425 DX News issue #615

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                              425 DX News #615
                              15 February 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3D2    - Tad, JF6OJX will be active as 3D2JX from Mana Island (OC-121),  Fiji
          on 19-24 April. He will concentrate on 80-30 metres for Europe,  but
          will also operate on 6-20 metres  (160 metres if possible). QSL  via
          JN1HOW. Logs will be available at  http://www.NDXA.jp/pedi/3d2-2003/
          after the end  of the  operation. Hisa,  7K1WLE (WLE@DXing.org)  and
          Ted, JJ1LIB (ted@DXing.org) will be in contact with him on an almost
          daily basis. [TNX JJ1LIB]
5B     - G3SJJ, G3SVL, G3UEG will participate in the CQ 160 Meter SSB Contest
          as P3F from Cyprus. QSL via 5B4AGN. [TNX NG3K]
6Y     - WN9O and WO9Z will be active  as 6Y5/homecall from Jamaica  (NA-097)
          from 22 February to 9 March.  They will participate  in the ARRL  DX
          SSB Contest as 6Y8Z (QSL via WO9Z). [TNX The Daily DX]
9H     - Gaby, OE8YDQ and Chris,  OE8CIQ will be  active as 9H/homecall  from
          Malta on 20-27 April. Theirs  will be a  holiday style operation  on
          10-80 metres SSB and CW. QSL via home calls either direct or through
          the bureau. More information at http://www.oe8ydq.com
9Q     - Flo, F5CWU will be guest operating from 9S1X, Democratic Republic of
          Congo, from 24 February to 10 March, including entries in the  Coupe
          du REF (SSB) and the  ARRL International DX  Contest (SSB). QSL  via
          F2YT. [TNX 9Q1A]
CE     - A group  of operators  from the  Southern Cross  DX Group  has  been
          granted permission  to operate  from Quiriquina  Island (SA-070)  on
          22-23 February. They will be active as 3G5Q on all bands SSB, CW and
          FM QSL via XQ5SM (P.O.  Box 2841, Concepcion,  Chile). The web  page
          for the expedition is at http://www.qsl.net/3g5q [TNX CE4USW]
CN     - Look for W7EJ to participate in the CQ 160 Meter SSB Contest as CN2R
          from Morocco. He plans to be  on or around 1836  kHz. QSL via  W7EJ.
          [TNX NG3K]
CO     - Juan, CO8TW will participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest on 160 metres
          (1820-1840 kHz) low power. QSL via IZ8CCW. Logs will be available at
          http://www.qsl.net/co8tw/ [TNX CO8TW]
CT3    - Look for Rosel, CT3/DL3KWR and Hardy,  CT3/DL3KWF to be active  from
          Madeira (AF-014) on 6-20 March. They plan to concentrate on the WARC
          bands CW. QSL via home  calls; bureau card  requests are welcome  at
          dl3kwr@darc.de [TNX DL3KWF]
D4     - Gabriele, IK4UPB will  be active (on  10-160 metres SSB  and CW)  as
          D44TD from 25  February to 3  March, including a  SOSB entry in  the
          ARRL DX SSB Contest. QSL via CT1EKF. [TNX IK4UPB]
DL     - Look for DL4OK/p to be  active from Poel  Island (EU-098, O-002  for
          the German Islands Award) on  14-18 February. From  time to time  he
          will also operate from Gollwitz Lighthouse (ARLHS FED-092). QSL  via
          bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
EA8    - Wayne, N7NG reports he will activate  the Gran Canaria  superstation
          EA8BH for  the upcoming  ARRL DX  CW  Contest. "Although  it's  been
          several years since I have operated SOAB", he says, "I hope to be up
          to the challenge". QSL via OH2BH.
F      - Jean-Marc, F5SGI will be active  on 10-80 metres  CW as TM6ILE  from
          Groix Island (EU-048, DIFM AT-012) on 7-12 April. QSL via home  call
          either direct or through the bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
FG     - Wayne, W9AE, will be active  as FG/W9AE on  the AO40 satellite  from
          Guadeloupe (grid FK96)  on 21-26 February.  The operating window  to
          Europe will  be 1500-2000  UTC on  23 February.  QSL via  home  call
          (Wayne Estes, 18673 W. Meadow Lane, Mundelein, IL 60060, USA).  [TNX
FM     - Stefano, IK2QEI will  participate in the  ARRL DX  SSB Contest  (1-2
          March) as TO1A (SOAB) from FM5BH's shack on Martinique (NA-107). QSL
          via IK2QEI. [TNX NG3K]
FY     - Oliver, F5MZN will participate in  the ARRL DX  CW Contest as  FY5KE
          (SOAB) from French Guyana. QSL via bureau. [TNX NG3K]
GJ     - Mat, F5SHQ will  participate in  the ARRL  DX CW  Contest as  MJ0ASP
          (SOSB 20 metres) from Jersey. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
HR     - Tom, W0GLG  will be  in Puerta  Limpera, Honduras  from 14  February
          until 5 March and will  try to check  into the 247  net or hang  out
          around 14195 kHz when he has the chance. From around 2 to 4 March he
          will be active  (on 20, 15  and 10 metres  SSB) from Cayos  Cochinos
          (NA-160). QSL via W0GLG. [TNX KD0JL]
HR     - Ray, WQ7R will  operate (SSB and  CW, as well  as RTTY  and PSK)  as
          WQ7R/HR9 from Roatan Island (NA-057) from 27 March through 4  April,
          including an entry in the CQWW  WPX SSB Contest  as HQ9R (SOAB  LP).
          QSLs via N6FF. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
IS0    - Freddy, IZ1EPM  reports  he will  be  active from  Santa  Teresa  di
          Gallura, Sardinia  (EU-024) from  19 April  to 2  May. He  plans  to
          operate on 10-40m  and to  concentrate on  30 metres.  QSl via  home
          call, direct or bureau.
JA     - Toshi, JM1PXG  and others  will be  active  from the  Daito  Islands
          (AS-047) on 25-28 July. They will participate in the IOTA Contest as
          JM1PXG/6. QSL via home  calls either direct  or through the  bureau.
          [TNX JI6KVR]
KH4    - Bill, KH4/NH6D expects to be active  from Midway Island until  21-22
          February. QSL via N6FF. [TNX The Daily DX]
LU     - Javi, LU5FF reports he will participate in the ARRL DX CW Contest as
          SOAB LP. QSL via EA7JX.
LX     - LX1KQ, LX1UN and  LX2AJ will  participate in  the CQ  160 Meter  SSB
          Contest as LX9UN. QSL via LX1NJ, [TNX NG3K]
LZ     - Special event call  LZ125O will be  aired on all  bands CW, SSB  and
          RTTY by Balkan  Contest Club (LZ1KZA/LZ5A)  on 1-31  March. QSL  via
          LZ1KZA (P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria). [TNX LZ1ZF]
P2     - A few days  ago Bernhard,  DL2GAC/P29VMS had  announced through  Jim
          Smith, VK9NS he would be active from the Tauu (aka Mortlock) Islands
          (OC-???) starting  around  13 February.  There  should have  been  a
          change in the  boat's schedule, as  on 11 February  Bernhard was  in
          Rabaul (New Britain, OC-008) after operating from OC-256, OC-257 and
          OC-231 (a total of around 2200  QSOs). His plans  were to travel  by
          plane on the 13th and reach the town of Wewak (OC-034). He will then
          go and operate  for 3-5 days  from one of  the nearby islands,  like
          Kairiru or Muschu,  that count for  the Papua  New Guinea's  Coastal
          Islands North group (OC-???). Around 20-25 February he will go  back
          to the Solomon Islands (H4). Bernhard  reminds island chasers  that,
          since he operates with a 70AH car battery recharged by solar  panel,
          he is "not fond at all  of multiple QSO  attempts". QSL via  DL2GAC.
          [TNX P29VMS]
PJ7    - Look for PJ7/W8EB to be active  (on 160-10 metres SSB, CW, RTTY  and
          PSK-31) from  Sint  Maarten (NA-105)  from  23 February  through  23
          March. He  will participate  in  the ARRL  DX  SSB Contest  as  PJ7B
          (SOAB). QSLs via home call. [TNX NG3K]
PY0_spp- Joca, PS7JN is planning to return  to St. Peter  and St. Paul  Rocks
          (SA-014) in the first half of  April. He expects  to operate on  40,
          20, 15 and 10 metres SSB and RTTY; other modes and bands will depend
          on the  equipment he  will  be able  to  have. Further  details  are
          expected in due course; his web site is at  http://www.qsl.net/ps7jn
          [TNX PS7JN]
PY0_tr - Linneu, PY1ON will be active  (on +/- 7050,  14200, 21300 and  28490
          kHz) as  ZY0T from  Trindade (SA-010)  on  17-19 February.  QSL  via
          PY1YB. [TNX CT1END and PS7AB]
          will participate in the ARRL DX  CW Contest as  8S5X (M/M). QSL  via
          SM5HJZ. [TNX NG3K]
SP     - George, SP2PI will operate as HF2VL from 25 February to 31 March  to
          celebrate his  45th anniversary  of activity  on the  amateur  radio
          bands. QSL via home call (Jerzy  H. Wojniusz, Matejki 56/39,  87-100
          Torun, Poland). [TNX SP2PI]
SV     - Spiros, SV8CS will participate in the CQ WW 160 Meter SSB Contest as
          SY8A from his QTH on Zakynthos (EU-052). [TNX NG3K]
TG     - Dennis Motschenbacher,  K7BV  will participate  in  the ARRL  DX  CW
          Contest as  TG0AA  (SOAB)  thanks  to  the  generosity  of  Club  de
          Radioaficionados de Guatemala  and the  communication assistance  of
          Juan, TG9AJR. QSL routing information via club for all contacts will
          be released after arrival in-country. [TNX N4GN]
TR     - Christian (TT8DX) is active as TR8SA from Gabon until 8 March.  [TNX
          La Gazette du DX]
V3     - Charlotte, KQ1F (V31QQ) and Paul, K1XM  (V31XM) will be active  from
          Turneffe Island  (NA-123) from  26 February  to 5  March. They  will
          participate in the ARRL DX SSB  Contest as V31QQ. Operations  before
          26 February will be from mainland Belize. QSLs via KQ1F. [TNX KQ1F]
V6     - Bert/V73GOD (WH7USA)  expects to  be active  as V63USA  from  Kosrae
          Island (OC-059), Micronesia  for one week  starting on 15  February.
          [TNX The Daily DX]
V7     - Jim Todd, KC7OKZ/V73KZ and his wife Carol, KC7TSX/V73SX [425DXN 579]
          are now back  on Majuro (OC-029),  Marshall Islands, after  spending
          most of  the last  six months  in the  U.S.  due to  various  family
          problems. "Our IOTA adventures  are back on  the front burner",  Jim
          says, "Because  the  weather window  will  not be  good  for  Taongi
          (OC-???) until summer, we will visit  Enewetak and Ujelang  (OC-???)
          first. We plan on sailing to  Enewetak (OC-087) early in April".  If
          interested in joining Jim and Carol, please visit their web site  at
          http://www.qsl.net/kc7okz or e-mail wingsdx@usa.net [TNX G3ZAY]
VE     - Neil, VE8CQ reports that  at least five  operators from the  Western
          Arctic Amateur  Radio  Association  will  participate  in  the  IOTA
          Contest as VE8NET from Sachs Harbour, Banks Island (NA-129). QSL via
VK     - VK3ZZ, VK3FT, VK3WWW and VK3QI will be active from Waldegrave Island
          in the South  Australia State West  Centre Group  (OC-???) on  16-21
          April. They  will operate  SSB and  CW on  all HF  bands except  160
          metres with  a special  call to  be announced  in due  course.  [TNX
VP5    - Rodger,  GM3JOB  and  Willie,  GM4ZNC  will   be  active  again   as
          VP5/homecalls from North Caicos (NA-002) on 5-19 April. They plan to
          be QRV on most bands SSB and  CW. QSL via home calls, either  direct
          or through the bureau. [TNX GM4ZNC]
XE     - XE1VIC, XE1ME, XE1JG, XE1YJY  and XE1KK will  participate in the  CQ
          160 Meter SSB Contest (21-23 February) as XE1RCS. [TNX NG3K]
ZF     - Yuri, VE3DZ is active  as ZF1DZ from  Little Cayman Island  (NA-016)
          until 17 February. QSL via home call.
ZK1    - Nik, HB9EAA will  be active mainly  on CW from  the Cook Islands  in
          March. He will  first go and  operate from  Penrhyn Atoll  (OC-082),
          North Cooks on 8-15 March; then  he will move to Aitutaki  (OC-083),
          South Cooks  and be  active on  until 22  March. Requested  call  is
          ZK1EAA, which  he  hopes will  be  confirmed when  he  collects  his
          licence upon arrival.  QSL via HB9EAA  either direct (Niklaus  Oser,
          Pfarrgasse 10,  CH-4114  Hofstetten,  Switzerland)  or  through  the
          bureau.    The    web    page    for    the    operation    is    at
          http://www.qsl.net/hb9eaa/dxped03/ [TNX HB9EAA]

SOUTH SHETLANDS  (AN-010)  ---> Due  to  logistic reasons  Oleg,  UA1PBA  has
postponed until  March his  planned DP1ANF  activity  [425DXN 611]  from  the
Eduard Dallmann Laboratory (WABA DL-NEW) on King George Island. Oleg and Alex
are now active as R1ANF/A for at least one more week from the Teniente Ballve
Refuge of  Argentina (WABA  LU-22) on  Ardely Island.  QSL via  RK1PWA.  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

AH3D ---> Bernie,  W3UR provides a  few more  details about  the recent  AH3D
operation from Johnston Island. The band by band break down is:
Band    SSB    CW   RTTY   Total
160      23   718      0     741
  80    1312  1629      0    2941
  40    1107  1879      0    2986
  30       0  2242      0    2242
  20    4897  1402     43    6342
  17     606  1962      0    2568
  15    3569   401    726    4696
  12    1877    62      0    1939
  10    4349     0      0    4349
Total 17740 10295    769   28804
"One of our main goals was  to give as many people a  new one, especially  in
Europe", Bernie says. "In Europe we worked 1459 on CW, 3209 on SSB and 39  on
RTTY for a total of 3,237 QSOs or about 11.2 % of the total QSOs". The  group
is now working on getting the logs ready for on line search.

IOCA CHECKPOINTS  ---> IOCA  Manager Emir,  9A6AA  (http://www.inet.hr/9a6aa)
repots that  two local  checkpoints have  been appointed  to deal  with  IOCA
(Islands Of  Croatia Award)  applications from  their own  country. They  are
Antonio, IZ8CCW for  Italy (iz8ccw@mdxc.org)  and Fredy,  DE0MST for  Germany

IR4A ---> IQ (India Quebec) is currently being issued as ordinary prefix  for
club stations in Italy, and since it is no longer a special prefix, those who
held an IQ  contest callsign shall  change it. The  Monte Capra Contest  Team
(formerly IQ4A, three times CQWW M/S World Champion in the past 14 years  and
current holder of the European CQWW  M/S all time record)  will now be  using

JOHNSTON ISLAND ---> KJ6BZ is the club call used by Bob/V73HT and Bert/V73GOD
(WH7USA) in  the past  few days  while dismantling  the club  station on  the
island. QSL for  this operation should  go to  LTC Bert  Godlewski, P.O.  Box
1480, APO AP 96555, USA. [TNX The Daily DX]

OX3FV ---> Joergen, OZ8AE reports that  Kim Andersen, OX3FV  is now QRT  from
Groennedal, Greenland and his new call is OZ5FV. QSL OX3FV via OZ5FV.

QSL   CE6M   --->   The   QSL   cards   for   the   recent   CE6M   operation
(http://www.qsl.net/ce6ne/CE6M.htm) from  Mocha  Island  (SA-061)  have  been
received from the printer and direct requests are being processed right now.

QSL DU1/SQ9BOP --->  Andy, SP6GVU reports  he still  has logs  and cards  for
Jacek's activity  from the  Philippines (September  2001 -  April 2002).  QSL
direct to Andrzej  Kaleta, P.O. Box  498, Wroclaw  2, Poland  or through  the

QSL FO5RH --->  La Gazette du  DX reports  that F6CTL  is no  longer the  QSL
manager for Alain.  QSL cards for  FO5RH, as  well as  for FG/F2HE,  FS/F2HE,
FO0CLA and TX5BTY, should be sent  direct to Alain Claverie, P.O. Box  51690,
98716 Pirae, Tahiti.

QSL HK5MQZ  ---> Jairo  Vargas, HK5MQZ,  an active  DXers who  operated  from
Malpelo back in 2001, reports that  air mail has  increased 100% in  Colombia
this year. He suggests to use  registered mail, if  possible, and to  enclose
"two greenstamps or two IRCs" when sending for cards.

QSL T77CD  ---> Giovanni,  T77CD was  active during  the  CQ/RJ WW  WPX  RTTY
Contest last weekend (1590 QSOs). Cards  should be sent direct only to  I0MWI
(Stefano Cipriani, Via Taranto 60, 00055 Ladispoli - RM, Italy). [TNX I0MWI]

QSL ZL7C --->  The blank QSL  cards for the  ZL7C DXpedition  to the  Chatham
Islands (October  2002) arrived  in New  Zealand on  27 January.  Some  5,000
direct requests have been received  so far: "we  have begun processing  these
cards", Ken Holdom, ZL4HU reported on 9 February, "and we expect this process
to continue for approximately another 2-3 weeks. We will be doing a bulk mail
out by economy post on 1 March 2003. If by the  end of April you do not  have
your cards, then may we suggest that this is an appropriate time to  consider
whether to send a  2nd request. Direct  requests that do  not contain SAE  or
return postage will  be sent via  the bureau. Incoming  bureau cards will  be
processed when time permits".

QSL MANAGER OFFERED ---> Antonello Passarella, IK2DUW is willing to act as  a
QSL manager for one or more stations. He can be contacted at ik2duw@qsl.net

QSL VIA BA4DW ---> David, BA4DW  is receiving cards for FR5/BA4DW, which  was
pirated on 5 December 2002.  Do not waste  your time and  money on this  one.
David can  confirm contacts  made with  BA4DW/2 (AS-158),  BA4DW/2  (AS-151),
BA4DW/4 (AS-150), BA4DW/5 (AS-137), BD4DW, BG4DW, BX2/BA4DW (Taiwan,  AS-020)
and BZ4DJW. His  address is: David  Y. J. Zhou,  P.O. Box 040-088,  Shanghai,
200040, China. [TNX BA4DW]

QSL VIA VE3LYC ---> Cezar, VE3LYC has received W2NTJ's log for his operations
of 2002.  Jack  operated  as  VE2/W2NTJ (11  July-22  October  and  again  21
November-6  December)  from  near  Namaska,  Quebec,  and  as  VY0/W2NTJ  (23
October-20 November and again 7-28 December) from North Twin Island  (NA-173,
CISA NT-008), Nunavut. QSL direct to VE3LYC. Direct requests already received
were sent out early this week. [TNX VE3LYC]

SFDXA ---> The newly elected officers of the South Florida DX Association for
the year  2003  are: William  Marx/W2CQ  (President),  Esteban  Romagni/W4DTA
(Vice-President), Richard  Gillingham/W1RG  (Secretary),  John  Bohnovic/K4WJ
(Treasurer), Michael Raskin/W4UM, Donald Search/W3AZD, Bruce Phegley/W4OV and
Peter Rimmel/ N8PR (Directors at Large).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ARRL DX CW:  A list of  stations that have  announced their participation  in
              this   year's   event   is   maintained   by   Bill,   NG3K   at
JW:          The web site for the 24 February-1 March activity by  JW/SM0BSO,
              JW/SM0LQB and  JW/SM1TDE  [425DXN 611]  has  been  updated  with
              information about operations on satellites, digital modes and  6
              metres. Check  http://w1.865.telia.com/~u86523219/JW03.htm [TNX
KH6GMP/KH3:  A slide  show  of the  January  2002 KH6GMP/KH3  operation  from
              Johnston  Island  is  at  http://home.hawaii.rr.com/kh6gmp [TNX

QSLs received direct: 3A2MD, 3B8IK, 3C5XA, 3D2RW, 3V8BB, 4L1BR, 4L1FX, 4L6AM,
4W6MM, 5H3RK, 5Z4DZ,5Z4DZ,  7P8ZZ, 8N1OGA, 9G1UW,9K2HN,  9K2MU, 9K9O,  9M2AX,
9M8YY, 9U0X, 9U5A, A92ZE, AH0AG, BI5H (AS-137), BQ9P, C6ARB, C98RF, CE8/F6BFH
(SA-050), CE9/R1ANF  (WABA  CE-10), CE9R  (WABA  CE-11), CN2R,  CX4CR,  D2BB,
D44TD,  D44TT,  E20KIR,  E31AA,  EA4DX/HK0,  EY8MM,  EZ8AQ,  FK8VHT,   FM5BH,
(NA-052), K7AR/C6A, K8LIZ/C6A (NA-113), KA1I/NH2, KB2FB/DU7 (OC-129),  KC4AAC
(AN-012), KG4DX,  KG4IZ,  KG4MO, KH0/JA1UII,  KH0A,  KH3/KH6GMP,  KP2N,  L65W
(SA-065), LU/F6BFH  (SA-049),  LU1ZA, LU6EF,  LU8MFF,  N4BQW/KH9,  OD5/OK1MU,
P4/AK4XX, PJ2/K9BG, PJ2T,  R1ANF (WABA  BY-01), R1ANF/P  (WABA PY-03),  R1FL,
RI0B (AS-156), RI0CA,  RU0B (AS-057), RZ1OWA,  S07L,S07U, S21YY, S9MX,  T88SP
(OC-009), TF4RX (EU-168),  TK4Z, TT8ZZ,  TU0PAX, TY4DX,  TY9F, V21CW,  V47NS,
V51AS,V63RE,  VI3JPI  (OC-251),  VK0MQI,  VK4WWI  (OC-255  &  OC-187),  VK6BM
(OC-234), VK8AN/6 (OC-154), VP2EY, VP5NN, VP5T, VP8ROT, VP8SDX, W4D (NA-213),
(OC-252), YJ0AHK  (OC-035),  YL0A, YL2MD,  YP1W,  YW1T, Z22JE,  Z24S,  Z31GX,

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