425 DX News issue #627

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                              425 DX News #627
                                10 May 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3V     - Francois, F8DVD  plans  to  be active  on  SSB  from  Djerba  Island
          (AF-083) using the call sign of the Djerba Scouts Radio Club,  3V8SM
          from 23 June  to 4 July.  QSL via  F8DVD (by  special permission  of
          Mustapha, DL1BDF)  either direct  (Francois Bergez,  6 rue  Liberte,
          71000 Macon, France) or via the REF bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
7P     - Two  other  operators  have  joined  the  team  of  the  18-25  July
          DXpedition to Lesotho [425DXN 623]. The group now includes:  Charles
          F. "Frosty" Frost (K5LBU/7P8CF, http://www.k5lbu.com), Madison Jones
          (W5MJ/7P8MJ), Neil  King (VA7DX/7P8NK),  Tom Anderson  (WW5L/7P8TA),
          Dave Anderson (K4SV/7P8DA) and Igor  Zdorov (W0IR/7P8IZ). This  will
          be an all mode, all band operation with beams, dipoles, a couple  of
          amplifiers and hopefully at least one station on the air 24 hours  a
          day. 7P8CF and 7P8TA will be the main phone operators, while  7P8MJ,
          7P8NK, 7P8DA, and  7P8IZ will be  mostly CW and  digital modes.  The
          DXpedition  is   under   the  aegis   of   the  Texas   DX   Society
          (http://www.tdxs.net/)  and   the   Lone   Star   DX    Association
          (http://www.dxer.org/lsdxa). QSL via each operator's home call.  For
          additional information  please  contact K5LBU  (frosty1@pdq.net)  or
          WW5L (WW5L@gte.net). A web page will be announced later. [TNX WW5L]
CT     - A multi-national  team (including  CT1APE, CT1CJJ,  CT1EEB,  CT1ILT,
          CT2GLO, EA1CA, EA1DKV, EA4ABE,  EA4ST, EA5FX and  N5KO with help  of
          EA1MC) will be  active from Ons  Island (EU-080) on  25-27 July  and
          will participate in  the IOTA Contest  as ED1ONS.  One station  will
          also be active in 50, 144  and 432 Mhz  "for the true-believers".  A
          web page is under construction at http://www.qsl.net/ed1ons (on line
          logs will  be  available). QSL  via  ED4URJ either  direct  (Seccion
          Comarcal URE Jarama, P.O. Box 123, 28700 San Sebastian de Los  Reyes
          (Madrid), Spain) or through the bureau. [TNX CT1EEB]
DL     - H7AX, DH1LA and DL2VFR will be  active (on 80-10 metres SSB and  CW)
          from Hiddensee Island (EU-057, O-005 for  the German Islands  Award)
          from 29 May to 1 June.  They will operate from the Dornbusch  (ARLHS
          FED-026, German Lighthouse nr. 17) and Gellen (ARLHS FED-088, GL 22)
          lighthouses. QSL via home calls either direct or through the bureau.
          The  web   site   for   the   German   Lighthouses   Award   is   at
          http://www.lighthouse-award.com [TNX DL2VFR]
EA6    - Peter, DL8YR  reports he  will be  active  as EA6/DL8YR/p  from  the
          Balearic Islands  (EU-004)  on  14-28 May,  CQ  WW  WPX  CW  Contest
          included. QSL via home call.
ER     - Special station ER0ITU will be active  from Moldova on 12-17 May  to
          celebrate the  World Telecommunications  Day.  QSL direct  to  ER1DA
          (Valery Metaxa, P.O.  Box 3000, Chisinau,  MD-2071, Moldova) or  via
          the bureau. [TNX ER1DA]
GM     - Look for the Vital Sparks Group  (MM0VSG) to be active as  MM0VSG/p,
          MM0DFV/p and GM0EZP/p from Bute Island (EU-123) on 10 May. QSLs  via
          CBA (see http://www.qrz.com). [TNX MM0DFV]
GM     - Bob/N5ET, Linda/KE5TF and Peter/GM3OFT expect to be QRV as MM/N5ET/P
          on 15, 20, and 40 metres from  Raasay Island (EU-008) from 9 UTC  on
          31 May for  about 5 hours,  and from Great  Cumbrae Island  (EU-123)
          from 11.30 UTC on 4 June for  about 6 hours. Direct QSLs via  GM3OFT
          (Europe only) and N5ET (others) or bureau. [TNX GM3OFT]
HC     - Andy, NP3D is going to Ecuador  and reports he  plans to operate  as
          19-20 May: HC1/NP3D (along with Taka, HC1/JA2JPA) from near Quito
          21-23 May: HC4/NP3D/p  (along   with   Alex,  HC1AJQ/4   and   Taka,
                     HC4/JA2JPA/p) from La Plata Island (SA-033) on SSB
          24-25 May: HC4/NP3D for the CQ WW WPX CW Contest from the mainland.
HK     - Pedro, HK3JJH will be active  from El Morro  Grande SA-082 (HK2)  on
          3-8 June. He will operate mostly  on 20 metres SSB. QSL direct  only
          to Pedro J. Allina, P.O. Box  81119, Bogota, Colombia. [TNX HK3JJH]
I      - Vanni, IK4RUX will be active as  IG9/IK4RUX from Lampedusa  (AF-019,
          IIA AG-001)  on  17-23  May.  He plans  to  operate  also  from  the
          lighthouse at Capo Grecale (WAIL SI-020). QSL via home call,  either
          direct or through the bureau.
IS0    - Marco, IK1YED reports he will be active (on HF and 6 metres SSB)  as
          IM0/IK1YED/p from  Maddalena Island  (EU-041, IIA  SS-001) on  24-31
          May. He also plans to operate  from Caprera (EU-041, SS-005)  during
          that time frame.
JA     - Kaoru/JA3MCA, Aru/JA0KNM, Jun/JJ1EQW and  Kai/JE3NJZ will be  active
          as homecall/JR6 from Hateruma Island (AS-024) on 6-9 June. They will
          operate on 40-2 metres SSB and CW. QSL via home calls either dsirect
          or through the bureau. [TNX JA3MCA]
KP2    - Ann/W2AZK and  Brian/KF2HC, from  the  North Jersey  DX  Association
          (http://www.njdxa.org), will   be  active   as  homecall/KP2   from
          St.Croix, U.S. Virgin Islands on 12-19 June. They plan to operate on
          160-10 metres  SSB and  CW.  QSL via  home  calls either  direct  or
          through the bureau. [TNX KF2HC]
PY     - LABRE/Sao Paulo members PU2OCZ, PY2HN and  PY2ZX will be active  (on
          160-2 metres CW, SSB and FM) as PV2AA from Comprida Island  (SA-024,
          DIB 021) on  17-18 May.  This is  a joint  project between  LABRE/SP
          (www.labre-sp.org) and the Sao Paolo City University. QSL via  PY2AA
          either direct (P.O.  Box 22, 01059-970  Sao Paulo -  SP, Brazil)  or
          through the bureau. [TNX PY2ZX]
PY     - ZW8M is the  callsign to be  used on 21-25  May from Mexiana  Island
          (SA-042)  [425DXN   613].  Team   members  include   Roberto/PT2GTI,
          Daniel/PT7BI,    Marcelo/PY8BI,     Rocha/PY8EA,     Moreira/CT1AHU,
          Samuel/CT1EEN and Helmut/LU1YU. QSL via CS1GDX. The web page for the
          operation  is  at  http://geocities.yahoo.com.br/mexianaisland [TNX
SV5    - Goran, SM0CMH will be active (on 10-160 metres CW) as SV5/SM8C  from
          Kalymnos  Island,  Dodecanese  (EU-001)  on   17-30  May.  He   will
          participate in the CQ WW WPX  CW Contest as J45KLN. QSLs via  SM0CMH
          either direct or through the bureau. [TNX SM0CMH]
SV9    - SV1GE, SV1RP, SV2DGH, SV2FPU and SV2GWB will be active as SX9G  from
          Gavdos Island (EU-187) on 4-15  June. QSL via  SV2DGH. The web  page
          for the operation is at http://www.qsl.net/sx9g [TNX SV2DGH]
TA     - Metin, TA1ED will be active  (on 10-80 metres  SSB) as TA1ED/0  from
          Kekova Island (AS-115) on 15-18 May. QSL via home call. [TNX TA1ED]
V6     - Look for JA7ZP, JA7AGO and JA7HMA  to be active (on 10-40 metres  CW
          and SSB) as V63ZP, V63GO and V63DX from Pohnpei (OC-010), Micronesia
          on 12-15 May. QSL to home calls. [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]
VE     - Bob, VE3UUH  reports  that he  and  VE3GID will  operate  as  VC3MCC
          (instead of  the  announced  VB3MCC)  from 27  June  to  4  July  to
          celebrate the 100th anniversary of Military Communications in Canada
          [425DXN 623]. The web site is at http://www.storm.ca/~scalver
VE     - Len/VE9MY and Linda/VE9GLF will be on Newfoundland (NA-027) from  13
          to 22 May. This  is a working  trip so their  operations will be  in
          their evenings,  but on  17-19 May  they will  try to  operate  from
          nearby islands (NA-027 and NA-198). QSL via home calls either direct
          or through the bureau. [TNX Islands On The Web]
VE     - Linda (VE9GLF)  and  Len  Morgan  (VE9MY)  plan  to  arrive  on  the
          Madeleine  Islands  (NA-038)  [425dxn  611]  on   20  July  and   be
          operational for  eight  days. They  will  have mobile  and  portable
          capabilities with 100 watts,  beam, vertical for  10, 15, 20  metres
          and dipole for 40 metres. They are planning on doing two islands per
          day depending on band conditions; during the IOTA Contest they  will
          operate with  two stations.  QSL via  home  calls either  direct  or
          through the  bureau (it  is not  necessary to  send a  QSL for  each
          contact- one QSL with a list is all right). [TNX VE9MY]
VP9    - Merv, N6NO will  be active  (on 10-80  metres, possibly  on 160m  as
          well) as N6NO/VP9 from Bermuda on 14-21 May. He will focus on CW and
          his operating times will favour the difficult Asia/Oceania path. QSL
          via home call. [TNX NG3K]
W      - Operators from the United  Radio Amateur Club  (http://www.k6aa.org)
          will be active  (on 10-80 metres  CW and SSB)  as K6AA/P from  Santa
          Catalina Island (NA-066) on 17-18 May. QSL via K6AA. [TNX The  Daily
W      - Look for WA6WPG/P to be active (on 10-40 metres SSB and CW) from San
          Miguel Island (NA-144) on 25-27 July. He has made plans to  increase
          his available power and should be able to be on the air most of  the
          three days he will be on the island. [TNX Islands On The Web]
XU     - Jaak, ES1FB will  be active (on  40-6 metres, mostly  SSB) again  as
          XU7ACE from Sihanoukville, Cambodia for ten days starting on 11 May.
          Weather permitting, he will  operate from AS-133  on 17-18 May.  QSL
          via ES1FB either direct or through the bureau. [TNX ES1FB]
YO     - Jean-Michel  Duthilleul,  F6AJA,  Editor   of  "Les  Nouvelles   DX"
          (http://LesNouvellesDX.free.fr), reports he will once again (for the
          tenth year in a row) be active in his free time as YO/F6AJA from the
          QTH of  Silviu, YO8FZ  in Suceava,  Romania on  19-28 May.  QSL  via
Z3     - Lothar, DJ7ZG  and Babs,  DL7AFS  plan to  be  active as  Z38Z  from
          Macedonia starting on 15 May for  about ten days. They will  operate
          on 6-160 metres  mainly RTTY, PSK  and SSB and  will concentrate  on
          North America  and  Japan. QSL  via  DL7AFS. Their  homepage  is  at
          http://www.qsl.net/dl7afs [TNX DJ7ZG]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****

ARBE ---> The "Amateur Radio Balloning  Experiment", previously scheduled  to
take place on 10 May, has  been postponed to 17 May due  to bad weather.  See
425 DX News #626 for the details; for further information please email Tibor,
IK2SAI (ik2sai@amsat.org)

ARMED FORCES DAY ---> The US  Army, Air Force, Navy,  Marine Corps and  Coast
Guard are  co-sponsoring  the annual  military/amateur  radio  communications
tests in celebration of the  53rd Anniversary of  Armed Forces Day.  Although
the actual AFD is celebrated on 17 May,  the AFD  Military/Amateur  Crossband
Communications Test will be conducted on 10 May (local) so as not to conflict
with the Dayton Hamvention scheduled  for the same  weekend (May 17-19).  The
annual  celebration  features  traditional  military  to  amateur   crossband
communications test  and  the  message receiving  test.  QSL  cards  will  be
provided  to  those  making  contact  with  the  military  stations.  Special
commemorative certificates will be awarded to  anyone who receives copies  of
the  digital  AFD  message  from the Secretary of Defense. Further details at

DXCC NEWS ---> The following have been approved for DXCC credit:  OJ0/OE1ZKC,
OJ0/JH1ARJ, OJ0/AH7X, OJ0/JR4PMX (Market Reef, 12-16 July 2001).

EAST TIMOR OFF THE  AIR ---> The  International Telecommunications Union  had
assigned the prefix block 4WA-4WZ for use by radio stations within the  areas
administered by  UNTAET  (United Nations  Temporary  Administration  of  East
Timor). This  prefix assignment  was for  the use  of UNTAET  as long  as  it
existed, and was  to be released  to the  ITU at  the end  of its  existence.
"Since the UNTAET organization's charter  in East Timor  expired May 20th  of
2002", The Daily DX reports, "all ham radio operating authority also  expired
on that date. A successor organization called UNMISET does not have the  same
telecommunications and  other authority  that UNTAET  had; an  emerging  East
Timor government is expected to take  over responsibility for  administrative
things such as ham radio licensing", but  for the time being it appears  that
East Timor is off the air. For DXCC purposes, UN Temporary Administration  of
East Timor was  added to the  DXCC List with  the effective date  of 1  March

NEW 10M  CONTEST --->  The first  edition of  the 10  Meter Italian  Contest,
sponsored by  the Mediterraneo  DX Club  (http://www.mdxc.org/contestitalia),
will be held on 17-18 May. Participation is limited to Italian amateurs only.

NEW QSL ROUTES ---> The QSL Managers Society (http://www.qsl.net/qslmanagers)
was created to protect and preserve Amateur Radio DX and DXpedition logs  and
to make QSL cards available for  all such logs, no matter  how old. In  March
2003, the  QSL Managers  Society was  approached by  Bob Young,  K4JDJ  about
taking over the logs that he was handling  (many of them were those from  the
late John Parrot, W4FRU) and on 5 April, Bob Schenck/N2OO and Skip Maze/N1IBM
drove down to Virginia to pick up 60  logs and some 100,000 blank QSL  cards.
Thirteen new  QSL  managers were  solicited  among the  members  of  the  QSL
Managers Society  to take  over these  logs  and on  23  April the  logs  and
appropriate blank cards were shipped to their new homes.
The new QSL routes for cards formerly  handled by W4FRU and/or K4JDJ are  the
Station      Via       Period
1S0XV        N2OO      Apr-May 90
1S1RR        N2OO      11-12 May 90
3W0A         K2PF      Jan 89-Feb 89
3W100HCM     K2PF      May 90
3W7A         K2PF      Mar 90
3X1Z         K2PF      Aug 81-Nov 82
5N0DOG       NZ9Z      11 May 79-17 Mar 81
5N0RMJ       K2PF      Jun 80-Mar 81
5N20DOG      NZ9Z      Oct 80
5N20RMJ      K2PF      Oct 81
5N4ROF       K1BV      21 Sep 80-13 Apr 81
5T5ZZ        K1BV      Jun 81-Dec 81
5Z4BI        NZ9Z      2 Sep 89-4 Jul 93
8R1ZG        NZ9Z      12 Feb 96-21 Jun 97
9M0S         N2OO      26 May-2 Jun 93
9X5AA        W9OL      15 Nov 87-19 Dec 89
A4XYS        W9OL      Sep 83-Mar 84
BS7H         KU9C      1995 and 1997
E30GA        N2OO      4-17 Nov 98
ET3USE       W2GR      8 Dec 73-3 Feb 75
FB8WJ        N2OO
FM5WE        WF1N      Oct 85-Dec 2001
FR7BE        N1IBM     Jun 78-Mar 79
J28EM        W1TE      Jul 85-Jul 87
KB4ATV/4S7   W9OL      Apr 84
KX6PO        W9OL      10 Jun 83-14 Dec 83
S21A         N2VW      Jul 92-Oct 95
S21B         K2PF      Nov 92-Apr 2000
S21NQ        W2GR      5 Jun 91- 30 Sep 91
S21ZG        AA1M      7 Dec 92-27 Jul 94
TA1A         N1IBM     1 Mar 88-2 Jan 89
TO0R         N2OO      26 Dec 96-2 Jan 97
TO0R/mm      N2OO      Jan-Feb 97
TYA11        W9OL      19-21 Jun 81
V29A         W9OL      Nov 88-May 91
VK0IR        N2OO      14-27 Jan 97
VK4NIC/3X    W2GR      7 Nov 80-20 Apr 81
VP8CBC       N2OO      Dec 94
VP8CRB       N2OO      Dec 94
VP8CRC       N2OO      Dec 94
VP8SGP       N2OO      6-15 Jan 95
W3IVP/5N1    K2PF      Mar-Apr 81
WZ6C/S21     W2GR      18 Jan 92-31 May 92
WZ6C/ST4     W2GR      29 Nov 89-22 Oct 90
XV0SU        K2PF      Apr 90
XV0SU/mm     K2PF      Apr 80
XV100HCM     K2PF      May 90
YB1AQC       W9OL      16 Feb 88-11 Oct 88
ZD7BJ        N1IBM     Dec 86-Sep 96
ZD7HH        N1IBM     14 Sep 79-4 Jan 81, 26 May 00-12 Oct 00
ZD7XY        N1IBM     20 Oct 95-7 Jun 96
ZD8HH        N1IBM     25 Mar 87-5 May 90
ZD8XX        W9OL      5 Aug 89-24 Aug 89, 30 May 91-10 Jun 91
ZD9BV        WB2YQH    1 Mar 81-17 Oct 2000
ZD9CK        WF1N      Mar 86-Oct 87
ZD9CN        K1BV      Jun 90-Jul 90
ZD9CO        WF1N      Aug 90-Dec 91, Jan 93-Nov 93
ZD9YL        WF1N      May 82-Sep 83
ZS1EDR       K1BV      May 90-Mar 92

NOT THE MANAGER --->  Mats, JH6VLF is  not the QSL  manager for DU1ZV.  Cards
should be sent  to either JA1BRK  (bureau or  direct) or  via the  Philippine
Amater Radio Assciation. Cards already received by JH6VLF have been sent to

PIRATE ---> Ken Brown, N6KB (k.brown@jach.hawaii.edu) is the trustee of  club
call NH7O,  formerly KH7K.  He reports  that KH7K  "was  revoked by  the  FCC
shortly after our club used the call in the 2001 CQ 160 CW Contest", as  "2X1
K suffix KH7  calls are reserved  for Kure Island".  Ken reports he  receives
QSLs for KH7K almost weekly, but "these QSLs are all for QSOs that could have
never happened. Most are for bands that KH7K never operated on, and many  are
for dates after FCC revoked the callsign". [TNX QRZ-DX]

QSL EM0U  --->  Apparently there  was  confusing information  about  the  QSL
manager for this station. Alex, UT3UZ states that the official QSL routes for
EM0U are: for SSB and CW  contacts via UT3UZ, for RTTY  and PSK contacts  via

QSL VIA I2VGW ---> Gabriele, I2VGW reports he is going to close the logs  for
his operations  as ID9/I2VGW,  IH9/I2VGW,  IG9/I2VGW (1996-1997),  VK9NR  and
VK5ASK (1998). Those who still need a card should sent their request as  soon
as possible to Gabriele Villa, P.O. Box 966, 20101 Milano - MI.

VI5WCP ---> Peter, VK3QI reports that  the recent VI5WCP operation from  from
Waldegrave Island (OC-261) was on the air for 110 hours and logged 6698  QSOs
(4326 SSB and 2372 CW). Most of the contacts were made on 20m SSB (2709)  and
30m CW (1165).  The continent  breakdowns are  Europe/2727, Asia/2086,  North
America/1431, Oceania/411, Africa/23 and South America/20.

WAICS ---> The Worked All Italian  Club Stations award (WAICS), sponsored  by
ARI Formia (IQ0FM),  is available to  either licenced amateurs  and SWLs  for
working club stations (the new IQ  prefixes) from Italy. For further  details
please    visit    http://web.tiscali.it/ariformia/WAICS.htm   or     e-mail
ariformia@tiscalinet.it (ARI Formia, P.O. Box 33, 04023 Formia - LT,  Italy).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

SA-028: Pictures for  the  recent PY2TEL/P  operation  from  Anchieta  Island
         (SA-028) will be posted on http://www.py2tnt.com. The operators  were
         Anderson/PY2TNT, Adriano/PY2AXH and Andre/PU2TET. QSL via PY2TEL.

QSLs received  direct:  3B8CF, 3C2MV,  3D2IZ  (OC-121), 3XA8DX,  3XY1L,  4D2B
(OC-092), 4L6AM, 4U1VIC, 5N0MVE, 5R8GZ, 5T5PBV,  5U7JK, 5X1CW, 5X1DC,  5Z4FM,
6D2X,  7X2DG,  8P9NX,  9E1S,  9J2BO,  9L1AB,  9M0M  (AS-051),  9Q1A/2,  9U0X,
9Y4/DL6RAI, 9Y4TBG, A41KB, A71EM, A92ZE, AH2K/KH0, AH8A, BY1DX, C53CW, C98RF,
(NA-199), GB2PL, GJ2A, H44V, H6C, HH4/K4QD,  HH6/DL7CM (NA-149), HK3CW,  HQ8V
(NA-223), HR4/YN4SU,  HS0ZBS,  J75KG,  J88DR,  K8O,  K9YNF/HR9,  KL7J,  KL9A,
KP4JRS, L65W (SA-065), LU1ZA, LW9DAH, OD5/OK1MU, OH0B, OH0RJ, P29SI,  P29VMS,
PW0T, R1ANM, RK0SWA/P (RR-21-01), RU9G, RW3TN/R9Z, RW9G, S21YY, T97M, TG9ASO,
TI5/N0ZA, UA0FDX, UA3YH/0, UK9AA, V31DJ, V31MD,  V31QQ, V51AS, VK9LO,  VP2EN,
VU2TRI,  W2002WTC,  WA6WPG/p,  XF1/N5XX,  XF1K (NA-167),  XX9C,  YA1BV, YA5T,

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