425 DX News issue #667

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                              425 DX News #667
                              14 February 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

5W     - After their operation from Tokelau  (see ZK3 below),  Silvano/I2YSB,
          Flaviano/I2MOV, Carlo/IK1AOD and Marcello/IK2DIA  will be active  on
          all bands and modes from Samoa (OC-097) from 29 February to 8 March.
          They will collect  their licence upon  arrival. QSL  direct only  to
          I2YSB. [TNX I2YSB]
6Y     - RZS Amateur Radio  Club's (W2RZS)  members Bob/WB2NVR,  Mike/WA2VQW,
          Adam/N2DHH and Bob/N2DVQ will be operating from Jamaica (NA-097)  on
          24-30 March, including an entry in the CQ WPX SSB Contest as  6Y2RZ.
          Before and after the contest they will be active as either W2RZS/6Y5
          and/or homecall/6Y5. [TNX K1XN and The Golist]
8Q     - Two activities from  the Maldives (AS-013)  are due to  start on  23
          February. Giancarlo, I3SGR will operate as 8Q7SG from Kuredu  Island
          until 1 March. Look for him on 10-40 metres SSB around 15-17 UTC and
          20.30-23.30 UTC.  QSL via  home call,  direct (Giancarlo  Salvadori,
          P.O. Box 32, 31100 Treviso -  TV, Italy) or bureau. Pierino,  IV3YYK
          will be active on all bands SSB and  CW as 8Q7YY until 7 March.  QSL
          via IV3YYK. [TNX I3SGR and IV3OWC]
C6     - Brian/K7RE (C6ALK), Bob/N4BP (C6AKQ) and Kevin/K4PG (C6APG) will  be
          active from Freeport, Grand Bahama (NA-080) on 17-23 February.  They
          will participate in  the ARRL  DX CW  Contest on  160m (C6ALK),  80m
          (C6AKQ) and  10m  (C6APG). QSL  direct  via home  calls,  direct  or
          bureau. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
CX     - Rainer, CX8FB reports  that the  15-18 February  operation from  San
          Gabriel Island (SA-057) [425DXN 666] has  been postponed because  of
          "health and tranportation problems".
EA8    - Terry, M0CLH will  be active as  EA8/M0CLH/P from Tenerife  (AF-004)
          between 23 February and 1 March.  This holiday-style operation  will
          be QRP with dipoles for 20, 17, 15 and 12 metres. QSL via home call,
          direct or bureau. [TNX M0CLH]
FM     - The Radio  club  de  Martinique  organizers  this  year's  Caribbean
          Hamboree  (http://www.caribbeanhamboree.org/),  and  special   event
          station TO7HAM will be active on all bands and modes on 3-18  April.
          QSL via FM5AN. [TNX FM5AN]
FO0_cl - The DXpedition to Clipperton Island that  was due to start around  8
          March [425DXN 665] has been cancelled for the time being because the
          team has run into a problem with the transportation. Plans are still
          in place to go to Clipperton  as soon as  new transportation can  be
          arranged, but this may take a few months. [TNX K4SV]
GU     - Rich, M5RIC (http://www.qsl.net/m5ric)  will be  active as  MU5RIC/P
          from Guernsey (EU-114) on 25-29 March, including an entry in the  CQ
          WPX SSB Contest as MU2Z. QSL via M5RIC. [TNX NG3K]
HI     - Bill, N7OU will  be active (on  160-10 metres CW  only) as  HI9/N7OU
          from the Dominican Republic on 17-26 February, including a SOAB  Low
          Power entry in the ARRL DX CW Contest (21-22 February). QSL via home
          call. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
HR     - Tom, W0GLG will operate as HR3/W0GLG from Cayos Cochinos (NA-160) on
          1-6 March. Look for him around 14260, 21260 and 28460 kHz. Tom  will
          be in Honduras from 13 February, working as a radio operator for the
          International Health Service of Minnesota. [TNX N4AA and QRZ-DX]
HR     - Rich, N0HJZ will be active as HR9/N0HJZ from Roatan Island (NA-057),
          Honduras on  3-9  March, including  an  entry in  the  ARRL  DX  SSB
          Contest. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX N0HJZ]
I      - ARI Versilia club station IQ5VR will be activated until 29  February
          for the 131st Carnival of Viareggio.  Details on the relevant  award
          are  available  at  http://www.ariversilia.it  or  from  the   Award
          Manager, IK5ZWV (ik5zwv@iol.it). [TNX IK5ZPZ & IK5ZWV]
I      - Look for IR7LH (QSL via IK7JWX) and IZ7FMQ/p (QSL via home call)  to
          be active from the lighthouse at  Capo San Vito (WAIL PU-001,  ARLHS
          ITA-040) on 14 February. [TNX IK7JWX]
I      - Gaetano/I8IHG,   Nello/IK8HVJ,   Salvatore/IK8NTN,   Achille/IZ8CKS,
          Luigi/IZ8ENR and Andrea/IK8GDA will operate (on 10-80 metres plus  6
          metres SSB) as IC8/homecall from Vivara Island (EU-031, IIA  NA-005)
          on 21 February. QSLs via I8IHG, direct or bureau.
J7     - John/K3TEJ, George/K5KG and John/W4IX will operate as J79Z (QSL  via
          K3TEJ), J75KG (QSL via KU9C) and J79JRC (QSL via W4IX) from Dominica
          (NA-101) on 14-24 February. They will participate in the ARRL DX  CW
          Contest as J7A (Multi-2), QSL via KU9C. [TNX VA3RJ]
JW     - Francois, F8DVD  will  operate on  10-80  metres  as  JW/F8DVD  from
          Longyearbyen (EU-026), Svalbard  on 4-10 April.  QSL via home  call,
          direct (Francois Bergez, 6 rue de  la Liberte, 71000 Macon,  France)
          or bureau. [TNX F5NOD]
KP2    - Tony, N2TK will be active as  N2TK/NP2 (QSL via home call) from  St.
          Croix, Virgin  Islands  from  25  February  to  10  March.  He  will
          participate in both the CQ 160-Meter SSB and ARRL DX SSB Contests as
          WP2Z (QSL KU9C). [TNX K1XN and The Golist]
KP2    - Harry, W6DXO will operate SSB  and PSK as  KP2/W6DXO from St.  John,
          Virgin Islands (NA 106) on 14-19 March. Activity will be focused  on
          17, 12 and 10 metres. QSL via home call. [TNX NG3K]
LU     - Look for L20H  to participate in  this week's CQ  WPX RTTY  Contest.
          This will be a new prefix on RTTY. QSL via EA7FTR. [TNX EA7FTR]
LU     - Alberto, LU1DZ will be  active as LU1DZ/X  from Ushuaia, Tierra  del
          Fuego (SA-008) on 17-21 February. [TNX LU6EF]
OX     - Stellan, SM0LQB will operate (mainly on  the higher bands,  probably
          with low power)  in his spare  time as OX/SM0LQB  from Greenland  on
          18-25 February. QSL via home call. [TNX SM1TDE]
P4     - John, W2GD will be active as P40W from Aruba (SA-036) starting on 18
          February. He plans to participate in the ARRL DX CW and CQ 160-Meter
          SSB contests. Outside the contests there  will be some operation  on
          all bands SSB  and CW, with  an emphasis on  160m at  night and  10m
          during the day. QSL via N2MM. [TNX OPDX and NG3K]
P4     - John, KK9A will be active (on 10-160 metres CW and SSB) as P40A from
          Aruba on 1-30 March, including entries in the ARRL DX SSB and CQ WPX
          SSB contests. QSL via WD9DZV. [TNX P40A]
PJ5    - Jim, K1NA will be active  as PJ5NA from  St. Eustatius (NA-145)  for
          about a month starting  around 18 February.  He will operate  160-10
          metres CW only (ARRL  DX CW Contest  included), however expect  some
          activity during the ARRL DX Phone  Contest. QSL via home call.  [TNX
          OPDX Bulletin]
PY     - PP5VB, PY3CQ, PY3NZ, PY3MM and possibly  others will be active  from
          Santa Marta Lighthouse (DFB SC-012, ARLHS BRA-187) in the  Brazilian
          State of Santa Catarina until 15 February. [TNX PY3CQ]
T7     - William/N2WB and Bill/W4WX  will be in  San Marino  on 16-22  March.
          They will guest operate from the T70A club station using the  club's
          call. Look for  them on the  HF bands on  CW, SSB and  RTTY. QSL  to
          T70A. [TNX W4WX]
TI     - WJ7R, W7YAQ, K7AR,  KI7Y and  TI2WGO will  operate as  TI5/homecalls
          from Costa Rica on 17-26 February. They will participate in the ARRL
          CW DX Contest as TI5N (QSL via W3HNK), outside the contest they will
          be active on the WARC bands as  well as on RTTY/FSK. [TNX The  Daily
UA     - Look for UE3SFF/4 to operate from the Natural Reserve of  Mordovskij
          and the National Park of Smolnyj  on 17-22 February. QSL via  RU3SD,
          direct or  bureau.  Information on  the  Russian  Flora-Fauna  Award
          (RFFA), sponsored  by the  Russian Robinson  Club, can  be found  at
          http://www.hamradio.ru/rrc/AWARDS/rffa_e.htm [TNX UA3FDX]
V3     - Don/N5DD, Amy/KC5DJI, James/AG5TX and  Renee/KD5YCG will operate  as
          V31AD from Placencia, Belize on 13-20 March. Expect activity on SSB,
          RTTY and  PSK, with  special attention  paid to  12, 17,  80 and  40
          metres, and  possibly  160 and  6  metres.  Further  information  at
          http://www.dxpileup.net/ [TNX N5DD]
VP5    - Bud, K4ISV and Donnie, K4CN will be active as VP5/K4ISV and VP5/K4CN
          from North Caicos (NA-002) from 24  February to 17 March. They  will
          participate in both the CQ 160-Meter SSB and ARRL DX SSB Contests as
          VP5B. QSLs via N2AU. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
ZD8    - Jim, N6TJ  will  be  active again  as  ZD8Z  from  Ascension  Island
          (AF-003) for ten days starting  on 18 February,  ARRL CW DX  Contest
          included. QSL via VE3HO. [TNX The Daily DX]
ZF     - Bruce, W8HW will be active as ZF2BC from the Cayman Islands (NA-016)
          on 14-21 February. He plans to operate on 10-80 metres mostly CW and
          RTTY with some SSB. QSL via home call. [TNX The Daily DX]
ZK3    - Silvano/I2YSB,  Flaviano/I2MOV,  Carlo/IK1AOD  and   Marcello/IK2DIA
          [425DXN 653]  expect  to  be  QRV  from  Nukunonu,  Tokelau  Islands
          (OC-048) starting on 14 February until the 25th. They will have  two
          stations (one for CW and the other for SSB); the call issued to  the
          group is ZK3SB. QSL via I2YSB (direct only) or M5AAV (bureau  only).
          Further information and logs at http://www.qsl.net/i2ysb [TNX I2YSB]

CENTRAL AMERICA  TOUR --->  Heikki "Henry"  Tamminen, OH3JF  will operate  as
TG7/OH3JF from Guatemala on 18-29 February and as HR5/OH3JF from Honduras  on
2-10 March. He  will run 800  watts and  will concentrate  on 30-160  metres.
Suggested frequencies are 1827, 3507, 7007, 10103/10108, 14007, 18077, 21007,
24897 and 28007 kHz for CW; 1840, 3789, 7045, 14195, 18145, 21295, 24945  and
28495 kHz for SSB. QSL via OH3OJ. [TNX OH3OJ]

PACIFIC TRIP ---> DL1VKE and DF2SS will be active as 5W0SS & 5W0KE from Samoa
and as KH8/homecall from American Samoa  between 25 March and 10 April.  They
plan to operate SSB, CW and  RTTY on all the HF bands.  QSL via DL2MDZ.  Logs
will be available at http://www.df2ss.wimo.com [TNX DF2SS]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

3D2CC ---> "I can  safely say my  amateur radio days  are over", Fred,  3D2CC
reports. "For 4 years I pressed for a new  240V AC line but nothing has  been
done. The power on  the island is  not adequate to  operate the rigs".  Fred,
IOTA's only representative for OC-121, has taken down all his antennas.  Russ
Wilson, VE6VK still has QSL cards for him  (direct only with 1 USD for  North
American stations, 2 USD or 1 new IRC for overseas). [TNX VE6VK]

INDEXA --->  The  International DX  Association  (INDEXA) has  announced  the
appointment of Ron  Wright, ZL1AMO, to  the position of  vice president.  Ron
succeeds Bill  "Pick"  Pickard, WA5PAE,  who  became a  Silent  Key  in  late
November 2003. [TNX AA7UC]

PIRATE ---> The station spotted as YC3MM/P on 20 metres on 29 January was not
the genuine YC3MM. Adi did not  operate portable in January, and his  amateur
radio licence privileges do not include 20 metres. [TNX YC3MM]

QSL MANAGER  SURVEY --->  Over  2600 DXers  world  wide participated  in  the
Golist's survey [425DXN 661] and nominated a total of 98 managers. The Top  5
QSL Managers for the year 2003 are  AC7DX, G3SWH, KU9C, N3SL and W3HNK.  [TNX

QSL G4IUF/HC8 ---> Mike reports that all direct QSLs received so far for  his
recent activity from the Galapagos have  now been cleared. Requests  received
between now  and his  departure for  3B9C will  be turned  round daily.  [TNX

QSL LW7DX --> Horacio "Race" Schvarzman, LW7DX reports that LU2DW is not  his
QSL manager. The correct QSL route can be found at www.qrz.com

QSL VIA US0ZZ ---> Oleg has  started processing direct requests for the  June
and July  2003 operations  from Battery  Island (US0ZZ/p,  UT4ZG/p,  UT5ZA/p,
UR5ZGR/p and  UR4ZWL/p)  and the  Kalanchakskiye  Islands,  EU-179  (US0ZZ/p,
UT4ZG/p, UR5ZJL/p,  UR5GHK/p, UR6GWJ/p).  The rest  of the  contacts will  be
confirmed automatically via bureau. [TNX ER5OK]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

5V7C:        Propagation forecast, band plan schedule and world Azimuthal map
              for the 6-13 March 5V7C operation from Togo [425DXN 661] can  be
              found at http://5v7c.free.fr/Infopropag.htm.  Queries can be  st
              to 5v7c@free.fr [TNX F5NQL]
JA6WFM/HI8:  Information  on  the  JA6WFM/HI8  operation  can  be  found   at
              http://www.h7.dion.ne.jp/~ja6wfm/ [TNX JI6KVR]
LOGS:        On line logs for Kas, YI9ZF are available at  http://www.qsl.net
              (they include QSOs  made through  5 February).  QSL via  SM1TDE.
              [TNX SM1TDE]
TO4E:        The final report with pictures on  the TO4E/TO4WW DXpedition  to
              Europa  (November-December  2003)  is   now  available  on   the
              Clipperton DX Club's web site at http://cdxc.free.fr/index-f.htm
              [TNX La Gazette du DX]

QSLs received direct  or through managers:  1A0KM, 3A2MD, 3A2MW,  3B8/PA0VHA,
3B9FR, 3C0V, 3D2BT, 3DA0LJ, 4K9W, 4S7KJG, 4U1ITU, 5B4OG, 5J0X, 5N0W, 5N34NDP,
5U5Z, 5U7MF,  5V7BR, 5W1SA,  5X1Z, 6W/ON5TN,  6W1RD, 7W4HI  (AF-094),  8P6EZ,
8Q7KT, 8R1Z,  9H1AL, 9H1ZA,  9H3MR, 9J2BO,  9M2/G4ZFE, 9M2AX,  9M6OO,  9V1GO,
9V1WW, A61AJ, A61AR, A61X, A92GE, AH2R,  BD4JV, BQ9P, C5Z, CE0Y/SP9PT,  CY9A,
HK0/K4QD, HK0/N2WB, HP1LR, HU1M/3, IH9P, J20RM,  J69MV, J75A, J79JRC,  J79WW,
JR8XXQ/JD1, JT1CO,  JT1CS,  JX2IJ, K4E  (NA-034),  K9AJ/VY0  (NA-007),  KH7X,
KM9D/KH8 (OC-200),  KP2/AB2RF, LX5A,  LY2ZZ, LY5A,  MU0FAL, N3KQU/ZD8,  OA4O,
SU9NC, T21MY,  T2YL, T31MY  (OC-043), T88RN,  TG0AA, TG9/N0AT,  TG9NX,  TI5U,
V63SXW (OC-012), V63WC, V73MJ, V73NS, V73T, V8AAP, VK9CD, VK9CJ, VK9XY, VP2E,

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