425 DX News issue #676

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                              425 DX News #676
                               17 April 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

A4      - A group  of operators  is currently  active as  A43HI from  the  Al
           Halaniyat Islands (AS-010). On 15 April they reported they would be
           there for "another three or four days". QSL via A47RS. [TNX A47RS]
5N      - Vlado, ZS6MG will be on a  business trip to Nigeria on 20-30  April
           and will try to be active as 5N0DKV/6 on the HF bands and 6 metres.
           Operations will depend on a day to day business activities and most
           likely will be after 16 UTC. [TNX ZS6MG]
6Y      - Look for Riccardo, 6Y5/IZ5EBL and Rossella, 6Y5/IZ5BRO to be active
           from Jamaica (NA-097) until 19 April. They operate on 10-40  metres
           SSB, CW and PSK31. QSL via home calls. [TNX IZ5EBL]
9L      - Massimo, 9L1MS was unable  to reach Sherbro  Island (AF-056) on  10
           April, but he will try again later  in the year. He has also  plans
           to return to  Banana (AF-037), but  please note that  owing to  his
           hectic working  schedule, he  canot  give any  advance  information
           until a few hours before he actually leaves.
CE      - A group of operators from Radio Club Arica (namely CA1WJB,  CE1BPY,
           CE1LYF, CE1LXT, CE1POT, CE1RQB, CE1VLY, CE2WUI and XQ1IDM) will  be
           active (on 160-6 metres SSB, CW, RTTY and BPSK31) as 3G1E from  the
           lighthouse Peninsula del  Alacran (CHI-061)  on 5-6  June. QSL  via
           CE1FA. [TNX XQ1IDM]
CO      - Jose, CO3VK will  is active as  CO3VK/4 from  La Juventud  (NA-056)
           until 18 April. He is taking  part in the "Festival de la  Toronja"
           and operates (on 20 metres SSB,  low power with a wire antenna)  in
           his free time, typically on 20-24 UTC  and and from 5 UTC until  he
           goes to sleep. QSL via IZ8EBI. [TNX IZ8EBI]
DL      - Look for DL8RL, DL8DZL, DF3UFW and DL2DSL to be active from  Usedom
           Island (EU-129, O-13 for the German Islands Award) on 23-30  April.
           They also  plan to  operate from  Schlossinsel (O-31)  and  Grosser
           Wotig (O-35). QSl via bureau. [TNX VA3RJ]
DU      - 4F1OZ, 4F1FZ, 4F1EAA, 4F2XX, 4F2KWT and DY1PDO plan to operate  (on
           10, 15, 20 and 40 metres CW  and SSB) from Fuga Island (OC-092)  on
           24-26 April. [TNX The Daily DX]
EU      - Andrei, NP3D will  be visiting his  parents and  friends in  Minsk,
           Belarus on 17-27 April. He will  operate as EW1AR on all modes  and
           bands and will participate in the  SP DX RTTY Contest SOAB LP.  QSL
           via W3HNK. [TNX NP3D]
GM      - Members of the West of  Scotland ARS and  Scottish HAM Portal  team
           will be active on all bands and  modes as GB0SHP on 19-25 April  to
           present new  Scottish Ham  Portal (http://www.scotham.net)  on  the
           air. QSL  bureau or  direct to  P.O. Box  7469, Glasgow,  G42  OYD,
           Scotland, UK. [TNX MM0DFV]
HS      - Arrangements are being  made to  use HS72B  at the  new HS0AC  Club
           Station which is  scheduled to  start operations  on 1  May and  by
           HS0ZDZ for SEANET net control and  40m net control, in addition  to
           the SEANET Convention in November 2004.  HS72B [425DXN 675],  which
           was already  used from  Koh Chang  (AS-125) on  12-17 April,  is  a
           special callsign issued to the Radio Amateur Society of Thailand to
           celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's 72nd birthday. The HS72B  licence
           authorizes operations to take place also on the WARC bands. QSL for
           all HS72B  activities  until 31  December  2004  via  E20NTS.  [TNX
I       - Special station IY5PIS will be activated from Coltano (Pisa) from 8
           to 18 UTC  on 24 April  during the International  Marconi Day  (see
           "Good To  Know"). QSL  via IZ5DMC,  direct or  bureau.  Information
           including pictures  on  this Marconi  site  (from where,  in  1910,
           Marconi succeeded in sending the first radio message ever to  reach
           Africa      from      Europe)       can      be      found       at
           http://www.gb4imd.co.uk/coltano,.htm [TNX IK5ZTT]
I       - Vesuvio DX Team  operators IZ8DDG, IZ8DQH,  IZ8FAV, IZ8FDH,  IW8DON
           and IZ7ATL will  operate (on  HF, 6  and 2  metres SSB  and CW)  as
           IC8/homecall from  Procida Island  (EU-031,  IIA NA-002)  on  24-25
           April. QSL via home call. [TNX IZ8DDG]
I       - Special call IR0HM will be aired on all bands and modes on 3-7  May
           and during the Ham Meeting that  will take place at Cassino on  the
           8-9th. QSL  via  I7YKN (Nuccio  Meoli,  P.O. Box  66,  73010  Porto
           Cesareo - LE, Italy). [TNX I7YKN]
I       - Andrea, IZ0EHO will operate on SSB and digital modes as  IB0/IZ0EHO
           from Ponza (EU-045, IIA LT-001) on  14-28 June. QSL via home  call.
           [TNX IZ0EHO]
JA      - Look for  JL2LRO/6 to  operate (on  6-15  metres SSB)  from  Miyako
           Island (AS-079, JIIA-079-005)  on 17-19 April.  QSL via home  call.
           [TNX JI6KVR]
JA      - Joe, JA4PXE and Kou, JH4WXV expect to be active (on 160-6 metres CW
           and  SSB)  as  JA4PXE/6  and  JH4WXV/6  from  Uji  Island  (AS-067,
           JIIA-067-009) from about 21 UTC on 28 April until about 15 UTC on 1
           May. The operation will depend on weather conditions. QSL via  home
           calls, direct or bureau. [TNX JE2QYZ]
JT      - Three  special  event  calls  -  namely   JU45D  and  JV45D   (from
           Ulaanbaatar) and JT45D (from Choibalsan,  Eastern Mongolia) -  will
           be aired until 15 May to  celebrate the 45th anniversary of  Dornod
           Radio Club (JT2KAA), the second amateur radio club in Mongolia. QSL
           via JT2AN (P.O.Box 94,  Dornod, Mongolia). [TNX JT1CD]
KL      - Scott, K7ZO will be active as K7ZO/KL7 from Adak Island (NA-039) on
           16-20 May. He expects to operate mostly on 20 metres SSB using 100W
           into a vertical or dipole antennas. QSL via home call. [TNX K7ZO]
OX      - Frank, DL2SWW and Ric, DL2VFR will be leaving Germany on 22  April,
           with Maniitsoq Island  (NA-220) as  their final  destination for  a
           12-day  operation  [425DXN  661].  They  have  added  RTTY  (expect
           activity on 20 metres) to SSB and  CW; as for 160 metres, they  say
           that "if there  is a chance,  we are prepared...  But don't  expect
           it!". QSL OX/DL2SWW and OX/DL2VFR via home calls, direct or bureau.
           The     web     page     for      the     expedition     is      at
           http://www.iota-expedition.com [TNX DL2VFR]
SM      - SM7DAY, SM7NGH and  others will operate  on most bands  CW and  SSB
           from Ven Island (EU-137) on 19-21 April. QSl via home calls, direct
           or bureau. [TNX SM7NGH]
SP      - Special event station SP0EURO will be active on all bands and modes
           from 28 April to 3 May to celebrate the accession of Poland to  the
           European Union. QSL via SP9PKZ. [TNX SP9GKM]
SV5     - Ermanno, IK2WZD will be active on  all bands and modes as  SV0XAN/5
           from Lipsi (Leipsoi), Dodecanese (EU-001) from 1 May until the  end
           of October. QSL via home call. [TNX IK2WZD]
T30     - Dave, K3LP (one  of the T33C  team members) expects  to operate  as
           T30LP from Tarawa, Western Kiribati on  19-23 April [TNX The  Daily
TK      - Romek, SQ5RK reports he will participate in the SP DX RTTY  Contest
           on 24-25 April as TK/SQ5RK from Corsica. QSL via home call,  bureau
           or direct.
V4      - Larry, KJ4UY (V47UY) will operate (SSB with some RTTY, PSK and slow
           CW) from Nevis on 23-30 April. Look for him on 10-20 metres in  the
           daytime and 160-40 metres at  night. He will  monitor 6 metres  all
           the time. QSL via home call (US stations direct only, others either
           direct or through the bureau). [TNX The Daily DX]
V8 & 9M - The callsigns  to be  used by  Ian (9M2/G3TMA),  Derek (G3KHZ)  and
           Maury (IZ1CRR)  during  their forthcoming  Borneo  IOTA  DXpedition
           [425DXN 675] are V8PMB from Pulau Muara Besar (OC-184, 22-27 April)
           and 9M8PSB from Pulau Satang Besar ((OC-165, 30 April - 4 May). QSL
           via G3KHZ, direct or bureau.
VK      - Wally/VK6YS, Dan/VK8AN,  Bruce/KD6WW and  Ron/VK8NRI are  still  on
           track for Viney Island, Bonaparte  Archipelago (OC-???) from  23/24
           April for 4-5  days and also  for Long Island  (OC-071) from  27/28
           April to 2 May [425DXN 670]. They will be signing VK6AN from  Viney
           and VK6LI from Long  Island. Owing to  the limited availability  of
           transport, they will have two  transceivers and vertical  antennas,
           with the possibility of a tribander  for 10, 15 and 20m. Plans  are
           to operate CW, SSB and PSK31  and to work "very  hard at making  as
           many NA  and  EU operators  as  happy as  we  can".  QSL  for  both
           operations direct to VK4AAR (Alan Roocroft,  P.O. Box 421,  Gatton,
           QLD 4343, Australia). [TNX VK6YS]
VP8_sg  - Mike, GM0HCQ (VP8CMH/MM from the RRS "James Clark Ross") expects to
           be be able to operate as VP8SGK from South Georgia "at some  stage"
           between 15 and 19 April. Operating  times will most likely be  from
           20.00 UTC  to 00.00  UTC, initially  on 14018  kHz. If  he can  get
           ashore earlier in the day then he may well try to work on 10 or  12
           metres. On 19  April the  ship will  depart South  Georgia for  the
           Falkland Islands, arriving on  the 23rd. This  will the final  call
           into the Falklands before the ship heads back to the UK.  VP8CMH/MM
           will then be QRT until the  next Antarctic summer. QSL via  GM0HCQ,
           either direct (Mike Gloistein, 27  Stormont Way, Scone,  Perthshire
           PH2   6SP,   Scotland)   or   through   the   RSGB   bureau.   [TNX
W       - Rob, N3RW will  operate from Anacapa  Island (NA-144)  in July.  He
           will arrive on the island at about 16 UTC on 14 July and will leave
           at about 23 UTC on the 16th. Main  operations will be on 15 and  20
           metres SSB; he will also use  17m and 30m as conditions allow.  Rob
           will be joined  by Jack,  KG6RWI for  this activity.  QSL via  home
ZL      - The Wairarapa Branch  (Branch 46) of  NZART will  be operating  the
           special callsign ZM6CL until the end of May to celebrate the  150th
           anniversary of the main Wairarapa town  of Masterton. Tony,  ZL2AGY
           and other club members will operate  the call over the period  from
           their home stations. QSL via bureau. [TNX ZL2AGY]

PACIFIC TRIP  ---> Gerard, ON4AXU (ex PA3AXU) reports he will be active  from
French Polynesia,  the  Marquesas and  the  Austral Islands  in  May-June  as
Dates         Island       IOTA      DXCC               Call
15-16 May     Tahiti       OC-067    French Polynesia   FO/ON4AXU
17-23 May     Tubuai       OC-152    Austral            FO/ON4AXU/A
26-27 May     Moorea       OC-046    French Polynesia   FO/ON4AXU
28-29 May     Huahine      OC-067    French Polynesia   FO/ON4AXU
30-31 May     Raiatea      OC-067    French Polynesia   FO/ON4AXU
3-13 June     Hiva Oa      OC-027    Marquesas          FO/ON4AXU/M
14-15 June    Tahiti       OC-067    French Polynesia   FO/ON4AXU
QSL via home call (Gerard Dijkers, Hobosstraat 28, B-3900 Overpelt, Belgium).
The web page for the trip is at http://www.qsl.net/on4axu/on4axu1/2004.htm

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

ANTARCTIC  BASES  --->  WABA  Directory  2003  is  the  official  source   of
information for the IOTA Programme on Antarctic Base stations. It acts as  an
extension of the IOTA Directory, providing the IOTA reference number as  well
as a wealth of detailed historical information on each base. The Directory is
downloadable from  the  425 DX  News  website at  http://www.425dxn.org  [TNX

ARI DX CONTEST  ---> The A.R.I.  International DX Contest,  sponsored by  the
Italian amateur radio IARU Society, is  open to either licenced amateurs  and
SWLs. This year's event will take place from 20 UTC on 1 May to 19.59 UTC  on
the  2nd.  Full  rules  and  information,  including  a  brand  new  software
downloadable for free, are available at http://www.qsl.net/contest_ari

DXCC NEWS ---> The recent C56JJ  operation by Jan,  PA4JJ (formerly known  as
PA9JJ) has been approved for DXCC credit.

INTERNATIONAL MARCONI DAY ---> Organised by  the Cornish Radio Amateur  Club,
G4CRC/GB4IMD  (http://www.cornishradioamateurclub.org.uk)  the  International
Marconi Day (IMD) is a 24-hour amateur radio event held annually to celebrate
the birth of Guglielmo Marconi (25 April 1874).  It is not a contest, but  an
opportunity for  amateurs around  the world  to make  contacts with  historic
Marconi  sites  using  HF   communications  techniques.  Details,   including
information  on  the   relevant  Award  Certificates   and  the  listing   of
participating station in this year's event (to  be held on 24 April), can  be
found at http://www.gb4imd.co.uk/index.htm

IOTA DIRECTORY ---> The 40th Anniversary Edition of the  IOTA Directory  will
be published  around 19  April and  will be  available from  RSGB HQ  shortly
afterwards (see www.rsgb.org/shop/ or telephone Sales at +44 (0)1707 659015).
Larger than  ever  with  136 pages,  this  anniversary  edition  features  an
historical review, much of which has never previously been published as  well
as Geoff Watts' original IOTA list of 1964, fascinating for  what it includes
as wellas  for what it omits. It includes all you have come to expect of  the
Directory - the  latest IOTA island  listings, DXpedition  stories, the  Most
Wanted List, and articles on how  to get started in  IOTA. Readers, who  have
been active  on the  bands for  several years  and want  help in  identifying
operations that  count, will  find the  listing  of operations  accepted  for
credit quite invaluable. This list was first introduced in the 2002 Directory
and is now updated and expanded to cover the 650 rarest IOTA groups. Using it
could save you hours in preparing  your application. And  for the first  time
the Directory includes the current year's  Honour Roll and other  performance
listings. [TNX G3KMA]

NEW BOOK --->  Ward Silver, N0AX  is the author  of "Ham  Radio for  Dummies"
(ISDN 0-7645-5987-7), written for new licencees  who have the  "What do I  do
now?" feeling after passing the exam  and for prospective hams to  understand
what amateur  radio has  to offer  and how  to  participate. Ward's  goal  in
writing this 384-page book packed with explanations, tables, graphics, photos
and links to on-line resources was "to produce the book I wish I'd had when I
was just starting out - a Desktop Elmer, so to speak". If you're  interested,
just enter  the  title into  a  Web search  engine  and  find  your  favorite

NEW IOTA CERTIFICATES ---> The new Directory announces the addition of  three
new certificates to the  programme's current range,  for contacting 800,  900
and 1000 IOTA groups. These will be of the same design as other  certificates
in the 100 series. The 1000 Islands  certificate will be sent free of  charge
to each member reaching that level whether or not the 1000 Islands Trophy  is
requested. The 800 and 900 Islands  certificates will be  charged for on  the
same basis as  other certificates.  To ensure  fairness of  treatment in  the
issue of low  number 800 and  900 Islands certificates,  a period of  several
weeks will be allowed for members to apply through their checkpoints. At  the
end of that period the certificates  will be issued, numbered in the order of
the applicant's score on the central  IOTA database. So,  if you qualify  and
are interested,  please  apply before  1  August 2004  via  your  checkpoint.
Certificates will be despatched in September. [TNX G3KMA]

QSL 9U5M  ---> Cards  have arrived  from the  printer  and Dennis,  PA7FM  is
currently processing  direct  requests. "Still  quite  some  direct  requests
arrive with unsufficient return postage or even without SAE", Dennis reports.
These will be replied to via the bureau.

QSL FM/T93M  --->  Please  note  that the  QSL  manager  for  Danny's  recent
operation is  DJ2MX (Mario  Lovric, Kampenwandstrasse  13, D-81671  Muenchen,
Germany). Cards sent  to Danny's  address is  Sarajevo will  be forwarded  to
Mario, but expect some delay in processing these requests. [TNX T93Y]

QSL VIA  DL7AFS --->  Babs, DL7AFS  (Babs  Linge, Eichwaldstrasse  86,  34123
Kassel, Germany) is the QSL manager for the follwing calls (most of logs  are
available at www.qsl.net/dl7afs):
Call        Year       Call        Year       Call        Year
5X1DC       2003       H40T        2002       VK5APZ      1998
9A/DJ7ZG    2003       H44LB       2002       VK5AQA      1998
9A/DL7AFS   2003       H44ZG       2002       VK6LB       2001-now
9Y4/DJ7ZG   2003       HI9/DJ7ZG   2001       VK6ZG       2001-now
9Y4/DL7AFS  2003       HI9/DL7AFS  2001       VK9LB       2004
A35YL       2000       S79FAG      1999       VK9LL       2004
A35ZG       2000       S79YL       1999       VK9NB       2004
C50YL       1996       S79ZG       1999       VK9NG       2004
C53HP       1996       SP1/DJ7ZG   2003       YJ0AYL      2000
C98DC       2002       SP1/DL7AFS  2003       YJ0AZG      2000
C98DC       2001       V51/DJ7ZG   1991       Z2/DJ7ZG    1995
EA6/DJ7ZG   2000       V51/DL7AFS  1991       Z2/DL7AFS   1995
EA6/DL7AFS  2000       VK5AFS      1994       Z38Z        2003
EA9/DJ7ZG   2001       VK5AIO      1996       ZB2/DJ7ZG   2001
EA9/DL7AFS  2001       VK5AIP      1996       ZB2/DL7AFS  2001

QSL VIA UR5VHB ---> Vlad, UX2VZ  says that the Ukrainian incoming QSL  bureau
is receving cards marked "via UR5VHB" (for 3B8AS, 3B8FQ, 3B8GL, 3B8FG,  3B8BD
and UN9FQ) that they are unable to forward. Please note that back in November
2001 Andy, UR5VHB reported he had the logs for 3B8FQ, 3B8FG, 3B8GL and  3B8DB
[425DXN 549], but cards had to be sent direct only.

WELCOME IN EUROPE ---> ARI Roma  sponsors the "Welcome in Europe Contest"  to
celebrate the accession  of ten  new countries  to the  European Uinion.  The
contest will be held from 00.00 UTC on 1 May to 24 UTC on the 2nd. Rules  are
available at http://web.tiscali.it/ariroma/contest/wieng.html [TNX IK0WRB]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

EU-133:      An enjoyable  article  (and nice  pictures)  about  the  "Baltic
              Odyssey" to three EU-133 islands (namely Severnyj Virgin,  Malyj
              Tyuters and Bolshoy Tyuters), activated in  July 2003 by  RL3AA,
              RN3AZ,    UA3DX    and     RA3AUM,    can     be    found     at
YV ISLANDS:  Beautiful pictures of operations from several Venezuelan islands
              can  be  found  on  the  web  site  of  Ray  Radloff,  DL2GG/YV5
              (http://hfdx.com/frames_en.html). They  include  4M1X  (SA-089),
              YV30T (SA-044), YW1T (SA-066),  YW5FC (SA-058), YW5LB  (SA-037),
              YW5LF (SA-059), YW5M (SA-015), YW7C  (SA-012), YW8D (SA-063)  as
              well as YV0AA and YX0AI (Aves Island, NA-021). [TNX YV5ENI]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3B9C        FSDXA (a)   HR5/F2JD    F6AJA       T30PA       PA2R
3B9C        RSGB (b)    HS72B       E20NTS      T30S        YZ7AA
4L6VV       UA6EZ       II6CC       IZ6FUQ      T33C        F5CWU
4N600A      4N1A        II6IM       IK6OFE      T33CA       K6SRZ
4S7VK       DJ9ZB       IO3AJZ      IV3AJZ      T33I        YT1AD
5B/RA6LUX   qrz.com     IO3BKO      IV3BKO      T33IC       DF2IC
5B/UA6LCW   qrz.com     IO3CJT      IV3CJT      T33LP       K3LP
5B4AHH      RA3AMG      IO3CMW      IV3CMW      T33MR       IK1PMR
5H3/SM1TDE  SM1TDE      IO3DDM      IV3DDM      T33ND       K6ND
5W0KE       DL2MDZ      IO3DYS      IV3DYS      T33OA       DL5OAB
5W0SS       DL2MDZ      IO3EAD      IV3EAD      T33PA       PA2R
5Z4DZ       PC1A        IO3GTO      IV3GTO      T33S        YZ7AA
8Q7QQ       HB9QQ       IO3HLS      IV3HLS      T48K        DK1WI
8R1K        EA4BQ       IO3IBZ      IV3IBZ      TF3W        TF3IRA
8R1RPN      EA4BQ       IO3IIM      IV3IIM      TJ3MC       F6BUM
9N7PR       W4PRO       IO3KAS      IV3KAS      TM6ILE      F5SGI
9V1DX       VK4AAR      IO3KSE      IV3KSE      TO7HAM      FM5AN
C21DL       DJ2EH       IO3LNQ      IV3LNQ      UP9L        RW6HS
C21YL       DJ2EH       IO3MIE      IV3MIE      V31RG       K4VU
CO8DRG      DK1WI       IO3MPW      IV3MPW      V63ZF       DK2ZF
CO8KA       DL4ALI      IO3OQR      IV3OQR      VI5BR       VK3QI
CO8ZZ       DK1WI       IO3TPW      IV3TPW      VP2EYC      DJ6YC
CP6XE       IK6SNR      IO3TRK      IV3TRK      VP8DIJ      G6ZRL
CT8ITZ      CT2ITZ      IO3YAO      IV3YAO      VQ9CJ       N5JED
D2PFN       KK5DO       JA1APM/6    JL3SIK      VU3LCA      CT1CTZ
ED1SDB      EA1DJV      JW/F8DVD    F8DVD       XV3AA       JA6UHG
ED1SSV      EA1URV      KH8/DF2SS   DL2MDZ      YB0AJR/4    OK1JR
ED5SSC      EA5DDK      KH8/DL1VKE  DL2MDZ      YB0ARA/9    N2AU
ED6CDB      EA6ZX       LS7D        LU7DW       YI1AK       AD5W
ED6FAG      EA6ZX       LU4DRH/D    LU7DSY      YI1DZ       WA4JTK
ED6PMT      EA6SB       LU4ETN/D    LU7DSY      YI1UNH      WA3HUP
ED7URF      EA7PY       LU5DRV/D    LU7DSY      YI3SRA      IZ8EDJ
ED8EW       EA4BQ       LU5FII      WD9EWK      YI9YMA      K7YMA
EL2AB       IK0PHY      LU7DSY/D    LU7DSY      YI9ZF       SM1TDE
EN60FA      UT2FA       LU8DWR/D    LU7DSY      YK1BA       N5FF
EN60FEL     UR5FEL      LU8EBJ/D    LU7DSY      YK2A        pirate
EN60FEO     UR5FEO      LU9ESD/D    LU7DSY      YK2MM       pirate
EN60FHY     UX5HY       LW9EAG/D    LU7DSY      YU0HST      YU1AST
EN60FJ      UT9FJ       LW9EVA/D    LU7DSY      YV5SSB      EA5KB
EN60FT      UT0FT       MM0MWW      MM0EAX      Z21FO       K3PD
EN60FY      UX0FY       OY4TN       ON5UR       Z21KF       M5AAV
EP4HR       I2MQP       PA9MR       VE3MR       ZD8I        G4LTI
ER60ZON     UR4ZXK      RK3DZD/P    RD3DT       ZK1HCU      DL9HCU
FO/JA0SC    JA0SC       SN4EU       SP2QCU      ZK1UFF      LA5UF
FP5BZ       F5TJP       SO5O        SP5KVW      ZL7II       DL5EBE
GB0MPA      GW0ANA      T30MR       IK1PMR      ZS10RSA     KK3S
HF0POL      SP7IWA      T30ND       K6ND        ZS8MI       ZS6M

(a) direct  (b) bureau

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

AT0BI   P.O. Box 6073, Bangalore 560060, India
DJ2EH   Dieter Hornburger, Grabengasse 7, D-96185 Schoenbrunn, Germany
DL2MDZ  Rainer Kuhnberger, Hofer Str. 54, 95233 Helmbrechts, Germany
DL4ALI  Steffen Doepping, Wiesengasse 16, 99867 Gotha, Germany
DL5EBE  Dominik Weiel, Johannes-Meyer-Str. 13, D-49808 Lingen, Germany
E20NTS  Supote Saripan, P.O. Box 5, Klongtanon, Bangkok, 10222, Thailand
EA4BQ   Olli Rissanen, Calle Ciguela 331, 28729 Venturada, Madrid, Spain
EA5KB   Jose F. Ardid Arlandis, P.O. Box 5013, 46080 Valencia, Spain
ES1QD   P.O. Box 3739, Tallinn 10508, Estonia
F4EGS   Philippe Koch, 14 rue du 8 mai, 37320 Esvres, France
F5CWU   Flo Moudar, 25 Rue du Castel Salis, 37100 Tours, France
F8DVD   Francois Bergez, 6 Rue de la Liberte, 71000 Macon, France
F9IE    P.O. Box 211, 85330 Noirmoutier en l'Ile, France
FSDXA   P.O. Box 73, Church Stretton, SY6 6WF, UK
IQ8PD   ARI - Sezione di Pomigliano D'Arco, Viale Impero 1, 80038 Pomigliano
         D'Arco - NA, Italy
IZ8EDJ  Oreste D'Anzilio, P.O. Box 49, 84091, Battipaglia - SA, Italy
JL3SIK  Yoshiro Nishimura, Takemidai 4-2-6, Suita City, Osaka 565-0863, Japan
LU7DSY  Carlos Almiron, P.O. Box 709, 8000 Bahia Blanca, Argentina
SM1TDE  Eric Wennstrom, P.O. Box 94, SE-62016 Ljugarn, Sweden
SP5KVW  P.O. Box 56, 07-410 Ostroleka, Poland
TF3IRA  P.O. Box 1058, IS-121 Reykjavik, Iceland
VK3QI   Peter Forbes, 53 Summerhill Rd, Glen Iris, Victoria 3146, Australia
ZS6M    Bernardus Roode, P.O. Box 158, Kempton Park 1620, South Africa

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