425 DX News issue #633

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                              425 DX News #633
                                21 June 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

5T     - Frank, DL8YHR  (http://www.dl8yhr.de) will  be active  as 5T5M  from
          Mauritania from 29  June to 7  July. He  plans to  concentrate on  6
          metres (50130 kHz). [TNX La Gazette du DX]
9A     - Eugene 9A/RZ3EC, Sergey  9A/UA3NAN and  Emir 9A6AA  (9A0CI) plan  to
          operate from  Karantunic  (IOCA CI-421),  Kosara  (EU-170,  CI-043),
          Babac (EU-170, CI-005), Mrtovnjak (EU-170, CI-195), Ravan  (CI-422),
          Blitvenica  (CI-156)  and  possibly   other  Croatian  islands   and
          lighthouses  on  12-19  July.  Further  details  are  available   at
          http://www.inet.hr/9a6aa [TNX 9A6AA]
CT     - Look for CT1GFK/P, CT1GPQ/P and  CT2IHP/P to be  active (on 80,  40,
          20, 15  metres SSB,  CW and  RTTY,  with some  30,  17, 12  and  10m
          operation) from Culatra  Island (EU-145, DIP  AL-01) on 20-22  June.
          QSL via home calls. direct or bureau. [TNX CT1END]
CU     - Lars, SM3CVM  plans to  be active  as CU2/SM3CVM/P  from Sao  Miguel
          (EU-003), Azores from 24 June to  6 July. He  will operate on  80-10
          metres CW  mostly in  his late  evening hours.  QSL via  home  call,
          either direct or through the bureau. [TNX SM3CVM]
F      - Look for Sebastien, F8DQZ/p to be  active on 40, 20,  17, 15 and  12
          metres from Ouessant  Island (EU-065,  DIFM AT-001)  ob 28-29  June.
          [TNX La Gazette du DX]
F      - Bill, ON9CGB reports he will single  operate in the IOTA Contest  as
          F/G0MEU/p from  Sein Island  (EU-068), while  the rest  of the  team
          [425DXN 613] will use TM3ON. QSL for both via ON4ON.
FH     - Martial, F5SIE will be active as FH/F5SIE from Mayotte (AF-027, DIFO
          FH-001) on 1-15 July.  He will operate  on 40, 17  and 15 metres  CW
          only with 50 watts into dipoles. QSL bureau. [TNX F5NQL]
FH     - John, G4IRN  will  be  active as  FH/G4IRN  from  Mayotte  on  16-23
          September. He will operate mainly  CW on 10-40  metres and will  run
          100 watts into a vertical antenna. QSL via home call. [TNX G4IRN]
G      - Amateur   radio   operators   at    the   National   Space    Centre
          (http://www.g3stg.btinternet.co.uk/) in Leicester will activate  the
          GB2NSC station  on  the HF  bands  for the  first  time on  22  June
          (between 10 and  17 local time).  While normally GB2NSC  is used  to
          demonstrate  Amateur  Satellite  communications  to  visitors,  this
          special  activation  will  mark   an  important  space   exploration
          anniversary: forty years ago Russian cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova,
          travelling in Vostok 6, became the  first woman to orbit earth.  QSL
          via G8ATE. [TNX F5NQL]
G      - Look for GB2BLE to be aired from Lundy Island (EU-120) from 28  June
          through   5   July.    Further   information    is   available    at
          http://www.draxium.com/gb2ble [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
GM     - The Cockenzie  and  Port Seton  ARC  will participate  in  the  IOTA
          Contest as GM2T from the Isle of Tiree (EU-008). The operators  will
          be MM0DXC, GM4UYZ,  MM0JXI, M0RNR, GM4XZZ,  GM4IKU, GM4VJV,  MM3SRU,
          MM3ISA and MM1CPP/MM3IDM. Look for activity  as MM0CPS/P during  the
          week before the contest from around 21 July. QSL for both call signs
          via GM4UYZ. Further details  are available at  http://www.cpsarc.com
          [TNX M0RNR]
GM     - Forth  Valley  Contest  Group  members  John/MM0CCC,  Robert/MM0ANT,
          Colin/GM0CLN,  Ian/GM4ZRR  and  Keith/GM0FZM  will  be  active  from
          Benbecula (EU-010) on  24-28 July, including  an entry  in the  IOTA
          Contest as  GM4V  (QSL  via  MM0ANT).  Updates  will  be  posted  on
          http://www.gm4v.co.uk/ [TNX GM0CLN]
GM     - Ed, G3SQX will participate in the IOTA Contest as GM7X from the Isle
          of Arran  (EU-123). The  entry will  be in  the CW  section,  either
          12-hour or 24-hour.  QSL via G3SQX  (requests for  bureau cards  are
          welcome at ed@g3sqx.net). [TNX G3SQX]
HL     - Maeng, 6K2BYF  will  be active  (on  10-10 metres  SSB  and  CW)  as
          6K2BYF/3 from Anmyon  Island (AS-080) on  20-23 June,  All Asian  DX
          Contest included.  QSL via  home call,  either direct  (Maeng  Seong
          Youl, P.O.  Box 12,  Pocheon 487-600,  South Korea)  or through  the
          bureau. [TNX DS4NMJ]
HL     - DS5AAQ, DS5ACV, DS5ARL,  DS5DNO, DS5DYM, DS5KJR  and DS5MNO will  be
          active during the IOTA Contest as  homecall/p from Ch'angson  Island
          (AS-081). QSL via bureau to their respective home calls. [TNX NG3K]
I      - Look for IZ7AUH/p and  IZ7FLT/p to be  active (on 40,  20, 15 and  6
          metres) from Chianca d'Abramo (EU-091, IIA  LE-017) on 25 June.  QSL
          via home calls, bureau or direct. [TNX IZ7AUH]
I      - Special event station IR8P will be activated by operators from ARI -
          Pomigliano d'Arco on 26 June. [TNX I8JOQ]
I      - Look for Vesuvio DX Team member IZ8FDH to be active as IF9/IZ8FDH on
          all bands, 6  metres included, from  Favignana (AF-019, IIA  TP-011)
          from 29 June  to 6 July.  QSL via  home call,  either direct  (Paolo
          Capobianco, Via  Enrico Cocchia  26, 80124  Napoli -  NA, Italy)  or
          through the bureau. [TNX IZ8DDG]
I      - IZ8CGS, IK8VRH, IZ8CCW  and CW operator  IK0ESW will participate  in
          the IOTA Contest as either IL7M or IL7/IZ8CGS from the island of San
          Domino (EU-050, IIA  FG-001). QSL via  IZ8CGS either direct  (Gianni
          Marruccella, P.O. Box 5, 80029 S. Antimo - NA, Italy) or through the
          bureau. [TNX IZ8CCW]
I      - Giovanni/IK8LIU,    Enzo/IK8YTG,     Fabio/IZ1EGT,     Marco/IZ7DOK,
          Oreste/IZ8EDJ and Francesco/IZ8EQF will operate  (as either IC8M  or
          IC8/IK8LIU on  HF and  6 metres,  SSB and  CW) from  Licosa   Island
          (EU-031, IIA SA-001) on 2-3 August. QSL via IZ8EDJ. The web page  is
          at http://www.mdxc.org/ic8m [TNX IZ8EDJ]
I      - IO1DCI will  be the  call of  the special  station to  be  activated
          during the  2nd  DCI  (Italian  Castles  Award,  http://www.dcia.it)
          Meeting organized by ARI Mondovi' on 20-21 September.
IS0    - Stefano, IK5PWQ will be active as IM0/IK5PWQ from San Pietro  Island
          (EU-165, IIA CA-013) on 1-14  July. Look for  him especially on  20m
          SSB and 30 & 40m CW between 20 and 22 UTC. Logs will be available at
          http://www.qsl.net/ik5pwq. QSL via home call either direct  (Stefano
          Ceccotti, Piazza Dante Alighieri 3/AL, 56030  Cascine di Buti -  PI,
          Italy) or through the bureau (e-mail requests for bureau cards  will
          be welcome at ik5pwq@amsat.org). [TNX IK5PWQ]
JA     - Look for JJ8DEN/6 to be active (CW and RTTY)from Yakushima  (AS-032)
          on 12-14  July.  QSL via  JJ8DEN  either  direct  (Yoshitake  Izumi,
          Minami-24-7, Nishi-1,  Obihiro-City,  Hokkaido, 080-0011  Japan)  or
          through the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
JA     - Kenji, JA4GXS will participate in the IOTA Contest as JA4GXS/4  from
          Yashiro Island (AS-117). He will  operate both CW  and SSB and  will
          remain on the island  until 23 UTC  on 27 July.  QSL via home  call,
          either direct or through the bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
OH     - OH6HJE, OH6NJ,  OH6UV and  OH6XX will  be active  (on  HF, 6  and  2
          metres) as  OH6AW/8 from  Marjaniemi Lighthouse  on Hailuoto  Island
          (EU-184) from 27 June to 1 July. QSL via OH6AD. [TNX OH6NJ]
S7     - John, G4IRN will be active as S79IRN from the Seychelles (AF-024) on
          13-16 and  23-27  September, before  and  after  his  activity  from
          Mayotte (see FH above). He  will operate mainly  CW on 10-40  metres
          and will run 100 watts into  a vertical antenna. QSL via home  call.
          [TNX G4IRN]
TA     - TA1E, HB9DUR, IK2AQZ, IW2HUZ and SM0JHF will be active (on HF SSB, 6
          and 2 metres) as YM0KA  from Bozcaada (AS-099)  on 20-25 June.  [TNX
T32    - La Mar, T32Z is returning to Kiritimati (Christmas) Island (OC-024).
          He expects to  arrive on 30  June and operate  (on 6  metres and  HF
          bands, SSB, CW and some digital  modes) as time permits for  several
          weeks. QSL via K3PD (please direct any questions about the operation
          or QSLs to k3pd@arrl.net). [TNX K3PD]
T5     - Baldur/DJ6SI is currently  active, mainly on CW, as T5X from Somali.
          QSL via home call.
TG     - Mario/TG9ADQ, Francisco/TG9ANF, Edgar/TG9AXF  and Sergio/TG9SM  will
          operate (on 40, 20,  17 and 15  metres SSB, RTTY,  PSK and SSTV)  as
          TG0AA on 29-30 June (from 18 UTC to 18 UTC). The activity will  take
          place from Pacaya, an active volcano located some 17 miles away from
          Guatemala City. A special QSL  will be issued  via TG9AXF (P.O.  Box
          57, Mixco 01957, Guatemala). [TNX TG9ANF]
          UA6EDU, UA6EM and UA6EZ will operate (on 80-15 metres SSB and CW) as
          homecall/p from Gidam-Bashi, a mountain (2410m  a.s.l.) in the  Main
          Caucasus Range on  25-29 June.  QSLs via  bureau or  direct to  home
          calls. [TNX RW6HKF]
UA     - Igor, RA3QSY and  Alex, RW3QDE  will be  active as  RF3QFF from  the
          Natural Reserve of Voronezhsky on 27-30 June. QSL via RA3QSY  either
          direct (Igor Makeev, P.O.Box 2, Voronezh, 394010, Russia) or through
          the  bureau  (e-mail  requests  for  bureau  cards  are  welcome  at
          ra3qsy@mail.ru). [TNX RA3QSY]
V3     - Jay, K0BCN (V31MX) and Cal,  V31MF will be  active (on 10-80  metres
          SSB with  some  CW)  from  Caye  Caulker  (NA-073)  on  23-29  July,
          including an entry in the IOTA  Contest by Cal.  QSL both calls  via
          K0BCN, direct or bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
VE     - Mike/K9AJ [425DXN  621], Jim/K9PPY  and  maybe Susan/K9XYL  will  be
          active (CW and SSB hopefully with two stations) as homecall/VY0 from
          Somerset Island (NA-???) on 13-20 July. Mike will be in the  Nunavut
          region from  11  to 26  July  and he  plans  to  operate  also  from
          Cornwallis Island (NA-009) and/or Baffin Island (NA-047), as well as
          from Southampton Island (NA-007) on 22-24 July. QSL via home  calls.
          [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
XU     - Hiroo, XW2A will be active as XU7ADX from Cambodia the last week  of
          June. QSL via XW2A. Please note  that his address has changed:  send
          your cards plus return postage (IRCs only, not dollars) to P.O.  Box
          10003, Vientiane, Laos. [TNX The Daily DX]
YA     - Dan, JA1PBV (YA1BV) has been in Kabul since early this week and will
          be moving  soon  to Kandahar,  where  he will  operate  as  YA1BV/P,
          especially on the  digital modes. After  his South  Pacific tour  in
          August (see below), on 1 September  Dan will be back to  Afghanistan
          and remain there until March 2004. [TNX JA1PBV]
YI     - Dane, YI/S57CQ, one  of the UN  World Food  Programme workers,  will
          stay in Northern Iraq for the  next few months. He is active  mostly
          during the weekends, with 100 watts into a multiband dipole. QSL via
          S57DX (Slavko Celarc,  Ob Igriscu 8,  1360 Vrhnika, Slovenia).  [TNX
YB     - YE9R is the call issued for the operation from Rote Island  (OC-241)
          that was previously announced  to take place  as 8A9R [425DXN  625].
          Kadek, YC9BU and others will be  there for another couple of  weeks.
          QSL direct only to YC9BU (Kadek Kariana SP, P.O. Box 106,  Singaraja
          81100, Bali, Indonesia). [TNX YC9BU]
YU     - This year the Serbia & Montenegro  team (33 operators) will  compete
          as YT0HQ in the IARU HF World Championship on 12-13 July. All of the
          QSOs will be confirmed automatically via bureau. [TNX YU1ZZ]
YV     - The Grupo  DX  Caracas and  the  Asociacion de  Radioaficionados  de
          Venezuela will operate  (on 160-6 metres  SSB and CW)  as YW8D  from
          either La Cotorra or Remediadora (both the islands count for SA-063)
          on 20-24 June. QSL via W4SO (maildrop). [TNX YY5JMM]

SOUTH PACIFIC TOUR  ---> Dan, JA1PBV  reports he  will operate  as H44V  from
Guadalcanal (OC-047), Solomon Islands  on 5-9 August  and (along with  Kazuo,
P29KM) as H40V from the Santa Cruz Islands (Temotu) on 11-16 August. He  will
also sign P29SI  from Port Moresby,  Papua New  Guinea before  going back  to
Japan around 20 August.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4L QSL BUREAU ---> NARG (National  Association Radioamateurs of Georgia)  has
been ammitted  to IARU  membership effective  4  April 2003.  NARG  President
Mamuka Kordzakhia,  4L2M reports  that the  address  for their  incoming  QSL
bureau is P.O. Box 123, Tbilisi, 380004, Republic of Georgia.

7Q7/10JUNE ---> The various Portuguese communities around the world are  used
to celebrating Portugal Day (10 June) and this year Vasco, 7Q7CT, was granted
permission by the Malawi Communications Regulatory  Authorithy to operate  as
7Q7/10JUNE from 7 to 15 June 2003. "Those who worked Vasco with the call sign
7Q7/10JUNE made a legitimate contact", Leo/CT1CSN says, "and can ask for  the
confirmation through his QSL Manager ZS6AMX".

QSL 5H3RK ---> The correct address for Ralph 5H3RK/VK4VB is: Ralph Karhammar,
6 Seven  Oaks  St., Taringa,  QLD  4068, Australia.  Ralph  will  be  leaving
Tanzania soon,  but will  arrange subsequent  collections of  cards from  the
Embassy as he expects they will keep  dropping in for at least another  year.

QSL 9K2ZZ ---> Bob, 9K2ZZ will  be QRT from Kuwait this  weekend and his  QSL
manager (W8CNL) would like to wrap up the QSLing  by the end of the year.  "I
have about 3000 cards left", he  says, "and quite sure no  more will ever  be
ordered". Requests  should be  sent  direct only  to  Raymond H.  McClure,  5
McKenzie Circle, North Augusta, SC 29841-4319, USA. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]

QSL HC4/NP3D/P --->  Andy, NP3D has  ordered special cards  for the  contacts
made from La Isla (SA-056) in May and is waiting for them to arrive from  the
printer. He made 76 QSOs on  20m SSB (between 22.32 UTC on  22 May and  16.47
UTC on the 23rd)  and 307 QSOs  on 15m CW  (between 18.30 UTC  on 24 May  and
16.16 UTC on  the 25th). Cards  for these contacts  may be obtained  directly
from Andy rather than through Joe, W3HNK. [TNX KD6WWW]

QSL OZ/G0GRC ---> Alan, G0RCI reports  that all cards for the Grantham  ARC's
operation from Vendsyssel-Thy, Fur and Mors  (EU-171) have been delivered  to
the RSGB bureu. All direct cards have been answered as well.

QSL MANAGER  OFFERED --->  Gert E.  Janssens, K5WW  (http://www.qsl.net/k5ww)
offers his services as QSL manager to the  DX community. A member of The  QSL
Managers' Society, Gert has several years of experience handling the incoming
and outgoing  QSL  for the  members  of two  large  clubs and  their  contest
stations. Gert accepts paper and/or electronic logs and since he now lives in
a "no antennas  welcome" neighborhood, he  has plenty of  time to help  other
DXers with their QSL. All requests are welcome at k5ww@arrl.net

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

EU SPRINT: Results and logs of the European Sprint Contest/Spring CW (held on
            19 April) are  now available  at http://www.qsl.net/eusprint  [TNX
QSL DB:    Boye Christensen,  OZ7C  has updated  his  QSL  DBase  (which  now
            contains 340,087 unique records) for  Packet Cluster. The  package
            can be downloaded at http://www.qsl.net/oz7c/qsl [TNX OZ7C]

QSLs received direct: 3D2AG/R, 3G0Y, 3G1A, 3V8BB, 3V8KO, 3XY7C, 3XY8A,  4L3Y,
5N1BHF, 5R8FU,  5T5HC,  5T5PBV, 5V7BR,  5V7XO,  5W0DL, 5W0TR,  5X1DC,  7Q7HB,
7Q7LA, 7X0DX, 8A3M (OC-250), 8N1OGA, 9G5ZZ, 9M6/JA1HGY, 9N7YJ, 9Y4TBG, A22BP,
A25/DL1YFF, A52DA, A71AW, AH3D, AP2ARS, AX0LD, BO0M, C31LJ, C56/DL7CM, C91CO,
FW0DX, FW5ZL,  FW8FP,  H40T, H44H,  H44V,  H7DX, HC1OT,  HH6/DM2AYO,  HI3LFE,
HK0GU, HK3AXY, HP1/F5PAC  (NA-072), HP2/F5PAC  (NA-202), HP3/F5PAC  (NA-071),
HP4/F5PAC (NA-088),  HP9/F5PAC (NA-203),  HQ8V, J37K,  J75KG, JD1YBJ,  JT1BE,
JT1BH, JT1CO,  K8T,  K9YNF/HR9,  KB5GL/5  (NA-089),  KB7OBU/KH2,  KH2/JA1HGY,
OY7QA, OY7TW,  P29SI,  PJ2/WI9WI,  PJ5/K3RGD,  PR0F,  PV8DX,  R0POL,  RA9LI/9
(AS-083),  RI6AAA,   RK6CZ/P   (EU-185),  S05X,   S21YY,   SU9BN,   SV5/SM8C,
TY5ZR, UA1ONY/P (EU-035), UA6CW/P (EU-185),  V60A (OC-259), V60A/P  (OC-260),
XU7ACG, XV3TAA, XX9C  (AS-075), YI/S57CQ, YI9OM,  YL1XX, YN4SU, Z32M,  Z32ZM,
ZA1B, ZF2FK, ZK1AGG, ZK1AKX, ZL7C, ZS1RBN (AF-064), ZS23I (AF-077).

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