425 DX News issue #620

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                              425 DX News #620
                               22 March 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3X     - Leo, UT1WL is currently working in Conakry (Guinea) and has recently
          received the licence to operate as 3XY1L during 2003. This is not  a
          DXpedition and Leo will be active (with a battery powered rig mostly
          on 20 and 15 metres, but later on he will try to be QRV on 40 metres
          as well) as  time permits,  typically after  18 UTC  and during  the
          weekends. He  also  plan  to  operate  from  both  the  IOTA  groups
          allocated  to  Guinea,  i.e  the  Loos  Islands  (AF-051)  and   the
          unnumbered Tristao Islands. Details are expected in due course.  QSL
          via UY5XE either direct (George Chlijanc,  P.O. Box 19, 79000  Lviv,
          Ukraine) or through the bureau. [TNX UR5WCW]
9G     - Derek, F5VCR reports  he will be  active again as  9G5MD from  Ghana
          between 23 March and 4 April, including a SOAB LP entry in the CQ WW
          WPX SSB Contest. QSL via home call.
9Y     - Sigi, DL7DF will be active as  9Y4/DL7DF from 23 March to 10  April.
          He plans to  operate on all  bands CW, SSB,  RTTY, PSK-31 and  SSTV.
          [TNX NG3K]
C5     - Six operators from  Latvia, Lithuania and  Russia will operate  from
          The Gambia between  25 March and  7 April. Look  for C53CW  (YL3CW),
          C53KL (YL2KL),  C53ZF (YL1ZF),  C56HF (RZ4HF),  C56HTX (RZ4HTX)  and
          C56TA (LY2TA) to be active on all HF bands CW, SSB and RTTY.  During
          the CQ WW WPX SSB and  EA RTTY contests they will  use C5P (QSL  via
          YL2KL). [TNX YL2KL]
CT     - CS5M is the special callsign to  be used on 23  March (9-18 UTC)  by
          AARVM's (Associacao de Radioamadores da  Vila de Moscavide)  members
          to celebrate the  75th anniversary of  the town  of Moscavide.  [TNX
          A.A.R.V.M., http://www.qsl.net/arvm/]
EW     - EW5HST is the  special call to  be used  during the  5th High  Speed
          Telegraphy World Championship (http://hst2003.osto.by/) which is  to
          take place in Minsk, Belarus, on 4-8 May. The call is currently used
          by the organizers, typically on  14.030 kHz around  18 UTC. QSL  via
          EU1SA. [TNX EU1SA]
FG     - F6HQM, F6GWV  and  F6ASS will  be  active as  TO4T  from  Guedeloupe
          between 25 March and 4 April,  CQ WW WPX  SSB Contest included.  QSL
          via F6HMQ. [TNX La Gazette du DX]
FM     - Danny, T93M will be active as FM/T93M from the QTH of Laurent, FM5BH
          on Martinique (NA-107) on 25-31 March. He will participate in the CQ
          WW WPX SSB Contest as TO3M; outside the contest he will  concentrate
          on the WARC and low bands. QSL  for both calls via DJ2MX, whose  new
          address is: Mario  Lovric, Kampenwandstrasse  13, D-81671  Muenchen,
          Germany. [TNX T93Y]
HC8    - Diego,  LU8ADX  will  be  active  (on  SSB  and  possibly  RTTY)  as
          HC8/LU8ADX from the  Galapagos Islands (SA-004)  on 24-31 March.  He
          will participate in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest as HC8N  (Multi-Multi)
          with N5KO, OH0XX, K5KA, XE1KK,  KI7WX and NM5M.  QSL HC8N via  W5UE.
          [TNX The Golist]
HS     - E20HHK, E20NTS,  E20RRW,  E21LSE, HS0GBI,  HS0NNU,  HS1CKC,  HS6MYW,
          HS6TIM and HS9IFG will be active  as HS0GBI/P (on  80 and 40  metres
          CW, QSL  via home  call),  HS1CKC/P (SSB,  QSL  via home  call)  and
          E20HHK/P (CW,  QSL via  E21EIC) from  Chang Island  (AS-125) on  5-7
          April.   Questions    should    be    sent    to    Winit,    HS1CKC
          (hs1ckc@rast.or.th). This IOTA  group was activated  only twice,  by
          HS50A, back in December 1996 and May 1997. [TNX E21EIC]
I      - Andrea/IK2XDE,  Giovanni/IK2JYT,  Antonio/IK2ZJR,  Dario/IK4MED  and
          Angelo/I2ADN will  be  active as  IE9/homecall  from  Ustica  Island
          (EU-051, IIA PA-001, WWL JM68OR) from 26 March to 1 April, CQ WW WPX
          SSB Contest included. They plan to operate on 10-80 metres SSB,  CW,
          RTTY, PSK31 and  some SSTV,  plus 6  metres and  Satellite. QSL  via
          burea to home calls. [TNX IK2XDE]
J3     - Harry, AC8G will  be active from  Grenada (NA-024)  on 28-31  March,
          including an entry in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest possibly as J37K  or
          with a J3** call. QSL via AC8G. [TNX VA3RJ]
JW     - Bjorn/LA9IY, Morten/LA9GY and Martin/LA3JJA will participate in  the
          CQ WW  WPX  SSB  Contest  as  JW8G  from  Longyearbyen,  Spitsbergen
          (EU-026). Outside  the contest  they will  operate on  CW and  other
          modes as  JW9IY and  JW9GY and  JW3JJA, respectively.  QSL JW8G  via
          LA9GY (Morten Antonsen, Hallsetreina  6, N-7027 Trondheim,  Norway),
          others via home  calls. Please note  that 1 USD  does not cover  the
          postage  fee  from  Norwayt  to  extra-European  countries.  Further
          information  will  be   available  at  http://www.qsl.net/la8g  and
          http://home.online.no/~antonsen [TNX LA9GY]
OY     - Due  to  a   strike  by  Smyril   Line  (the   ferry  line   between
          Denmark-Shetland Islands-Faroe  Islands)  the  LLDXT  team  has  had
          postopone their  activity [425DXN  618] to  31 March-10  April.  The
          callsigns to be used are still OY7ET, OY7QA, OY7TW, OY7WB and OY7WP,
          plus OY8PA for 160 metres and  probably digital modes (on 80  metres
          they will use their individual calls). QSL for all via PA5ET. If the
          strike continues,  the group  will operate  from  the Isle  of  Man.
          Latest information  can be  found at  http://www.qsl.net/lldxt [TNX
P2     - Dan, JA1PBV, who is active as H44V from the Solomon islands until 24
          March, will then move to Papua New Guinea and operate as P29SI until
          29 March. QSLs for both calls via JA1PBV. [TNX The Daily DX]
PY     - Club station PY3ARD has been granted permission to operate as  ZW90S
          in 2003 to  celebrate the the  90th anniversary of  the Gerge  Black
          Scout Group, the oldest Scout Group in Brazil. The special  callsign
          will be aired for the first time  during the CQ WW WPX SSB  Contest.
          QSL via  PY3ARD  either  direct  (Associacao  dos  Radioamadores  da
          SOGIPA, Rua  Barao do  Cotegipe 400,  90540-020 Porto  Alegre -  RS,
          Brazil) or through the bureau. [TNX PY3DX]
ST     - The German team  has been active  as ST0RY since  late Thursday  (20
          March) and  will  leave  Sudan  on 2  April.  The  pilots  are  N5FG
          (floydgee@datasync.com),   K6GNX    (bavery@telemetry.com),    DF3CB
          (Bernd.Koch@aggresso.de) and JA3AAW  (ja3aaw@sannet.ne.jp). QSL  via
          DL5NAM.    The    web    site    for    the    operation    is    at
V6     - Joe, I2YDX and  Robert, IK2WXZ  will be  active as  V63DT and  V63ZR
          respectively from Micronesia from 28 March until 6 April. They  will
          try to activate some rare/new IOTA groups in the area. Look for them
          on the usual IOTA CW and SSB frequencies. QSL via home calls.
V7     - Neil, WD8CRT is active as WD8CRT/V73 (but he has applied for  V73NS)
          from Kwajalein (OC-028), Marshall Islands  "until an unknown  date".
          Look for him after 12 UTC and between 00.00-03.00 UTC, around 14029,
          10116, 21004  and 28021  kHz. QSl  route  on www.qrz.com [TNX  OPDX
VE     - Dana, VE1VOX plans to operate  as VE1VOX/p on  21-23 March from  the
          following C.I.S.A (not IOTA) islands and lighthouses: Sherose Island
          (NS-023),  Cape  Sable  Island  (NS-006)  and  possibly   Lighthouse
          (CAN-106), Cape Forchu Island (CISA  new) and Lighthouse  (CAN-097).
          QSL via home call. [TNX VE1VOX]
VP5    - Mike/WA2VQW and  Rob/WB2NVR  will be  active  on  160-10  metres  as
          VP5/homecalls from Providenciales (NA-002) from 27 March to 1 April,
          including an entry as VP5RZS in the CQ WW WPX SSB Contest. [TNX OPDX

PACIFIC TOUR  --->  Jeffrey, KI0RO  reports  that due  to  bad  weather,  his
departure has  been delayed.  The new  dates for  his  trip to  the  Marshall
Islands and Micronesia [425DXN 619] are as follows:
26-31 March       V73/KI0RO   Roi-Namur, Kwajalein (OC-028)
2-7 April         V63JE       Kosrae (OC-059)
9-14 April        V63JE       Pohnpei (OC-010)

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Rod Huckabay, KA5EJX is  not and has never been the  QSL
manager for KH3AF. As for SV0HW/SV9 (operated in 1990-91), he used to be  his
manager, but cards now go direct to Frank, WA1ECA. [TNX KA5EJX]

PT2FM --->  After being  active as   PU2DXS  (2001-02) and  PT2PS  (2002-03),
Philippe Schmitt is now PT2FM. The  interesting news is that  he is 14  years
old, and  has been  licensed since  he  was 11.  Phil  has now  full  licence

PS7AHR ---> This  is the  official station  of "The  Brazilian Amateur  Radio
Historical Archive",  the only  organization in  Brazil  that is  devoted  to
documenting and preserving the history of amateur radio in that country.  QSL
via bureau or direct  to P.O. Box  2021, 59094-970 Natal  - RN, Brazil.  [TNX

QSL C53M & C56R ---> The last batch of direct cards left Finland on 17 March.
Juha, OH9MM  has replaced  OH3RM as  QSL manager,  but there  is no  need  to
resubmit. Should you  have problems  with the  QSLs, please  contact Juha  at
oh9mm@sral.fi [TNX OH9MM]

QSL EP6KI ---> On 15 March Phil, G4WFZ received two boxes of blank QSL  cards
from Ukraine and has started  processing the many  requests received so  far.
"It might take some time to send all the cards out", he says, "because I have
to check the hard copy log for the QSOs".  Please be patient and do not  sent
second cards.

QSL K1B ---> Stephen, K4YL (K4YL@highstream.com) has now answered about 2,000
QSL requests and is still receiving an average of 25 a day from all over  the
world. Please remember Stephen only handles direct requests, which should  be
sent to Stephen  Grose, P.O. Box  183, Flat  Rock, NC  28731-0183, USA.  [TNX

QSL MANAGER OFFERED ---> Petr, OK1DOT (http://www.qrz.com/ok1dot) offers  his
services as  QSL  manager  to  stations  in need.  He  can  be  contacted  at

QSL VK4DX ---> The new QSL route for  Mike Sivcevic, VK4DX is direct only  (1
IRC or 1 Euro, other currencies are not accepted) to P.O Box 4485, Eight Mile
Plains,  QLD  4113,  Australia.  Mike  maintains  and  International  Contest
Calendar at http://www.vk4dx.net [TNX VK4DX]

SP DX CONTEST ---> PZK - Polski Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow (Polish Amateur  Radio
Union) and  the  SP DX  Club  invite amateur  radio  operators  and  SWLs  to
participate in the SP DX Contest. This year the event (SSB and CW) will  take
place from 15 UTC on 5 April through 15 UTC on the 6th. Detailed  information
can    be    found    at    either    http://www.sp5pbe.waw.pl/SPDXC/    and
http://www.sp5zcc.waw.pl/spdxc/en/index.php [TNX SP7IWA]

ST2X ---> Gerben,  PA5NT reports he  has changed his  plans [425DXN 616]  and
will not operate again as ST2X from Sudan.  He expects the QSL cards for  his
January activity to arrive from the printer soon.

XQ3/IZ6BRN ---> Sergio, IZ6BRN (ex AP2WAP,  VU3CUR, 9N7RN and CE3/IZ6BRN)  is
active mainly on 12 and 17 metres. QSL to IZ6BRN via the ARI bureau or direct
to Sergio  Curina, Calle  Juan Bautista  Pastene 3101,  Vitacura -  Santiago,

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

HIDXA:  The Heard  Island DX  Association's web  site is  up and  running  at
LOGS:   Yuki, JI6KVR reporst taht on-line logs for JS6QVP and JS6QVQ's recent
         operation from AS-047 are available at
LOGS:   A log search for the recent XF1K (NA-167) operation is now  available
         at http://www.425dxn.org/dxped/xf1k/ [TNX IZ1CRR]
LOGS:   On-line logs for VP6DIA will be ready some time after 22 March,  when
         QSL manager Yuichi Yoshida, JR2KDN has returned to Japan from  Ducie.
         [TNX WA2MOE]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2MN       DF8AN       GB4SPD      GI0VLE      TK5KT       F6FNU
3G1P        XQ1IDM      H44H        P29KM       TM9OO       F5BKC
4D2B        G3OCA       HG15PS      HA8RD       TP6CE       F5LGF
5B4AHJ      G3PMR       HH4/K4QD    K4QD        TR8CA       F6CBC
5R8FL       G3SWH       HH4/K9MDO   K9MDO       TR8SA       F5OGL
5U7JK       I2YSB       HH4/N2WB    N2OO        TR8VP       F6FNU
6K2CLF/4    6K2CLF      HH4/W4WX    W4WX        TT8JE       F6FNU
7Q7HB       G0IAS       HJ3ISB      EA5KB       UE3RDA      RW3RN
7Q7LA       G0IAS       HK3AXY      W2GR        UE3RKK      RU3RN
7Q7RM       G0IAS       HK6DOS      EA5KB       UK8GDW      RW6HS
8P9BX       VE3WFS      HK6ISX      EA5KB       UK8OAU      RW6HS
8Q7VR       UR9IDX      HK6KKK      EA5KB       UK8OM       IK2QPR
9H9SWT      9H1MRL      HK6PSG      EA5OL       UK8OWW      UK8OM
9K2MU       WA4JTK      HP#/F5PAC   F5PAC       UN1F        DF6PB
9K2USA      9K2HN       HP1RIP      EA7FTR      UN2E        DF6PB
9N7YJ       LA5YJ       HQ8V        HR2CPS      UN6T        DF6PB
A35WE       SP9FIH      HR1RQF      EA7FTR      UN8LA       RW6HS
A35XM       DL8YRM      HS0/OZ1HET  OZ1ACB      UN8LWZ      RW6HS
A92ZE       K4SXT       J20LA       DL2LAH      UN9FD       DF6PB
BD5RT       F6FNU       J5UCW       IV3NVN      UP9L        RW6HS
BD5RV       F6FNU       J5UDX       IV3NVN      V51/DL2SL   DL2SL
CO0O        CO2FRC      J75RN       W1USN       V51KC       WD4AWO
CO2OR       F6FNU       JW5RIA      LA5RIA      V51XG/P     DL8AL
CO2PH       F6FNU       KH2T        JL1EAN      V73RX       N6RX
CO2TK       F6FNU       KH6/DH7KU   DK0UN       V8AJV       PA1JAV
CO2WL       EA3ELM      LU4EJ/D     LU4EJ       VP2E        N5AU
CV5Y        EA5KB       LU6DAT      EA5KB       VP2EN       G3TXF
D90HE/4     DS2GOO      LZ1JY       W0FS        VP6DIA      JR2KDN
DP1POL      DL1ZBO      NP4A        W3HNK       VP6DN       JR2KDN
DS2GOO/4    DS2GOO      OD5NJ       EA5BYP      VP8/LU1BR   pirate
DS3HWS/4    DS3HWS      OH3T        bureau      VP9LR       K1EFI
DS5BSX/4    DS5BSX      P29KH       WD9DZV      WA6WPG/P    WA6WPG
DU1JXP/P    DU1JXP      PJ2MI       W2CQ        XE2P        F6FNU
DX0C        G3OCA       RK9UN       W3HNK       XF2IH       XE1IH
ED5TEF      EA5ELT      RU9G        RW3TN       XT2AW       DF2WO
ED7SCT      EA7UU       RZ3BY/0     UA3DX       XV3QAQ      JE5QAQ
EN1U        UX1UA       SJ5AA       SK5AA       XW1DA       DL1DA
ES85J (CW)  ES1RA       SJ9WL       SM5DJZ      XW1N        HS6NDK
ES85M (CW)  ES1RA       SQ3A        SP3BLP      YN4MG       WK6O
ES85M (SSB) ES1QD       ST2CF       IV3OWC      YO2BEH      F6FNU
EZ8YL       DJ1MM       T88FS       JH6RTO      YV5AAX      EA7FTR
FR5FA       F6FNU       T88JA       JA6VZB      YV6AZC      EA5KB
FS/G3TXF/p  G3TXF       TI2LAK/HP   F6FNU       ZA1E        I2MQP
FY5GS       F6FNU       TI5/AI5P    AI5P        ZK1EAA      HB9EAA
GB0CCE      GW0ANA      TK5EL       F6FNU       ZL1/G4EDG   G4EDG

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

9M2/JI1ETU Masaru Funakubo, 1B-15-01, Sunnyville Condo, Jalan Batu Uban,
            Gelugor, Penang 11700, Malaysia
A92GE      David Smith, P.O.Box 1976, Manama, Bahrain
DF6PB      Alexander Schwindt, Josef-Kunz Str.3, 76726 Germersheim, Germany
DF8AN      Michael Noertemann, Neustadt 18, D-37154 Northeim, Germany
DL1ZBO     Rainer Hilgardt, Hans-Sachs-Weg 38, D-64291 Darmstadt, Germany
DL2GAC     Bernhard Stefan, Moeggenweiler Str. 18, 88677 Markdorf, Germany
DU9/G4UNL  Roy Charlesworth, P.O. Box 841, 9506 Koronadal City, South
            Cotabato, Philippines
EA5KB      Jose F. Ardid Arlandis, P.O.Box 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
EA7FTR     Francisco Lianez Suero, Asturias 23, 21110 Aljaraque, Huelva,
EA7UU      Jesus Ortiz Fernandez, P.O. Box 3221, 18080 Granada, Spain
ES1QD      Vello Priimann, P.O.Box 3739, Tallinn 10508, Estonia
F2YT       Paul Herbet, 9 Rue de l'Alouette, 62690 Estree-Cauchy, France
F5LBG      Bernard Dauvier, 20 chemin des Mottes, F-26760 Beaumont les
            Valence, France
F5PAC      Joel Sutterlin, 1 rue du Rossberg, 68310 Wittelsheim, France
F5RUQ      Thierry Lesnier, 31 rue des Bleuets, 22190 Plerin, France
F5RZJ      Pascal Sotty, Grand Champ, F-71130 Chassy, France
F6FNU      P.O. Box 14, 91291 Arpajon Cedex, France
G3OCA      Ken Frankcom, 1 Chesterton Road, Spondon, Derby DE21 7EN, England
HB9EAA     Niklaus Oser, Pfarrgasse 10, CH-4114 Hofstetten, Switzerland
HR2CPS     Cesar Pio Santos Andino, P.O. Box 747, 21105 San Pedro Sula,
            Cortes, Honduras
I2MQP      Mario Ambrosi, Via delle Querce 41, 20090 Rodano Millepini - MI,
IV3NVN     Simone Candotto, P.O.Box 4, 33050 Castions di Strada - UD, Italy
JA6VZB     Toshiyuki Moriyama, 10-101 Karaku-en, 5-53-62 Hanazono,
            Kumamoto-city 860-0072, Japan
JH6RTO     Seiji Fukushima, 1182-2506 Hase, Atsugi-city 243-0036, Japan
JR2KDN     Yuichi Yoshida, 4F Kato Building, 529 Rokugaike, Kita-Ku, Nagoya
            462-0002, Japan
K8PT       B. Peter Treml, 725 W. Magnetic St., Marquette, MI 49855, USA
LA5YJ      Bjorn Hugo Ark, Rute 504 - Paulsrud, NO-2840 Reinsvoll, Norway
LU4EJ      Mariano Viva, Independencia 1193, Mar del Plata 7600, Argentina
MU2A       Stephen Lawrence, 34 Stanley Drive, Humberstone, Leicestershire,
            LE5 1EA, UK
OZ1ACB     Allis Andersen, Kagsaavej 34, DK-2730 Herlev, Denmark
P29KM      Kazuo Miyamura, P.O. Box 321, Port Moresby, Papua New Guinea
RW3RN      Alex Kuznetsov, P.O. Box 57, Tambov-23, 392023 Russia
SP9FIH     Janusz Wegrzyn, P.O. Box 480, 44-100 Gliwice, Poland
TG0AA      Club de Radioaficionados de Guatemala (CRAG), P.O. Box 115, Correo
            Central, Guatemala City 01011, Guatemala
UK8OM      Mikhail Mejlumov, Kholkhanova 2, Namangan, 716033, Uzbekistan
W2GR       Mike Benjamin, 1064 99th Street, Niagara Falls, NY 14304, USA
WB2RAJ     Dick Kashdin, 4591 West Overlook Drive, Williamsville, NY 14221,
XE1IH      Enrique Garcia Munive, P.O. Box 118-481, 07051 Mexico - D.F.,
XQ1IDM     Nicolas Herrera G., P.O. Box 345, Antofagasta, Chile

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