425 DX News issue #677

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                              425 DX News #677
                               24 April 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

8Q      - Tadao, JA1WPX will be active as 8Q7WP from the Maldives (AS-013) on
           4-9 May. He plans to operate on  10-40 metres SSB, CW and RTTY  (if
           possible also on 80m and PSK31).  QSL via home call, either  direct
           (with 1 new IRC or 2 USD)  or through the bureau (provided that  he
           gets them in time, as he says that his last batch of cards will  be
           sent to the JARL outgoing bureau in December 2005). [TNX JA1WPX]
BV      - Paul, BV4FH reports  that BX2AE, BV2OO  and BV2QB  will operate  as
           BO0D from Dong  Yin Island (AS-113)  on 8-14 May.  QSL via  bureau.
           [TNX JI6KVR]
DL      - DL1APR, DL1APW,  DL1NUF,  DL5AOJ, DL6AMA,  DL9NDS  and  DM3BJ  will
           operate on all  bands CW, SSB,  RTTY and PSK31  from Ummanz  Island
           (EU-057, O-06 for the German Islands  Award) on 17-23 May. QSL  via
           home calls. [TNX DL8AAM]
DL      - Look for Fred, DL8DXL/p to be active from the following islands and
           lighthouses in May:
           DATE        ISLAND       IOTA     GIA   GLHA   WLH      ARLHS
           16-19 May   Baltrum      EU-047   N-06    -     -        -
           20-23 May   Neuwerk      EU-127   N-12   038   2311   FED-165
           22 May      Scharhoern   EU-127   N-11    -     -        -
           24-27 May   Oland        EU-042   N-20   new   0712   FED-174
           27-29 May   Langeness    EU-042   N-19    -     -        -
           29 May      Langeness    EU-042   N-19   new   1245   FED-134
           Fred will  be joined  by DL/LX9EG/p  while on  Neuwerk Island. [TNX
EA      - Marc,  ON5FP  and  Jose,  ON4CJK  [425DXN  675]  will  operate   as
           EA1/ON5FP/P and EA1/ON4CJK/P duirng their 23-25 July activity  from
           Mouro Island (EU-142),  including at least  one entry  in the  IOTA
           Contest. On 27-29 July they will be active from Gibraltar (ZB2) and
           from 30 July to 1 August  from Ceuta & Melilla  (EA9). QSL for  all
           activities   via   ON4ADN   either   direct   (Geert   Decru,   St.
           Laurentiusstraat 18, 8710  Wielsbeke, Belgium) or  through the  UBA
           bureau. [TNX ON5FP]
F       - The last  valid operations  for the  Council of  Europe Radio  Club
           Challenge will take place on 5  May (RTTY) and  7-9 May (RTTY,  SSB
           and  CW)   with   the  call   TP7CE.   Rules   are   available   at
           http://ewwa.free.fr [TNX F6FQK]
FP      - Look for  Paul,  FP/K9OT  and Peg,  FP/KB9LIE  to  be  active  from
           Miquelon (NA-032)  from the  evening of  2 July  until noon  (local
           time) on the  11th. They will  operate on  160-6 metres  (breakable
           beacon on 50120 kHz) with 100 watts, with an emphasis on 6, 12  and
           17m SSB for Peg and 30-160m CW for Paul. They expect to participate
           in the IARU HF Championship as  two separate entries (CW and  SSB).
           QSL  via   K9OT,  direct   or  bureau.   Their  web   page  is   at
           http://www.mhtc.net/~k9ot [TNX K9OT]
G       - Members of the  North Wakefield  Radio Club  (http://www.g4nok.org)
           plan to operate again as  GX4NOK/P from the  island of Inner  Farne
           (EU-109) over the weekend  of 24-25 April.  The team activated  the
           island on 17 April, but bad weather conditions prevented them  from
           operating also on the 18th as previously announced. [TNX 2E0NJW]
GJ      - Johannes, DF5AU will  operate (on 160-10  metres CW  and SSB,  WARC
           bands excluded) as either MJ/DF5AU (QSL  via home call) and  GJ3DVC
           during the CQ-MIR-DX-Contest (QSL via bureau or direct) from Jersey
           (EU-013) on 8-9 May. [TNX DF5AU]
I       - Luigi, IV3KAS will participate in the ARI International DX  Contest
           (1-2 May) as II3L (SO SSB). QSl via home call. [TNX IV3KAS]
I       - Marco,  IZ6ASI  and  Stefano,  IK6VGO   will  be  active  from  the
           lighthouse at Senigallia (WAIL MA-004) on 15-16 May. [TNX IZ6ASI]
JA      - Look for Takeshi, JI3DST/6 to be active from Miyako Island (AS-079)
           from 29 April to 9 May. [TNX The Daily DX]
JA      - Hiroaki, JK1FNN and  his wife Mie,  7L1MKM will  operate (on  10-40
           metres CW, SSB and RTTY) from Ishigaki Island (AS-024) on 2-4  May.
           QSL via JK1FNN. [TNX The Daily DX]
JD1_oga - Look for  Taka,  JO2JDJ/JD1 and  Hide,  JM1LJS/JD1 (JD1BLK)  to  be
           active from Ogasawara (AS-031) on 2-5 May. They plan to operate  on
           40-10 metres SSB  and CW. QSL  JO2JDJ/JD1 and  JM1LJS/JD1 via  home
           calls,     QSL     JD1BLK     via     JM1LJS.     [TNX      JM1LJS,
JW      - Marq, CT1BWW (one  of the operators  of S05X) plans  to operate  as
           JW/CT1BWW from Svalbard  on 7-14 June.  He may be  joined by  other
           operators, and in  that case they  will have up  to three  stations
           active on  160-6 metres  CW, SSB,  RTTY, PSK31  and SSTV.  QSL  via
           CT1BWW.  His  web   pages  are   at  http://www.ct1bww.4t.com and
           http://www.geocities.com/ok8bww [TNX CT1BWW]
KP2     - Look for Ann, W2AZK/KP2  and Brian, KF2HC/KP2  to operate on  160-6
           metres SSB and CW from  St Croix, Virgin  Islands (NA-106) on  5-12
           June. QSL via home calls, direct or bureau. Confirmed QSOs with Ann
           and Brian are good towards the North Jersey DX Association's "NJDXA
           Award" (see www.njdxa.org for details). [TNX KF2HC]
LX      - ON4LO, ON6QX and ON6UM will operate as LX/homecall from  Luxembourg
           on 15-17 May. They plan to be active on 160-6 metres SSB, CW,  RTTY
           and FM. QSL via home calls, bureau or direct. [TNX ON6UM]
LZ      - Special event station LZ04KM will be active on all bands and  modes
           on 1-31 May  to celebrate  St. Cyril  and Methodius'  Day. QSL  via
           bureau or direct to  LZ1BFR (P.O. Box  830, 1000 Sofia,  Bulgaria).
           [TNX LZ1BJ]
OE      - The annual Austrian Emergency Communications Training test will  be
           run during the All Austrian Contest  on 1 May  between 5-8 UTC  and
           14-17 UTC on 80 and 30 metres SSB and CW. State Department  (prefix
           OEC), Red Cross  (OEH), Customs  (OEN), Police  (OEP) and  Military
           (OEY) operators are are licenced to work OE radioamateurs in  order
           to get  trained  for  possible  interaction  QSOs  in  case  of  an
           emergency/disaster.  They  are  not  allowed  to  contact  stations
           outside Austria, but SWL reports can be sent via the OE QSL bureau.
           [TNX DL8AAM]
OM      - Zsolt, HA6PS and Laci, HA6NL will operate as OM/homecall/p (QSL via
           home calls) from  Ruzsina, Slovakia from  30 April to  3 May.  They
           will participate in  the AGCW QRP  Contest as  OM/HA5RT/P (QSL  via
           HA6NL) and  in  the ARI  International  DX Contest  (OM/HA6PS/P  on
           digital modes, OM/HA6NL/P as SOAB CW). [TNX HA6NL]
PJ      - Carlo, I4ALU reports  he will  be active  on 10-40  metres CW  from
           Bonaire (SA-006) on 11-24 August. QSL via home call, either  direct
           (Carlo Amorati, Via Battistelli 10, 40122  Bologna - BO, Italy)  or
           through the bureau.
SV      - Mike,  GW3UOF  will  operate  as  SV8/GW3UOF/P  from  Kavos,  Corfu
           (EU-052) on 3-17 May. Expect activity on CW, SSB and digital modes.
           QSL via home call. [TNX GW3UOF]
TA      - TC89GP is  the call  expected to  be used  during a  special  event
           operation organized on  23-25 April by  the Turkish Radio  Amateurs
           Club (TRAC) and the Turkish Federation of Scouts to commemorate the
           89th anniversary of the Battle of  Gallipoli. Look for activity  on
           10-80 metres all modes. QSL via bureau. [TNX TA1DX]
UA      - Alan, UA1PAC and Serge, UA1PAO plan  to be active (on 30-10  metres
           CW and SSB) as RK1PWA/P from  Storozhevoy Island (RRA RR-06-30)  on
           28-30 April.  QSL  via UA1PAC  (Alan  V. Kuz'menko,  P.O.  Box  88,
           Amderma, Nenets oblast, 166744 Russia). [TNX UA1PAC]
UA      - Victor, RV3YR  and  other operators  from  the Fifth  Ocean  Flight
           Amateur Radio  Club  (http://www.qsl.net/5ocean) will  operate  (on
           10-160 metres SSB,  CW and  digital modes)  special station  RP3YGA
           from Brjansk  region on  5-12 May,  CQ-M International  DX  Contest
           included. QSL direct  only to RV3YR  (Victor Borodin,  P.O. Box  1,
           Bryansk-27, 241027 Russia). [TNX RV3YR]
VK      - Bill, VK4FW expects  to operate as  VK4FW/P from Cumberland  Island
           (OC-160) for three days starting around 4 May. [TNX K4WLS]
ZS      - The   Adventure   Radio   Club   of   Cape   Town,   South   Africa
           (http://www.qsl.net/zs1arc) will  operate  special  event  station
           ZS3BLUE on  23-27  April from  Verneukpan,  the land  speed  record
           attempt site of Sir Malcolm Campbell, 75 years ago. They expect  to
           be active on 160, 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 metres SSB and on 20 metres
           SSTV (RTTY on request). Look for them  on 1840 kHz at 17.30 UTC  on
           24 April  and  at 3.00  UTC  on the  25th.  QSL to  P.O.  Box  180,
           Milnerton 7435, South Africa. [TNX ZS1ZL]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

@ & CW ---> Effective 3 May, an A and C run together (.__._.) will become the
official Morse  character  for  the  @  symbol  (the  so-called  "commat",  a
shortened version of "commercial at").

425DXN - PORTUGUESE  VERSION ---> Welcome  back to Paulo  Pinto, CT1ETE  who,
after a  long  hiatus  due  to his  business  commitments,  has  resumed  his
contribution to 425 DX News as translator into Portuguese language.

AMATEUR RADIO ON TELETEXT  ---> The new  page number for  the DX and  Contest
information featured by RTV Slovenija [425DXN 671] is 726. RTV Slovenija  can
be found on Eutelsat Hot Bird (12.303 GHz, Pol. V, SR 2750, FEC 3/4).

BARTG AWARDS --->  With immediate  effect, Phil  Cooper (GU0SUP)  is the  new
Awards Manager for the British Amateur Radio Teledata Group (BARTG).  Further
details on  the  BARTG awards,  which  include the  well-known  QCA  (Quarter
Century  Award)  plus  the  various  Continental  awards,  can  be  found  at
www.bartg.demon.co.uk [TNX GU0SUP]

DX CLUSTER WEB INTERFACE ---> The DX cluster of the Araucaria DX Group can be
reached at http://www.baependi.com.br/dxcluster [TNX PY3NZ]

EI5DI CONTEST LOGGERS ---> Paul, EI5DI  advises that all his contest  loggers
are now freeware and can  be downloaded at  www.ei5di.com (please sign-up  to
the SD-User mailing list to receive setup information for upcoming  contests,
and to give Paul feedback and suggestions). They are SD and SDV (many HF  and
VHF contests respectively),  SDI (IOTA Contest),  SDX (DXpeditions &  Special
Events), SDC  (Commonwealth  Contest) and  SDU  (UBA  Contest).  The  Windows
programs run in text-mode,  on any PC  and all versions  of Windows; Paul  is
replacing the remaining DOS programs with Windows text-mode versions.

EP3PTT ---> The Daily DX reports that  Lada, OK1LO was able to guest  operate
from the club station EP3PTT on 21 April. He was active on 15 metres CW  from
9.30 to 16.30 UTC. QSL for this operation via OK1LO.

EURADIO --->  The  European  Union Radio  Amateur  Celebration  is  an  event
sponsored by the Irish Radio Transmitters  Society (IRTS) on 1  and 2 May  to
celebrate the accession of ten new states to the European Union [425DXN 671].
Details of  the  award  available for  working  the  special  event  stations
(EI25CY, EI25ES,  EI25HA, EI25LY,  EI25ML,  EI25OK, EI25OM,  EI25SL,  EI25SP,
EI25YL plus the  IRTS HQ station  EI25EU) are available  on the IRTS  website
(www.irts.ie) or from Paul EI2CA (paul@lotm.ie). [TNX EI4GK]

EUROPE DAY 2004 AWARD ---> Sponsored  by the Polish MK  QTC Magazine and  PZK
Zwiazek Krotkofalowcow, this award is available  to either licenced  amateurs
and SWLs for contacts made with stations located in the European Union member
states between 00.00  and 23.59 UTC  on 9 May  2004. For further  information
please e-mail Sylwester Jarkiewicz, SP2FAP (qtc@post.pl) [TNX SP2FAP]

QRS WEEK PARTY ---> To encourage newcomers to Morse code operating, under the
sponsoring of the EUCW Society,  the FISTS invites  all licenced amateurs  to
participate in the annual QRS Week Party, which will take place from 25 April
to     1     May.     The     complete     rules     are     available     at
http://www.asel.demon.co.uk/fists-hq/keynote/kn.pdf [TNX F5NQL]

QSL FJ5IF ---> F5TJP is still awaiting the cards for FJ5IF to arrive from the
printers. Please be patient  and refrain from  sending second requests.  [TNX

QSL IQ9MY ---> This club call was used on 21-23 April from the lighthouse  at
Capo Milazzo (WAIL SI-033). QSL via IT9FCC. [TNX IT9FCC]

QSL T33C --->  The team arrived  safely back on  Tarawa on 17  April after  a
successful eleven day operation (75,000 QSOs) from Banaba Island. Direct  QSL
requests should go to F5CWU. As  for bureau cards,  the team encourages  such
requests to  be submitted  by  the O(nline)  Q(sl)  R (equest)  system.  OQRS
information    is     available     on    the     expedition     web     site

QSL T49C ---> Please note that Al Bailey,  K8SIX is the QSL manager for  T49C
only for contacts  made in 2004.  Cards for QSOs  made in 1997  should go  to

QSL VIA PA0RRS ---> Richard, PA0RRS says he expects to receive the cards  for
his recent 9M6 and 9M2 operations around mid May.

WAIL ---> For information on the Worked All Italian Lighthouses Award  please
visit  http://www.425dxn.org/awards/wail/ or http://www.ari.it/wail.html, or
contact the Award Manager Paolo Garavaglia, IK1NLZ.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH

LOGS:   On-line log for JY9QJ has been updated including  QSOs up to 17 April
         2004 at 09.27 UTC.  You can  check on the status of  your  QSOs  with
         JY8YB, JY9QJ and JY8B at http://www.qsl.net/dl5mby [TNX DL5MBY]

QSLs received  direct  or  through  managers:  3B8CF,  3D2AD,  4J9NM,  4U1UN,
4V200YH,  5N43DP,  5VZBB,  5W0MW,  5W1SA,  7Q7RS,  8P5A,  8R1RPN,  9M2/GM4YXI
(AS-073), 9M6NA, 9U5M, AP2ARS, AP2IA, CO8LY, CX7BY, D4B, D88S, DL3TD, DS0DX/2
(AS-168), EM1U, ER1RR,  EY2ARP, EY8MM,  FO5RH, HH6/DL7CM,  IC8M (EU-031;  IIA
SA-001), IG9L (AF-019), IR8C, J75PA, J75ZH, J88DR, JD1YBJ, JT1CO, JY8B, KP2L,
PJ7/AH8DX, PZ5RA, R1ANB,  RW2F, S9SS,  SU9NC, SV0XAI/9,  T20MW, T31MY,  T70A,
TJ3G, TO4E,  TO4WW, TO7T,  TR8CA, TU2CI,  V25DX, V26EW,  V26G, V31DJ,  V47KP,
VP8LP, VP9/G3TXF,  VQ9LA,  W0JLC/4  (NA-062),  XQ1ZW,  XT2OP,  YA1D,  YB0DPO,


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