425 DX News issue #618

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                              425 DX News #618
                                8 March 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3D2    - Mike, DF8AN hopes to have his  old 3D2MN call renewed for his  12-27
          March stay in Nadi, Fiji Islands.  He plans to operate mostly CW  on
          all bands, 6 metres included. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
9N     - After a couple of weeks spent  at home Hugo, LA5YJ/9N7YJ is back  to
          Kathmandu, Nepal for a longer stay on an U.N. assignment. He now has
          a better transceiver and trapped dipoles for 160, 80, 40, 30, 17 and
          12 metres, and will try to get a linear amplifier. Please note  that
          he does not  work on RTTY  or PSK31.  Updates will  be published  at
          http://www.qsl.net/la6fja/9n7yj.html. QSL direct only to Bjorn  Hugo
          Ark, Rute 504 - Paulsrud, NO-2840 Reinsvoll, Norway. [TNX LA6FJA]
A4     - Look for Younis, A41MA/p  to be active  from Suwadi Island  (AS-112)
          through  8   March.  The   web  page   for  the   operation  is   at
          http://www.geocities.com/suwadi_island [TNX A41MA]
EA6    - Christian, DL6KAC will be  active again (manily  SSB with some  RTTY
          and/or PSK31)  as EA6/DL6KAC  from  Mallorca (DIE  E-021),  Balearic
          Islands (EU-004) from 11 March to 10 April. QSL via home call either
          direct or through the DARC bureau. [TNX DL6KAC]
HB0    - Pascal, F5RZJ  will be  active on  SSB and  CW as  HB0/F5RZJ/P  from
          Liechtenstein on 15-16 March. QSL via home call. [TNX F5NZO]
J5     - Simone, IV3NVN will leave Europe for  Guinea-Bissau on 8 March.  His
          first stop will  be in the  capital city  of Bissau,  where he  will
          collect his licence and will be QRV for some five days. Then he will
          go and  operate  from Pecixe  Island  in the  Guinea-Bissau  Coastal
          Region group (AF-???). He plans to  be there for about one week  and
          to be active mostly on 15  and 6 metres (beacon  on 50.096 MHz)  SSB
          and CW (possibly on 12, 17, 20, 30  e 40 metres as well). Around  20
          or 21 March he will travel to Caboxanque in the southern part of the
          country, where he will try to operate  also on 80 and 160 metres  CW
          and on  digital modes.  He will  participate in  the CQ  WW WPX  SSB
          Contest as SOSB on 10 metres. On 3  April he will be back to  Bissau
          for another  couple of  days before  returning home.  QSL direct  to
          IV3NVN (Simone Candotto, P.O. Box 4, 33050 Castions di Strada -  UD,
          Italy). Please do not include  old style IRCs  and note that  Simone
          anticipates he will not be able to start QSLling before August. [TNX
JA     - Look for Taka,  JR3TVH/6 and his  wife Nuts, JJ3NAW/6  to be  active
          from Miyako Island (AS-079) on 8-10  March. They plan to operate  on
          15, 10, 20, 17 and 12 metres SSB and CW and to pay special attention
          to 6 metres (they will have a beacon on 50138 kHz). QSLs via bureau.
          [TNX JR3TVH]
OY     - Tom/GM4FDM and Bill/AK0A  have joined  the team  of Dutch  operators
          (namely PA3EWP, PA3FQA and PA5ET)  who will be  active on all  bands
          and modes from the Faroer Islands from 24 March and 3 April  [425DXN
          617]. They will  have three stations  (one for  digital modes)  with
          amplifiers and plans are to concentrate  on 80 & 160 metres and  the
          WARC bands. The  callsigns to be  used are  OY7ET (operator  PA5ET),
          OY7QA (operator PA3FQA),  OY7TW (operator  GM4FDM), OY7WB  (operator
          AK0A) and OY7WP  (operator PA3EWP),  plus OY8PA  for 80/160  metres,
          digital modes and the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest. QSL for all via  PA5ET.
          Latest information  can be  found at  http://www.qsl.net/lldxt [TNX
PY     - The ZY8C operation  from Caviana  Island (SA-042)  [425DXN 617]  has
          been postponed and  it now  scheduled to  take place  from 27  March
          through 3 April,  including a M/S  effort during the  CQ WW WPX  SSB
          Contest. [TNX PY8AZT
ST     - Claudio, IV3OWC has received his licence and now he will operate  as
          ST2CF (not ST1C  as previously announced).  He will be  in Sudan  on
          16-31 March,  including an  entry in  the CQ  WPX SSB  Contest.  QSL
          direct only via home call. [TNX IV3OWC]
SV9    - Dick, G3URA reports he will be on  20 metres only from his house  on
          Crete as  SV9/G3URA  during the  BARTG  RTTY Spring  Contest  (15-16
          March). QSL via home call.
T8     - Seiji, JH6RTO will be active (on  80-6 metres CW,  SSB and RTTY)  as
          T88FS from Palau on 13-17 March. QSL via home call (Seiji Fukushima,
          1182-2506 Hase, Atsugi-city 243-0036 Japan). [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
UA     - Special station  UE3RDA  will be  active  on 8-15  March  from  rare
          districts for the Russian  District Award (http://rdaward.org). QSL
          via RW3RN (Alex Kuznetsov, P.O. Box  57, Tambov-23, 392023  Russia).
          [TNX RW3RN]
VK     - Bill, VK4FW reports  he will  be on  Fraser Island  (OC-142) from  8
          March for about  four days.  "I will  be extremely  busy", he  says,
          "however I hope to get a little time for the radio". He will operate
          mainly CW in his late afternoon  and some night. QSL direct only  to
          Bill Horner, P.O. Box 1343, Maroochydore 4558, Australia.
VK     - VI5WCP is the special call to be used from Waldegrave Island in  the
          South Australia  State  West Centre  Group  (OC-???)  [425DXN  615].
          Tom/VK3ZZ, Peter/VK3QI,  Keith/VK3FT  and Jack/VK3WWW  will  now  be
          active (on all bands except 160 metres, SSB and CW) on 17-22  April.
          The operation will celebrate the historical naming of the island  by
          Matthew Flinders during his coastal exploration of 1802/03. QSL  via
          VK3ZZ either  direct  (Thomas  Marlowe,  P.O.  Box  368,  Leongatha,
          Victoria 3953, Australia) or through the bureau. [TNX VK3ZZ]
VP5    - Look for David,  VP5/KY1V (www.ky1v.com) to  be active from  Whitby,
          North Caicos Island (NA-002) on 11-18 March. QSL via home call. [TNX
VP6_di - Stu Greene, WA2MOE reports that the  Ducie Island  team  expects  to
          arrive on 8 March in their morning (Ducie time is UTC -8).  To avoid
          pirates, the call sign will not be released  until the operation has
          begun. Suggested frequencies are the following:
          CW   10.102 or 10.124  listen up per instructions
               14.020    up 9
               18.070    up 9
               21.020    up 9
               24.900    up 9
               28.020    up 9
          SSB  14.195    up .215
               18.130    up .140
               21.295    up .305
               24.950    up .955
               28.445    up .455
          RTTY 21.080    up .100-120 (primary band as long as there is demand)
               14.080    up .085     (second band)
          6m   50.110    SSB/CW   on operators  instruction, a beacon  will be
               there 24 hours
          "Please don't ask about 40, 80 or 160, because I do not know at this
          time", WA2MOE says.
          The  pilots  for the  operation are  JE2EHP(je2ehp@jarl.com),  DJ8NK
          (C_Harders@compuserve.com) and  WA2MOE (wa2moe@firstinter.net).  QSL
          via JR2KDN Yuichi Yoshida, 4F Kato Building, 529 Rokugaike, Kita-Ku,
          Nagoya 462-0002, Japan). The web sites are at
          www.qsl.net/wd4ngb/ducie.htm and www.qsl.net/aa0mz/ducie2.htm.

CARIBBEAN TOUR  ---> Nigel,  G3TXF  will be  active  as VP2EN  from  Anguilla
(NA-022) through 12 March. He hopes to be QRV during the RSGB's  Commonwealth
Contest (8-9 March). On 13-18 March Nigel plans to operate as FS/G3TXF/p from
Tintamarre Island (NA-199), St. Martin. These  are likely to be daytime  only
operations from about 14 UTC to 22 UTC.  Both operations will be CW only  and
Nigel will try to "stick to the zeroes" (i.e 14030 or 14040, 18080 or  18090,
21030 or  21040, 24900  or 24910,  28030 or  28040). QSL  via G3TXF.  Further
details on http://www.G3TXF.com [TNX NG3K]

SOUTH AMERICA TOUR ---> From 14 to 30 March Rick, NE8Z will be operating from
Argentina,  Uruguay  and  Brazil  as  LU/NE8Z  (various  locations),  CX/NE8Z
(Colonia) and PY5/NE8Z (Iguazu Falls). He plans to operate on 40-10 metres CW
(most activity  on WARC  bands). QSL  via NE8Z  (Rick Dorsch,  P.O. Box  616,
Hamburg, MI 48139, USA). [TNX NE8Z]

SOUTH SHETLANDS (AN-010)  ---> Oleg (UA1PBA)  is currently  active as  DP1ANF
from the Eduard Dallmann Laboratory (WABA  DL-07) on King George Island,  but
will have to QRT on 8 March (actual time will depends on the weather which is
very poor at the moment). QSL via  RK1PWA. Due to poor propagation, Oleg  and
Alex (UA1PAW)  logged  some  1400  QSOs  only  during  their  recent  R1ANF/p
operation from the  Teniente Ballve refuge  of Argentina  (WABA LU-22).  [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

DXCC NEWS ---> TT8ZZ (24 September to 8 November 2002) has been approved  for
DXCC credit. [TNX NC1L, DXCC Manager]

IOTA CONTEST ---> The results for the IOTA Contest 2002 are now available  at

LCRA ---> Good news from Beto,  HK3DDD, who reports that the Liga  Colombiana
de Radioaficionados  is still  alive.  During the  meeting  held on  1  March
[425DXN 517] they agreed not to dissolve the society, "so the bureau  service
is active 100%". [TNX VE3EXY]

NIGER ---> Peter, VY0PW (ex VK8PW and VE8PW) has been trying for many  months
to get a licence for his QTH in eastern Niger where he has been working since
early 2002. He has  now received the  official news that  a licence for  this
part of the country cannot be issued. This is due to serious concerns by  the
government relating to the internal security in various parts of Niger. A  HF
radio in  private  hands is  considered  too much  of  a  risk.  The  present
licencing policy seems to restrict the issuing of new licences to the capital
Niamey or the immediate surroundings. [TNX DK8MZ]

OPERATIONS ABORTED  ---> The  3B8/DK7AO operators,  who were  supposed to  be
active from Mauritius on 9-15 February, were unable to get their licence ("we
are very frustrated and disappointed", Peter, DL3APO says).
Maurice, F5NQL reports  that Pierre, FG/F6FXS,  who was  supposed to  operate
from Guadeloupe until 12 March, had to go QRT on 28 February due to the death
of his mother.

PIRATE ---> Claudio, IV3OWC  reports that Marco  Nobili, ST1MN currently  has
not time for amateur radio and above all he does not operate CW.

PIRATE ---> Raul, LU6EF reports he is not the QSL manager for ZR2A, which  is
believed to be a slim.

QSL MANAGER  OFFERED --->  Noel Schechtman,  PT2ND is  a  member of  The  QSL
Manager's Society (http://www.qsl.net/qslmanagers) and offers his services to
stations in need. He can be contacted at pt2nd@ig.com.br

QSL FW8FP ---> All QSL cards received  as at 28 February have been  processed
and mailed. QSL direct only via VK4FW. [TNX VK4FW]

QSL KC4AAC ---> Larry, K1IED has finally received the log for KC4AAC (AN-012)
and the QSL cards have been printed. He plans to mail most if not all of  the
direct QSL requests over the next 2-3 weeks. [TNX VE3LYC]

QSL MQ0CBM ---> Rod, M0CBM reports that  two packets of QSL cards for  MQ0CBM
were lost  in the  post. Anyone  needing a  QSL from  13.30 on  27 June  2002
through 23.00 on  the 30th  please contact  Rod at  rod.newman@btinternet.com

QSL OX2K --->  Allis, OZ1ACB  reports she  has run  out of  cards. Please  be
patient while a new batch of QSLs is being printed.

QSL ZC4DW ---> The new address for Dez, G0DEZ (ZC4DW, ZD8DEZ, 5B4AGW) is  Dez
Watson, 7 Darwin Close, Lichfield, Staffordshire WS13 7ET, England. [TNX  The

QSL  ZY7USA   --->  Ciro,   PY7ZY  reports   that   all  the   direct   cards
(http://www.qsl.net/py7zy/zy7usa.htm) for  the  ZY7USA  operation  have  been
answered. If you do not receive your QSL within 10 days, please contact  Ciro
at py7zy@ig.com.br

QSL VIA DF6PB ---> Alexander, DF6PB is  the QSL manager for UN1F, UN2E,  UN6T
and UN9FD. His  new address is  Alexander Schwindt,  Josef-Kunz Str.3,  76726
Germersheim, Germany. [TNX DF6PB]

QSL VIA G0IAS  ---> Allan, G0IAS  reports that too  many direct requests  for
7Q7RM, 7Q7HB and 7Q7LA still do not include return postage. Please note  that
these cards will never get a reply, as Allan has no access to the bureau.

QSL VIA WB2RAJ ---> Long time  QSL Manager, WB2RAJ, has a new  QTH and a  new
mailing address. Send all QSL  requests to Dick  Kashdin, 4591 West  Overlook
Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221, USA. WB2RAJ  is QSL Manager for EM3W,  FK5DX,
FK8GM, J39BW, LZ2TU (1992 only), ST2/G4OJW,  ST2AA (up to 25 February  1995),

+ SILENT  KEY +  The Russian  Robinson Club  reports  the death  of  Vladimir
Lukjanchuk, RX3DQU, who was killed in a plane crash on 1 March. Vladimir  was
one of the RK3DZJ  island team in  2000 and 2001.  [TNX WRC/RRA Bulletin  and

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:          The   9K2USA   logs   are   now    available   on   line    at
                http://dx.qsl.net/cgi-bin/logform.cgi?9k2usa. Hamad,   9K2HN
                reports he  has "just  taken over  this QSLling  job from  the
                previous QSL manager"; if you have any QSL problem, please let
                him know at dxer@qualitynet.net
RRA:           The new updated Island List for the Russian Robinson Award  is
                now available at
                http://www.hamradio.ru/rrc/AWARDS/RRA/rra_new.asp (if you need
                your   own   e-copy,   please   contact   Eugene,   RZ3EC   at
                rz3ec@rekom.ru). [TNX WRC/RRA Bulletin and MDXC]
QSL GALLERIES: A collection of 1000+ QSL cards  is available on Les  Nouvelle
                DX's  web   site  at   http://LesNouvellesDX.free.fr -   five
                different galleries include cards for each  of the 58  deleted
                DXCC entities,  obsolete  prefixes,  Antarctic  bases  &  TAAF
                (Terres Australes  and Antarctiques  Francaises) and  pre-1945
                countries. [TNX F6AJA]
QSL MANAGERS:  The latest update of ON6DP's QSL Manager Database (some 63,000
                QSL routes) is  now available  at http://www.on6dp.be.tf [TNX

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3G5Q        XQ5SM       EI9HQ       WA7OBH      OH0Z        OH5DX
3V8SF       DL1BDF      EJ4GK/P     EI4GK       PJ2/W0CG    N9AG
4H1C        4F1FZ       EJ9HQ       WA7OBH      PJ2T        N9AG
4J6ZZ       UT3UY       EK3SA       DK6CW       PJ5NA       K1NA
4L1FX       DJ1CW       EO410CYD    UT4CE       PJ7B        W8EB
4L1W        LY2MM       ES7NY/0     ES7NY       R3ARES      R3AR
4S7KJG      JA1KJK      ES85I       ES4RD       RW2F        DK4VW
5R8GT       DK8ZD       ES85J       ES1RA       RW6HS       EX2F
5T5SN       F5RUQ       ES85L       ES6PZ       RZ3BY/0     UA3DX
5U7JB       ON5NT       ES85M       ES1QD       S21YY       JM1HXU
5V7BR       F5RUQ       ES85Z       ES0NW       SN70M       SP5ZCC
5W1VE       DL9HCU      ET3BN       DL1JRC      SU9BN       EA7FTR
5X1CW       F6GQK       FG5FC       F6DZU       SU9LL       EA7CHR
6W1RD       KZ5RO       FM5FJ       KU9C        SU9NC       OM2SA
6Y8Z        WO9Z        FY5GS       F6FNU       SY8A        SV8CS
7X0AD       EA4URE      GB0CCE      GW0ANA      T88CQ       JA0DCQ
7X3WDK      EA5KB       GB2ELH      WA7OBH      TA1ZK/0     HB9DUR
8P5A        NT1N        H44MS       DL2GAC      TJ1AG       F5RUQ
8P9NX       W0SA        HC1CB       EA7FTR      TM5A        F5VHJ
8Q7VR       UR9IDX      HC1HC       NE8Z        TM7Z        F5CWU
9G1UW       DL8UP       HE2CC       HB9BCK      TO1A        IK2QEI
9H3AS       DL5SDK      HF2VL       SP2PI       TU5JD       IK2IQD
9J2BO       G3TEV       HK6PSG      EA5OL       UE3MFU      RK3MWI
9K2ZZ       W8CNL       HK8RQS      EA5KB       UN7EG       DL8KAC
9Q1A/2      F2YT        HR3/N7DF    N7DF        UU0JM       W1TE
9S1X        F2YT        HS0ZEA      OE2REL      UU7J        W1TE
A45WD       YO9HP       HU1A        YT1AD       V25LR       W1LR
A51B        W0GJ        HZ1AB       K8PYD       V25WX       W4WX
A71MA       KZ5RO       II1D        IZ1CCE      V26DX       KU9C
BU2/JJ1TBB  JL1ANP      II4G        IZ4DJZ      V26P        WJ5DX
C31LJ       VE3GEJ      IR4X        IK4QJH      V26TB       KD3TB
C6ALK       K7RE        IR4Z        IK4QJH      V31LU       W2LU
C98RF       DL6DQW      J28UN       F8UNF       V31ME       N3ME
CE4Y        CE4FXY      J37LR       VE3EBN      V31QQ       KQ1F
CN2R        W7EJ        J88DR       G3TBK       V31XM       KQ1F
CN8YR       K4KU        JS6QVP      JI5USJ      V44KAI      K2SB
CO0O        bureau      JS6QVQ      JI5RPT      V44KJ       WB2TSL
CO3CJ       IZ8EBI      JT1FDK      UA0ACG      V47DD       K8DD
CO8EJ       EA5KB       JW5HE       LA5HE       V47MX       KA8AMX
CO8OY       AD4C        JY8WW       ON4WW       V47NS       W9NY
CO8TW       IZ8CCW      LR1F        LU5FD       V47WW       AC8W
CP6XE       IK6SNR      LT1F        AC7DX       VI3GP       VK3ER
CW1OO       EA5KB       LU1FF       EA7FTR      VK8DP       VK4AAR
CX3HF       EA5XX       LU1FKR      AC7DX       VP8ROT      GM0HCQ
D2BB        W3HNK       LU1ZA       LU2CN       VQ9CJ       VQ9X
D2U         CT1BFL      LX5A        LX1RQ       WP2Z        KU9C
D44TD       CT1EKF      LX7I        LX2AJ       YA1CQ       JA1CQT
D88S        DS4CNB      LZ125O      LZ1KZA      YA4F        G4KUX
DP1ANF      RK1PWA      MM0LEO      W3LEO       YS3/YN4SU   TI4SU
DP1POL      DL1ZBO      MM0XAU      DJ6AU       Z24S        W3HNK
EA6UN       EC6TK       MM5PSL      WA7OBH      ZA/Z35M     Z35M
EA8BH       OH2BH       MU2A        G4EOF       ZF2AH       W6VNR
EA8OK/p     EA8AKN      OD5/OK1MU   OK1TN       ZF2DQ       K0DQ
ED1PEC      EA1AUM      OD5UT       K3IRV       ZF2HW       N3GXF
ED6TCC      EA6ZX       OH0B        OH2BH       ZF2PX       K5PX
ED9DIM      EA9CE       OH0PM       OH2PM       ZS03CWC     ZS1AU

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

A41MA   Younis Albuloushi, PO.Box 1470, CPO, 111 Oman
DL2GAC  Bernhard Stefan, Moeggenweiler Str. 18, 88677 Markdorf, Germany
DL6DQW  Reinhard Fendler, Waldteichstrasse 34, D-01468 Moritzburg/OT Boxdorf,
EA1AUM  Juan Carlos Rodriguez, P.O. Box 598, 33400 Aviles, Asturias, Spain
EA5KB   Jose F. Ardid Arlandis, P.O.Box 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
EA5ND   Joaquin Garcia Rico, P.O. Box 344, 03600 Elda, Alicante, Spain
EA6ZX   Pau Balaguer, P.O. Box 240, 07080 Palma de Mallorca, Spain
EA9AO   Salvador Bernal Gordillo, P.O. Box 2032, 51001 Ceuta, Spain
EA9CE   Union de Radioaficionados de Ceuta, P.O. Box 103, 51080 Ceuta, Spain
EP3SMH  Sayyed Mohsen Hosseini, P.O. Box 441, 34815 Takestan, Iran
ES1QD   Vello Priimann, P.O.Box 3739, Tallinn 10508, Estonia
F2YT    Paul Herbet, 9 Rue de l'Alouette, 62690 Estree-Cauchy, France
F5PAC   Joel Sutterlin, 1 rue du Rossberg, 68310 Wittelsheim, France
F5RUQ   Thierry Lesnier, 31 rue des Bleuets, 22190 Plerin, France
FK8KAB  Association des Radio-Amateurs de Nouvelle Caledonie, P.O. Box 3956,
         F-98846 Noumea
HB9DUR  Andrea Bianchi, Via Ghiringhelli 49, 6500 Bellinzona - TI,
IK4QJH  Giancarlo Gnudi, Via Valgattara 35, 40063 Monghidoro - BO, Italy
IZ1CCE  Carlo Sobrito, Via I Maggio 9, 10051 Avigliana - TO, Italy
JI5RPT  Makoto Koyanagi, 5-42-203 Kadan Aoba Sendai, Miyagi 980-0815, Japan
JI5USJ  Toru Koyangi, 400-6-1119 Nagasoneminami Hikone, Shiga 522-0052, Japan
JO1EPY  Hiroshi Kotoku, 3-4-19 Kishimachi, Kawagoe City, Saitama 350-1131,
LU5FD   Daniel R. Amadori, Santa Fe 812, S2139BGR Chanar Ladeado - SF,
LZ1KZA  P.O. Box 36, 4300 Karlovo, Bulgaria
NE8Z    Rick Dorsch, P.O. Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139, USA
OH5DX   Ari Korhonen, Kreetalank. 9A1, FIN 29200 Harjavalta, Finland
OM2SA   George Sipos, 93013 Trhova Hradska 550, Slovakia
ON5NT   Ghis Penny, P.O. Box 93, BE-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium
RW9QA   Vlad Kondratenko, P.O.Box 1, Kurgan-38, 640038, Russia
SP2PI   Jerzy H.  Wojniusz, Matejki  56/39, 87-100  Torun, Poland
UA0ACG  Vlad Kravchenko, P.O.Box 375, Zelenogorsk, Krasnoyarskiy kray,
         663690, Russia
US7IGF  Slava Shevchenko, P.O. Box 591, Slavyansk-12, Donetsk obl. 84112,
VK3ER   P.O. Box 87, Mitcham, Victoria 3132, Australia
VO1MZL  Admiralty House Museum, 3 Centennial St., Mount Pearl, NL A1N 1G4,
YO9HP   Alex Panoiu, Pleasa, Prahova, RO-2038, Romania

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