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06 April 2013                                             A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1144
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3D2    - Wes, ZL3TE will be active as 3D2SE from Fiji  on  12-16  April.  He
         will operate mainly CW with some digital modes, and will take  part
         in the Japan International DX Contest (from 7 UTC on  13  April  to
         13 UTC on the 14th). QSL via home call and LoTW. [TNX W1AW]
CE     - Special event call XR86PL will be in use on  all  bands  and  modes
         until 30 April to commemorate the 86th anniversary  of  Carabineros
         de  Chile,  the  uniformed  Chilean  national  police  force    and
         gendarmerie. QSL via CE3ETE. [TNX XQ7UP]
CT     - CR5IARU  is  the  special  callsign  for  the  Rede  dos  Emissores
         Portugueses, Portugal's national IARU society, to  celebrate  World
         Amateur Radio Day. Look for activity on all bands  from  13  to  19
         April. QSL via CT1REP (bureau or direct) and logsearch on Club Log.
DL     - Helmut, DL5BUT will  be  active  as  DL5BUT/p  from  Ruegen  Island
         (EU-057) on 6-17 April. He will operate CW, SSB and  digital  modes
         on 160, 80, 40 and 20 metres. QSL via home call, direct or  bureau.
         [TNX DX Newsletter]
DL     - DB5BZ,  DJ4RU,  DK7LV,  DL1BGC,  DL2VFR,  DL4BBH  and  DL7UXG  will
         operate SSB and CW on all bands as  DM50IOTA  from  Neuwerk  Island
         (EU-127) on 12-14 April. QSL via bureau or direct to  DL2VFR.  [TNX
DU     - Dindo, DV1UD has received the  DX8DX  license  for  his  operations
         from the  islands  of  Bongao  (OC-174),  Tawi  Tawi  (OC-174)  and
         Taganak (OC-225) [425DXN 1142]. The license is valid from  2  April
         through 31 May. Now he expects to be active from  Bongao  and  Tawi
         Tawi for about one week around the third week of  April,  and  then
         to move to Taganak. He plans to operate  CW  (preferred  mode)  and
         SSB on 80-10 metres with 100 watts to a vertical.  QSL  via  M0OXO.
         Bookmark www.m0oxo.com/dx8dx.html for updates.
F      - Gil, F4FET (http://f4fet.webs.com) will be active as  F4FET/p  from
         IOTA group EU-094 for 1-2 days between 11 and 18  April,  hopefully
         on 13  and  14  April  (but  actual  dates  will  depend  on  local
         conditions). He plans to operate from Ile aux Moutons  and  Ile  de
         Guiriden, with activity focussed on 10, 15, 17 and 20m.
F      - Members of the Charente  DX  Group  (namely  F5LOW,  F5MNK,  F6ANA,
         F6HKA, ON4ZD) will be active as TM0SI from  Ile  de  Sein  (EU-068)
         from 27 April to 4 May. They  will  operate  SSB,  CW  and  digital
         modes  on  80-10  metres.  All  of  the  QSOs  will  be   confirmed
         automatically via the bureau. The QSL route  for  direct  cards  is
         via F5LOW. Logsearch on Club Log. [TNX F5MNK]
FT5Z   - An international team of 14 experienced DXpedition  operators  (led
         by K0IR and including  9V1YC,  EY8MM,  FM5CD,  HK1R,  K4UEE,  K9CT,
         LA6VM, N4GRN, N6HC, VE3EJ, VE7CT, W6IZT and WB9Z)  will  be  active
         from Amsterdam  Island  (AF-002)  next  year.  The  team  has  been
         granted an 18 day access to the island to occur between  the  dates
         of 15 January and 20 February 20 2014.
         The team will sail from Fremantle, Australia aboard the Braveheart,
         and  the  voyage  will  last  about 8  days.  Landing must be timed
         according to sea conditions; this may necessitate waiting off shore
         until the conditions are suitable. The 18-day window includes setup
         and take down, but it will start  when the operators  step onto the
         island. The group plans to have eight stations on the air on 160-10
         metres SSB, CW and RTTY from two different operating sites.
         "This  is a costly venture", as the expenses total  just  over  USD
         400,000. The International DX Association (INDEXA) and the Northern
         California  DX  Foundation  (NCDXF)  have  already  made   generous
         contributions to this DXpedition; however  the  group  "needs  your
         financial support to successfully complete this major  project  and
         is asking all DX'ers to contribute  what  they  can  to  make  this
         happen". A website is  under  construction  at  www.amsterdamdx.org
         [TNX K0IR]
GD     - Look for Angela MD/DL4DXF, Volker MD/DM5DM and Ralph  MD/DL9MWG  to
         be active from the Isle of Man (EU-116) between  6  and  13  April.
         They will operate CW and SSB on 160-6 metres. [TNX DX Newsletter]
HB0   -  HB0/PA2HGJ,  HB0/PA2HW,  HB0/PA2RDK,  HB0/PA3CNO,  HB0/PA3DFR, HB0/
         PA3HK, HB0/PE0MGB and HB0/PE1FLO to be active from Liechtenstein on
         13-20 April. They plan  to  operate  CW,  SSB  and  PSK31 on 160-10
         metres. QSL via PE1FLO, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
I      - Alfio IT9EJW, Salvatore IT9ELT, Sergio  IW9FSG  and  Andrea  IW9HQP
         plan to be  active  as  homecall/p  from  Scoglio  di  Sant'Alessio
         Siculo (EU-025, IIA S-049) on 7  April  (14,  21  or  18  April  if
         weather/sea conditions are bad). The Italian  Islands  Award  (IIA)
         is being revamped, please contact the Award Manager, Saverio  Amore
         IK2RLS, for further information (ik2rls[@]ari.it).
IS0    - Luciano I3CLZ, Mauro IK3VUU, Bruno IW3HXR and Tony IZ2ESV  will  be
         active as IM0MA from Maddalena  Island  (EU-041)  on  21-24  April.
         They will operate CW, SSB and digital modes on  as  many  bands  as
         possible. QSL via IK2DUW. [TNX IZ2ESV]
PA     - Henk, PA0HFT  and  Gert,  PA5TS  will  be  active  as  PA0HFT  from
         Terschelling Island (EU-038) on 8-14 April. QSL via PA0HFT,  bureau
         preferred. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
SV9    - Dimis, SV9COL and others will operate as  J49C  until  30  June  to
         celebrate the 100th anniversary of Crete's final annexation to  the
         Kingdom of Greece. QSL via SV9COL (direct) and LoTW;  logsearch  on
         Club Log. [TNX SV9COL]
VK9L   - Oliver, W6NV and Seppo,  OH1VR  will  be  active  as  VK9LT  (10-14
         April) and VK9/OH1VR (11-16 April) from Lord Howe Island  (OC-004).
         QSL via home calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> Rick, AI5P will be active holiday style  as  J75PX  from
Dominica (NA-101) on  6-20  April  and as  TO5PX from Martinique (NA-107) on
20 April-4 May. QSLs via AI5P. [TNX The Daily DX]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

DL4JS (SK) ---> There is a dedicated email address where to  leave  messages
of    condolence    to    Ingolf's    (DL4JS)      family    and    friends:
condolence.dl4js[@]gmail.com (Andi, DL7ZZ  says  that  a  PayPal account for
donations is in the process of being opened for that address).

IOTA NEWS ---> The following operations in the  period  February/March  2013
have provided acceptable validation and  are  therefore  approved  for  IOTA
credit: HK0/F6BFH (NA-033 & NA-049), HK1/F6BFH  (SA-040),  T47RRC  (NA-086),
T46RRC (NA-204), T48RRC (NA-218) and VY0/VE3VID (NA-174). [TNX G3KMA]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8BAE      K5XK        ED1R        EC1KR       P40Z        W3HNK
3G1B        XQ1KZ       ED3WL       EA3WL       P41A        P43A
3G1Z        CE1WNR      ED3X        EA3JW       PA13KING    PA9JO
3G3BC       CE3NQV      ED7R        EA7IZJ      PA150BA     PA0FAW
3G3O        CD3OPE      ED8W        EA8DO       PA90CII     PA2LO
3G3W        XQ4CW       ED9Z        EA9LZ       PB13ROYAL   PB5X
3G5EC       CE5PHI      EE1W        EA1AZ       PH600NYK    PA0RSM
3G6OS       CE6RFP      EE8T        EA8MT       PI9TP       PE5ENJ
3V8BB       LX1NO       EF1W        EA1WS       PJ2T        W3HNK
3W3B        E21EIC      EG1PEA      EA1RKA      PJ4D        W3HNK
3Z2X        SP2YWL      EG1SSV      EA1URV      PJ7TM       K2GSJ
3Z3WIOSNA   SP3SBY      EG7MSS      EA7URM      PR5B        6K5YPD
3Z80SPC     3Z6AEF      EG7SSM      EA7DK       PR5D        PY5DC
3Z8T        SQ8JX       EI1A        PA3249      PT2ZXR      DJ0XR
4A1TD       XE1GZU      EI7M        EI6HB       PV7M        PT7ZT
4H1T        DU1IVT      EI8GQB      PA3249      PW5G        PP5VB
4L0A        EA7FTR      EK3GM       IK2QPR      PW7T        PT7WA
4L5O        N3SL        EK6LP       RN4LP       PX2B        PY2LED
4L8A        K1BV        EM4IFF      US5IQ       PX5E        AI4U
4M5W        IT9DAA      EO5JFF      UY7IQ       PY2ZZZ      OZ1HHH
4O7ZZ       RZ1ZZ       ES9C        ES5RY       R100MP      UA9OA
4U1GSC      9A2AA       EV50WB      EU1AZ       R250GS      RL2A
4X0A        4X1VF       EW6GF       DL6KAC      RL3A        W3HNK
5C5W        EA5XX       EX2F        RW6HS       RY6Y        N3SL
5D5A        IV3ZXQ      EX7ML       RW6HS       S51ZZ       NI5DX
5H3EE       DL4ME       FG4NN       NI5DX       SH3Y        SM6JSM
5N7M        OM3CGN      FK8CE       LZ1JZ       SN150AW     SP5CGN
5P4MG       DJ4MG       FK8GX       W3HNK       SN1WIOSNA   SQ1KSL
5R8AL       G3SWH       FM4KA       NI5DX       SN55OP      SP6ZJP
5R8UI       IZ8CCW      FR5DZ       F6CXV       SP0CFF      SP2FAP
5W0M        DL4SVA      GB1PC       GM0OBX      SP9YFF      SP9WAN
5W0W        NR6M        GB5CT       M0XIG       ST2DX       PA7FM
5W1SA       JA1DXA      GW9T        GW6NLP      ST2FT       CT1FTR
5Z4/EA4ATI  EA4YK       GZ5Y        GM4SSA      ST2SF       K0YAK
6V7S        RK4FF       H27A        RW3RN       SZ3P        SV3DCX
6W2SC       HA3AUI      H2T         5B4XF       T2TT        K8NA
6Y3M        VE3NE       HA110RAEM   HA8MT       T2YY        DH7WW
7Q7DFC      OE4VIE      HB0/LX9EG/p LX1NO       T5TC        TA1HZ
7T50ARA     7X2ARA      HB30OK      HB9OCR      T6MO        K9GY
7X5QB       EA7FTR      HF15UM      SQ9UM       T6T         RW6HS
7Z1TT       NI5DX       HF1WIOSNA   SQ1KSM      T88OK       JH3IJF
8P2K        KU9C        HF80JATA    SQ8JCB      TG9NX       N4FKZ
8P5A        NN1N        HG4F        HA4FF       TI4CF       W3HNK
8P6DR       G3RWL       HG52FC      HA5BSW      TK0INT      EA5KA
8Q7BX       DL8SBX      HG7T        HA7TM       TK1INT      EA5KA
8S0C        SM0MPV      HI3CC       ON4IQ       TK2INT      EA5KA
9A17RBM     9A4J        HK1NA       K6IPM       TM0R        F5GGL
9A28EU      9A3JB       HK3TK       F5CWU       TM1T        F5TRO
9A33P       9A2NA       HP1/IZ6BRN  IZ8CLM      TM22TSF     F6HRO
9A7A        9A1HDE      HQ2N        EA5GL       TM5A        F5VHJ
9A8RBX      DO6SR       HR2/NP3J    EA5GL       TM6M        F4DXW
9A9DX       N2RIT       HR5/F2JD    F6AJA       TM71A       F8DVD
9G1HW       TF3ZA       HR9/WQ7R    K5WW        TM7F        F6KRC
9G5MS       AI6MS       HZ1DG       EA7FTR      TO7BC       DL7BC
9J2BO       G3TEV       HZ1TT       IZ8CLM      TR8CA       F6CBC
9K2GS       EA5KB       HZ1XB       IZ8CLM      TZ6BB       W3HNK
9K2UU       EA5ZD       II4K        IZ4AMS      UA9FAR      EA7FTR
9K9K        9K2RA       II9P        IT9CHU      UK8OM       4Z5OG
9M2QQ       DF5UG       IO5O        IK5RLP      UN7JX       IK2QPR
9M2SM       9M2GET      IR2R        IZ2EWR      UN9GD       DL8KAC
9M2TO       JA0DMV      IR4M        I4IFL       UN9L        LZ1YE
9V1KK       JH1ILX      IY4FGM      I4KMW       UP0L        DL8KAC
9Y4W        DL4MDO      J47X        SV7BVM      UP2L        UA9AB
A3EAQ       SP5EAQ      J5UAP       HA3AUI      UP7G        UN8GU
A52W        JH1NBN      JW7XM       LA7XM       UP9L        RW6HS
A60A        IZ8CLM      K1HP/KP2    JE2EHP      US1I        RV3DHC
A61KM       NI5DX       KH0/W1NDE   JE1NDE      V63XG       JA1XGI
A61Q        EA7FTR      KH2KY       JA1MFR      V73NS       W3HNK
A61QQ       IZ8CLM      KH2L        W3HNK       VB2T        VE2TZT
A65BP       UA6MF       KP2MM       N2TTA       VI100ACT    VK1ACA
A65CA       RV6AJJ      KP2TM       AI4U        VK1CC       VK2KDP
A71CM       NI5DX       L82D        LU8DR       VK4KW       N3SL
AH0BT       7L1FPU      LO5D        LU8EOT      VK9CZ       N3SL
AM1PVC      EA1WD       LO7H        LU7HW       WH7P/KP2    JP1IOF
B3C         BA4EG       LR0DX       EA5KB       WP2Z        KU9C
B7JA        BA4EG       LR2F        LU2FA       WP3A        NP3O
BM0QRP      BV3FG       LR3M        LU3MAM      XE1B        EB7DX
BW2/JP1RIW  BM2JCC      LU1DMG      LU4DXU      XE1SEK      RW6HS
C4Z         G3SWH       LU6FOV      EA5KB       XR0YX       CE3SX
C5WP        ON7WP       LU7HZ       EA5GL       XR1C        CE1KR
CA3KHZ      EA5KB       LU8XW       WD9EWK      XR3A        CE3DNP
CE3CT       EA5KB       LW6DG       EA5KB       XR3P        CE3PG
CN2DP       CT1CDP      LX7I        LX2A        XR3Y        XQ7UP
CN8CZM      EA7FTR      LX9DX       LX2A        XU7AAJ      IW3SNW
CO2IR       EB7DX       LY95X       LY3BY       XV9NPS      JA2NPS [b]
CO2WL       HA3JB       LZ135LO     LZ1KZA      XV9NPS      JA2ODB [d]
CO6RD       EA5GL       LZ20TRC     LZ1YE       XW8XZ       M0URX
CQ7A        CT1DSV      LZ5R        LZ1YQ       YB0MWM      IK2DUW
CQ9T        CT3KN       LZ5X        LZ1DCW      YE1K        YE1ZAT
CR2T        CU2AF       LZ9W        LZ1PM       YE6YE       EA7FTR
CR3A        EA5GL       MJ5RIC      M5RIC       YI1RZ       IK2DUW
CR5A        CT1FFU      NH2KY       JR3QFB      YM3KM       TA3X
CR5D        CT1FJO      NP4Z        N4AO        YP10KQT     YO2KQT
CR6K        CT1ILT      OD5ZZ       NI5DX       YP20ARER    YO6CUF
CT3AS       DL3BK       OE8Q        OE8SKQ      YP7P        YO7LFV
CV5D        CX2ABC      OF50AD      OH6AD       YP9W        YO9WF
CW5W        CX6VM       OG30OJ      OH3OJ       YT0Z        YU1ZZ
CX4ACH      IK2DUW      OG73X       OH8L        YT6T        YU7CM
CX5TR       EA5KB       OH0JJS      OH6LI       YT8A        YU1EA
D2QR        RW6HS       OH0R        OH2PM       YW2LV       YV5YMA
D2QV        UT0EA       OH0V        OH6LI       YW4D        EA7JX
D3AA        UA1QV       OH5Z        OH5LIZ      YW5DX       W4SO
D4C         IZ4DPV      OL7M        OK1YM       YW5T        YV5JBI
DU1/A61DJ   IZ8CLM      OQ4U        ON4AMX      ZB2FX       G3RFX
DU1IST      JA1HGY      OT5A        ON7LR       ZF2LC       W2SM
DZ1B        DU1BP       OX3XR       PA3249      ZL3X        ZL3PAH
E51DXX      AG1LE       OZ7TM       DL1TM       ZM1G        NI5DX
E6RQ        VK4FI       P29FR       I2RFJ       ZP9MCE      EA5ZD
E6SG        VK4FI       P29NO       EA5GL       ZS2DL       NI5DX
E720IARU    E70ARA      P33W        UA3DX       ZT1T        ZS1AFS
E77XZ       DK6XZ       P3Z         5B4AFM      ZY2WPX      PU2LEP
E7DX        E77E        P40L        WA3FRP      ZZ2T        PY2MNL

3DA0NJ     Nico Coetzee, Panata Ranch, P O Box 226, Manzini, M200, Swaziland
DH7WW      Ulrich Moeckel, Muldenstrasse 1, 08304 Schoenheide, Germany
DL4SVA     Georg Tretow , P.O. Box 1114, 23931 Grevesmuehlen, Germany
EA5KA      Raul Blasco, P.O Box 20, 12080 Castellon, Spain
EA5KB      Jose Ardid Arlandis, P.O. Box 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
EA7FTR     Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque (Huelva),
HA30S      MTTOSZ Gyor Varosi Radioklub, Gyor, Nagysandor J. u. 27, 9027,
HA3AUI     Brucker Peter, Zamardi, PF. 15, 8621, Hungary
IK2DUW     Antonello Passarella, Via M. Gioia 6, 20812 Limbiate MB, Italy
IZ8CLM     Salvatore Rapacciuolo, Ufficio Pompei, Casella Postale 10, 80045
           Pompei NA, Italy
K8NA       Theodore Paucj Jr, 2820 Lenox Drive, Troy MI 48098, USA
M0URX      Tim Beaumont, P.O. Box 17, Kenilworth, CV8 1SF, United Kingdom
N3SL       Kim Larson, 22 N Hidden Acres Drive, Sioux City, IA 51108, USA
NI5DX      William M. Loeschman, 717 Milton, Angleton TX 77515, USA
PZ5RA      Ramon Kaersenhout, P.O. Box 745, Paramaribo, Suriname
RW6HS      Vasilij M. Kasyanenko, P.O. Box 0, g. Novopavlovsk, Stavropolsky
           kr., 357300, Russia
SV2013ATGM E.R.B.E., 45 Poliklitou, 543 51 Thessaloniki, Greece
TA1HZ      Tevfik Aydin Kazancioglu, PK 73, 34421 Karakoy/Istanbul, Turkey
ZB2MOLE    G.A.R.S., P.O. Box 292, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA, Gibraltar


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