425 DX News issue #1168

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21 September 2013                                         A.R.I. DX Bulletin
                                   No 1168
                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

3D2_rot-  Target  frequencies  for  the  upcoming  expedition   to    Rotuma
         (http://3d2gc.com) by 3D2RA, 3D2GC/p and 3D2DD/p (27  September  to
         11 October) are:
         CW    1822 3510 7007 10104 14010 18070 21010 24892 28010 50100
         SSB   1838 3788 7088   -   14188 18148 21288 24948 28488 50118
         RTTY  1838 3588 7038 10138 14088 18108 21088 24918 28088 50200
         PSK31 1838 3578 7038 10138 14078 18108 21078 24918 28078
         SSTV    -  3728 7038   -   14238   -   21338   -   28688
         QSL 3D2RA via LZ2HM, QSL 3D2GC/p via LZ1GC,  QSL 3D2DD/p direct  to
         home call.
9A     - I3JRF, I3VJW, IK3ESB, IK3JBP, IW3ICK and IW3ILP will be  active  as
         9A/IQ3VO from Veli Rat lighthouse on Dugi  Otok  (EU-170)  from  28
         September to 1 October. They will be QRV on  the  HF  bands  and  6
         metres on sked. QSL via IQ3VO.
5X     - Once again Nick, G3RWF will be active in his spare  time  as  5X1NH
         from Uganda from 24 September until 16  November.  He  prefers  CW,
         with some activity on SSB and digital modes.  QSL  via  home  call,
         direct and bureau, and LoTW. [TNX G3RWF]
9X     - Nick, G3RWF will be active again  as  9X0NH  from  Rwanda  from  19
         November for about ten days. Joining Nick will be Alan, G3XAQ,  who
         will be active as 9X0XA. They will  participate  in  the  CQ  World
         Wide DX CW Contest as SOSB  entrants.  QSL  9X0NH  via  G3RWF,  QSL
         9X0XA via G3SWH. [TNX G3RWF and NG3K]
DL     - Look for DB5BZ, DJ4RU, DK7LV,  DL2VFR,  DL4BBH  and  DL7UXG  to  be
         active  as  DM50IOTA  from  Hiddensee  Island  (EU-057)  from    28
         September to 4 October. They will operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on  all
         bands. QSL via bureau or direct via DL2VFR. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
EI     - A large team from England and Ireland will be active as  EJ0M  from
         Aran Island (EU-121) from 28 September to 5 October. QSL  via  Club
         Logs' OQRS, LoTW  or  via  the  Irish  QSL  bureau  to  EJ0M.  [TNX
FO/A   - Grant, KZ1W and Rob, N7QT will be  active  as  TX5D  from  Raivavae
         Island (OC-114), Austral Islands on 2-14 October. They will be  QRV
         on 80-10 metres CW, SSB, RTTY or PSK.  They  hope  to  be  able  to
         upload their log to Club Log on a daily basis. QSL  via  operator's
         instructions. [TNX KD7H]
FO/A   - A second operation from Raivavae Island (OC-114),  Austral  Islands
         is planned to take  place  from  30  October  to  6  November.  The
         operators will be Dave, K3EL and  Don,  VE7DS  and  they  will  use
         TX5RV on 80-10 metres CW, with some SSB  and  RTTY  "from  time  to
         time". They will  run  "two  medium-power  stations  with  vertical
         antennas on the beach". QSL  via  M0URX,  direct  or  bureau  (OQRS
         preferred),  and   LoTW.   Further  information,  including  target
         frequencies chosen to minimize interference with  concurrent opera-
         tions,   at  http://k3el.wordpress.com/dx/raivavae-austral-islands/
         [TNX NG3K]
HK     - Once again Lothar, DK8LRF will be active as  HK3JCL  from  Colombia
         between 21 September to 23 November. He will operate SSB mainly  on
         40 and 20 metres. QSL via home call, bureau preferred. [TNX DXNL]
I      - Aldo, IK2ANI will  be  active  holiday  style  as  IH9/IK2ANI  from
         Pantelleria (AF-018) from  27  September  to  1  October.  He  will
         operate CW, SSB and RTTY  on  30-6  metres  with  100  watts  to  a
         vertical antenna. [TNX IK2ANI]
JW     - Karl, LA8DW will  again  be  active  as  JW8DW  from  Longyearbyen,
         Spitsbergen (EU-026) from 25 September to 2 October. Activity  will
         probably be on 80-10 metres CW and SSB. QSL via home  call,  direct
         or bureau, and LoTW; logsearch on http://la8dw.com/
OZ     - Mike, DG5LAC will be active as OU1RAEM  from Romo  Island  (EU-125)
         from 28 September to 5 October. He will  be  QRV  on  80-10  metres
         SSB. QSL via DF5LW, direct or bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
OZ    -  Tom, DL4VM will be active as OZ/DL4VM from  Vendsyssel-Thy (EU-171)
         from  29 September  to 19 October.  QSL  via  home call, direct  or
         bureau. [TNX rsgbiota.org]
PJ2    - Look for PJ2/K5JP, PJ2/NT5V and PJ2/W5BOS to  be  active  from  the
         Curacao PJ2T super station on 8-15 October. They  will  operate  CW
         and SSB on all bands, with a focus on 30, 17 and  12  metres.  [TNX
PJ4    - Nigel, G3TXF will be active as PJ4/G3TXF from Bonaire  (SA-006)  on
         21-29 September, for the Scandinavia  Activity  Contest  CW  (21-22
         September) and the CQ WW RTTY  Contest  (28-29  September).  During
         the intervening week there will also be  some  CW  activity  across
         the HF bands. QSL via home call. Logsearch and OQRS on Club Log.
S7     - Andrea, IZ1MHY will be active holiday style as S79MHY from  Praslin
         Island (AF-024), Seychelles on 9-16 October. He will  operate  SSB,
         digital modes and CW. QSL via home call. [TNX IZ1MHY]
VP9    - George K3GP, Jamie WW3S and Ray ND8L will be  active  as  VP9/K3GP,
         VP9/WW3S and VP9/ND8L from Bermuda  (NA-005)  on  26-30  September.
         QSL via home calls.  They  will  participate  in  the  CQ  WW  RTTY
         Contest as VP9I (QSL via WW3S). [TNX DX World]
W      - The West Chester  Amateur  Radio  Association  will  be  active  as
         WC8VOA on 21 September  to  commerate  the  initialization  of  the
         Bethany Voice of America transmission  site  (23  September  1944).
         Two stations will operate SSB and CW from 16 UTC for  eight  hours.
         QSL direct or bureau.

HIMALAYAN TRIP ---> Pekka, OH2YY will operate SSB as 9N2YY (requested  call,
to be confirmed upon arrival) from Nepal on  2-5  October, and as A52YY from
Bhutan on 6-10 October. His Nepalese license covers 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres
while his Bhutanese is  for all bands. He plans to have antennas for 40-10m,
with  "a better  antenna on 21 MHz in order to serve North American stations
during  the short openings that are predicted around midnight for West Coast
and noon  time  for  East".  Operating  bands  will  also  depend  on  local
conditions, as he will be travelling and visiting different  places in  both
countries. QSL via home call, direct or bureau, and LoTW. [TNX OH2YY]

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

WF5E DX QSL SERVICE ---> The DX QSL Service (www.qsl.net/wf5e/), started  by
W3KT and continued by N7RO, has been run by Les Bannon,  WF5E  since  August
1994. Owing to health problems, time has now come  for  Les  to  retire:  "I
will accept QSLs to forward until the end of October", he  says,  "Any  that
come in after that  for  requests  I  made,  will  be  forwarded  OK  to  my
customers". [TNX QRZ-DX]

IMW 2014 ---> The International  Museums  Weekend  (IMW)  has  been  a  very
popular annual special event for well over a decade  now.  The  majority  of
those taking part in the event have been in the United Kingdom, but for  the
2014 IMW, the members of the IMW administration team are hoping to make  the
event a truly in international one, with great deal more participation  from
beyond the UK's borders. The 2014 IMW will take place on  the  two  weekends
of the 14-15 and 21-22 June. Details about  the event and how to register to
take part can be found at http://www.ukradioamateur.co.uk/imw/ or from Nigel
Auckland, M0NAF (nigel[@]oldfartsonbikes.com) [TNX M0HEM]

INDEXA  --->  The  International  DX  Association's  (www.indexa.org)  newly
elected/confirmed Officers & Directors are: Gary  Dixon  K4MQG  (President),
John   Scott    K8YC    (Vice    President)    and    Dick    Williams  W3OA
(Secretary-Treasurer); Bob Allphin K4UEE,  Ralph  Fedor  K0IR,  Mary  Hobart
K1MMH, Bill Jennings W4UNP, Franz Langner DJ9ZB, Gregg  Marco  W6IZT,  Jerry
Rosalius WB9Z and Bob Schenck N2OO (Directors). [TNX W3OA]

QSL  3B8/HB9ARY  --->  The  new  QSL  route  (for  either  past  and  future
operations) is via NI5DX. Cards sent to HB9ARY via the Swiss bureau will  be
accepted until the end of 2013.

QSL TA4/UA9CDC ---> Phil, G3SWH  has  been  appointed  as  QSL  manager  for
TA4/UA9CDC with immediate effect. QSl cards are only available direct  (OQRS
on www.g3swh.org.uk), as Igor is not an RSGB member. Phil says he  will  try
to upload the log to LoTW in due course. [TNX G3SWH]

QSL XR5L ---> IOTA group SA-070 was activated for  the  last  time  by  XR5L
back in 2009. Those who still need a QSL card may now send their request  to
XQ7UP (team member of that expedition).  QSL  direct  or  through  the  OQRS
provided by Club Log.

ROTA ---> Coordinated by the Bishop Auckland Radio Amateurs Club, this  year
the Railways On The Air (ROTA) weekend will take place on  21-22  September.
Quite a number of GB special event stations  are  expected  to  participate.
Details can be found at http://rota.barac.org.uk/

UCI ROAD WORLD CHAMPIONSHIPS ---> The cities  of  Firenze,  Lucca,  Pistoia,
Montecatini  Terme  and  Fiesole  will  host  the  UCI  Road  Cycling  World
Championships on 22-29 September. The  Tuscany  Regional  Committee  of  ARI
sponsors an award for contacting amateur  radio  stations  in  Tuscany  (I5,
IK5, IZ5, IQ5, IA5)  during  that  time  frame.  Details  can  be  found  at
www.ari-crt.it [TNX IZ5JLW]

SILENT KEYS ---> Wayne Green, W2NSD passed away on 13 September at 91  years
of age. He was the founder of "73 Amateur Radio  Today"  and  several  other
magazines. "A well-known and often outspoken figure", he  "often  was  ahead
of the curve  in  promoting  such  technologies  as  single-sideband  phone,
solid-state, FM, and the marriage of computers and ham  radio"  (ARRL).  The
entire  collection  of  "73"  (from  1960  to  2003)    can    be  found  at
http://archive.org (search for 73-magazine).
Other recently reported Silent Keys  include  James  Stewart  (5Z4FM/G3GLE),
Claudio Granja  Karam  (PY5PDC)  and  Aleksandr  Savelyev,  5B8AD  (C4N,  ex
RA6LUX), who died of a stroke on 17 September. He was only 45 years old.

                         *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                         ******* QSL  ROUTES *******
                          Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                        Direttore Responsabile  I2VGW

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B8/HB9ARY  NI5DX       ET3AA       N2OO        PJ2P        DL8OBQ
3B8CW       NI5DX       EW6GF       DL8KAC      PJ4M        PH2M
3D2GC       LZ1GC       EX8OF       RW6HS       PW7T        PT7WA
3W3B        E21EIC      FG4NO       F4AVX       R100RQA     RN1ON
3Z1JESIEN   SQ1NXN      FP5BZ       F5TJP       R70SM       RA3LV
3Z3JESIEN   SP3SBY      FY/OM6NM    OM2FY       R70SO       RA3LV
3Z3P        SQ9PPO      GB5FY       M1EDF       SN0HOKA     SP5KVW
4J9Y        DC9RI       GB70RAF     M0XSD       SN1JESIEN   SQ1KSL
4L0G        EA7FTR      GM5X        N3SL        SN2013LRR   SP3YAC
4L1HD       DL8KAC      GW3KHZ/p    G3KHZ       SN3JESIEN   SP3WVL
4L9QQ       UR9QQ       GW8DX       G8DX        SP0WFAD     SQ9DEN
4S7BRG      LZ3HI       GZ5Y        GM4SSA      SV130PAP    SV2HTI
4S7JHG      DL3JH       H44J        JA0AOA      T6MH        W2GR
4S7YSG      JA2SWH      HA21WFF     HA6PJ       T6T         RW6HS
4X0T        4Z5FI       HC1AJQ      EA7FTR      T88TV       HA3JB
5B4AIF      EB7DX       HF1939BPM   SP5PMD      T88ZD       JH1QJU
5B4AJC      UA3DX       HF1JESIEN   SQ1KSM      TA4/UA9CDC  G3SWH
5B4AKM      5B4MF       HF3JESIEN   SP3GVX      TC2C        TA1HZ
5K3RF       EA3DUF      HF790NYSA   SP6PNZ      TJ3AY       F5LGE
5Q1A        OZ5ESB      HK1MW       N2OO        TM1MAD      F5KLJ
5Q7Y        DL8AW       HL05GDB     HL4CEL      TM26NN      F5KTU
5R8UO       DF8UO       HP0INT/#    F4BKV  [d]  TM35CDXC    F5CWU
6K0HG       DS2CYI      HP0INT/#    F5CWU  [b]  TM49PB      F5KAY
7X5KBS      EA7FTR      HP500OP     HP1RCP      TM50ENSO    F5LGQ
8N6MMTTY    JS6PSH      HR2WW       KD4POJ      TM60IPA     F6FLO
8Q7AM       IW0HBY      II0DMR      IZ0UIN      TM71BPIA    F6KMF
8Q7CF       DL2MDU      II0IAFM     IZ0EUX      TM8WAL      F5JER
9A8OK       OK1HWS      II0IGZF     IZ0FVD      TM90KOB     F5KOB
9H3TR       DL1AY       II1IARU     IK1VDQ      V26K        AA3B
9M2PJU      K2AU        II8OAMM     HB9CQL [b]  V31ZM       M0OXO
9M6XRO      M0URX       II8OAMM     IQ8GZ  [d]  V55V        DJ8VC
9V1PW       JH4PHW      II9IAGM     IT9YEM      V6G         PG5M
9X0ZM       JO1CRA      IR9W        IW0HBY      VU2RMS      RW6HS
A35JP       JA0RQV      J44LH       SV4FFL      W2WTC       K2HJB
A43MI       A47RS       K2IO/KH2    JA2JWH      XW0YJY      E21EIC
A61ZX       IZ8CLM      K4S         W4BTI       XZ1Z        JH1AJT
A92IO       EI3IO       KH2/N2NL    W2YC        YB0AI/9     YB0AI
BW2/JP1RIW  BM2JCC      KL7RRC/p    N7RO        YB0MZI      RW6HS
C21BN       JH1NBN      LZ2013HST   LZ1BJ       YB9/DJ7XJ   OZ7XJ
C5YK        ON6EG       LZ20TRC     LZ1YE       YB9GV/p     EA7FTR
CE3EEA      EA5GL       LZ49FJ      LZ1FJ       YB9KA/p     EA7FTR
CO2IR       EB7DX       MC0SHL      M0URX       YD1NAA/5    W2FB
CO2WL       HA3JB       OA6Q        OE3NHW      YD9RQX/p    W2FB
CO5FB       EA7FTR      OD5ZZ       NI5DX       YF1AR/9     N2OO
CO6LC       EA5GL       OG3077F     OH3JF       YJ0RK       NR6M
CO6LE       EA5GL       OJ0W        OH3WS       YL110GAB    YL3GV
CR3L        DJ6QT       ON4USA      ON4GDV      YN2PX       AI5P
CR5150NM    CS5NRA      OR1Z        ON6IX       YP10KQT     YO2KQT
D3AA        UA1QV       OU1RAEM     DF5LW       Z68BH       OH2BH
DU1WGA      NR6M        OU2DX       PA0ABM      Z81R        OH2BH
EG8BFS      EA8URV      OV2T        PA0ABM      ZG2FX       G3RFX
EH2CDP      EA2TW       OZ0AV       DL8AAV      ZG2JK       ZB2JK
EH5APP      EB5GDM      PA125DHP    PC2F        ZL4IR       W8WC
EM0I        UT2IZ       PA60IPA     PA9LUC      ZS8Z        ZS1HF
ER0VB/p     ER1KAA      PD70AW      PD2RKG      ZV1WSA      PU1VFC

ED3URC   Unio de Radioaficionats de Catalunya, Apartado Postal 83, 08120 La
         Llagosta (Barcelona), Spain
HP1RCP   Radio Club de Panama, Apartado Postal 0819-11334, Ciudad de
         Panama, Panama
IQ7IA    E.R.A. Grande Salento, Ufficio Brindisi Centro, Casella Postale
         122, 72100 Brindisi BR, Italy
JA0RQV   Masato  Tamura, 2086-13 Daitakubo, Minami-ku, Saitama-shi,
         Saitama-ken, 336-0015, Japan
JH1AJT   Y. Zorro Miyazawa, P.O. Box 8, Oiso-machi, Naka-Gun  Kanagawa-ken,
         259-0111, Japan
JH1NBN   Yuki Yosuke Uchiyama, 924-4 Yokokawa-machi, Hachioji-shi,
         Tokyo-to, 193-0823, Japan
N2OO     Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton NJ 08087-0345, USA
N7RO     Richard J. Moen, 2935 Plymouth Dr, Bellingham, WA 98225, USA
PG5M     G.A. Menting, Leemdobbe 19, 9472 ZR Zuidlaren, The Netherlands
SV4FFL   Costas J. Dovas, 17 K. Garefi Str., 382 22 Volos, Greece
W2FB     Stephanus J. D. Busono, 3 Margaret Drive, Somerset NJ 08873, USA
W4BTI    The Kennehoochee ARC, P.O. Box 1245, Marietta GA 30060, USA
YB0AI    Taufan  Prioutomo, Jl Kebon Kelapa No. 6, Tapekong Cidodol,
         Kebayoran Lama, Jakarta Selatan 12220, Indonesia


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