425 DX News issue #705

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                              425 DX News #705
                              6 November 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

           Information, reports and suggestions must be sent to: 
                  Mauro Pregliasco, I1JQJ: DX information 
          (e-mail i1jqj@425dxn.org - BBS I1JQJ@I1YLM.IPIE.ITA.EU)
            Maurizio Bertolino, I1-21171: 425 DX News Web Pages
                        (e-mail i121171@425dxn.org)

3D2    - Naoyuki, JK1FNL will operate  as operate as  3D2NA from Mana  island
          (OC-121), Fiji on 19-24 November. Look  for him on 80-6 metres  SSB,
          CW, and RTTY. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX JK1FNL]
3D2    - Team Vertical will operate on 10-160  metres mainly CW from  Taveuni
          Island (OC-016),  Fiji on  20-30 November,  including a  Multi-Multi
          entry as  3D2XA in  the CQ  WW DX  CW Contest.  They will  have  six
          low-power stations and ocean-front vertical arrays on all bands  and
          will concentrate on working Europe, with a special emphasis to be be
          given to 80 and 160 metres. The 160m QRG will be 1825.5, "up 2"  for
          EU/USA, and "down 2" for  JA. The operators  are AG9A (3D2EE),  K2KW
          (3D2KW), WA6O (3D2OK), W2VJN (3D2SS), N6BT (3D2TS) and KE7X (3D2XA).
          All  QSLs   via   WA4WTG.   More   information   is   available   at
          http://www.k2kw.com/3d2/ [TNX K2KW]
6W     - Dany, F5CW will be active as  6W7RV from Senegal on 19-30  November,
          possibly including an entry in the CQ WW CW Contest. He will operate
          from the QTH of 6W7RV, which  according to Dany  is going to  become
          the  first   shack  available   for  guest   operations  in   Africa
          (http://www.le-calao.com/). QSL via F8CMT. [TNX F5CW]
9M2    - Look for  Ian, 9M2/G3TMA  to operate  from Pulau  Ketam (AS-074)  on
          13-15 November. QSL to Ian Buffham, Bekay Court, 7 Lorong Enau  (off
          Jalan Ampang), 55000 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. [TNX OPDX Bulletin]
C6     - Randy, W6SJ  will be  active as  C6AWS from  26 November  through  2
          December, including an  entry in  the CQ  WW DX  CW Contest.  During
          non-contest periods he will concentrate on  the WARC bands. QSL  via
          home call. [TNX W6SJ]
CX     - Shalom, 4X1UN  will be  active as  CX/4X1UN from  Gorriti and  Lobos
          Islands (both  count for  SA-039) on  11-16  November. He  plans  to
          operate SSB and  CW on 15  and 20 metres.  QSL via  home call.  [TNX
DL     - The DL-RTTY-DX-Contest Group  (http://www.drcg.de) will  participate
          in the WAE RTTY Contest (13-14 November) as DL0TTY. QSL via  bureau.
          [TNX DL9NEI]
F      - Special call TM6OST will be aired on 14-28 November to celebrate the
          60th anniversary of  the liberation  of Strasbourg.  QSL via  F5PWH.
          [TNX F5NQL]
FK     - Masayoshi, JF1UIO is expected  to operate (on  10-40 metres SSB  and
          CW) as FK/JF1UIO from the Loyalty Islands (OC-033) until 8 November.
          QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
FR     - Didier, F5TNI will operate (mainly on CW with some RTTY and PSK)  as
          FR/F5TNI from Reunion Island (AF-016) on 2-22 February. He will also
          operate as 3B8/F5TNI from Mauritius (AF-049)  for one week. QSL  via
          home call, direct or bureau. [TNX F5TNI]
FY     - Jean-Pierre, F5AHO will  oerate as  FY/F5AHO from  French Guiana  on
          11-24 November, including a side trip to the Salut Islands  (SA-020,
          DIFO FY-008) on 13-14 November. [TNX F5NQL]
HB     - The  HB9MM  Amateur  Radio  Club  (http://www.hb9mm.com/) has  been
          granted permission to  be active as  HE3RSI until  3 December.  They
          will  operate  on  10-40  metres  from   the  former  Radio   Suisse
          International (RSI)  facilities.  RSI has  stopped  broadcasting  on
          short waves  and the  station is  going to  be dismantled.  QSL  via
          HB9MM. [TNX F8IXZ]
HI     - Mike, GW3UOF  will operate  (mainly CW,  with some  SSB and  digital
          modes) as GW3UOF/HI3 from the Dominican Republic between 28 November
          and 12 December. QSL via home call, direct or bureau. [TNX GW3UOF]
HV     - Look for HV5PUL to be activated on the HF bands from the  Pontificia
          Universita' Lateranense, Vatican City  on 9, 11  and 13 November  to
          celebrate the opening of the 2004-05 academic year. [TNX IW0DJB]
JA     - Look for  JA5BEX/5  and JE5HXJ/5  to  operate  from  Odesima  Island
          (AS-076) (JIIA new one) on 6-7  November. QSL via home call,  direct
          or bureau. [TNX JI6KVR]
LU     - A group of operators (callsigns not provided) will be active on  all
          bands and modes  as homecall/D from  Wood Island  (SA-021) on  12-14
          November. QSl via LU7DSY (Carlos Almiron,  P.O. Box 709, 8000  Bahia
          Blanca, Argentina). [TNX LU7DR]
LX     - Les, G3VQO will operate as LX/G3VQO (SOAB LP) during the CQ WW DX CW
          Contest. Before and after the  contest he expects  to operate on  30
          metres, and maybe  17 and 12  metres if conditions  permit. QSL  via
          home call, direct  or bureau. Logs  will be uploaded  to LoTW.  [TNX
PY     - Ark, PY2ZX  and  Luiz, PU2OCZ  will  operate  as  homecall/PY2  from
          Comprida Island (SA-024,  DIB 021,  WWL GG64BX)  on 13-15  November.
          They will concentrate on 50, 144 and 440 MHz SSB, CW  and FM;  skeds
          are welcome at py2zx@terra.com.br. QSL via home calls. [TNX PY2ZX]
R1A_ant- Dmitry, RZ3DJ reports that Vlady, RU3HD  is heading for  Antarctica,
          where he  expect to  spend about  four months  at the  Russian  base
          Novolazarevskaya (UA-08 for the Antarctica  Award, IOTA AN-016).  He
          plans to operate on all the HF bands as either R1ANN and  RU3HD/ANT.
          QSL via RZ3DJ. [TNX UA9MHN]
V5     - Felix, DL5XL (http://www.dl5xl.de/) will participate in the CQ WW DX
          CW Contest  as  V51/DL5XL (SOAB  HP)  from  Namibia.  Activity  will
          continue for a few days after the contest. QSL via home call, direct
          (Felix Riess, Mittal 3, D-31073 Delligsen, Germany) or bureau.  [TNX
V7     - Toshi/JA1ELY, Taki/JH3QFL, Nob/JA6WIF  and Yasu/JA6WJL will  operate
          from Majuro (OC-029), Marshall Islands on 20-24 November.  Requested
          calls are V73EY, V73B, V73IF and V73WJ, and plans are to operate  on
          all bands and modes with  three stations. QSL  via home calls.  [TNX
VK     - The Ballarat Amateur  Radio Group (BARG)  will be operating  special
          event station VI3BML on all bands  and modes from  27 November to  5
          December to commemorate  the 150th anniversary  of the rebellion  at
          the Eureka Stockade. QSL via bureau or to VK3BML. [TNX VK3UR]
VP2M   - Trond, LA9VDA will  be active (160-10  metres CW, SSB  and RTTY)  as
          VP2MLA from  Montserrat (NA-103)  on 19-30  November,  CQ WW  DX  CW
          Contest included.  QSL  via home  call,  direct  or  bureau  (e-amil
          requests for bureau cards can be sent to la9vda2003@yahoo.no).  [TNX
VP5    - Roger/W7VV, Ralph/VE7XF, Rick/KT7G  and Dick/K7BTW  will operate  as
          VP5/homecall from Providenciales (NA-002), Turks and Caicos  Islands
          on 21-30 November. They plan to concentrate on the WARC bands and  6
          metres with CW, SSB and digital modes. QSL via home calls. They will
          participate in the CQ WW DX CW Contest as VP5W (QSL via W7TSQ). [TNX
VP8_sg - Mike, GM0HCQ  (VP8CMH)  has arrived  at  King  Edward  Point,  South
          Georgia (AN-007) and has already been active as VP8SGK. He hopes  to
          be able to  operate for a  few hours each  evening. QSL via  GM0HCQ.
          Regular updates are posted at http://www.gm0hcq.com/
W      - Several special event stations (K1G, K2G,  K2K, K3A, K3G, K4G,  K6A,
          K8E, K8G, N2A,  N2K, N3G, N5I,  N6C, N8G, N9A,  W4A, W4W, W8A,  W8C,
          W8E, W8G, W8R plus ISAR station N4I) will be active on 6 November to
          celebrate the the 65th anniversary of the U.S. Coast Guard Auxiliary
          and the fifth International SAR (Search  And Rescue) competition  to
          be    held    on    5-6    November    in    Portsmouth,    Virginia
          (http://www.internationalsar.com/). QSL via operator's instructions.
W      - The USS Salem Radio  Club (http://www.qsl.net/k1usn/) will  activate
          K1USN on 11 November (Veterans' Day) with operation from the  museum
          ship berthed in  the Fore River  in Quincy,  Massachusetts. QSL  via
          K1RV. [TNX F5NQL]
XU     - Pete, SM5GMZ will be active as XU7ADI from Cambodia from 22 November
          to 5  December.  He  will  operate mainly  CW  on  all  bands,  WARC
          included, and will participate in the  CQ WW DX CW Contest. QSL  via
          home call. [TNX NG3K]
YJ     - YJ0ACC and  YJ0ASG are  the callsigns  issued to  Carlo, IK6CAC  and
          Elvira, IV3FSG for their 5-13 November activity form Vanuatu [425DXN
          700]. [TNX IK6CAC]
YV     - The Caracas DX  Group will operate  on all modes  as YW1F from  Cayo
          Peraza (SA-089) on 19-21 November to celebrate its 15th anniversary.
          [TNX YV5EED]
ZF     - Pete, N2LM will  operate (on 10-80  metres mainly SSB  and RTTY)  as
          ZF2PD from Grand Cayman (NA-016) from 26 December through 4 January.
          QSL via home call. [TNX N2LM]

PACIFIC TRIP ---> Michel/F6COW, Dominique/F6EPY and Radi/F6GNZ will be  going o
n a
one-month Pacific DX vacation in November-December, and will operate  as
24 Nov-09 Dec  ZK1COW, ZK1EPY, ZK1GNZ        Rarotonga (OC-013), South Cooks
11 Dec-23 Dec  FO/F6COW, FO/F6EPY, FO/F6GNZ  Hiva Hoa, Marquesas (OC-027)
They will have  two stations and  will operate mostly  CW and  SSB with  some
digital modes (PSK31, RTTY, SSTV) on demand. Expect activity on 80-10 metres,
with some 160m if conditions allow, with a priority to the low bands. QSL via
home      calls.       More      information       is      available       at
http://perso.wanadoo.fr/dominique.auprince/ [TNX F6EPY]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA
CTC --->  The Croatian  Telegraphy Club  (Franjevacka  5, 42220  Novi  Marof,
Croatia) was founded on 12 December  2001 and gathers  members from all  over
the world. For  further information  please e-mail  ctc@hamradio.hr or  visit
www.qsl.net/ctc [TNX 9A3FO]

40 METRES (IRELAND) ---> The 7100-7200 kHz segment of 40 metres was  released
to Irish  (EI) amateur  radio  operators on  22  October. Operation  in  this
segment will be on a secondary basis and is subject to a power limit of 20dBW
(ERP). [TNX EI2BB and EI7CC]

40 METRES (SWITZERLAND) ---> USKA President Friedrich Tinner, HB9AAQ  reports
that effective 1  January 2005 amateur  radio operators  in Switzerland  will
gain access to the 7100-7200 kHz segment of 40 metres, with a power limit  of
100 watts (ERP).

EU-008 ---> Jurij, MM0DFV (http://www.scotham.net) reports that the following
amateur radio operators are resident on the Isle of Mull (IOSA NH-15,  SCOTIA
CN-10) in the  Inner Hebrides (EU-008):  GM0PRO, GM3JZK,  GM4EHB, GM6UIZ  and
MM0JRM. A  sixth  callsign,  GB2IMM,  is  for the  Isle  of  Mull  Museum  at
Tobermory. Further information on the Isle of Mull can be found at

PUCCINI  AWARD  --->  The  7th  International  "Giacomo  Puccini"  Award  and
competition, organized by the Italian YL Radio Club (www.arrl.it/ylrci)  with
the participation of the Puccini Festival Foundation (www.puccinifestival.it)
and the patronage of the City of Viareggio, is open to licenced amateurs  and
SWLs and  will be  held  on 1-10  December.  For further  information  please
contact Emanuela Trevisan, IZ2ELV (iz2elv@yahoo.it)

QSL VIA F5PBL ---> Claude, F5PBL/LZ5KF reports that effective 1 January  2005
he will no longer be able  to receive cards through the  REF bureau. The  new
QSL route is via  LZ5KF (bureau) or  F5PBL (direct only).  This apply to  QSL
card requests for 3W2KF, F5PBL and LZ5KF.

QSL VIA  NY3N --->  Ray Shankweiler,  NY3N (ex  5R8FK, 7P8SR,  EP2SR,  JY9SR,
SV0AU, etc) was  killed in a  motorcycle accident  in Macedonia  on 24  April
2004. The QSL  cards have been  printed (thanks to  the sponsorship of  W4MPY
QSLs and The Daily DX)  and mailed to  Ray's wife, Nonie.  She will reply  to
direct requests sent to: Nonie Shankweiler, 16522 Rainbow Lake Road, Houston,
TX 77095, USA. [TNX The Daily DX]

QSL XF4IH ---> Enrique, XE1IH says that XF4IH (Socorro Island, Revillagigedo)
requests sent to his POB can  get "lost". It is  advisable to use  registered
mail and send the requests to  his home address:  Enrique Garcia Munive,  Av.
Insula Edificio 15-A-301, U.  H. Acueducto de  Guadalupe, 07270 Mexico  City,
Mexico. [TNX XE1IH]

UKRAINIAN DX CONTEST  ---> It will  take place on  160-10 metres (WARC  bands
excluded) CW, SSB and RTTY, from 12 UTC on  6 November through 12 UTC on  the 7
Full  rules  and  results  are  available  at  http://www.ucc.zp.ua/ or
http://www.qsl.net/ut1ia/ [TNX UX0FF]

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

TOP LISTS: The latest Topband, Topmode and Toplist listings are now available
            at http://www.globalnet.it/toplist/home.htm -  please  send  your
            scores, as well as any request for further information, to Erminio
            Pandocchi, I2EOW (i2eow@fastwebnet.it)

QSLs received direct  or through managers: 2M0NJW/P (EU-059), 3A2MW,  3DA0RN,
4C2X, 4K6CD, 4L3Y, 4S7JKG,  5R8GZ, 5U7JB, 5W0DL,  5W0TR, 5Z4DZ, 8P6SH,  8R1Z,
9G5OO, 9L1JT, 9M6A, A71BX, A71EM, A92GR, AY1ZA (LU-14), C50I (AF-060), CO6XN,
CO8KA, CX4NF,  DF3ZE/p  (EU-042), EK3SA,  EK6DM,  ES7NY/2  (EU-149),  F8DQZ/P
(EU-105), FK/KM9D (OC-058),  FM5AD, FO0CLA (OC-152),  FP/W8MV, FW7AQR,  GB0SM
(EU-011),  GM0LVI/p   (EU-092),  HK1HHX,   HK3JJH/YV7  (SA-012),   IP1/IK5PWQ
(EU-083), J42T,  JJ8DEN/6(AS-036), JW1CCA,  K7ASU/KH9, LT0H,  LU1ZA  (LU-14),
LU2ZV (LU-13), LX/DL6WT,  MM0TFU/P (EU-123), NP4BM,  OD5RMK (AS-108),  P43JB,
PJ4/N2WB, R1MVI (EU-117),  S21AR, SM7CRW (EU-037),  T30AD, T33C,  TI2/SM4DHF,
TI8M, TS7N, TT8KR, TU2/F5PTM, UA0FZ (AS-018), UA2FCB, V31LZ, V51/DL5XL,
V73NS (OC-028), V8FDX, VE7IG/1(NA-081 & NA-154),VK9NS,VP2MLE,VQ9LA,VU2GSM,
YE1P  (OC-237),  YE2R,  YI9MD,  YT2A/LGT  (EU-163),  Z31MM,  Z37M,   ZL/AA8LL
(OC-201), ZP6EM, ZW8P (SA-060).

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