425 DX News issue #702

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                              425 DX News #702
                              16 October 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

   Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
   Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
   (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
   Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
   (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

6O     - Joe, VA6JWT  (6O0JT)  has postponed  his  trip to  Galkayo,  in  the
           Puntland autonomous area of Somalia [425DXN  701] until 21  October.
           [TNX The Daily DX]
6W     - Albert, F5VHJ and  Jacques, F6BEE will  operate as  6W1RY and  6W1RW
           (the latter  mostly  on  CW)  from Senegal  from  24  October  to  1
           November. QSL via home calls. Look  for 6W1RY to participate in  the
           CQ WW DX SSB Contest (SOAB). [TNX F5VHJ]
A5     - A52CDX is the  callsign for the  operation that  four Clipperton  DX
           Club members will  conduct from Thimphu  and Jakar,  Bhutan from  24
           October to 11 November [425DXN 701]. QSL via F9DK.
F      - F6HDH and F6HKS will operate as homecall/P from  Cap Bear Lighthouse
           (PB-148, ARLHS FRA-212) on  16-17 October.  They will operate 40, 20
           and 15 metres CW and SSB. QSL via home call, direct or bureau.  [TNX
FP     - Suggested  frequencies  for  the  23  October-2  November   FP/VE7SV
           operation from Miquelon Island (NA-032) [425DXN 686] are 1822, 3502,
           7002, 10102, 14022, 18072, 21022, 24892,  28022 and 50102 kHz  (CW);
           1842, 3795, 7052, 14195,  18145, 21295, 24945,  28495 and 50102  kHz
           (SSB); 3570, 7035, 10137, 14085, 18100,  21085, 24920 and 28075  kHz
           (RTTY); 3580, 7037, 10140, 14071, 18100, 21071, 24920 and 28071  kHz
           (PSK31).  The   pilot   for   the   expedition   is   Paul,   VE7AVV
           (ve7avv@hotmail.com). QSL  via  N7RO,  direct  or  bureau.  Complete
           details can be found at http://www.bcdxc.org/st_pierre_miquelon.htm
FR/G   - Didier/F5OGL, Dany/F5CW, Freddy/F5IRO, Pascal/F5PTM and maybe others
           plan to operate from the Glorioso  Islands (AF-011) for a couple  of
           weeks is May  2005. Plans are  subject to change,  even at the  very
           last moment,  owing  to the  international  situation,  as  all  the
           operators are military personnel. QSL via F5CQ. Further  information
           is expected in due course. [TNX LA Gazette du DX]
FY     - F4AJQ, F5AGB, F5CW, F5TVG, F5VHQ, F6AML, F8BJI, F9IE and OE3GCU will
           operate (on 160-6 metres CW, SSB, RTTY and PSK31) as TO7C from  Iles
           du Salut (SA-020, DIFO  FY-008), French Guiana  on 10-17 March.  QSL
           via F9IE,  either  direct (Bernard  Chereau,  P.O.  Box  211,  85330
           Noirmoutier en l'Ile, France)  or through the  bureau. The web  site
           for the operation is at http://to7c.free.fr/ [TNX F5NQL]
G      - Look for M0GAR/P to be active from Lindisfarne Island (EU-120)  from
           10 to 16 UTC on 17 October. QSL via M0GAR. [TNX VA3RJ]
I      - Operators from  ARI Scandicci (www.ariscandicci.it) will beactive as
           IQ5BL/P during the annual Ham Fair on 14-17 October.  This operation
           will count as B962 for  Italian Towns Award (www.aripompei.it). QSL
           via bureau. [TNX IZ5FSA]
I      - IU0SRT, IU3SRT, IU6SRT,  IU7SRT, IO8SRT and  IR8SRT are the  special
           calls to  be aired  during the  Strange Radio  Team event  on  22-24
           October [425DXN  697]. The  special event  station will  be  II8SRT.
           Information is available at http://www.strangeradioteam.com or  from
           the Event  Manager Marco  De Carlo,  IZ7DOK (iz7dok@libero.it)  [TNX
JA     - Look for JA5BEX/SO2005 to operate from  Megishima (AS-076) on  16-17
           October. QSL via home call, bureau or direct. SO2005 celebrates  the
           Special Olympics World Winter Games that  will be held in Nagano  in
           February-March 2005. [TNX JI6KVR]
KC4_ant- The Daily DX  reports that Nick,  NH6ON will be  back to  Antarctica
           between 6 November  and 15  December for  his annual  communications
           engineering  trip.  He   hopes  to  operate   from  KC4AAA  at   the
           Amundsen-Scott South Pole station (K-08 for the Antarctica Award).
KH8    - Lee, KH6BZF will  be active  in his  spare time  as WH8/KH6BZF  from
           American Samoa (OC-045)  on 22-28 October.  He plans  to operate  on
           15-80 metres, plus  12 amd 10  metres depending  on conditions.  QSL
           direct only to KH6BZF. [TNX The Daily DX]
P4     - Mike, OK2PBM is active as P40H from Aruba (SA-036) until 21 October.
           Typically he can be found on 14020 kHz at 16-18 UTC and on 30 and 40
           metres CW starting aorund 21 UTC.
PY_ssh - ZW0CF and ZX0GTI are the calls  to be used in November [425DXN  692]
           from the  Brazilian  station  "Comandante  Ferraz"  (PY-01  for  the
           Antarctica Award) on King George  Island, South Shetlands  (AN-010).
           The activity is expected to  take place on  160-6 metres SSB,  RTTY,
           PSK31, CW and SSTV from 11  to 19 November. PT2DX/MM might be  aired
           from the "Ary Rongel" during the  voyage; weather permitting,  there
           might be also  some activity from  Elephant Island  (AN-010) on  7-8
           November. QSL via PT2GTI. [TNX PT2HF]
TX_ci  - The voyage to the Chesterfield Islands started from Noumea around  3
           UTC on 11 October and the German team of operators became active  on
           the 14th. TX9 is the special  (and full!) call  being used. QSL  via
           DL5NAM (SSB and RTTY) and DL4XS  (CW and 6m). The  web site for  the
           DXpedition is at www.df3cb.com/chesterfield
VE     - Look for VA3YDX, VE3GKW and VE3/ER1MF  to be active  (on 80, 40,  20
           and 15  metres SSB,  CW, RTTY  and PSK)  on 22-25  October from  the
           following Canadian islands: Manitoulin  (CISA ON-001), Barrie  (CISA
           ON-015), Great  Clotche (CISA  ON-016), Little  Clotche (CISA  new),
           Birch (CISA ON-017), Parry (CISA ON-029) and Goat (CISA ON-072).  If
           conditions permit, they will  also try to  operate from other  "new"
           islands. QSL via home calls. [TNX VA3YDX]
VE     - Jeffrey, VE3JFF  will operate  as VC3W  between  23 October  and  23
           December to celebrate the  175th anniversary of  the opening of  the
           first Welland Canal (29 November 1829).  He plans to operate from  a
           couple of islands  located in the  the old and  current canals:  The
           Island (CIsA ON-110, Not IOTA)  on 13 November  starting at 17  UTC,
           and Merritt (CIsA ON-109, not  IOTA) on 14  November starting at  17
           UTC. QSL  via VE3JFF  (Jeffrey  Hetherington, 139  Elizabeth  Street
           West, Welland, ON L3C 4M3, Canada). [TNX VA3RJ]
VK     - VK4WRE is the callsign issued  to Paul, G0WRE  [425DXN 697] for  his
           current  activity  from  Magnetic  Island  (OC-171),  which  is  now
           expected to continue until 17 October. QSL via G0WRE (all QSOs  will
           be confirmed automatically via the RSGB bureau). [TNX G4NXG]
VK     - Johan, PA3EXX has  changed the itinerary  of his  IOTA trip  [425DXN
           692], and  will  now operate  as  VK4WWI/8 from  the  Bremer  Islets
           (OC-185, 30-31 October)  and Centre Island  (OC-198, 1-2  November).
           These islands are easier to travel to and he will have more time  to
           operate. His other two activities - from Sweers Island (OC-227,  3-4
           November) and  the  unnumeberd Marion  Reef  (8-12 November)  -  are
           confirmed. He will operate SSB and CW (on OC-185 he will concentrate
           on CW and  the WARC bands  because of the  concurrent CQ  WW DX  SSB
           Contest). QSL via home call. [TNX PA3EXX]
W      - KA3UNQ and N2US will operate (on +/- 14270 and 7270 kHz) as N3L from
           Maryland's Hooper Strait  Lighthouse (ARLHS USA-378)  from 14 to  22
           UTC on 16 October,  celebrating the 125th  anniversary of the  first
           lighting. QSL direct to KA3UNQ. [TNX N2US]
W      - N8YC, KG8AP, K4BRI and maybe others plan to be active as K8SCH  from
           Santa Rosa Island (NA-142, USI FL-003S) on 25-29 October. The  dates
           are tentative, so if there are any changes it will be plus or  minus
           one or two weeks at the most. QSL via K8SCH. [TNX VA3RJ]
YI     - YI9KT (SP8HKT) and  YI9GT (SP3GTS) are  both located  at the  Polish
           base near Al-Chilla. They operate  in their spare  time and will  be
           stationed in Iraq until February 2005. YI9KT plans to operate on 160
           metres CW this weekend. QSL card requests will be processed when the
           operators return home. [TNX SP7DRV]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

   CALL FOR SUPPORT (ANDAMAN ISLANDS) ---> Manoj "Miku" Agarwal, VU2WAP and
   Mrs. Bharathi Prasad,

   VU2RBI (team leader of the 1987 expedition to the Andamans) are both trying
   to get a permission to go and operate from VU4.

   Please note that these are SEPARATE efforts, but there is NO competition
   between the two. They are asking the worldwide

   DX community to provide separate letters supporting their applications.
   Their addresses are:

   VU2WAP Manoj Agarwal, 44/1E Fairfield Layout Race Course Road, Bangalore

   560001, India

   VU2RBI Mrs. Bharathi Prasad, Qtr. #1284, Type IV Special, Sector 12, R.K.

   Puram, New Delhi 110022, India

   Further information and suggestions can be given by Randy, WX5L

   (wx5l@charter.net, for VU2WAP) and Charly, K4VUD (k4vud@hotmail.com, for

   DXCC  NEWS ---> 9U6PM (not 9U5, 425DXN 701) has been approved for DXCC
   credit, effective 20 August 2004.

   MIA ---> Corrado, IT9DAA reports that owing to the autumn and winter season,
   the MIA Bulletin will no longer be published on

   a regular basis until the next spring.

   PIRATE ---> Pierre-Marie, HB9DTM/F6FNL reports that his last QSOs as 9U6PM
   from Burundi were made on

   26 Septemper during the CQ/RJ WW DX RTTY Contest. Contacts after that date
   were made with someone who was pirating his call.

   QSL YI9ZF ---> Eric, SM1TDE has received the final log file from Kas, YI9ZF.
   The log (46,000+ QSOs in five months) is on line at

   www.qsl.net; all of the outstanding QSL requests have been processed. [TNX

   QSL VIA HK3JJH ---> Pedro reminds island chasers that requests should be
   sent direct only to Pedro J. Allina, P.O. Box 81119,

   Bogota, Colombia. This includes cards for his operations of 4-6 July (NA-132
   and NA-133) and 4-5 September from Margarita Island (YV7, SA-012).

   QSL VIA VE2DWA (LU7DW) ---> Claudio, LU7DW has moved to Canada and now is

   He has all of the logs and QSL cards for his operations as AY7D,

   CX/LU7DW (SA-030 and SA-057), KP2/AD6RC (NA-106), L27DW, L47DW, L65W

   (SA-065), L99D, LS7D (home and SA-055), LU7DW, LU7DW/p (SA-055), LW0D,
   LW8EXF/p (SA-055), N1LU/7 (NA-065) and OH0/VE2DWA (EU-002). Cards can be
   requested either via the Canadian bureau or direct to

   Claudio Fernandez, 200 rue North, Apart 14, Gatineau, QC J9H 6Y9, Canada.

   QSL VIA W8CNL ---> Raymond, W8CNL has uploaded all of the Kuwait logs of
   Bob, 9K2ZZ to LoTW.

   This covers all logs for 9K2ZZ, 9K9Z, 9K2ZZ/NLD and 9K2USA (operator Bob
   Furzer only) - a total of almost 300,000 QSOs.

   Raymond will still handle paper cards (direct only) for these calls, except
   9K2USA (he has no cards for that one). [TNX W8CNL]

   S92BWW  --->  Marq, CT1BWW reports that he had to cut short his S92BWW
   activity form Rolas Island (AF-023).

   He spent the second week on Sao Tome, where he he was not able to operate.

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

ANTARCTICA AWARD:  Gianni, IZ8CGS reports that the  Rules for the  Antarctica
                     Award are now  available in French  (thanks to F5NQL)  and
                     Croatian (thanks to 9A6AA) languages in the Download  area
                     on www.mdxc.org/antarctica
GOLIST:            Full details on the Golist, a most valuable source of  QSL
                     Manager routing information, and its various products  and
                     services can be found at http://golist.net/
LOGvrr:            The updated manager files (by IV3EHH) for LOGvrr, as  well
                     as the programmes for the Italian Islands and Sezioni  ARI
                     awards, are  now  available at  http://www.iv3ehh.it [TNX
                     IV3EHH, iv3ehh@tin.it]
LOGS:              The log of GB0SM (EU-011) at  www.qsl.net/g0pse/dxpeds.htm
                     has  been updated  and includes the QSOs of this year's DX
                     pedition (2-8 October).
                     E-mail requests for  bureau cards  can be  sent to  either
                     thomas.taylor@btinternet.com or g0pse@qsl.net [TNX G0PSE]
LOGS:              On line  logs for  HF0QF and  HF0POL operated  by  Voytek,
                     SP5QF are  available at  www.sp7iwa.republika.pl; current
                     logs include QSOs made through 18 September and they  will
                     be updated as soon as Wanda, SP7IWA receives the new ones.
                     HF0QF/HF0POL operates  from  the Polish  base  "Arctowski"
                     (SP-01 for the  Antarctica Award) on  King George  Island,
                     South Shetlands  (AN-010).  QSL via SP7IWA.  Wanda is also
                     the Antarctica Award checkpoint for Poland. [TNX SP7IWA]
LOGS:              On-line logs  for  the  recent  IG9/IZ8CGS  activity  from
                     Lampedusa can be found at
                     http://www.mdxc.org/logsearch1.asp (the log  file name  is
                     IG9-IZ8CGS2004(. [TNX IZ8CGS]
LOGS:              On-line  logs,  as  well  as  a  photo  gallery  and   QSO
                     statistics, for the recent LX/PA6Z operation can be  found
                     at http://www.qsl.net/pa6z [TNX PA5R]
LOGS:              Pictures and on-line logs for EC3ADC's activities from the
                     Pacific (3D2EA, 3D2EA/p, A35DX, T20DX, ZK3DX) can be found
                     at http://www.mdxc.org/ec3adc/ [TNX IZ8CCW]

                           *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                           *******  QSL INFO  ********
                            Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                          Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2AH       DL2AH       EL2PM       EI5IF       SM5/AC4LN   UA4WHX
3D2PX       AI5P        EM1HO       I2PJA       ST2ZA       SM7WZA
3D2TY       JA7OV       FK8GM       WB2RAJ      T30KU       DL2AH
3D2YT       JA7AQR      FR/PA3GIO   PA3GIO      T6EE        KE6GFF
3Z60LOK     SP5KCR      FW7AQR      JA7AQR      TJ3FR       DJ7DF
4E72LA      DU7LA       FW7OV       JA7OV       TJ3SL       F5PSA
4L0CR       DJ1CW       HI9CF       DL4NCF      TJ3SP       DL7DF
4L6AM       4Z5CU       HJ6PRO      EA5KB       TM6MXP      F5KFL
4Z0V        4Z4KX       HK4SAN      EA5KB       TM8AKR      F2WS
5N44EAM     IK2IQD      HS72B       E20NTS      TR8CF       F8BUZ
5X4/KH9AE   W5WP        II0RAI      IK0ZRR      TR8DF       F5SWB
5X4CM       W5WP        II9RAI      IK0ZRR      TY5M        PA7FM
5Z4YT1CS    YT1CS       JW1EOA      LA1EOA      UN5A        DL8KAC
7Q7HB       G0IAS       JW2VOA      LA2VOA      V63NS       V73NS
7W0AD       EA4URE      JW6BKA      LA6BKA      VI6175WA    VK6NE
9H3AP       DL1CW       JW7VW       LA7VW       VK9LA       VK4FW
9K50KAC     9K2QA       JW9LMA      LA9LMA      VK9LW       VK4FW
A35RK       W7TSQ       LU1ZI       LU4DXU      W4A         W4HHH
A45WD       YO9HP       OM80MMM     OM8CA       WH2V        JF2VFN
C93Q        VK4VB       P29SX       G3SXW       XT2PT       N5DRV
CF5xxx      VA5xxx      P29XF       G3TXF       YC9YKI      YB9BU
CG5xxx      VE5xxx      R1ANF       RK1PWA      YI9DM       KF7DM
CM2IZ       EA1EAU      R73SRR      RV3ACA      YJ0AX       VK4TI
CN2R        W7EJ        RA6QA       RW6HS       YS1RR       W3HNK
CO2KK       W5WP        RA6QAS      RW6HS       Z21HL       G8VHB
D85NSF      DS3EXX      RA6QD       RW6HS       Z21KF       M5AAV
DT04YL      HL1OYF      RK6QWA      RW6HS       ZB2CN       DJ9WH
EA9EU       EA9AZ       S79RJ       DJ7RJ       ZS6CCW      OK1LL
ED8FPC      EA8URV      S79SO       DJ4SO       ZY0K        KQ0B
                           *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                           *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                            Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                          Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

DL4XS   Maike Voss, Friedrichsthal 21, 51688 Wipperfuerth, Germany
DL5NAM  Chris Sauvageot, Guttenburg 19, 91322 Graefenberg, Germany
DL7DF   Sigi Presch, Wilhelmsmuehlenweg 123, D-12621 Berlin, Germany
I2PJA   Antonio Petroncari, Via Enzo Togni 87, I-27043 Broni, Pavia, Italy
IF9ZWA  Michele Rotolo, Via Cavasino 4, 91010 Marettimo - TP, Italy JA1SKY  Ste
ve Miyamoto,
P.O. Box 30, Haneda Airport, Tokyo, 144-6591 Japan JA7AQR  Yoshihiro Tanaka,
1-10-6 Minamihara, Yamagata, 990-2413 Japan
JA7OV   Yoshinobu Takahashi, 4-9-36 Emata, Yamagata, 990-0861 Japan
KE6GEF  John Kountz, 1065 Van Dyke Drive, Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA KE6GFF  J
ohn Kountz,
1065 Van Dyke Dr., Laguna Beach, CA 92651, USA
PE1OPM  Will Bakker, Molenstraat 33, 4641BA, Ossendrecht,
The Netherlands SP7IWA  Wanda Jakubowska, Ul.Dewonska 14/3, 25-637 Kielce, Pola
UR3UN   Sergei Petlevanny, ul. Slabinuka 35, Fastov - 5, 08505 Ukraine
UR5UO   George Muzyka, Kozhanka, Kiev - Fastov, 08550 Ukraine
US5UL   Yaroslav Gricenko, Kamp 4, ul., Borowaya, Kiev - Fastov, 08505
V51AS   Frank Steinhauser, P.O. Box 2516, Swakopmund, Namibia
VK4FW   Bill Horner, P.O. Box 513, Nambour 4560, Australia
VK4TI   Trent Sampson, P.O. Box 1647, Toowoomba, QLD 4350, Australia
VK4VB   Ralph Karhammar, 1306 34th Street NW, Washington, DC 20007-2801, USA
VU2GSM  G. Srikantha Murthy, Flat No 202, Chitramala Apartments, Jayanagar
          1st Block East, Bangalore 560011, India
W5WP    W. David Paperman, 19266 Sims, Cleveland, TX 77328-6205, USA
W8CNL   Raymond H. McClure, 5 McKenzie Circle, North Augusta, SC 29841-4319,
XW3DT   Alexey Sinchukov, P.O. Box T511, Vientiane, Laos
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