425 DX News issue #635

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                              425 DX News #635
                                5 July 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3C0    - Franz/DJ9ZB, Elmo/EA5BYP,  Victor/EA5FO  and Vicente/EA5YN  will  be
          active from Annobon  Island (AF-039)  in October.  Full details  are
          expected in due course. QSL via DJ9ZB. [TNX EA5YN]
7P     - Two other operators have joined the 18-25 July DXpedition to Lesotho
          [425DXN 627].  The team  now  consists of  K5LBU/7P8CF,  W0IZ/7P8IZ,
          K4SV/7P8DA, W5MJ/7P8MJ, VA7DX/7P8NK, WW5L/7P8TA, Larry Alkoff,  N2LA
          (requested call 7P8LA)  and his  wife Karen,  K2DXV (requested  call
          7P8KA). QSL via home calls. This  all mode &  all band activity  has
          added  amateur  satellite  mode  to  its  planned  operations.   The
          operation will be on the AO-40 satellite (uplink on  435.550-435.800
          MHz CW/LSB and  downlink on 2401.225-2401.475  MHz CW/USB). On  line
          web page and logs will  be at http://www.amsatnet.com/7p8.html once
          the DXpedition is underway. [TNX WW5L]
9A     - 9A0HQ will  be the  HQ station  for Croatia  in  the IARU  HF  World
          Championship. QSL via 9A1A (all QSOs will be confirmed automatically
          via bureau). [TNX NG3K]
9A     - Zsolt/HA6PS,  Tibor/HA6ZV   and  Laci/HA6NL   will  be   active   as
          9A/homecall from Pasman Island (EU-170) on 20-30 July, IOTA  Contest
          included. QSL via home  calls either direct  or through the  bureau.
          [TNX HA6NL]
9A     - Zlatko, 9A2EU will be active as 9A7T/p from Trstenik Island (EU-136,
          IOCA CI-132, WLH 0659, CLH 173,  ARLHS CRO-019) on 24-29 July,  IOTA
          Contest included. QSL via home call. [TNX 9A2EU]
9H     - Thomas, DL1ASA (http://www.dl1asa.de.vu) reports  he will be  active
          as 9H3TM from Gozo Island, Malta  (EU-023) on 1-15 August. He  plans
          to operate on all HF bands  CW, SSB and RTTY  and to participate  in
          the WAE DX CW Contest (9-10 August). QSL via bureau to DL1ASA.
9M2    - Ian, G3TMA will participate  in the IOTA  Contest as 9M2/G3TMA  from
          Pulau Ketam (AS-074). QSL to Ian Buffham, Bekay Court, Lorong  Enau,
          (off Jalan Ampang), 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [TNX The Daily DX]
CT     - Jose, CT1EHX (http://www.qsl.net/ct1ehx) reports  he will be  active
          as CT8EHX  on  11-13 July  for  the  22nd  International  Motorcycle
          Meeting at Faro. QSL via home call.
CT     - CT1AGF, CT1EPV  and CT3FN  (HB9CRV) will  operate as  CS5F from  the
          lighthouse at Cabo  de Santa  Maria (LH  0144, POR  013) on  Culatra
          island (EU-145)  on  19-20 July.  QSL  via  HB9CRV  (Hermann  Stein,
          Brueelmatten 13, CH 4410 Liestal, Switzerland). The web page for the
          operaton  is  at  http://ct1end.netpower.pt/eu145_culatra_2003 [TNX
CT     - CT3BD, CT3DL, CT3EE,  CT3IA, CT3EN,  CT3IQ, CT3KY,  CT3KU and  DF4SA
          will be active (on 6, 10, 12, 15, 17, 20, 40 and 80 metres) as  CT9D
          (SSB and CW) and CT9M (RTTY)  from the Desertas Islands (AF-046)  on
          23-27 July, IOTA Contest included. They  will use car batteries  and
          solar panels. QSL via CS3MAD (Associacao de Radioamadores da  Regiao
          da Madeira, P.O.  Box 4694, 9000  Funchal, Madeira, Portugal).  [TNX
CT     - CT1AGF, CT1HGS, CT3FN, F6HMJ, G3KHZ, VA2AM and possibly others  will
          participate in the IOTA  Contest (26-27 July)  as CS5C from  Culatra
          Island (EU-145). QSL route TBA. The web page for the operation is at
          http://ct1end.netpower.pt/eu145_culatra_2003 [TNX CT1END]
CT3    - Francisco, CT1EAT (www.qsl.net/ct1eat) will be active as  CT3/CT1EAT
          from Porto Santo, Madeira  (AF-014) on 24-30  July. He will  operate
          mainly on AO-40 satellite,  with some activity  on 10-20 metres  SSB
          and RTTY, including an entry in  the IOTA Contest  as CT9T. QSL  via
          home call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX CT1EAT]
DL     - Klaus/DF3GL, Gregor/DL1BFE and  Uwe/DL3BJ will be  active on all  HF
          bands, SSB  and  CW, as  DA0LRS  from Roter  Sand  lighthouse  (WLHA
          LH-0396, ARLHS FED-019, GLA 44) on 10-14 July. [TNX VA3RJ]
DL     - Look for DL4OK/p to be active  on SSB and  CW from Pellworm   Island
          (EU-042, N-023 for  the German  Islands Award)  on 15-29  July, IOTA
          Contest included. QSL  via home  call,   either direct  or   through
          the  bureau.  [TNX DL2VFR]
DL     - Look for DF3UFW/p to be active from Ummanz Island (EU-057, O-006 for
          the German Islands Award)  from 26  July to 9   August, IOTA Contest
          included. QSL via bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
ES     - Aarne/ES2QH,   Andy/ES2NA,   Tom/ES1DW,   Tom/ES2RJ,    Jerry/ES2EZ,
          Harry/ES2TGO will be active either as  ES8X and with their  personal
          calls from Kihnu Island (EU-178) from 25 July to 4 August. They will
          concentrate on 6 metres, as well  as on 144, 432  and 1296 MHz,  and
          will  participate  in  the  Estonian  Open   Field  Day  (rules   at
          http://www.erau.ee) and in the IOTA Contest. The contact points  for
          skeds are es2rj@erau.ee (before 18 July) and es2na@erau.ee (after 18
          July). QSL via ES2RJ either direct (Toomas Kull, P.O. Box 4, Viimsi,
          74001, Estonia) or through the bureau. [TNX ES2RJ]
F      - TM0HQ  will  be  the  REF  HQ  station  during  the  IARU  HF  World
          Championship on 12-13 July.  Look for activity  on 160-10 metres  CW
          and SSB. QSL via bureau. [TNX F5NLY]
G      - The RSGB Headquarters  station GB5HQ in  this year's  IARU HF  World
          Championship will be a multi-operator station, and there will be  an
          award for working  it on 3,  6, 9 or  all 12  band/mode slots.  Full
          details can be  found at http://www.gb5hq.com. QSL via G3TXF.  [TNX
GM     - Look for GM3PPG/P  to be active  (on 160-10 metres  SSB) from  South
          Uist (EU-010) from 13 July to  8 August, IOTA Contest included.  QSL
          via GM3PPG. [TNX VA3RJ]
HL     - DS2GOO, 6K2CLF, 6K2CEO and 6K2CEW will  be active as either  D90HE/3
          and/or homecall/3 from Anmyon Island (AS-080)  on 4-6 July. QSL  via
          DS2GOO.        Logs        will        be        available        at
          http://myhome.naver.com/~dxer2han/2003/ [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
HL     - Phil, HL1TXQ  and  other  nine  operators  (namely  HL1EJT,  HL1OYF,
          HL1VAU, HL3QP, HL9DX,  DS1EVQ, DS1KOQ,  DS3BGI and  DS4NYE) will  be
          active as homecall/2  from Chuk  Island in  the Kangwon-Do  Province
          group (AS-???, the  last unnumbered IOTA  group in  South Korea)  on
          17-20 July. They will operate from two sites on 40-10 metres SSB and
          CW, but their operating time will be limited to daylight hours (5-19
          local time,  20-10 UTC)  as  the island  is  located in  a  military
          operation zone.  The  SSB station  is  expected to  start  operating
          around 20.30  UTC on  17 July,  followed one  hour later  by the  CW
          station. QRT time will be around 6 UTC on 20 July, as the  operators
          will have to leave the island at  9 UTC. QSL direct to HL1OYF.  [TNX
IS0    - Stefano, IK5XCT will  be active  as IS0/IK5XCT  (QRP) from  Sardinia
          (EU-024) between 24 July and 7 August. Look for him on +/- 14060 kHz
          around 13 UTC and 21 UTC.  QSL via home call either direct  (Stefano
          Macerini Papini, Via Sarzanese Valdera 64/M, 56032 Cascine di Buti -
          PI, Italy) or through the bureau  (e-mail requests for bureau  cards
          will be  welcome at  ik5xct@amsat.org). Logs  will be  available  at
          http://www.qsl.net/ik5xct [TNX IK5XCT]
IS0    - Giovanni, IZ2DPX  will be  active  (mainly on  2  and 6  metres)  as
          IS0/IZ2DPX/P from Stintino (EU-024, IIA SD-001)  on 13-17 and  24-27
          September. Between 17  and 24  September he  will operate  on HF  as
          IM0/IZ2DPX/P from  Maddalena Island  (EU-041, IIA  SS-001). QSL  via
          home call. [TNX IZ2DPX]
JA     - Look for Takeshi, JA3GJE/6 and Hajime, JP3TKP/6 to be active (on 40,
          17, 12 and 10 metres SSB)  from Iki Island (AS-036) until 00.00  UTC
          on 7 July. QSL via bureau to home calls. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
LU     - LU1FAM, LU1FGE, LU1FKR and  LW9EOC will participate  in the IARU  HF
          World Championship  as  LT1F (Multi-Single).  QSL  via  AC7DX.  [TNX
LZ     - The "Bulgarian Island Radio-club" team will be active as LZ1KSL from
          Sveta Anastasiya (EU-181) on 25-27 July, IOTA Contest included.  The
          operation will  be on  80-10 metres,  CW, SSB  and possibly  digital
          modes. QSL via bureau to LZ4BU. [TNX LZ4BU]
OH     - Hans, OH6MY has been QRT for  several years, but  now intends to  be
          active sporadically  from Anterskar/Lapporarna  (EU-101) during  his
          summer vacations between 7 July  and 3 August.  [TNX Islands On  The
OJ0    - Seppo/OH1VR, Lasse/OH0RJ and others will be  active on 160-6  metres
          as OJ0VR  and  OJ0RJ  from  Market  Reef  (EU-053)  on  10-14  July,
          including an entry as OJ0U  in the IARU  HF World Championship.  QSL
          direct only to OH1VR (Seppo Sisatto, Ojakatu 3 A 18, 33100  Tampere,
          Finland). [TNX The Daily DX]
OZ     - Klaus, DL7UXG will be active as  OZ/DL7UXG/p from Langeland   Island
          (EU-172, FY-018  for the  Danish Islands  Award) from  26 July  to 8
          August.  Further  information   at  http://www.qsl.net/dl7uxg [TNX
OZ     - Ric, DL2VFR  will  be  active  as  OZ/DL2VFR  from  Bornholm  Island
          (EU-030, BO-001 for  the Danish Islands  Award) on  3-15 August.  He
          will operate mainly CW on the HF bands, with some SSB and 6  metres.
          QSL via home  call either direct or through the bureau. [TNX DL2VFR]
PY     - Pete/PY1NEW, Lima/PY1NEZ  and Rick/PY1VOY  will be  active (on  40-6
          metres CW and SSB) as  PT2C and PQ2C  from Comprida Island  (SA-024)
          from 25  July to  3  August, IOTA  Contest  included. QSL  PT2C  via
          PY1NEZ, QSL PQ2C via PY1NEW. [TNX PY1NEZ]
SM     - Kent, SM0ELV will be active as SM0ELV/3 from Balson Island  (EU-176)
          during the weekend, starting around 10 UTC on 5 July until around 12
          UTC on  the 6th.  QSL via  home call  either direct  or through  the
          bureau. [TNX SM0ELV]
SV5    - Look for Jun, OE1ZKC (JH4RHF)  to be active  as SV5/OE1ZKC from  Kos
          Island, Dodecanese (EU-001) on 16-23 July 2003. QSL via OE1ZKC.
          SV9FBG, SV9FBM and SV9GPM  will participate in  the IOTA Contest  as
          J49DIA from Dia Island (EU-187). The  will operate both SSB and  CW.
          QSL via SV9ANK. [TNX SV9ANJ]
T32    - Hiro, JA0SC reports he will be active as T32SC from Christmas Island
          (OC-024), East Kiribati in early August.  He will arrive on the  3rd
          at 10.15 local time and depart on the 11th at 10.40 local time. Hiro
          plans to operate on 20-10 metres  mainly on RTTY and SSTV, and  will
          participate   in   the    26th   JASTA    SSTV   Activity    Contest
          (http://village.infoweb.ne.jp/%7Ejasta/english/index.html).    QSL
          direct to JA0SC.
UA     - Vlad Pal'touzov, UA1RG and others will be active (with two  stations
          24 fours a day) as R1PQ  from Novaya Zemlya (EU-035) between 15  and
          25 July. Look for activity on  on CW (7010,  14020, 21020 and  28040
          kHz) and SSB (7070, 14260, 21260  and 28300 kHz), with some PSK  and
          RTTY as  well.  The  operation  is  to  commemorate  all  those  who
          participated (British, Russian  and American) in  the Polar  Convoys
          1941-1944. Any inquiries  as to  the expedition  progress should  be
          directed to Ed, NC5K (dredp@ipa.net) or Yuri, UA1RJ (ua1rj@visp.ru).
          QSL via UA1RJ (Yuri Sinitso, P.O.  Box 10, Vologda 160000,  Russia).
          [TNX NC5K]
VE     - Jean, VE2GHI reports he will  be active as  VE2GHI/2 from the  small
          town of Chibougameau (Zone 2)  on 7-12 July.  The operation will  be
          mainly on 14030 (CW QRP). QSL via home call either direct or through
          the bureau.
VE     - Jacques, VE2AZX and Rosaire, VE2GHZ will  be active from  Sept-Iles,
          Havre Saint-Pierre and Natashquan (Zone 2)  on 8-15 July. They  plan
          to operate as VE2GHZ/2 mainly between 23 and 2 UTC on 40, 20 and  15
          metres SSB. QSL via home call  either direct or through the  bureau.
          [TNX VE2GHZ]
XU     - XU7ACT and  XU7ACU  are the  callsigns  issued  to  Danny/M0GMT  and
          Oliver/DJ9AO for  their 3-18  August operation  from  Sihanoukville,
          Cambodia [425DXN 631]. They will operate on 160-6 metres CW and  SSB
          and will participate in the WAE CW Contest. On-line logs and further
          information at http://www.geocities.com/dxpedition2003 [TNX DJ9AO]
YO     - The Romanian Amateur Radio Federation will  participate in the  IARU
          HF World Championship with  50 operators at  the HQ station,  YR0HW.
          The HW will be used in memory  of YO4HW, their team leader for  many
          years, who died in  2002. All QSOs  will be confirmed  automatically
          via bureau. [TNX YO3APJ]
ZA     - DL6LAU, DL8OBQ, OH2BH, OH2NB  and OH3BHL are  in Albania and  making
          preparatory steps  for  setting up  a  training program  to  enhance
          amateur radio  further as  well as  operating  on several  new  band
          modes, such as 6 and 2 metres. They will join Geni, ZA1B and operate
          this callsign until  13 July with  two stations. QSL  cards will  be
          handled together with the April/May ZA1B operation by OH2BH. At  the
          end of  the  week they  will  team up  with  the  Albanian  resident
          operators for the  IARU Radiosport and  activate the AARA  (Albanian
          Amateur Radio Association) HQ station. ZA1A may be re-activated  for
          the period of the  IARU Contest and  the upcoming training  program.
          QSL ZA1A also via OH2BH. [TNX N4GN]

CARIBBEAN TOUR ---> Jeff, WB9CEJ will be active as VP2V/WB9CEJ from  Tortola,
British Virgin  Islands  (NA-023) on  7-13  July. Then  he  will  operate  as
KP2/WB9CEJ from St.  John and St.  Thomas, Virgin Islands  (NA-106) on  14-19
July. Activity will be mainly on  20, 17 and  15 metres SSB  and CW. QSL  via
home call. [TNX ARRL DX Bulletin]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

4L0G ---> NARG's (National Association Radioamateurs of Georgia) club station
4L0G, operated by  Shota Nadiradze, is  now active on  144 and  430 MHz  from
LN21CA. QSLs can be sent to either P.O. Box 601511, 22215 Hamburg, Germany or
to the 4l QSL Bureau (P.O. Box 123, Tbilisi 380004, Georgia). Comments can be
sent to 4l2m@rambler.ru [TNX 4L2M]

9H1EL QRT --->  Jeff Morris, 9H1EL  (9H0A) reports  he has  finally gone  QRT
after living in  Malta for 28  years. Originally  licenced as  G3YDR back  in
1969, Jeff moved to  Malta in February  1975. Having spent  more time in  the
Philippines rather than at home for the  last two years, Jeff has decided  to
finally move there permanently. He will leave Malta for good on 21 July.  All
antennas and towers have been dismantled and donated to local radio  amateurs
(9H1BT and 9H1PA)  who have been  inspirational and helpful  to him over  the
years. If and when he becomes  licenced in the Philippines, it will  probably
have to be with a temporary callsign (DU3/G3YDR).

ARM QSL BUREAU  ---> Valery Metaxa,  ER1DA (er1da@mail.ru)  reports that  QSL
parcels mailed  to the  ARM (Asociatia  Radioamatorilor din  R. Moldova)  QSL
Bureau are subject to import duty and ARM cannot afford such expense. Tax  on
imports does not apply to natural persons, so when mailing QSL parcels to the
ARM Bureau  please  use the  following  address: Valery  Metaxa,  c/o  ER-QSL
Bureau, P.O. Box 2942, Chisinau, MD-2071, Moldova.

BEACON --->  A project  group from  Porto Alegre  is  testing a  new  beacon,
PY3UEB, that runs 1 watt into a vertical on 28230 kHz. Reports can be sent to
py3ueb@baependi.com.br or py3mhz@cteparobe.com.br [TNX PY3CQ]

DX CONVENTION  ---> The  XIX  Italian HF-DX  Convention  will take  place  in
Bologna and Pontecchio  Marconi on 27-28  September. For further  information
please visit http://www.ari-bo.it or contact Onda, IK4SDY  (ik4sdy@amsat.org)
or Anton, IK4UPU (ik4upu@amsat.org).

DXCC  HR  --->   The  2003   DXCC  Honor   Roll  listing   is  available   at

IQ6VP ---> This is  the new club  call assigned to  L'Aquila ARI Branch.  The
suffix is in memory of Valentina,  the 10-year daughter of club member  Nillo
Pasqualon, IK6RFO.

K5DX ---> This station operated US Field  Day from rare grid EL28 on  Follets
Island (USI TX-019S), Brazoria County. QSL route at www.qrz.com [TNX N5UR]

PIRATE ---> Dmitri Botcharoff, RU3GF reports that 3W3/UA3GIB (QSL via UA3GIB)
is a pirate  station. "Somebody  operated from  Lipetsk with  this call",  he
says, "but it was not UA3GIB".

PIRATE ---> Gilbert Vanderhaegen, ON7ZZ says someone is pirating his call  on
all bands CW (the genuine Gilbert does not operate CW).

QSL 6W/F5VHQ --->  John reports he  made some 3000  QSOs during his  6W/F5VHQ
holiday operation from Saint Louis de  Senegal (April 2003). Direct  reuqests
have been processed; bureau cards will follow in July.

QSL VQ9DX ---> Rick, NE8Z (Rick Dorsch, P.O. Box 616, Hamburg, MI 48139, USA)
is the new QSL manager for his cousin Ron, VQ9DX (AA5DX) going back to  1996.
QSL cards are  being printed and  all old/new  logs will  be at  Rick's   QTH
within 2-3 weeks. Ron is presently  active again from Diego Garcia until  the
end of July.

QSL VIA IS0AGY --->  Please note that  effective 1 July  the new address  for
IS0AGY is:  Ampelio Melini,  P.O. Box  66/c, 09045  Quartu Sant'Elena  -  CA,
Italy. IS0AGY is the QSL manager  for IM0BMU (IOTA  EU-165, August 2000)  and
IM0R (EU-165, August 2001). [TNX IS0AGY]

SV2ASP/A --->  According  to  first  hand  information  collected  by  Kostas
Stamatis (SV1DPI), Monk Apollo has been off the air for a couple of months as
his old  HF  transceiver  is  dead  and  attempts  at  fixing  it  have  been

WRC-03  --->   The  final   IARU  report   from   WRC-03  is   available   at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

QSL GALLERIES: A collection of 1500+ QSL cards  is available on Les  Nouvelle
                DX's web site. Five different galleries include cards for each
                of the 58 deleted DXCC entities, obsolete prefixes,  Antarctic
                bases & TAAF  (Terres Australes  and Antarctiques  Francaises)
                and pre-1945 countries. A few cards are still needed and  your
                participation     is      welcome     -      please      visit
                http://LesNouvellesDX.free.fr and send  send your comments  to
                LesNouvellesDX@free.fr [TNX F6AJA]

QSLs received direct:  3DA0TM, 3XY1L, 4U1UN,  5N3CPR, 5R8FU, 5W0DA  (OC-097),
5Z4BK, 8P6DR, 9G5ZZ, 9K2HN, 9K2USA, 9L1AB, 9L1JT, 9M6/JQ1NGT, 9M6AAC,  9V1YC,
A41MA/p (AS-014), AH3D, BW3/UA3VCS, ER0ITU,  ES1AJ, ES8J (EU-178),  EY8/F5CW,
EZ8AQ, FK8GJ, FK8VHY, FO5RK (OC-051), HC4M, HC8A, HK6KKK, HP2/F5PAC (NA-170),
HP2/F5PAC  (NA-202),  HP3/F5PAC   (NA-071),  HP4/F5PAC  (NA-088),   HP9/F5PAC
(NA-203),  J68AS,  J75KG,  J7A,  J88DR,  JD1YBJ,  JY9NX,  K2GSJ/PJ7,  KB5GL/5
(NA-089), KH2/JJ2QXI, KP2D, KP4/K3TEJ,  L52DX, N6XIV/KH9, OJ0/SM0NJO,  OJ0VR,
P29VMS (OC-256 and OC-257), PJ2/PA0VDV,  PT5A, RK2FWA/P (RR-01-20),  RW0LZ/P,
S05X, S21YY, S9SS, ST2CF, SV2ASP/A, T31MY, T88AY, T97M, TI9JJP, TO4T,  TX4PG,
TZ6JA, UA2FCB, V26DX,  V31SN, V51AS,  V60A (OC-259),  V60A/P (OC-260),  V63DT
(OC-226), VK9XC,  VQ9LA,  W4D, WP2Z,  XU7ABF,  XW0X, YA5T,  YI/EK6DO,  Z32AF,
ZB2FK, ZD8A, ZD8Z, ZF2AH, ZF2QS, ZK1AYL (OC-083), ZS23I (AF-077).


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