DS4NYE
26     E21EIC        SOAB LP      Thailand             E21EIC
26     E2E           M/S          Thailand             HS0AC
26     HS25DX                     Thailand             E20PFE
26     HS8FLU        SOSB 20m     Thailand             HS8FLU
26     XU7AEL        SOAB LP      Cambodia             ZL1DD
27     AH0/N0AT      M/?          Mariana Isls         N0AT
27     AH0BT         M/2          Mariana Isls         7L1FPU
27     AH2R          M/S          Guam                 JH7QXJ
27     KG6DX         SOSB 10m     Guam                 KG6DX
27     NH2T          SOAB HP      Guam                 LoTW
27     T88EB         SOAB         Palau                JH1EAQ
27     T88KV         SOAB HP      Palau                JF2SKV
28     YE0X          M/M          Indonesia            YB0ZZ
28     YE2R          M/M          Indonesia            YB3MM
29     VK6XX         SO           Australia            VK6HZ
31     KH7CW         M/?          Hawaii               K2WR
31     NH7A          SOAB         Hawaii               F5VHJ
32     ZL3X          M/S          New Zealand          ZL3PAH
32     ZM4T          M/2          New Zealand          ZL2AL
33     3V8BB         M/S          Tunisia              LoTW
33     CN3A          M/?          Morocco              IV3ZXQ
33     CR3A          M/?          Madeira              LoTW
33     CR3L          M/2          Madeira              DJ6QT
33     EA8/DL3FCG    SO           Canary Isls          DL3FCG
33     EA8AY         SOSB         Canary Isls          W2GR
33     EA9/SP7VC     SOAB HP      Ceuta                SP7VC
33     ED8W          M/S          Canary Isls          EA8DO
33     ED9Z          M/?          Ceuta & Melilla      EA9LZ
33     EF8R          SO           Canary Isls          EB7DX
33     EF8S          SOSB 160m    Canary Isls          OH2BYS
33     IG9R                       African Italy        IK8HCG
33     IH9YMC        SOSB         African Italy        eQSL
35     6W1RY         SOAB HP      Senegal              F5VHJ
35     C5A           M/M          The Gambia           OM2FY
36     ZD8O          SOAB         Ascension Isl        OH0XX
37     5Z4EE         SOAB HP      Kenya                NV7E
39     S79LC         SOSB 15m     Seychelles           I5IHE
39     VQ92JC        SO           Chagos Isls          ND9M
40     TF3CW         SOSB 20m     Iceland              LX1NO
40     TF3W          M/S          Iceland              TF3W
Do not forget to give a look at the Announced Operations listing  maintained
by Bill, NG3K at www.ng3k.com/Misc/cqs2012.html - good contest to you all!

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

AUSTRALIAN POSTAL  RATES  --->  Effective  22  October,  the  new  rate  for
"greeting cards" (must be enclosed in a sealed  small  letter  envelope  and
endorsed CARD ONLY) up to 20 gr to  any  destination  is  AUD  1.65  (=  USD
1.70). The new rates for airmail letters up  to  50  gr  are  AUD  1.65  for
destinations in the Asia/Pacific zone, and AUD 2.25 for destinations in  the
rest of the world. An online postage calculator  is  provided  by  Australia
Post (http://auspost.com.au/)

OPERATION CANCELLED ---> Bill, KG4WV and Ed, KG4KL are  now  QRT,  nor  will
John KG4EM and Norm KG4AJ participate in the CQWW SSB Contest, "due to  loss
of the ham shack to Hurricane Sandy which took  off  the  roof  and  damaged
several antennas". [TNX The Daily DX]

OPERATION CANCELLED ---> Bad weather conditions  have  forced  OG9X,  OH2HAN
and OH6XX to cancel their 25-29 October  activity  (OJ0B,  OJ0X  and  OJ0MI)
from Market Reef [425DXN 1120].

QSL ET3AA ---> "Anyone working ET3AA should  no  longer  use  the  P.O.  Box
7392", The Daily DX reports, as the widow of the late Sid May,  ET3SID  "has
apparently refused to give the P.O. Box Key for the ET3AA club  station  and
likewise is not forwarding QSL envelopes to the students at the  ET3AA  club
station". So N2OO "has agreed for the short turn to handle the  QSL  chores,
and K3LP will have QSLs prepared and printed".


QSLs received direct or  through  managers:  3B8GY,  3D2AG/p,  4L1UN,  4L7O,
4S7NE, 5N4EAM, 5R8UI, 5U5U, 6O0CW,  9M2IDJ,  A45XR,  BV2B/7,  CP4BT,  CP6UA,
J68HZ, KH8/W8GEX, KL7/KJ4OAP (NA-039),  KL7/W2NAF  (NA-039),  L1MA,  LX75RL,
VK9CS, VK9PN, VK9XS, VP2V/W9DR, VQ9JC, W4T, YB8Y  (OC-221),  YE0M  (OC-177),


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