425 DX News issue #603

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                              425 DX News #603
                              23 November 2002
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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3C      - Vitaly, VE6JO [425DXN 602] will be active as 3C2MV (and/or 3C2A, if
           he succeeds in  getting the original  call he  has requested)  from
           Bioko Island (AF-010), Equatorial Guinea until  12 or 13  December.
           QSL via VE6JO (direct only). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
5T & S0 - A group of  members of the  International Amateur Radio  Volunteers
           (IARV) will operate in their spare time from Mauritania between  29
           November and 7 December. Look for 5T5PBV (JA1PBV), 5T5RUZ (JA8RUZ),
           5T5RQ (JA6RQ) and 5T5CPS (JA1CPS), QSL via home calls. A side  trip
           to Western  Sahara  will  take place  on  2-5  December;  look  for
           activity from S07U (QSL via JA1UT). [TNX The Daily DX]
9A      - Dusan, S52DG will operate (on  10-80 metres CW  and SSB) from  Hvar
           Island (EU-016, CI-028)  from 29 November  to 2  December. QSL  via
           bureau or direct to Dusan Mohoric,  Ojstri Vrh 12, 4228  Zelezniki,
           Slovenia. [TNX S52DG]
9M2     - Look for  Rich, 9M2/G4ZFE/p  to  participate in  the  CQ WW  DX  CW
           Contest from Pulau Pangkor (AS-072). He  will be operating as  SOSB
           (15 metres)  Low Power.  The direct  QSL address  for all  his  9M2
           operations has  changed: (Richard  Everitt, #2601  PNB Darby  Park,
           Jalan Binjai, Kuala Lumpur 50450, Malaysia). [TNX 9M2/G4ZFE]
9Q      - Michel, F6COW  will be  guest operatin  at 9S1X  until 9  December,
           including a SOAB entry in the  CQ WW DX CW  Contest. QSL via  F2YT.
           Patrick, 9Q1A (F6BLQ) will participate in the ARRL 10 Meter Contest
           (14-15 December) as 9S1X (SSB only), then he and Nicole, 9Q1YL will
           go QRT from Kinshasa. They will move to Matadi, where they plan  to
           resume their amateur radio activity in early January (with wire and
           vertical antennas at first, beams to follow). [TNX 9Q1A]
C9 (?)  - Frosty, K5LBU  and Andre,  ZS6WPX had  planned  to be  active  from
           Mozambique on 24-27 November. However their plans might change, and
           Frosty  alone  might  operate  (on  10-80  metres  SSB)  as  either
           7P8/K5LBU from Lesotho or 3DA0CF from Swaziland on 25-29  November.
           [TNX K5LBU]
DL_ant  - Dominik, DL5EBE reports that a German  amateur radio operator  will
           join the team at the  German "Neumayer" base  (WABA DL-03) for  the
           upocoming austral summer season. Neymayer  Station is an  undersnow
           research facility  located  on the  Eckstrom  Ice  Shelf  (AN-016),
           Antarctica. Further details (including the callsign, which will not
           be the traditional DP0GVN) are expected in due course.
DU      - Look for Alan, K6ACZ/DU  to be active  from the Philippines  during
           the whole month of December, ARRL 10 Meter Contest included. QSL to
           home call address. [TNX K6ACZ]
FG      - Jack, F6HMJ will be active  on all bands  as TO2FG from  Guadeloupe
           (NA-102, DIFO FG-001) from 15 December through 15 January. QSL  via
           F6HMJ. [TNX F5NQL]
FH      - Look for Dirk, FH/DL5CF to  be active (on  160-10 metres mainly  CW
           with some SSB) from Mayotte (AF-027) through 30 November, including
           and entry in the CQ WW CW Contest. QSL via the DARC bureau. [TNX DX
GM      - Members of  the West  of Scotland  Amateur  Radio Society  will  be
           active (on 10-160 metres CW and SSB) as GS4AGG/p from Great Cumbrae
           Island (EU-123) on  30 November. QSL  via GM0WRR.  [TNX GS4AGG  and
HL_ssh  - Lee, DS4CNB reports he is going to join the team at the Korean base
           "King Sejong" (WABA  HL-01) located  on King  George Island,  South
           Shetlands (AN-010). He will be working at the base from 1  December
           through 30 November 2003 and will operate on all bands and modes as
           either HL0KSJ and D88S. QSL via  home call (Lee Dae Ryung, P.O  Box
           30, Tongyung 650-600, South Korea).
HR      - Gerard, F2JD will be in Honduras  from 10 December through 3  March
           2003 and will operate as HR5/F2JD (on 160-6 metres SSB and CW).  He
           will be based at La Entrada de Copan, but he may also operate  from
           some IOTA  islands. QSL  via F6AJA  either  direct or  through  the
           bureau. [TNX F2JD]
JT      - JV5C [425DXN 602]  is a special  event station  operating until  24
           November from Bayanbuural (120 km  north of Ulaanbaatar),  Mongolia
           to celebrate the 840th anniversary of Chinggis Khaan. Look for them
           on CW  (1840, 3520,  7020, 10105,  14020, 18078,  21020, 24900  and
           28020 Hhz) and SSB  (1860, 3795, 7060,  14220, 18140, 21220,  24920
           and 28420  kHz).  QSL via  JT1KAA  (P.O. Box  830,  Ulaanbaatar-24,
           Mongolia). [TNX JT1CD]
JT      - Khos,  JT1CD  reports   that  RU3HD  is   active  as  JT1FHD   from
           Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia until 29 November. QSL via home call.
KP2     - Look for John, KP2/K3TEJ  and Darrell, KP2/AB2E  to be active  from
           the US  Virgin Islands  (NA-106) until  28 November.  QSL via  home
           calls. They will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as as  WP2Z
           (QSL via KU9C). [TNX The Daily DX]
LX      - Special event station LX0LT will  be active on  all bands CW,  SSB,
           RTTY and PSK from 30 November  through 8 December, 24 hours a  day.
           This will  be a  Marathon to  help generate  financial support  for
           scientific research  against genetic  illnesses and  sponsors  will
           donate 4 cents for each QSO. The goal is 20,000 QSOs. The web  page
           is at http://www.qsl.net/lx0lt. QSL via the LX bureau or direct  to
           LX1RQ. [TNX NG3K]
ST      - Look for Marco, ST1MN to be active on all bands from Sudan from  28
           November through the end of June 2003. Please be patient with  him,
           as he is not accustomed to pile-ups. Claudio, IV3OWC (ex 9E1C) will
           join him between around 15 March  and 10 April, and will be  active
           as ST1C, including  an entry in  the CQ  WPX SSB  Contest. QSL  for
           either ST1MN and ST1C direct only to IV3OWC. [TNX IV3OWC]
TZ      - Mac, TZ6JA is  once again going  to Bamako, Mali  for business.  He
           will be there from 23 November through 10 December and plans are to
           operate on 40, 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres SSB only. QSL direct to
           Mac Obara, P.O.Box 59,  Tama, 206-8691 Japan  or via (direct  only)
           JA3EMU (Toshiyuki Tanaka, 11-22 Higashi-Kourishinamachi,  Hirakata,
           573-0077 Japan). [TNX JA1ELY]
UA      - Eugene, RZ3EC  reports that  Yuri, UA1ONY  is active  from  Yuzhnyj
           Island (RR-0401), Novaya Zemlya (EU-035). QSL via RZ3EC.
UR_ant  - Roman, UT7UA will join the Ukrainian Antarctica Expedition for  the
           upcoming season  and will  operate from  "Akademik Vernadsky"  base
           (WABA UR-01) on Galindez Island (AN-006), Antarctica. Callsign  and
           further details will be announced in due course. [TNX DL5EBE]
W       - Glen, NK1N will  be active as  W2L from  Jeffrey's Hook  lighthouse
           (USA-408), New  York County,  New York  from 17  to  21 UTC  on  29
           November. QSL via NK1N. [TNX VA3RJ]
XW      - Champ, E21EIC  is currently  active as  XW1IC  from Laos  until  28
           November [425DXN 602]. He will pay special attention to 160  metres
           (1825 kHz, 1834  for Thailand) and  80 metres (3506  kHx, 3524  for
           Thailand) around 19.30-24.00 UTC (sunrise at 23.10 UTC) and at  his
           sunset (11.00 UTC). Those who want to arrange a sked for 160 metres
           can e-mail at e21eic@arrl.net [TNX QRZ-DX]
YI      - Mike/OM2DX, Jaro/OM3TZZ  (ex  SU9ZZ),  Robo/OM1KW  and  Peter/OM6TX
           (YI9OM) will participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as YI0M.  Peter
           will be leaving the Slovak Embassy in Baghdad a few days after  the
           contest, but  his  presence on  the  amateur radio  bands  will  be
           replaced by  Mike's (OM2DX),  who is  waiting for  his call  to  be
           issued (QSL via OM3JW). [TNX OM3JW]
ZA      - In 1991 an International Amateur Radio  Union (IARU) project  group
           entered Albania for training more than twenty locals,  establishing
           the  Albanian  Amateur   Radio  Association   (AARA)  and   finally
           activating ZA1A to remove ZA from all wanted lists. It is now  time
           for a belated celebration of the 10th anniversary of AARA and see a
           gathering of  the  original  instructors  and  their  students.  An
           international delegation of OH2BH, OH2PM,  OH5BM and OH8SR  arrived
           in Tirana on  17 November and  set up two  stations for a  one-week
           activation of ZA1B together with Geni  Mema, ZA1B. This includes  a
           Multi-Two entry in  the CQ WW  DX CW Contest.  QSL via OH2BH.  [TNX
ZS_ant  - Anton, ZS7/ZS4AGA  will  be leaving  SANAE  IV for  "E-Base"  (WABA
           ZS-02) on the Fimbul Ice Shelf (AN-016) on 24 November. He will  be
           there for one week and expects to operate (with 100W and a  dipole)
           on the amateur radio bands not  earlier than 27 November. Look  for
           him on the Antarctica Net run by Dominik, DL5EBE at 17 UTC on 21275
           kHz. [TNX DL5EBE]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ZL1AMO ---> Ron Wright, ZL1AMO/3D2RW was in Fiji when he was taken to Lautoka
Hospital due to a major health problem. A few days later an air ambulance was
dispatched from New Zealand and Ron was transported to the critical care unit
at Auckland Hospital. Latest  reports indicate that  Ron, after showing  some
signs of improvement,  has had a  decline and  remains on  life support.  The
family thanks the DX community  for their prayers,  love, and support.  Ron's
daughter, Terri (t.j.wright@xtra.co.nz) prints all e-mails for her mother and
for Ron when he is able to read them.
Ron has no medical insurance and the  cost of the emergency air ambulance  is
$40,000 NZD or approximately $20,000 USD.  A "ZL1AMO Air Ambulance Fund"  has
been established by the International DX  Association (INDEXA) to assist  the
Wright family with expenses incurred during Ron's most recent DXpedition.  If
you would  like  to contribute,  please  make checks  out  to INDEXA  with  a
notation "For ZL1AMO Air Ambulance Fund". Please mail your contributions  to:
The ZL1AMO Air Ambulance Fund, c/o Bill Jennings (W4UNP), Secretary-Treasurer
INDEXA, P. O. Box 607, Rock Hill, SC 29731, USA. For more information  please
contact Judy Roush, AA7UC,  President, INDEXA (jroush@cybertrails.com).  [TNX

60 METRES (CANADA) ---> The Marconi  Radio Club of Newfoundland has  received
experimental authorisation to transmit CW  (A1A) and USB  SSB (J3E) on  5260,
5269, 5280 5290 5319, 5329, 5400 and 5400 KHz with the call sign VO1MRC. This
authorisation is valid  for 22-25 November,  20-23 December  2002, and  20-23
June 2003. Essentially, the experiment will, if it works, look at differences
in ground/sky wave propagation on 3.5, 5.3 and 7 MHz. [TNX VO1NA and DL8AAM]

KH5 ---> Walt/AH6OZ, Jim/WH6GS and Pat/NH6UY  were active from Palmyra  (KH5)
on 18-20 November. They visited the atoll for a yearly preventive maintenance
job on all the electronics of  the Nature Conservancy on Palmyra. QSL  direct
only via home calls. [TNX QRZ-DX]

P5/4L4FN ---> Ed,  P5/4L4FN made three  CW QSOs  on 12  and 17  metres on  15
November. He will be very busy at work for the next week, then he will be out
of the country for one week  starting on 10 December. Up-to-date  information
on Ed's activities can be found at http://www.amsatnet.com/p5.html

+ SILENT KEY +  We are sad  to report the  news of the  passing of old  timer
Giampaolo Nucciotti, I8KDB (ex I1KDB), one of the most active DXers in Italy.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:  The log for 5Z4DZ at http://www.qsl.net/5z4dz has been updated and now
        contains 21,541 QSOs  through 17 November  at 23.06  UTC. Please  note
        that 5Z4DZ does  not work on  30 metres (the  band is  not allowed  in
        Kenya) and RTTY (for the time being). QSL via PA1AW.

LOGS:  On-line log for the current  CY0MM DXpedition to  Sable Island can  be
        found at http://dx.fireroute.com/cy0mm

QSLs received  direct:  3B8DB, 3B9FR,  3D2CY,  3V8KO,  4A3R  (NA-045),  5C2MI
(AF-065), 5N4KST, 5R8FU, 5R8GZ, 5X2A, 5X4L, 6J1YJS, 6O0X, 7P8DX, 7Q7DX,  8A3M
(OC-250), 9G5MD,  9H3YM, 9L1BTB,  9U0X,  A71MA, C56/DL2OE,  CO0OTA  (NA-201),
CO1OTA (NA-093),  CO7OTA  (NA-086),  CO8OTA  (NA-218),  D2CR,  EP2FM,  ER1QQ,
F6CKH/P (EU-156),  FG/IK2XDE  (NA-114),  FH/G3TXF,  FM5WD,  FO5PS,  FP/DL1DA,
FP/K9OT, FP/W0SD,  FR5FD, GB0KJW  (EU-109), GM0LVI/p  (EU-092), H40XX,  H44AT
(OC-149), H7DX, HC8N, HH2/DK6ST, HI8RV,  HI9X, HR8/YN4SU, J79MM,  JN1HOW/JD1,
JT1CO, JX7DFA, K1B, KA1I/KH2, KH0/KF2XN,  KH2/KF2XN, KL7AK/p (NA-222),  KP3Z,
LT0H, LY2CY,  OH0Z,  P5/4L4FN, PJ4/W9NJY,  PJ7/K7ZUM,  PW0T,  PW6A  (SA-019),
R1ANZ, R3CA/0 (AS-163), RZ0SR, S79TXF, SJ9WL, T2T, T32NCC, T77C, T88JA, T97M,
(NA-188), XU7AAY,  XW1IC, XW3ZNR,  XY0TA, XY5T,  YA4F, YA5T,  YE2R  (OC-186),
YE8XM/P  (OC-211  and  OC-249),  YN4SU,   ZB2FK,  ZK1KDN,  ZK1SCQ   (OC-124),

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