425 DX News issue #609

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                              425 DX News #609
                               3 January 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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3C     - Alan, G3XAQ  reports  he  will  be  visiting  Malabo,  Bioco  Island
          (AF-010), Equatorial Guinea on 9-21 January  and expects to  operate
          on 160-10 metres,  with an emphasis  on the low  bands CW.  Callsign
          3C5XA has been requested. QSL direct to G3XAQ.
9G     - Arno, DL1CW and  Andy, DL3GA plan  to be active  from Ghana on  5-18
          February. Requested calls are 9G5AP (DL1CW) and 9G5GA (DL3GA);  they
          will operate on  10-80 metres (hopefully  on 6 metres  as well)  CW,
          RTTY and some  SSB. Participation in  the WPX  RTTY and  ARRL DX  CW
          Contests is also being planned. [TNX DL3GA]
C6     - Bill, KM1E (C6AGN) will be active  on 160-6 metres from the  Bahamas
          from 4 January to 4 March. QSL via W1DIG. [TNX The Daily DX]
D4     - Al, 4L5A will participate in the following contests as D4B from Cape
          CQ 160 Meter CW            24-26 January    single operator
          ARRL International DX CW   15-16 February   SOAB HP or single band
          CQ 160 Meter SSB           21-23 February   single operator
          ARRL International DX SSB  1-2 March        SOAB HP or single band
          Further information at http://www.qsl.net/d44tt [TNX NG3K]
DU     - Chris, VK3FY/DU8 has been on Mindanao (OC-130) since 26 December and
          planned to be active on  and off from  an island in  OC-235 as of  1
          January for some ten days. Day operations will be from 8 to 18 local
          time, but there  is a possibility  of an  overnight stay.  Due to  a
          sensitive  local  situation,  this  operation  could  be  terminated
          without notice.  QSL  via  EA7JX.  The  Contact  Point  for  further
          information  is  Stuie,  VK8NSB  (vk8nsb@octa4.net.au).  [TNX   OPDX
F      - Fabrice/F5NBQ, Bertrand/F6HKA and Jean-Louis/F5UJK will be active as
          F5NBQ/P from Oleron Island (EU-032) on  25-27 January, including  an
          entry in the CQ WW 160 Meter CW DX Contest. [TNX The Daily DX]
HC     - Andy Stchislenok, NP3D will be active (on all HF bands plus 6 metres
          SSB and CW) as HC1/NP3D from Ecuador on 22-27 January, including  an
          entry in the CQ 160 Meter CW Contest. QSL via W3HNK. [TNX NG3K]
HI     - John, F5VHQ  (ex  OE5TGL) will  operate  (on 40-10  metres  SSB)  as
          F5VHQ/HI9 from the Dominican Republic (NA-096) on 16-24 January. QSL
          via home call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX F5VHQ]
HR     - Wayne, K9YNF  reports he  will be  active as  K9YNF/HR9 from  Roatan
          Island (NA-057) on 11-18 January. He will operate SSB only on 14260,
          18128, 24950, 28460  and 28560  +/- QRM.  QSL via  home call  either
          direct or through the bureau.
JD1_og - Fukushige, JM6DZB will  be working on  Iwo Jima (AS-030),  Ogasawara
          Islands until the end of 2003.  He plans to operate as JM6DZB/JD1 on
          80, 40 and 15 metres SSB during  his free time.  QSL via  home call,
          preferably through the bureau. [TNX JI3DST]
UA     - Eugene, UA4HUR will be celebrating the  new year as UE4HNY until  15
          January.  QSL  via  home  call  (Eugene  Vihanov,  P.O.  Box   1228,
          Togliatti, 445032, Russia). [TNX RU4HP]
UT     - Special event station EM60USB will be active from 23 January through
          2 February  to commemorate  the 60th  anniversary of  the Battle  of
          Stalingrad. QSL via UT5UKY either  direct (Vladimir Prikhodko,  P.O.
          Box 54, Kiev 04213, Ukraine) or through the bureau. [TNX UT5UKY]
V3     - Art Phillips, NN7A, will  operate as V31JZ/p  from South Water  Caye
          (NA-180), Belize  on 17-20  January. NA-180  was activated  for  the
          first time  by  Art  himself and  Mike  Sharp,  NG7S/V31RL  back  in
          February, 1993. This will be a  part-time one-person operation  with
          100 watts, vertical and wire antennas. Art will operate mostly CW on
          40-10 metres, WARC bands included, with some 80m and 160m. Some  SSB
          on 20 and 15 metres is possible, conditions permitting. QSL via NN7A
          either direct (Art Phillips, P.O. Box 201, Flagstaff, AZ 86002, USA)
          or through the bureau. [TNX NN7A]
V3     - Gisela, DK9GG and Gerd, DJ4KW will  be active (CW and SSB) as  V31GW
          and V31YN  from  Belize from  9  January until  25  February.  On  8
          February thry will be joined  by Frank, DL2SWW  and Gabi, DG2TM  (V3
          calls not known) and the four  plan to operate from NA-073 on  21-23
          February. QSL via home calls. [TNX DL2VFR]
VE     - Gerald/VE2ACP, Gervais/VE2UE and  Steve/VE2TKH will  be active  from
          Zone 2  on 14-17  January. Gerald  and Gervais  plan to  operate  as
          VO2UE, while Steve expects to use  either VE2TKH/VO2 or, if he  gets
          it in time, VO2ZT. This will  be a generator and battery  operation,
          with a G5RV and vertical antennas on most HF bands, mostly SSB  with
          some CW. QSL VO2UE via VE2ACP, QSL VE2TKH/VO2 (or VO2ZT) via VE2TKH.
          Further information will  be available at  http://www.qsl.net/ve2tkh
          [TNX NG3K]
VP6    - Ed, W2SN  reports he  will operate  as  VP6EM from  Pitcairn  Island
          (OC-044) on  4 February,  between 17.00  and 23.59  UTC, on  10,  15
          and/or 20 metres SSB, depending on propagation. QSL via home call.
VP6_duc- JR2KDN, FO3BM, VP6AZ,  VP6DB, VP6MW and  other operators from  Japan
          expect to be active (on 10-160  metres CW, SSB and RTTY) from  Ducie
          Island (OC-182) for one week starting around 8 March. [TNX The Daily
VR2    - Terry, VE7TLL  plans to  operate as  VR2/VE7TLL from  Lantau  Island
          (AS-006), Hong Kong between 30 January and 10 February. This is  not
          a DXpedition, but he  will try to  be as active  as possible on  the
          usual IOTA frequencies. [TNX VE7TLL]
W      - The Marconi  Radio Club  (W1AA) and  the Marconi  Cape Cod  Memorial
          Radio Club (KM1CC)  will operate a  special event  station on  11-19
          January to celebrate  the 100th anniversary  of Guglielmo  Marconi's
          first wireless transmission  between the United  States and  Europe.
          Operations will take place  from the former  Coast Guard station  at
          Coast Guard Beach in Eastham, Massachusetts,  from near the site  of
          the   original    Marconi   1903    station.   For    details    see
          http://personal.tmlp.com/k1vv/w1aa [TNX K1VV]
W      - Look for Bob, W2SF/p to be active  (on SSB, CW and RTTY) from  Lower
          Matecumbe Key (USI FL-062S) in the Florida Keys (NA-062) until June.
          QSL via home call, either direct or through the bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
ZK2    - Bert, PA3GIO will be active  as ZK2GI from  Niue Island (OC-040)  on
          approximately 18-26 January. He will operate SSB only with 100 watts
          and a Doublet antenna. QSL via PA3GIO, preferably through the bureau
          (e-mail requests for bureau cards are  welcome at qsl@pa3gio.nl,  no
          attachments and  no eQSLs  please). Direct  QSLs  to Bert  vd  Berg,
          Parklaan 38, NL-3931 KK  Woudenberg, The Netherlands. The web  pages
          for   the   operation   are   at   http://www.pa3gio.nl/ZK2GI/   and
          http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/ZK2GI/ [TNX PA3GIO]
ZL     - Bert, PA3GIO  will be  active as  ZL1/PA3GIO/p from  Waiheke  Island
          (OC-201) on 10 January only. QSL via PA3GIO, preferably through  the
          bureau  (e-mail   requests  for   bureau   cards  are   welcome   at
          qsl@pa3gio.nl, no attachments  and no eQSLs  please). The web  pages
          for   the    operation   are    at   http://www.pa3gio.nl/ZL/    and
          http://www.qsl.net/pa3gio/ZL/ [TNX PA3GIO]
ZS     - Members of the Vaal Triangle ARC will operate as ZS90SAP on 80,  40,
          20, 10  and 6  metres  through 31  December  to celebrate  the  90th
          anniversary of the South African Police  Service. QSL via bureau  or
          direct to ZS6ZYM (Jan Swanepoel, P.O.  Box 14393, Zuurfontein  1912,
          South Africa). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Please note that K4SXT is not the QSL manager for A92GE.

PIRATE ---> W2FB is not the QSL manager for EL2FB: "This is what the operator
was signing", The Daily DX reports, "so the November operations of EL2FB must
have been that of a pirate".

QSL ARRL 10M  CONTEST ---> Ferdi,  XQ5SM reports that  the following  special
calls were used during the latest ARRL 10 Meter Contest (14-15 December):
CE3N (ops. CE3NR and CE4PBB), QSL via CE3NR
CB4Y (ops. CE4FXY and CE4USW), QSL via CE4FXY
3G5A (op. XQ5SM), QSL via XQ5SM.

QSL HZ1HZ ---> Due to a regrettable oversight, Leo Fry, K8PYD has been listed
as the QSL manager for HZ1HZ (425DXN #608). Please note that the correct  QSL
route is (and  has been  since 1984)  via Dick  Moen, N7RO  (while Leo  still
manages HZ1AB only). We apologize for any inconvenience this may have  caused
our readers.

QSL UK8FC ---> Vasil, RW6HS report that DK6CW "is not and has never been" the
QSL manager for Gena, UK8FC. QSL cards are still to sent to RW6HS himself.

QSL VE2/ & VY0/W2NTJ ---> In 2002 Jack, W2NTJ only operated as VE2/ from  his
cabin a few miles north of Chibougamau, and as VY0/ from North Twin Island in
Hudson Bay.  All DX  cluster  spots indicating  NA-159  were wrong.  Jack  is
expected to mail his logs to VE3LYC over the next few days. [TNX VE3LYC]

QSL VIA N9NU ---> Tim  is the QSL  manager for KH6X,  9K2AI and, effective  1
February    2003,     YB0GJS.     Online    logs     are     available     at
http://www.n9nu.net/logsearch/logsearch.html.   QSL   either   direct    (Tim
Dickerson, 900 Vincent Drive, Sandwich, IL 60548, USA) or through the bureau.

WABA DIRECTORY --->  The Diamond DX  Club reports that  the new WABA  (Worked
Antarctic Bases Award) Directory 2003 is  now available for free  downloading
as .pdf document [425DXN 598] on  the club's web site  (http://www.ddxc.net).
The WABA Directory 2003  includes a 12-page  revised Antarctic bases  listing
(with corrections, integrations and a new column for IOTA reference  numbers)
as well as  a new section  (6 pages) for  historical notes.  [TNX Diamond  DX

ZK3 ---> Someone recently circulated the information that Mario, IZ8DBJ would
operate as ZK3DJ from a Tokelau  new IOTA on 1-8 February.  This is not  true
and Mario cannot explain where the news originated from. He and other Italian
operators are  actually planning  an activity  from an  IOTA new  one,  which
obviously cannot be Tokelau (OC-048); further information will be given  only
if and when their plans are firm. [TNX IZ8DBJ]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:           Online  logs  for   William,  ST0F  have   been  updated   at
                 http://www.zs4tx.co.za/logs/st0f_logsearch.html   [TNX    The
                 Daily DX]
OC-252:         A photo  gallery from  YC9BU's operation  from Temaju  Island
                 (OC-252) is available at www.mdxc.org/oc-252 [TNX IZ8CCW]
TOP DXPEDITION: Gil, F5NOD reports that the Top  DX Expedition page has  been
                 updated at www.qsl.net/f5nod/topdxexpe.html

QSLs received direct:  3D2CY, 3E500CWB, 3XA8DX,  3XY7C, 4K6DI, 4L1UN,  5H1HS,
5K0Z (NA-033), 5W0IR,  5Z4DZ, 7X2RO,  8P9HT, 9H1ZA,  9J2BO, 9K2/KM5FY,  9M6NA
(OC-133),9S1X, 9U0X, A22BP,  A25/DJ6SI, A61AJ, AP2ARS,  AP2IA, C56RF,  C91RF,
C98RF, CE0Y/DM5TI,  D4B,  DU1/N6HPX,  EA4DX/HK0  (NA-049),  ED5TII  (EU-093),
FR5ZQ/G, FT5ZH, FY5FY,  H44XX, HC8N,  HI8RV, HV5PUL,  J3/N2GA, J37K,  J48ALO,
J49HW (EU-015),  J49HW/P  (EU-187), J6/VK2IR,  JT1X,  K1B,  KE7X/6Y5,  KG4DX,
P40E, P40P, PJ2/PA0VDV,  R16S, R1ANB,  R1ANZ, RA3NY/1,  RI0CA, RI0CB,  RK21Z,
RN3R, RW0BB/9, S07L,  TT8DX, TY4DX, TY9F,  TZ6VV, UA0QMU/0, UA2BD,  UA9MQR/1,
UE0OFF, UX0FF/P (EU-182),  V31OM, V51AS,  V63WN (OC-253  and OC-254),  V73CW,
ZK1YRE (OC-159), ZK2MO.

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