425 DX News issue #687

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                              425 DX News #687
                                03 July 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ& IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
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   3D2 - Norm, W1BYH will operate (on 10-40 metres CW, SSB and RTTY) as 3D2BY
   from Viti Levu (OC-016), Fiji Islands on 5-14 July. QSL via home call. [TNX
   W1BYH] 3D2 - Christian, 3D2EA [425DXN 686] will be active as 3D2EA/p from
   Vanua Balavu (OC-095) between 7 and 14 July (depending on boat schedule). He
   plans to operate on 40, 20, 17, 12 and 10 metres. [TNX 3D2EA] 5W - Ted,
   K8AQM and David, K8AA will operate (on 160-10 metres CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK)
   as  5W0TR  and  5W0DL  from  Samoa (OC-097) on 7-21 July. They plan to
   participate in the IARU HF Championship, hopefully with a special call
   (maybe  5W0XX).  QSLs  via K8AA. [TNX NG3K] 9A - Franz, DL3PS and Zik,
   DL/VE3ZIK  (4N1DX)  will  be active (on 10-40 metres plus 6 metres) as
   9A/VE3ZIK and 9A/DL3PS from Bilice (grid JN73) on 4-31 July. They also plans
   to  participate in the IOTA Contest (QTH to be decided) and to operate
   (probably as YU6/DL3PS and 4N1DX/6) from YT6A during one weekend. QSL for
   all activities via DL3PS, direct or bureau. [TNX DL/VE3ZIK] 9A - Gianfranco,
   I6GFX will operate as 9A/I6GFX from Hvar Island (EU-016, IOCA CI-028) on
   5-10 July. He will also be active for one day from the lighthouse (WLH-1056,
   ARLHS CRO-135) on Scedro Island (EU-016, IOCA CI-127). QSL via home call,
   direct or bureau. Logs will be available at
   http://www.gianfrancogervasi.it/search.html [TNX I6GFX] 9A - Alessandro,
   IK4ALM and Sergio, IZ4BBF plan to operate on SSB as 9A/homecall/p from the
   Brijuni Islands (EU-110) between 6 and 9 July. QSL via home calls. [TNX
   IK4ALM] 9Y - KE9I, AJ9C and N9LAH will operate (on 160-6 metres SSB, CW and
   digital modes) as 9Y4/homecall from Tobago (SA-009) on 3-17 July. QSL via
   home calls. They plan to particpate in the IARU Contest as 9Y4ZC (QSL for
   this operation only via AJ9C). [TNX The Daily DX] CT - Jose, CT1EHX will be
   active as CQ7M on 9-11 July for the 22rd International Motorcycle Meeting at
   Faro. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX CT1END] EK - EK6GB and EK7DX
   plan to operate on all bands and modes as EK0W from Spitak Pass (2300m
   a.s.l.) on 3-4 July. [TNX EK7DX] F - Special station TM5RDL will be aired on
   all  bands and modes from Lons-le-Saunier, hometown of Rouget De Lisle
   (author of "La Marseillaise", the French national anthem), on 14-25 July.
   QSL via operator's instructions. [TNX F5SJB] GM - Ken/MM0KAL, Hans/MM0XAU
   and Peter/MM5PSL will operate from the Shetland Islands (EU-012) as follows:
   on 16-18 August from Bressay Lighthouse (ARLHS SCO-021) on Bressay Island,
   on 21-22 August for the International Lighthouse/Lightship Weekend as GB2ELH
   from Eshaness Lighthouse (ARLHS SCO-075) on Mainland Shetland, between 13
   and 23 August from Sumburgh Head (ARLHS SCO-232) on Mainland Shetland and
   hopefully from other lighthouses. QSL GB2ELH and MM5PSL via WA7OBH direct,
   QSL MM0KAL via WA8REI, QSL MM0XAU via DJ6AU. [TNX MM5PSL] HK0_sa - Pedro,
   HK3JJH expects to be active for a few hours from either NA-132 (Bajo Nuevo
   and  Serranilla Bank Cays) and NA-133 (Serrana Bank and Roncador Cays)
   between 4 and 6 July. Look for HK3JJH/0A (from NA-132) and HK3JJH/0B (from
   NA-133) on or around 14260 kHz. Pedro is being offered a lift by a Colombian
   Navy ship that provides replacement for the military bases stationed on the
   islands, and the length of his operations will depend entirely on what the
   Navy guys decide to do. QSL direct only to HK3JJH. Please note that as far
   as DXCC is concerned, these two island groups count as San Andres. [TNX
   HK3JJH and W9DC] HR - Mark, W4CK will be back in Tegucigalpa, Honduras on
   8-15 July. He plans to be QRV as HR1/W4CK (CW only) and to to make a push
   for  WARC bands if there is interest. [TNX NG3K] I - Marco, IZ6ASI and
   Stefano,IK6VGO will be active from Fano Lighthouse (WAIL MA-005, ARLHS
   ITA-065) on 17-18 July. [TNX IZ6ASI] LA & SM - DK8DY and DK8GH, as well as
   PP5ASN, will operate as either LG5LG and SJ9WL from the Morokulien station
   on the border between Norway and Sweden from 27 July and 9-10 August. QSL
   for both calls via SM5DJZ. [TNX DK8DB and PS7AB] OA - Look for Bonnie,
   OA9/KQ6XA to be active between 2 July and 25 August from the Andes mountains
   in the Amazonas area of Peru. The amateur radio operation is in conjunction
   with an international expedition of speleologists to survey and map the
   deepest previously unexplored vertical caves in the southern hemisphere.
   Bonnie  will use a 20W transmitter and battery power charged by solar;
   OA9/KQ6XA  will  not call CQ, but instead will listen for calls on the
   following frequencies: 18157.5 kHz (16.30 UTC and 22.30 UTC), 18157.5 kHz
   USB and 18158.2 kHz CW (00.30 UTC), 7087.5 kHz LSB and 7087.0 kHz CW (01.00
   UTC). QSY frequency for CW will be 18095.0 kHz; 21437.5 kHz USB as needed;
   10117.5 kHz CW as needed. QSL via KQ6XA. [TNX VA3RJ] OD - Alfeo/I1HJT,
   Tony/IK1QBT and Claudio/I1NVU will be active as OD5/homecall/P starting on
   24 July. They will be joined by Naim/OD5LN and will participate in the IOTA
   Contest from Ramkin Island (AS-108). They will have two stations active on
   all  bands  (160  metres excluded) SSB and CW, with at least one power
   amplifier and verticals. Expect activity from the island until 26 July in
   the local afternoon, then operations will continue from the mainland until
   the 29th. QSL via I1HJT. [TNX I1HJT] OH - Teemu, SM0WKA will operate as
   OH/SM0WKA from Bergrund Island (EU-101) on 10-27 July. He will participate
   in the IOTA Contest as OH/SM0W. QSLs via SM0WKA. [TNX The Daily DX] OH0 -
   Look for OH0/DC7VS, OH0/DC7ER and OH0/DL7NJ to operate "holiday style" on
   SSB, CW, SSTV and PSK31 from the Aland Islands (EU-002) on 10-24 July. QSL
   via home calls through the DARC bureau. [TNX NG3K] OJ0 - Thirty-five years
   ago a party put OJ0DX on the air for a first major activity from Market
   Reef. Lars, OH0RJ, one of the members of the original party, has now invited
   the original team with their friends to share the spirit of the initial
   discovery of Market Reef. The total party of thirty operators (including
   OH3UU, OH4NS, OH5NE, OH5NQ, ES1AR and OH2BH & OH2KK, the initial discoverers
   of Market Reef) will operate as OJ0J through the weekend. QSL OH0S and OJ0J
   via OH0RJ (Lars Nikko, Matrosgatan 5L, 22100 Mariehamn, Aland Islands,
   Finland). QSL mailing will be from Aland Islands using a new set of local
   postage stamps in commemoration of the 20th anniversary of the initial
   release of distinctive OH0 stamps. [TNX OH2BN] SM - SM6CTQ, SM6BGA, SM6DYK,
   SM6FKF, SM6LJU and SM6MCW will participate in the IOTA Contest as SC6AG from
   Tjorn Island (EU-043). QSL via SM6CTQ. SP - Rolf, DL6ZFG will be active as
   SP1/DL6ZFG/p from Wolin Island (EU-132, SZ-02 for the Polish Islands Award)
   on 9-11 July. He might also operate briefly from Karsibor (EU-132, SPIA
   SZ-03) during that time frame. [TNX DL6ZFG] UA - Yuri, UA0LMO will operate
   CW, RTTY and PSK31 as UA0LMO/P from Bryusa Lighthouse (ARLHS ASR-018, RLHA
   RLA-016) on 16-18 July. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX UA0LMO] VE
   - Look for Art, W3KHZ to operate again as VY2MM from Prince Edward Island
   (NA-029) for the summer starting around 10 July. QSL via W3KHZ. [TNX The
   Daily DX] VE - Bruce, KD6WW reports he will operate (mostly CW with some
   SSB) as VY0/KD6WW from NA-174 on 27-28 July and from NA-130 from 29 July to
   2 August. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. W - N1DX, W0NO, K0BJ and
   K1TWF will participate in the IOTA Contest as N1DX (QSL via home call,
   direct  or  bureau) from Bailey Island (NA-137). W0NO should start SSB
   activity on 18 July, while K0BJ should be active (mostly on CW) from the
   21st. QSL via home calls. [TNX The Daily DX] W - The Old Barney Amateur
   Radio Club (N2OB, http://www.obarc.org) will be operating from the Barnegat
   Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-039, IOTA NA-111, USI NJ-001S) on 7 August (rain date
   is 8 August). Operation will be primarily on 20 and 40 metres SSB from about
   13 UTC to 22 UTC. QSL via N2OB. They will also be active as W2T from the
   Tucker's Island Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-911) on 21-22 August. QSL via N2OO
   (Bob Schenck, P.O. Box 345, Tuckerton, NJ 08087, USA). [TNX N2OO] YO -
   Special event station YR500S will be activated in July to to commemorate the
   500th anniversary of the death of Moldavian king Stefan the Great. QSL via
   YO8KGA (http://www.qsl.net/yo8kga). [TNX N2YO] YV - The Association of
   Radioamateurs of Venezuela and the Caracas DX Group are expected to operate
   as YW6C from Chimana Island (SA-090) on 14-18 July. QSL via W4SO (maild
   drop). [TNX The Daily DX] ZL - The new contest callsign ZL1V will be aired
   for the first time during the IARU Contest (10-11 July), operating from the
   ZL6QH contest station. Weather permitting, Chris, ZL1CT and Franz, ZL2III
   will participate in the IOTA Contest as ZL1V/p from Mana Island (OC-201). On
   40 metres SSB to Europe, they will transmit around 7190 kHz and listen below
   7100 kHz. QSL via N3SL. [TNX ZL1CT]
   _ =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** **** GOOD TO KNOW
   ... **** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH Direttore
   Responsabile IK8MRA 4U1UN ---> Dmitri, N2OW/RA9USU operated from the United
   Nations Headquarters station on 26 June. QSL via HB9BOU, direct or bureau.
   II1D CERTIFICATE ---> It is available to either licensed amateurs and SWL
   for at least three contacts made in 2003 with II1D (http://www.ii1d.it), the
   special  station  celebrating  the  European Year of the Disabled. The
   certificate  is free of charge, but return postage is required. Please
   contact Carlo Sobrito, IZ1CCE (iz1cce@tin.it) for further information. [TNX
   IZ1CCE] LINGA ISLAND ---> IOSA Manager Charles Wilson, GM4UZY reports the
   following: "During his tour of the Shetland Islands Peter, GM3OFT operated
   from an island named Linga SH27 in the IOSA directory. By mistake Peter gave
   out the number SH26 on the air for this island. This was just a numerical
   error and the QSL cards that Peter will send out will have the correct
   number on them. QSOs with GM3OFT from this island are valid for any IOSA
   award". MUSEUM SHIPS WEEKEND EVENT ---> Sponsored by the USS Salem Radio
   Club (K1USN), the 8th edition of this annual event will take place from
   00.01  UTC  on  17  July  through  23.59  UTC on the 18th. The list of
   participating  ships, as well as information on the relevant award and
   "Radioman" medals, can be found at http://www.qsl.net/k1usn/event.html NLLW
   ---> This year's National Lighthouse-Lightship Weekend, sponsored by the
   Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society (http://arlhs.com/), will be held from
   00.01 UTC on 7 August through 23.59 UTC on the 8th. Full information is
   available either at http://arlhs.com/NLLW-2004-guidelines.html or from Jim,
   K2JXW  (K2JXW@arrl.net).  QSL VIA OH3OJ ---> Jukka, OH3OJ is currently
   processing   direct   cards   received  for  TG7/OH3JF  and  HR5/OH3JF
   (February-March). All of the remaining QSOs will be confirmed automatically
   via the bureau in August. Both operations are accepted for DXCC credit. [TNX
   _ =========================== *** 4 2 5 D X N E W S *** *** NEWS FROM THE
   WEB *** =========================== Edited by I1JQJ & IK1ADH Direttore
   Responsabile IK8MRA G4WFQ/HI9: Logs and pictures of Dave's 12-24 activity
   from     Las    Terrenas    (NA-096)    are    now    on    line    at
   http://www.g4wfq.btinternet.co.uk. QSL via G3SWH. [TNX G4WFQ] JW/CT1BWW:
   Logs  and  pictures  of Marq's recent JW/CT1BWW Svalbard operation are
   available      at     http://www.qsl.net/ok8bww/new_page_6.htm     and
   http://www.geocities.com/OK8BWW/Photos.htm  respectively. [TNX CT1BWW]
   - QSLs received direct or through managers: 3B9C, 3D2VB (OC-060), 3DA0AX,
   4G2F (OC-092), 4U1UN, 5T0EU, 5V7C, 5Z4DZ, 7P8DA, 9G1UW, 9V1GO, 9V1JA, A45WD,
   A51B, A52PRO, A61AJ, A71BX, AP2IA, BC1DCG, BV2A, C31BO, C56/G0VUH, CP4BT,
   (OC-079), FS5UQ, FW/AC4LN, G4VXE/C6A (NA-001), GM0DHZ (EU-008), H44VV,
   HC1AJQ,  HC8N, HI8RV, HK0GU/1 (SA-078), HP1IBF, J20DA, J6/WA1T, JY9QJ,
   KE6TNN/YI0, KH2/JF1JPC, LU8XW/X (SA-049), OX/DL2SWW (NA-220), OX/DL2VFR
   (NA-220), P29VVB (OC-034 and OC-258), PJ2/G0CKP, PJ7/W8EB, PY7XC/P, PZ5RA,
   R1FJ, SM3CWE (EU-087), SU1SK, T32KV, T33C, T88JY, TJ1GA, TJ3MC/P, TO4E,
   (NA-073), V44KP, V8JIM, VB5C, VK6AN (OC-266), VK6LI (OC-071), VE8AE/VY0,
   VQ9JC, VQ9X, XE1UN, XF1/F5TYY/XF3 (NA-135), XF4IH, XU7ARA, XV1X, XV9DT,
   XW1FAN,      YI9ZF,      YJ0VB,      YL2KF,      ZD8JA,     ZK1/AC4LN.
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