425 DX News issue #637

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                              425 DX News #637
                                19 July 2003
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3C0      - Franz/DJ9ZB (3C0F),  Elmo/EA5BYP (3C0A),  Victor/EA5FO (3C0R)  and
            Vicente/EA5YN (3C0V) will  be active from  Annobon Island  [425DXN
            635] between 27 September and  10 October. Theirs  will be an  all
            modes/all bands operation on 6-160 metres CW, SSB, RTTY, PSK  with
            some SSTV as well. Hopefully they will have at least two  stations
            on the air 24 hours a  day. Donations are gratefully accepted  and
            can be  sent to  DX  Club Tabarca  Island,  P.O. Box  3097,  03080
            Alicante,    Spain.     QSL     via    DJ9ZB.     [TNX     EA5BYP,
3DA0     - After  the  18-25  July  operation  from  Lesotho,  Dave/K4SV  and
            Neil/VA7DX will be active as 3DA0SV and 3DA0WC from Swaziland from
            29 July to 3 August. QSL via home calls. Logs will be available at
            http://www.k4sv.com/swaziland.html [TNX K4SV and The Daily DX]
3DA0     - Rad/ZS6RAD, Ron/ZS5ABD,  Cliff/ZS6BOX  and  Willie/ZS5WI  will  be
            active as 3DA0DX  from Swaziland from  29 July to  3 August.  They
            plan to operate on all bands and modes  between 3-7 UTC and  14-22
            UTC daily. QSL  via ZS5WI either  direct (P.O.  Box 1064,  Eshowe,
            3815,  KZN,  South  Africa)  or  through  the  bureau.  [TNX  OPDX
4K       - Axel, DL6KVA  will  be  active once  again  as  4K0CW  from  Baku,
            Azerbaijan on  4-17  August, including  an  entry in  the  WAE  CW
            Contest. Activity will be on CW only, typically in his night hours
            (after 21 UTC).  QSL via  DL6KVA either  direct (Axel  Schernikau,
            Kurt-Schumacher-Ring 187, 18146 Rostock,  Germany) or through  the
            DARC bureau. [TNX DL6KVA]
9A       - Laci/HA6NL will use his newly issued Croatian call (9A6NL)  during
            his 20-30 July operation [425DXN 635] from Pasman Island (EU-170),
            IOTA Contest included. QSL via home  call, direct or bureau.  [TNX
9M2      - Look for Rich,  9M2/G4ZFE to participate  in the  IOTA Contest  as
            9M2/G4ZFE/P (CW) from Pulau Pangkor (AS-072). [TNX NG3K]
9M6      - Hiro/JA2KPV, Tetsu/JF2UED and Mack/JJ2QXI will be active (on 160-6
            metres CW,  SSB and  RTTY) from  9M6AAC  at the  Hillview  Gardens
            Resort in  Sabah (OC-088)  on 24-29  July.  They will  be  signing
            9M6/homecall and will be active during the IOTA Contest "just  for
            fun". For  skeds  on  a particular  band  or  mode,  please  visit
            http://jj2qxi.tripod.com/. QSL via home calls. [TNX JJ2QXI]
9N       - Kiyo, JH3PAS will operate as 9N7AS from Nepal on 11-19 August.  He
            will be  active  on HF  CW,  SSB, RTTY  and  PSK31, and  plans  to
            concentrate on 30 metres as well as on CW, RTTY and PSK31. Do  not
            expect any  low  band activity.  QSL  via home  call  direct  only
            (Kiyotaka  Ichikawa,  IssikiI-Nishi  1-74-3,  Hiraoka,   Kakogawa,
            675-0117 Japan). [TNX JA1ELY]
9U       - Gilberto, IK3CHI is active on 10,  20, 40 and  80 metres as  9UACH
            from Gitega, Burundi until 3 August. [TNX F0EEB]
BY       - Look for Steve, BD5RI  to operate as  BD5RI/5 from Pingtan  Island
            (AS-138) starting on 19 July. He  plans to be active mainly on  15
            and 20  metres; hopefully  he will  also be  QRV during  the  IOTA
            Contest. QSL direct to home call. [TNX BD5RI]
BY       - A group of operators  from BY4AJT (http://www.qsl.net/by4ajt, the
            student  amateur   radio  club   station  at   Shanghai   Jiaotong
            University) will be active as BI4HS  from Hengsha Island  (AS-136)
            on 25-28 July, IOTA Contest included.  Look for them on +/-  7050,
            14260, 21260, 28460 kHz SSB and 7025, 14030, 21030, 28030 kHz  CW.
            Inquiries should be  directed to  Ken, BG2AW  (bg2aw@sjtu.edu.cn).
            [TNX BG2AW]
C6       - Steve, AK0M will be active  (on 40-6 metres  CW, SSB and  possibly
            PSK31) as C6ASB from Abaco Island (NA-080), Bahamas on 22-30 July,
            including some participation in the IOTA Contest. His wife  Sandy,
            KC0RD may also be active as C6ASC. QSLs via AK0M. [TNX NG3K]
CT       - Sam, CT1EEN  and  Arlindo, CT1EGW  will  be active  as  CT6B  from
            Berlenga Island (EU-040) on 26-28 July, IOTA Contest included. QSL
            via CT1EEN. [TNX CT1EGW]
EA       - Special event  station  EG03PFG  will  be  active  from  Barcelona
            between 27 July and 3 August.  QSL via EA3MM. Further  information
            at http://www.urb-ea3mm.org/ [TNX EA3NP]
EA9      - Members of  URE  and the  Armed  Forces Radioclub  (namely  EA4BT,
            EA7AAW, EA7JB, EA7TL, EA9NP  and EB4EPJ) will  be active (on  80-2
            metres SSB, CW and RTTY) as  EG9IC (HF) and EH9IC (6 metres)  from
            the Chafarinas  Islands (AF-036,  DIE  S-016, ARLHS  CEU-001,  FEA
            E-6754, WWL IM85SG)  on 23-28  July, IOTA  Contest included.  Logs
            will be  available  at http://www.ure.es; QSL  via  EA4URE.  [TNX
EI       - The DDG Contest Group will participate in the IOTA Contest as EJ5E
            from Inishbofin (EU-121). They will also operate on 25 July  using
            EJ/homecall. This is a joint North/South  Irish event between  the
            Dublin & Dundalk clubs in EI  and the Glengormley Club in GI.  QSL
            via EI2SDR. [TNX GI4FUE]
ES       - Look for Jaak, ES1FB/2 and Oleg,  ES1RA/2 to be active from  Rammu
            Island (EU-149) on 25-27 July, IOTA Contest included. QSL via home
            calls. [TNX NG3K]
F        - A group of operators from the Radio Club of Morvan will be  active
            as F6KVN/P from Lake Chaumecon Island  (not IOTA, DIFI 58002L)  on
            19 July. Look for activity on  40-10 metres CW  and SSB. All  QSOs
            will be  confirmed automatically  via bureau.  Information on  the
            French   Inland   Islands   Award   (DIFI)   can   be   found   at
            http://www.qsl.net/tk5yp/difi.htm) [TNX F5JFU]
F        - Christian, F8HJV  will be  active as  F8HJV/p from  Levant  Island
            (EU-070, DIFM ME-012) from 25 July  through the end of August.  He
            will operate mainly 40 and 20 metres SSB and will be active during
            the IOTA Contest. QSL via home call. [TNX F5NQL]
FO_aus   - Richard/DJ4OI, Andy/DL3GA, Markus/DL1IAN and Joachim/DF6IC plan to
            operate, possibly as FO/homecall/A, from Tubuai (OC-152),  Austral
            Islands from  18  September  to 3  October.  They  will  have  two
            stations with beams and linear amplifiers and will operate on 80-6
            metres, SSB, CW, RTTY  and probably other  digital modes. QSL  via
            home calls, direct or bureau. [TNX DF6IC]
FS & PJ7 - Igor, VA3YDX  (ex-US1IDX  and US1I)  is  active as  FS/VA3YDX  and
            PJ7/VA3YDX from  St. Martin  and Sint  Maarten (NA-105)  until  26
            July. QSL  to VA3YDX  either direct  (Igor Slakva,  2900  Bathurst
            Street, Apt. #307,  Toronto, Ontario, M6B  3A9 Canada) or  through
            the bureau. [TNX VA3YDX]
GJ       - Rich, K2WR will participate in the  IOTA Contest as GJ2A (SSB  and
            CW) from Jersey (EU-013). QSL via  GJ3DVC, direct or bureau.  Look
            for some  activity (mainly  CW) before  and after  the contest  as
            MJ0AWR (QSL via K2WR, direct or bureau). [TNX NG3K]
GM       - MM0ROB and others  will participate in  the IOTA  Contest as  GM5C
            from Great Cumbrae (EU-123). QSL via GM0DEQ. [TNX NG3K]
GM       - Peter, MM5PSL  will operate  on HF  and 6  metres from  Fair  Isle
            (EU-012) at  Fair Isle  South Lighthouse  (ARLHS SCO-079)  on  2-6
            August. QSL via WA7OBH. Cards will be printed as soon as demand is
            known. [TNX MM5PSL]
GU       - G3SJJ, G3SVL, G4DRS, G4IIY, GU0SUP and  M5RIC will participate  in
            the IOTA Contest as  GU8D from Guernsey  (EU-114). QSL via  G3LZQ.
            Expect some activity  on 25 July  under their  own calls  (GU4IIY,
            etc.) [TNX G4IIY]
HI       - ON4IQ, ON4QX,  HI8ROX  and HI3TEJ  will  participate in  the  IOTA
            Contest as HI3/ON4IQ from Hispaniola (NA-096), Dominican Republic.
            QSL via ON4IQ. [TNX NG3K]
I        - Alfredo, IK7JWX and other operators from Salento DX Team/ARI Lecce
            will operate from the lighthouse at Brindisi/Casale (WAIL  PU-015,
            ARLHS ITA-069) on 19 July. QSL  via home calls, direct or  bureau.
            [TNX IK7JWX]
I        - Giovanni/I5JHW,    Sergio/I5NSR,     Danio/I5OYY,     Paolo/I5UKS,
            Roberto/IK5FTQ and Gabriele/IK5ZTW  will participate  in the  IOTA
            Contest as IB0P from Ponza (EU-045, IIA LT-001). Outside the  IOTA
            event they will operate also on 6 and 2 metres. [TNX I5JHW]
I        - IZ8CGS, IK8VRH, IZ8CCW  and IK0ESW  will participate  in the  IOTA
            Contest as  IL7M  from  the island  of  San  Domino  (EU-050,  IIA
            FG-001). QSL via  IZ8CGS, direct or  bureau. Those  who will  work
            IL7M on  five different  bands will  receive  the T-shirt  of  the
            expedition. [TNX IZ8CCW]
I        - IK8PGM, IT9EJE, IT9EJW, IT9FCC, IT9HLN and IW9HDS will operate  as
            IT9EJW/P (SSB  and CW  on 10-15  metres) and  IW9HDS/P (AO-40  and
            other satellite  operation)  from Pietra  di  Patti  (EU-166,  IIA
            ME-030) on 2-3 August. They will  also be active as IT9FCC/P  from
            Scoglio di Patti (EU-166, new one  for the Italian Islands  Award:
            ME-038) during the daylight hours. The web page for the  operation
            is  at  http://www.printed.it/patti.html. QSLs  via  home  calls,
            direct or bureau. [TNX IT9EJW]
I       - IZ7FLP and IZ7FLQ will active from Isola del Capezzone EU-091, IIA
            LE-004) on 19 July. QSL via bureau. [TNZ IZ7AUH]
IS0      - IS0BMU, IS0CDS, IS0CPU, IS0IGV, IS0JOO, IS0RDL and IS0XIA will  be
            active on SSB  and CW as  IM0M from  Isola dei  Meli (EU-165,  IIA
            CA-006) on 18-21 July. QSL via IS0BMU. [TNX www.islanchaser.com]
IS0      - Massimo, IZ0EJQ reports he will be  active as IM0/IZ0EJQ from  San
            Pietro Island (EU-165)  from 20  July to  20 August.  He plans  to
            operate during the IOTA Contest on 20-10 metres SSB.
IS0      - Freddy,  IZ1EPM  (http://www.iz1epm.it) reports   he will operate
            as II0P from Sardinia  on 8-28 August.  During his /MM  operations
            (from JN51AX and hopefully JN50) he will  use his  home call.  His
            main focus will be on 6 metres, but he will also concentrate on 30
            metres during his evenings as well  as on 12 and 17 metres  during
            his mornings.
JX       - Ove, LA2IJ will  be active  as JX2IJ  from Jan  Mayen (EU-022)  on
            24-31 July. He will operate mainly RTTY (14083 and 21083 kHz) with
            some SSB on 20, 17, 15, 12 and 10 metres during his free time. QSL
            via LA2IJ direct or via the bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
KH8      - Ulli, DL2AH [425DXN 631] is now  expected to operate as  KH8/DL2AH
            from Ofu Island (OC-077), American Samoa for 4-5 days starting  on
            20 July. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
KP       - Alfredo, WP3C will participate  in the IOTA  Contest as KP4AH  (SO
            24h CW) from Puerto Rico (NA-099). QSL direct only to KP4AH.  [TNX
LA       - Look for  Leonardo, LC/IW5DEZ/P  and  Stefano, LC/IW5DPF/P  to  be
            active during  their evenings  on 6  metres from  Norway  (Lofoten
            Islands, EU-076 and  NordKapp) between 1  and 20  August. QSL  via
            home calls direct (P.O. Box  30, 50018 Scandicci  - FI, Italy)  or
            bureau. [TNX IW5DEZ]
OH0      - Vincenzo, IZ0FKE reports he will be active as OH0/IZ0FKE from  the
            Aland Islands (EU-002) on 16-23 August. QSL via IZ0FMA.
OZ       - Lars, OZ1HPS (http://www.qsl.net/oz1hps) will  be active as  OZ4DI
            from Lyo Island (EU-172, FY-009 for  the Danish Islands Award)  on
            19 July and  from Avernako (EU-172,  DIA FY-010) on  the 20th  and
            21st. He hopes  to operate from  a couple of  lighthouses as  well
            (Nakkeodde, DLH DEN 157 and Munke, DLH DEN 157). [TNX OZ1HPS]
OZ       - Jakob, OZ7AEI plans  to operate on  20 and 40  metres as  OZ7AEI/P
            from Romo Island (EU-125, NS-001 for the Danish Islands Award) and
            lighthouse (ARLHS DEN-074) on 22 July. [TNX OZ7AEI]
OZ       - Look for Klaus,  OZ/DL7UXG/p to  be active  from Langeland  Island
            (EU-172) from 26 July to 8 August. QSL via his home call. [TNX The
            Daily DX]
P4       - Colin, KU5B will be QRV as  either KU5B/P4 or P40CJ from Aruba  on
            20-24 July. He will be  on 10, 15,  20 and 40  metres SSB and  CW,
            with main emphasis on CW. QSL direct to KU5B. [TNX NG3K]
PA       - Four Dutch operators will participate in the IOTA Contest as  PA6Z
            (SSB) from Goeree Overflakkee (EU-146). QSL via PA1KW [TNX PA5RA].
PY       - IV3NVN,  PP5KE,  PP5TO,  PP5WG  and  PY3KN are active as ZY5C from
            Santana  de  Fora  (SA-088) until around  18 UTC  on  20 July. QSL
            direct to IV3NVN  (Simone Candotto,  P.O.Box 4, 33050  Castions di
            Strada - UD, Italy).
PZ       - KD5CQT (PZ5CQ), K2FF (PZ5FF) and  W5UE (PZ5UE), from the  Magnolia
            DX Association, will  operate  on 6-160  metres  CW,  SSB and RTTY
            from the  QTH   of Ramon,  PZ5RA on   20-28  October. They    will
            participate in  the CQ   WW DX  SSB Contest  as PZ5A (Multi  Two),
            the first ever  2x1 callsign  issued in   Suriname.  QSL PZ5A  via
            W5UE, others via home calls. Floyd,  N5FG (pz5a@mdxa.org) will  be
            the pilot for the project; up-to-date  information will be  posted
            on  the   PZ5A   web  site   linked   to  the   MDXA   home   page
            (http://www.mdxa.org). [TNX N5FG]
SM       - Look for SK0HS/5 to participate in  the IOTA Contest from  Vassaro
            Island (EU-084). QSL via SM0MPV. [TNX NG3K]
SP       - SP6FZM, SP6NIC, G0DVJ, SQ6MS and SQ6NEU  will be active as  3Z0I/1
            from Uznam Island (EU-129) on 24-30  July, IOTA Contest  included.
            They will operate on 80-10 metres CW and SSB, with some RTTY and 6
            metres activity before  ancd after  the contest.  QSL via  SP6ZDA.
            [TNX SQ6MS]
SV       - Petr, OK1FCJ  will  operate  (on  10-80  metres  SSB  and  CW)  as
            SV8/OK1FCJ/P from Thassos  Island (EU-174) on  22-30 July.  During
            the IOTA  Contest he  will be  signing SV8/OL8R/P.  QSLs via  home
            call. [TNX OK1FCJ]
SV5      - SV5FRB, SV5FRD and SV5FRP will participate in the IOTA Contest  as
            J45FRE from Pserimos Island (EU-001). QSL via SV5FRD. [TNX NG3K]
UA       - Special station  UE0JWA  (http://www. amursu.ru/radio)  is  active
            through  31  December  to  celebrate  the  145th  anniversary   of
            Blagoveshchensk, the administrative  centre of  Amur Region  (Zone
            19). QSL to Pavel Yermolaev, P.O. Box 53, Blagoveshchensk-on-Amur,
            675000, Russia. [TNX RW0JR]
UA       - Oleg, UA6LP reports  he will operate  from ARLHS ERU-137  (RLE-029
            for the Russian Lighthouses Award) on 19-20 July.
UA       - Special calls R300BF, R70SF and RI1CG  will be aired from  Gogland
            Island (EU-133) on 20-31 July. QSLs via RZ3DYG, direct or  bureau.
            [TNX VA3RJ]
UA       - Special call R1100PS will be aired on 22-27 July to celebrate  the
            1100th anniversary  of the  city of  Pskov. QSL  via RA1WZ  either
            direct (Al  Trubchaninov,  Rizhskij  pr.  51-104,  Pskov,  180016,
            Russia) or through the bureau. [TNX RA1WZ]
VE       - Andy, VE2EM/VA3TEE  will operate  as VE2EM/M  from Orleans  Island
            (NA-128) on 25-27 July, IOTA Contest included. He will concentrate
            on CW (40,  30, 20, 17  and 15 metres).  QSL via  VE2EM. [TNX  The
            Daily DX]
VE       - Nenad, VE3EXY reports he will participate  in the IOTA Contest  as
            CK2/VE3EXY/P from Orleans Island (NA-128). QSL via home call.
VE       - John, VE1JS will be active from  Brier Island (NA-127) during  the
            IOTA Contest.  QSL via  bureau or  direct to  John Scott,  General
            Delivery, Sandy Cove, NS B0V 1E0, Canada. [TNX VE1JS]
VE       - Bruce, KD6WW will be active as KD6WW/VY0 from a couple of  Nunavut
            islands in  late July-early  August. He  will  be on  NA-006  from
            approximately 1 UTC on 30 July through 20 UTC on the 31st, and  on
            NA-131 from approximately 1 UTC on 1 August through 20 UTC on  the
            4th. He will operate CW (14028 or 14040 kHz) and SSB (around 14260
            kHz). QSL via  home call, direct  or bureau  (e-mail requests  for
            bureau cards are welcome at kd6ww@inreach.com). [TNX KD6WW]
VP2M     - Bill/W4WX (VP2MHX), William/N2WB  (VP2MWB) and Bob/K9MDO  (VP2MDO)
            will be active from Montserrat (NA-103)  on 22-29 July. They  will
            have three stations active on most bands and modes. QSL VP2MHX via
            W4WX, VP2MWB via N2OO, VP2MDO via K9MDO. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
VP2M     - Another operation from  Montserrat is scheduled  to take place  on
            23-29  July,   IOTA   Contest  included.   Kirk/W8QID,   Jim/K8FL,
            Byron/WA8NJR, Wayne/K8LEE,  Joe/W8GEX, Mike/N9NS,  Phil/W9IXX  and
            Bill/W8KVU will be active as  VP2MX with five  stations (one on  6
            metres from grid FK86). QSL direct via N8QET. Any questions can be
            directed     to     W8GEX      (jpater@aol.com)     or      WA8NJR
            (bswainey@erinet.com). [TNX WZ8D]
W        - Alan/W0NO and Bruce/K0BJ will operate from Block Island  (NA-031),
            Rhode Island on 20-28 July. QSL  via home calls bureau or  direct.
            On  26-27  July  they  will  be  joined  by  Mike/K1TWF  and  will
            participate in the IOTA Contest as N1DX (QSL via bureu or direct).
            [TNX K0BJ]
W        - Look for  W4SAA/p to  participate in  the IOTA  Contest as  Single
            Operator 24H CW  from Virginia Key  (NA-141). QSL  via home  call,
            direct or bureau. [TNX NG3K]
W        - W0JLC/4 will participate in the IOTA Contest from Marathon  Island
            (NA-062). QSL via bureau. [TNX NG3K]
W        - Bill, N5LYG and others will participate  in the IOTA Contest  from
            Mustang Island (NA-092). Look for them on 10, 15 and 20m SSB. [TNX
W        - K3PFW, KB3HTA, KB3HTF,  KD3IH, KW3Z, N3PT,  N3WYN, W2GJ, W3PP  and
            WV8RS will participate in the IOTA Contest as W3TBG from the  fire
            station on Smith Island (NA-140). QSL via W3TBG. [TNX NG3K]
W        - AE4MK will participate in the IOTA  Contest (12 Hours SSB from  12
            to 24  UTC on  26 July)  as W3I  from Kent  Island (NA-140).  IOTA
            enthusiasts please note  that credit for  contacts made with  this
            island will continue to be allowed until 1 February 2005 only. QSL
            via AE4MK. [TNX NG3K]
XU       - Danny/M0GMT and Oliver/DJ9AO [425DXN 635] will be using XU7ACT for
            normal operation during their 4-18 August operation from Cambodia.
            XU7ACU will be aired for the WAE CW Contest on 9-10th August only.
            QSLs for  both calls  via G3SWH,  bureau  or direct.  For  further
            information please  visit  http://www.geocities.com/dxpedition2003
            [TNX G3SWH]
XZ       - DL7BO, DL7UFR, DL7DF,  DL7KL, DJ6TF, DK1BT  and DL4WK  plan to  be
            active as XZ7A from Myanmar between  30 September and 17  October.
            They will have  four stations at  two different operating  places,
            one in the  capital city and  the other at  the seaside.  Activity
            will take  place on  160-6 metres  (with an  emphasis on  the  low
            bands) CW,  SSB,  RTTY, PSK31  and  SSTV. News,  online  logs  and
            pictures will be available at http://www.qsl.net/dl7df/ during the
            DXpedition. [TNX DF3CB]
YB       - YC3MM, YC5YAS,  YC5WUH and  YD5NGQ will  participate in  the  IOTA
            Contest from Galang Island (OC-075), hopefully with a YE5  special
            call. [TNX IZ8CCW]
YJ       - VK4TI, VK2IR, VK3FY and VK3WA will participate in the CQ WW DX SSB
            Contest (25-26 October) as YJ0X  (Multi-Single) from Vanuatu.  QSL
            via VK4TI.  Other  operators are  invited  to join  the  team;  if
            interested, please  contact  VK4TI  at  trent@sampson.net.au  [TNX
YV       - Look  for  YW5M  [425DXN  636]  to  be  active  from  Los   Monjes
            Archipelago (SA-015) until 20 July. QSL via W4SO (maildrop).

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

FO/G35WH ---> This (FO/G3 five WH) is the call used by Phil, G3SWH during his
current operation  [425DXN 634].  Apparently this  is due  to a  typo on  his
licence, as the FO authorities misread the "S" for a "5"... [TNX The Golist]

HB9 LICENCES ---> Effective  15 July, the  Federal Office for  Communications
(www.ofcom.ch) has authorized Swiss operators who hold a CEPT Class 2 licence
to operate on all of the HF amateur radio bands without taking CW tests. [TNX

LESOTHO ---> The 18-25 July expedition  to Lesotho [425DXN 635] will have  an
online log  that will  be updated  daily, depending  on Internet  access,  at
http://www.k4sv.com/lesotho.html (a    second     web    site    is     at
http://www.amsatnet.com/7p8.html). The pilot  for the  DXpedition is  Stephen
Grose, K4YL (k4yl@hotmail.com). [TNX K4SV]

MUSEUM SHIPS EVENT  ---> Seventy ships  and submarines are  expected to  take
part in the Worldwide Museum Ships Special  Event that will be held on  19-20
July. Further information can be found at http://www.qsl.net/ww2dd/event.html

NEW AWARD --->  Information on  the newly  born Japanese  IOTA Islands  Award
(JIIA) can be found at http://www3.ocn.ne.jp/~iota/newpage61.htm [TNX JI6KVR]

NOT THE MANAGER ---> Cliff, G0MMI is receiving direct cards for YI1BGD/5, but
he is not the manager for this call or for any other radio station  operating
from Iraq at  present. "All QSL  cards I receive  will not  be answered",  he
says. He has also pulled out of the RSGB  bureau, so he will not receive  any
cards via that route.

QSL HG0HQ ---> Julius, HA6NY is the QSL manager (direct and bureau) for  this
year's IARU HF World  Championship only. Requests  will be processed  towards
the end of the year.

QSL RA3NN/1 ---> QSL cards  for Andy's 10-12  June operation from  Morzhovets
Island (EU-119, RR 02-08, WLH LH 1070, ARLHS ERU-051, RLHA RLE-031) should be
sent via  home  call  either  direct  (Andre  Hudyacov,  P.O.Box  1,  Sharya,
Kostromskaya obl., 157500, Russia) or through the bureau. [TNX RA3NN]

QSL VIA  WD9EWK  ---> Patrick,  WD9EWK/VA7EWK  is the  QSL  manager  for  the
following stations:  4A2Q (3-4  May 2003  only), AY8XW  (SA-008, 2002  only),
KG6OJZ, L20E, LU3XQ (SA-008), LU5ER, LU5EVK, LU5XPZ (SA-008), LU6XQ (SA-008),
LU7JA, LU9XT  (SA-008), W9K  (August 2002  only), XE2BOA,  XE2BSS, XE2TG  (ex
XE2TSG),   XE2TPJ,    XE2VAS.    The   first    batch    of    direct    4A2Q
(http://www.qsl.net/4a2q/) cards was mailed out on  14 July. QSL can be  sent
either direct  (Patrick Stoddard,  6938 W.  Palo  Verde Drive,  Glendale,  AZ
85303-4405, USA) or through the bureau.  He maintains a a  page with his  QSL
manager information at http://www.qsl.net/wd9ewk/qsl-mgr.html [TNX WD9EWK]

IOTA Convention takes place this year  at the Britannia Country House  Hotel,
Didsbury, Manchester,  England,  over the  weekend  of 31st  October  to  2nd
November. The hotel is located close to Manchester International Airport  and
the Manchester United football (soccer) ground at Old Trafford. Bookings  for
packages at the International HF and IOTA Convention are now taking place and
there is a  special discount  of GBP10.00  per person  for bookings  received
before 31st August. See www.rsgb.org/hfc for  further details, including  the
provisional programme of presentations and lectures  at the Convention.  [TNX

SEANET 2003 ---> The SEANET Contest 2003 rules have been amended to include a
Short Wave Listener section and  to recommend the  use of specific  frequency
segments so that it  is easy to  find the SEANET  stations. The contest  runs
from 12 UTC  on 16 August  to 12  UTC on  the 17th.  For further  information
please  visit   http://www.seanet2003.com or   e-mail  Ray   Gerrard,  HS0ZDZ
(g3nom@rast.or.th) [TNX HS0ZDZ/G3NOM]

SV2ASP/A --->  The Northern  Ohio  DX Association  would  like to  help  Monk
Apollo, SV2ASP/A [425DXN 635] get back on the air and have decided to try  to
collect funds to purchase another radio for him. Currently, NODXA is  looking
for "pledges only" to see if  there is enough interest  in this project.  For
the time being,  please send your  pledge to Tedd  Mirgliotta, Editor of  the
OPDX Bulletin, at kb8nw@arrl.net

WAIL ---> For information on the Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award  please
visit  http://www.425dxn.org/awards/wail/ or http://www.ari.it/wail.html, or
contact the Award Manager  (Paolo Garavaglia, IK1NLZ)  at  ik1nlz@425dxn.org.

QSL XX9C ---> Silvano, KB5GL  reports that the new XX9C cards  - Taipa Island
(AS-075) operation [425DXN 598] - have arrived.  QSL via XX9BB.  Logs will be
available at http://www.hellocq.net/xx9c

QSLs received direct: 3B8MM, 3C0R, 3C5DX, 3D2RW, 3V8BB, 3XY7C, 4K5O,  4S7KJK,
4U1UN, 5U1A, 5U7JK, 5V7VJ, 5W0DA, 5W0MO,  5W1MM, 5Z4BK, 5Z4BL, 5Z4FM,  6W1RT,
7O/OH2YY, 8R1AK (SA-068), 8R1RPN, 8R1USA, 9G5GA, 9G5ZZ, 9L1AB, 9N7DX,  A35XM,
AH3D, AP2JZB,  BW3/UA3VCS,  BX3/DJ3KR, C21XU,  C56JHF,  CV1F  (SA-057),  D2U,
D44CF, D44TT,  DS0DX/2 (AS-105),  EK3AA, EK6LV,  EK6TA, EK7SA,  EM1HO,  ES1J,
FR5FD, FY5FY,  FY5KE, H44V,  HC4/NP3D/p (SA-056),  HH7PV, HK3JJH/2  (SA-082),
N6XIV/KH9, OY3QN, P29KM, P29KPH, P29VMS (OC-256 and OC-257), P29VMS (OC-258),
P40B, PY0ZFO,  S05X, S9MX,  S9SS, ST0RY,  ST2CF, ST2SA,  SU9ZZ, SV9CVY,  T2T,
T31MY, T77C,  TA1ED/0 (AS-115),  TG9IGI, TK5T,  TT8DX, TU5IJ,  TX4PG,  UA2FX,

          425 DX NEWS WWW PAGE ---> http://www.425dxn.org


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