425 DX News issue #625

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                              425 DX News #625
                               26 Aprile 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

9A      - Feco, HA8KW will be active as 9A/HA8KW/P from Prvic Island  (EU-170
           IOCA CI-094) on on 24-31 July. He will operate mostly CW with  some
           SSB and will participate in the IOTA Contest (12-hour CW). QSL  via
           home call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX HA8KW]
9H      - On 1 May  the Malta Amateur  Radio League (9H1MRL)  will be  active
           from a  portable  setup (JM75)  operating  various  HF/VHF/UHF  and
           microwave bands and modes. They are looking for possible skeds with
           amateurs along the Mediterranean coast.  Equipment will be  various
           dish and yagi antennas, transverters and homebuilt gear. Those  who
           would like to arrange a sked on 10  GHz SSB and ATV, 1296 MHz  SSB,
           1255 MHz ATV, 2.4 GHz SSB (RX only: cross band with VHF or UHF) 432
           MHz SSB  and FM,  144 MHz  SSB and  FM, 50  MHz  SSB and  Oscar  40
           Satellite (mode U/S) are invited to contact 9H1BN (9h1bn@amsat.org)
           and/or 9H1LO (stanley@9h1lo.com) as soon as possible. [TNX 9H1LO]
9M2     - Look for Johnny, 9M2/G3LIV to be active (mainly CW with some PSK31)
           from mainland Malaysia on 6-16 May, from Penang Island (AS-015)  on
           16-30 May and from Langkawi Island (AS-058) on 30 May-9 June.  [TNX
           The Daily DX]
DL     - Peter, DH9YPA will be active from  Borkum Island (EU-047, N-01  for
           the German  Islands Award)  between 27  April and  9 May.  QSL  via
           bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
DL      - Look for Detlev,  DL1RTW/p and Klaus,  DL7UXG/p to  be active  from
           Pellworm Island (EU-042, N-23 for the  German Islands Award,  ARLHS
           FED-187, German Lighthouse 40) on 19-22  June. More information  at
           http://www.qsl.net/dl7uxg [TNX DL7UXG]
DU      - Roland, DU1KGJ will be active, probably as DX4CN, from the  Calagua
           Islands (OC-202) on 26-28 April. QSL via VE7DP. [TNX VE7DP]
F       - Radio club station TP6CE will be  activated on CW, SSB and RTTY  on
           2-4 May to celebrate the  anniversary of the  Council of Europe  in
           Strasbourg, France. [TNX OK1DRY]
F       - A group of 13 operators (namely F4AJQ, F4BTP, F4BUX, F4EAV,  F4EAX,
           F5AGB, F5PVF, F5TST, F5VHQ, F8BUI, F8BJI,  F8BQQ and F9IE) will  be
           active on all bands and  modes as TM7R  from Groix Island  (EU-048,
           DIFM AT-012) starting on 2 or 7 May until the 12th. QSL via  F6KOP.
           [TNX F5NQL and La Gazette du DX]
F       - F4CLO, F5AUB, F5BJW, F5BLP, F5JBR, F5UOE,  F5XX and F6DBX from  the
           Castres DX Gang (http://castres.dx.gang.free.fr/) will be active as
           F5XX/p from Fort Brescou (EU-148, DIFM  ME-001) on 22-26 May.  They
           will operate on  160-6 metres  CW, SSB,  RTTY and  PSK31 with  four
           stations.  Bernard,   F5XX  (f5xx@wanadoo.fr)   and  Andre,   F5JBR
           (andre.schweitzer@dd-01.travail.gouv.fr) will participate in the CQ
           WW WPX CW  Contest as  TM5B and  are looking  for one  or two  more
           operators to join them. QSLs via F5XX either direct or through  the
           bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
F       - Dom, F5SJB reports  he will be  active again as  TM5CW from 24  May
           through 7 June, CQ WW WPX CW Contest included. QSL via F5SJB either
           direct or through the bureau.
F       - Special event station TM0AR will be  active (on 10, 12, 15, 17,  20
           and 40 metres  SSB) from 24  May to  1 June  for the  International
           Festival of Arts and Technologies in the departement of Sarthe. QSL
           via F5TJC either direct or through the bureau. [TNX F5TJC]
FO      - Look for FO/JJ8DEN to be active on CW and RTTY from Maupiti  Island
           (OC-067), French Polynesia from 28  April to 1  May. He might  also
           operate from  Maupihaa (OC-057).  QSL via  JJ8DEN either  direct  (
           Yoshitake  Izumi,  Minami-24-7,  Nishi-1,  Obihiro-City,  Hokkaido,
           080-0011, Japan) or through the burea. [TNX JI6KVR]
FP      - Paul, FP/K9OT and  Peg, FP/KB9LIE are  planning their third  annual
           low-power DX  vacation  to Miquelon  (NA-032)  from 27  July  to  5
           August, including an entry by FP/K9OT in the CW North American  QSO
           Party. They will operate both  CW and SSB  and concentrate on  160,
           80, 40, 30, 17, 12 and  10 meters. Special attention will again  be
           given to  QRP stations,  mobiles, Asia  and Oceania.  QSL via  home
           calls   either    direct    or   through    the    bureau.    Visit
           http://www.mhtc.net/~k9ot for updates. [TNX K9OT]
GM      - Look for  John, GM0VIV/p  to operate  from the  following  Scottish
           Islands  between  28  April  and  1  May:  Seil  (EU-005),  Easdale
           (EU-005), Luing (EU-005), Kerrera (EU-008) and Shuna (EU-008).  All
           activations are weather and boatman dependent.  QSL via home  call,
           direct or bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
HI      - Special station HI0RCD  will be activated  on 10-80  metres by  the
           Radio Club Dominicano  through 4 May  during the 6th  International
           Book Show in the Dominican Republic (NA-096). [TNX HI8ROX]
HL      - Kim/HL1OYF, Park/HL1EJT, Ryu/DS4NYE and  other operators from  Buan
           ARC will be active on all bands CW and SSB as either homecall/4 and
           DS0PF/4 from  Wi Island  (AS-148) on  24-27 May.  QSL for  all  via
           HL1OYF either direct  (P.O BOX 54,  Dong-jak, Seoul 156-600,  South
           Korea) or through the bureau. [TNX HL3EJT]
HS      - Charlie, K4VUD will again be active from Thailand as HS0ZCW from 28
           April to about 15 June. Please note that he will operate on neither
           the WARC bands  (not allowed  in Thailand)  nor 80  and 160  metres
           (allowed only during some contests). QSL via home call. [TNX K4VUD]
HV      - The Pontifical  Lateran  University club  station  HV5PUL  will  be
           activated on HF, 6 and 2 metres  during the Lateran Day on 10  May.
           [TNX IW0DJB]
I       - Two special event stations will be activated from Venezia  (EU-131,
           IIA VE-045) by members of the  local ARI branch. Look for II3SM  on
           25-27 April during the celebrations for St. Mark and for II3NAV  on
           8-11 May during "Navalis Boat Show". QSLs for both via IQ3VE either
           direct (ARI Venezia, P.O. Box  227, 30100 Venezia  - VE, Italy)  or
           through the bureau. [TNX IK3RIY]
I       - Look for IK2SNG, IK4ALM, IK4VET  and IK4XCL to  be active (SSB  and
           CW) from a few islands located at the Mouths of the Po:
           25-27 April   Scanno di Piallazza (EU-155, IIA FE-001)
           26 April      Isola della Barricata (not IOTA, IIA RO-005)
           27 April      Scanno delle Ceppe (not IOTA, IIA RO-013)
           QSL via  home calls,  either direct  or  through the  bureau.  [TNX
I       - Marconian station IZ4CUK  will be activated  by operators from  ARI
           Casalecchio  di  Reno   (http://www.qsl.net/aririghi) during   the
           International Marconi Day on  26 April. QSL  via bureau to  IK4BWC.
           [TNX IZ4AQL]
I       - Operators from ARI Rapallo (http://www.arirapallo.it) will  operate
           special station  IY1MR  from Santa  Margherita  Ligure  during  the
           International Marconi Day.
I       - Giovanni/IZ2DPX,     Michele/IK2GPQ,      Antonello/IK2DUW      and
           Lorenzo/IK5MDF will operate as IP1TIN from Tino Island (EU-083)  on
           27 April, 11 and 25  May and again  on 26-27 July. They plan to  be
           active on 10-40 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and PSK. [TNX IK5MDF]
I       - IK4MSV, IK4SWX,  IK4IDS, IK4HLU,  IZ4COT,  IZ4DIW and  IZ4AGI  will
           participate in the ARI International DX Contest (3-4 May) as  IR4A.
           QSL via bureau. [TNX IZ4COT]
I       - ON6VP, ON4CAQ and ON1AEO will be  active on 10, 15,  20, 40 and  80
           metres SSB  as IG9/ON4DST  from Lampedusa  (AF-019) on  24-29  May.
           Bureau cards  via ON4DST,  direct cards  should be  sent to  ON4AMM
           (Mary Lou  Moons,  Oudestraat  9,  B-3560  Lummen,  Belgium).  [TNX
J5      - Sebastien, F8DQZ is now active as J5UAT from Guinea Bissau  [425DXN
           624]. According to  La Gazette du  DX, he is  waiting for the  next
           ferry to take him to Bubaque Island (AF-020), where he will  remain
           until 4 May. QSL via F8DQZ.
JA      - Taka, JR3TVH was very unlucky during his 11-13 April operation from
           Miyako Island (AS-079) - the  propagation was very  poor on both  6
           metres and HF and he also had  problems with his HF antenna. He  is
           going to  return to  the island  to give  6 metres  enthusiasts  in
           Europe and Africa  a last chance.  Look for JR3TVH/6  to be  active
           from 7 UTC on 1 May  to 1 UTC on the 4th.  He will operate on  40-6
           metres SSB, CW,  RTTY, AM and  FM. A  beacon will  be activated  on
           50.138  MHz.  Taka  can  be  contacted  for  skeds  by  e-mail   to
           jr3tvh@arrl.net. QSL via  home call  either direct  or through  the
           bureau. [TNX JR3TVH]
JD1_oga - Hide, JM1LJS will be  active as either  JM1LJS/JD1 and JD1BLK  from
           Ogasawara from 27  April to 4  May. He plans  to operate on  10-160
           metres SSB  and CW.  QSLs via  JM1LJS. Logs  will be  available  at
           http://radio-dream.com/jd1blk/e/ [TNX JM1LJS]
KC4_ant - Ernie, W1MRQ  is active  as KC4USM  from  McMurdo Station  on  Ross
           Island (AN-011),  Antarctica until  "sometime in  August". QSL  via
           K1CA. [TNX The Daily DX]
KH9     - Jake, N6XIV/KH9 became QRV from Wake  Island [425DXN 624] on  14260
           kHz at 07.40 UTC on 22  April. This was  his first operation  since
           arriving on Wake a few days ago.  He was spotted on the DX  cluster
           on 20 April just before 10 UTC on 30 metres, but Jake confirms that
           station was definitely not the genuine N6XIV/KH9. He will be on the
           air as work permits, roughly between 7  UTC to 9 UTC, on +/-  14260
           and 21305. Jake may attempt other bands, but that will be  dictated
           by his very limited operating hours. This is an SSB only operation:
           do not waste your time if you  hear N6XIV/KH9 on CW. QSL via  K2FF.
           [TNX W6FRH and K2FF]
KP      - Special event  call K4C  will  be aired  from  Puerto Rico  by  the
           Caribbean Amateur Radio Group on 3-17 May to celebrate the  Hamfest
           and Old Timers Recognition  event. Look for  them on 28370,  21370,
           14270 and 7270 kHz. QSL via KP4ARN. [TNX KP4ARN]
LX      - LX5A (http://www.qsl.net/lx5a/activities.htm) will be activated  by
           Johannes, DF5AU on 10-11 May during the MIR Contest. QSL via  LX1RQ
           either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DF5AU]
LZ      - Special event station LZ03KM will be active on all bands and  modes
           between 1 and 31 May to celebrate St. Cyril and Methodius' Day. QSL
           via bureau or direct to LZ1BFR (P.O.Box 830, 1000 Sofia, Bulgaria).
           [TNX LZ1BJ]
OE      - The Austrian amateur radio operators and Government radio  stations
           will held a national Emergency test  on 1 May  between 5-8 UTC  and
           14-17 UTC. The 80m and 30m  bands will be in use  (CW and SSB)  and
           the following Government stations are expected to participate:  OEC
           (State  Department),   OEP213   (Ministry  of   Interior),   OEY???
           (Military) OEH???  (Red  Cross).  They  are  not  allowed  to  make
           international QSOs, but  SWL reports  can be  sent via  the OE  QSL
           bureau. [TNX OE8KDK]
OM      - Erwin/OM7PY, Zsolt/HA6PS and Laci/HA6NL will be active from Ruzina,
           Slovakia between 29 April and 5  May. They will participate in  the
           AGCW-QRP and ARI International DX Contests  as OM/HA5RT/P. QSL  via
           home calls. [TNX HA6NL]
OZ      - Thomas, OZ/DL7UZO will be active from  Bornholm Island (EU-030)  on
           18-23 May. He plans to operate  on 10-80 metres  CW, SSB, RTTY  and
           PSK31, plus 6m CW (50.100 Mhz) and WSJT (50.250 Mhz). QSL via  home
           call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
PJ      - Carlo, I4ALU  reports  he  will  operate  as  PJ6/I4ALU  from  Saba
           (NA-145), Netherlands Antilles   on 12-23 August.  Look for him  on
           10-40 metres only CW. QSL via home call.
SP      - Operators from  Radio  Club SP4KSY  will  be active  as  HF650O  to
           celebrate the 650th anniversary of the  town of Olsztyn from 1  May
           through 31 July. QSL  via SQ4NR either  direct (Grzegorz Gawel  ul.
           Herdera 16/14, 10-691 Olsztyn, Poland) or through the bureau.  [TNX
SP      - Helmut, DL7VOX  will  be active  (on  10-80 metres  mainly  CW)  as
           SP1/DL7VOX/p from Wolin Island (EU-132) from 26 May to 14 June. QSL
           via homecall either direct (Helmut Radach, Riesaer Str. 93, D-12627
           Berlin, Germany) or through the bureau. [TNX DL7VOX]
SV9     - Jan Erik, SM2EKM  will operate mostly  CW as  SV9/SM2EKM from  Agia
           Marina, Crete (EU-015) from 29 May  to 12 June.  QSL via home  call
           either direct or through the bureau. [TNX SM2EKM]
T7      - Piero, IZ1ERR and Giovanni, IW2BSQ plan  to operate as  T7/homecall
           from San Marino on 3-5 May. They will concentrate on UO-14 and  (if
           possible) FO-20 satellite operations, as well as on MS on 2 metres.
           QSL via bureau. [TNX IZ1ERR]
T8      - Bill, T88BA's visit to South Palau  (OC-248) [425DXN 621] has  been
           postponed until  sometime  next month  due  to reasons  beyond  his
           control. He will announce the new  dates as soon  as a decision  is
           made (again, this is not under his control). [TNX G4JVG]
TI      - Amateur radio  operators from  Costa Rica  are allowed  to  operate
           using their callsigns  with the special  prefix TE75  on 1-31  May.
           This is  to celebrate  the 75th  anniversary of  the first  amateur
           radio transmission from the country, made  on 4 May 1928 by  Amando
           Cespedes Marin, TI4NRH. All TE75 stations share a common QSL route,
           which is the  Radio Club  of Costa  Rica (TI0RC)  either direct  or
           through  the   bureau.   Further  information   is   available   at
           http://www.ti0rc.org or from te75@ti0rc.org [TNX TI2DLL]
UA      - Special event callsigns UE9OWQ  and UE9ORQ will  be aired on  10-18
           May for the  10th anniversary of  the Siberian  ARC Radio-Prim  and
           again on 28-30 June for the  110th anniversary of Novosibirsk,  the
           capital city of  Siberia. QSL  via UA9ORQ  either direct  (Vladimir
           Volosozhar, P.O. Box 868, Novosibirsk, 630089,  Russia) or via  the
           bureau. Details are available at http://www.nsk.su/~rpc/eh.htm [TNX
UR      - Special event  station  EO58JS  will  be  active  on  5-12  May  to
           commemorate the 58th anniversary of  the end of  World War II.  QSL
           direct to KD5RBU or via the Ukrainian bureau. [TNX UU9CW]
VE      - The Society of  Newfoundland Radio Amateurs  will be operating  (CW
           only) as VO1BZM  from the Admiralty  House Museum  in Mount  Pearl,
           Newfoundland on 26 April for the International Marconi Day. QSL via
           bureau or via VO1HE. [TNX VO1TA]
VK9_lh  - Look for VK9LS to be aired by Trevor/VK7TS and Rex/VK7MO from  Lord
           Howe Island (OC-004) on 3-10 May.  Trevor will be operating on  10,
           15 and 20 metres SSB, CW,  PSK, RTTY and SSTV. Rex  will be on  2m,
           70cm and  23cm  using JT44,  FSK441,  VFSKCW and  SSB  looking  for
           contacts within meteor scatter and aircraft enhancement range.  QSL
           via bureau or direct to VK7TS or VK7MO. [TNX VK7TS]
W       - David/WA4ET, Cory/N1WON, Ron/N4KE and Jim/NU4Y  will be active  (on
           6-40 metres SSB, CW and RTTY) as WA4ET from Havens Island  (NA-076,
           USI FL-104S, Grid EL89) from 25 April through around 14 UTC on  the
           28th, weather and conditions permitting. QSL via WA4ET. [TNX N1WON]
W       - Silvano, KB5GL was expected  to be active  from the Breton  Islands
           (NA-089) on 25-26 April starting around 13 UTC on the 25th.
           Latest information is that the  weather has turned  bad and he  may
           not be able to be QRV  until 19 UTC. He cannot  spend the night  on
           the island. QSL via KB5GL or (for Europe) IZ8CCW. [TNX N6VR]
XE      - Ten Mexicans (XE2Q, XE2TG, XE2VAS, XE2SNG, XE2VJM, XE2ABB,  XE2BSS,
           XE2PVX, XE2SER and  XE2RDA) and one  US operator  (WD9EWK) will  be
           active as 4A2Q from Imuris, State of Sonora, on 3-4 May. They  will
           work CW,  PSK31, RTTY  and SSB  on  160-10 metres,  plus  satellite
           (UO-14, FO-20 and FO-29). QSL via  WD9EWK. More information on  the
           operation can be found at http://www.qsl.net/wd9ewk/4a2q.html [TNX
YB      - Daud, YC8RRK  is active  from  Sangihe Island  (OC-210),  typically
           between 14 and 16 UTC on 15 metres SSB. QSL direct to YC9BU (do not
           send green stamps, use IRCs instead). [TNX IZ8CCW]
YB      - Kadek, YC9BU and others plan to be active (on 10, 12, 15, 17 and 20
           metres) as 8A9R from Rote Island (OC-241) for about 10 days in  mid
           June. [TNX YC9BU]
YN      - Michael/AB5EB, Mike/AD5A and Jake/KB5SKN will be active from Little
           Corn Island  (NA-013) from  31 May  to 2  June.  They will  have  a
           vertical antenna and an amplifier and will try to operate also RTTY
           and possibly 6 metres. The call  at this time  is unknown. QSL  via
           N6AWD (Fred K.  Stenger, 6000 Hesketh  Dr., Bakersfield, CA  93309,
           USA). [TNX http://www.islandradio.org]
ZA      - Following the November  fact-finding mission,  a follow-up  project
           will  be  formulated  with  Albanian  Ministry  of  Transport   and
           Telecommunications officials to secure and further develop  amateur
           radio in  Albania. Contributing  to  these valuable  activities,  a
           four-man team will once again visit Albania and activate ZA1B  with
           two stations on several bands. Look for Teemu/SM0WKA,  Pekka/OH2TA,
           Pertti/OH2PM  and  Martti/OH2BH   to  operate  on   the  usual   DX
           frequencies from 25 April through 5 May. QSL via OH2BH. [TNX N4GN]
ZA      - ZA1FD, ZA5G  and  several  operators  from  Italy  (namely  IK2DUW,
           IZ7ATN, IZ7BNH  and IZ7CTE)  will be  active as  ZA3/homecall  from
           Durres (JN91RH), Albania from 29 May  to 3 June.  Look for them  on
           the HF bands SSB, CW, RTTY, PSK 31, plus 2 and 6 metres. They  will
           also operate from  the lighthouse at  Cape Durres (ARLHS  ALB-002).
           QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX IK7JWX]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ARI INTERNATIONAL DX  CONTEST ---> It  will be held  on CW,  SSB and  digital
modes from 20 UTC on 3 May through 19.59 UTC on the 4th. Rules are  available
at http://www.ari.it/ or from contest_ari@libero.it

COMING SOON FROM IRAQ --->  FITTEST, the Dubai  based fast intervention  team
from the United Nations World Food Programme, is responsible for building  up
the technical infrastructure to ensure WFP can move the relief food fast  and
safe. The  team has  also been  given the  mandate to  build up  the  minimum
telecoms networks  for  all  UN  humanitarian  workers  and  non-governmental
organizations. FITTEST  staff members  are prepositioned  in Turkey,  Cyprus,
UAE, Kuwait, Iran, Syria and Jordan  ready go into Iraq as  part of the  very
first UN assessments.
Mark Tell, VK4KMT  is one of  six UN staff  members permanently inside  Iraq,
other  FITTEST  team  members  ready  to  go  are  Robert/S53R,  Peter/ON6TT,
Dane/S57CQ, Mark/ON4WW,  Patrick/F5ORF, Karen/EK6KB,  Edi/4L4FN,  Kent/SM4TFE
and Joost/PE1RMN.  Ghis/ON5NT  is  part  of  the  coordinating  team  in  A6,
Mats/SM7PKK is in the UAE as well while Leo/SM7WZA is working in Cyprus. [TNX

IQ2GM ---> Operators from ARI  Gallarate were active  using their club  call,
IQ2GM on  25 April  to celebrate  Guglielmo  Marconi's anniversary.  QSL  via
bureau. [TNX IK2UIZ]

ROCKALL ISLAND --->Is there any brave operator who wants to activate Rockall,
the  only  still   unnumbered  IOTA  group   in  Europe?  Give   a  look   to

QSL AP2ARS ---> Please note that the correct QSL route for AP2ARS is via K2PF
[425DXN 591].  Some are  continuing to  send via  S53R  and due  to  Robert's
travels he is not able to respond to QSL requests. [TNX K2PF]

QSL E21EIC/P ---> Champ, E21EIC  (http://www.qsl.net/e21eic) was active  from
Si Chang (AS-107) on  23-25 April. QSL  can be sent  either direct (Champ  C.
Muangamphun, P.O. Box 1090, Kasetsart University, Bangkok 10903, Thailand) or
through the bureau.

QSL MANAGER OFFERED  ---> Daniel Vandewalle,  ON7VZ is  a member  of the  QSL
Manager's Society (http://www.qsl.net/qslmanagers) and offers his services to
one or more stations. He can be contacted at on7vz@qsl.net

QSL XQ6ET ---> George, W8UVZ is in the process of taking over QSL chores  for
XQ6ET (all dates,  direct only).  Since he  has neither  logs (which  however
should be  on their  way soon)  nor  cards (which  have  to be  ordered),  he
anticipates it is going to be 6-8 weeks before cards for XQ6ET will flow from
W8UVZ. [TNX The Golist]

QSL YV5A ---> The correct QSL route  is via Enrique, YV5NWG (not YV5NWQ,  see
425DXN 624), who is the QSL  manager also for YW5NN.  Many thanks to  Enrique
for detecting the typo.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

K5C:            Statistics, photos, on-line log checking and  a story of  the
                 K5C recent operation from Cat  Island (NA-082) are  available
                 on   the   Magnolia    DX   Association's    web   site    at
                 http://mdxa.org/k5c_03.html [TNX W5UE]
QSL VIA RW6HS:  The web page for Vasilij is at http://www.rw6hs.narod.ru
S05X:           The last batch of S05X QSOs was uploaded on 23 April and  the
                 on line  log at  http://www.pagus.it/s05x/ is  now  complete.
                 Missing QSOs or discrepancies in QSO data should be  reported
                 to the QSL manager (EA4URE). [TNX I8NHJ]
V60A & V60Z:    Pictures of the recent  IOTA operations  by  I2YDX and IK2WXZ
                 from  Nukuoro  Atoll  (OC-259),  Oroluk  Atoll  (OC-260)  and
                 Mwokil Atoll (OC-226) are available at http://www.425dxn.org
ZW0S:           The ZW0S (St.Peter and  St.Paul Rocks) logs are now available
                 at http://www.qsl.net/ps7jn [TNX WB4VDB]

QSLs received direct: 3B9FR, 3D2AG, 3V8BB,  4L3Y, 5H3RK, 5R8FU, 5R8GT,  5U1A,
5U7JB, 5X1DC,  6W1RT,  8P6FH,  8R1AK,  9G1MR,  9H1ZA,  9H4K,  9K2USA,  9L1AB,
9Y4/DL6RAI, 9Y4/IV3IYH (SA-009), 9Y4TBG, A22AA, A51B, BA4DW/2 (AS-151),  BV9L
(AS-155), C98DC,  C98RF  (AF-061 and  AF-072),  CE0ZIS, CP6EB,  CS0RCL,  CV1Z
(SA-030), CY0MM, D44AC, D44TT,D4B, DP1POL, DS2GOO/4 (AS-084), E21CJN,  EK6SA,
GB150ACJ (EU-120), GM7V, GN3XRQ (EU-122), H40T, HC8N, HH6/DL7CM,  HH6/DM2AYO,
HL0O/4 (AS-060), HP1XVH, HQ9R, HR2RCH/HR6  (NA-057), HT4T, HZ1AB,  IH9/IK2XRJ
(AF-018), IT9HLR/9  (EU-166),  J75PA, J79AK,  J88DR,  JD1ACH,  JT1BE,  JW0HU,
JY4NE, JY7NX, K8O,  K8T, L71F, LA8LA  (EU-036), LZ0A,  LZ5W, MD4K,  MJ/K3PLV,
MW5A, N8Z, NH6D/KH4,  OA4/DL2JRM, OK5W, OM0M,  P40MT, P40RM, P40Y,  PJ2/K6RO,
PY0FF, PY2XB/PY0F, RW2F, S21YY, ST2X, SU1SK,  SX6A, T88JA, T97M, TA2D,  TF3A,
ZK2MO, ZL7C, ZW8P (SA-060), ZY0SAT.

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