425 DX News issue #710

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                              425 DX News #710
                              11 December 2004
                          Edited by I1JQJ &IK1ADH

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                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  DX  INFORMATION  ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

The monthly edition of 425 DX  News is back by popular  demand after a  short
interval. The monthly magazine (in colour) also includes pictures,  articles,
tables etc. that cannot be published in the weekly bulletins. If  interested,
the latest issue  (November 2004)  can be  freely downloaded  in either  .pdf
and/or .doc formats at http://www.425dxn.org/monthly/
Suggestions, advice, articles and photographs are  welcome! Closing date  for
contributions is  ten  days  prior to  publication  date.  Please  send  your
articles and pictures to Nicola Baldresca, IZ3EBA (iz3eba@libero.it).

CX     - CX2ABC, CX5BW, WQ4O, EA5KM and EA5RM will operate as CW5R from Lobos
          Island (SA-039)  and lighthouse  (ARLHS URU-002)  between 5  and  11
          January, depending on  weather conditions. Plans  are to operate  on
          all modes and bands, with dipoles for the low bands and  monobanders
          for the other HF bands. The  QSL route will  be announced later.  On
          line   logs   will   be   available    after   the   operation    at
          http://webs.ono.com/cw5r;    comments     can     be     sent     to
          cw5r@ea5rke.ampr.org [TNX EA5RM]
DU     - The Daily DX  reports that Klaus,  DL5ZAH is active  as 4F7RWW  from
          OC-129 for the next two weeks.
JA     - Special event  station 8J1ODA  will be  activated on  all bands  and
          modes from 9 December to 31 March to celebrate the 50th  anniversary
          of Japan's Official Development Assistance. QSL via JA1BAB. [TNX the
          Daily DX]
LU     - LU2FA, LW7DX,  LW9DA and  LU5FF will  participate  in the  ARRL  10m
          Contest (10-11 December) as LR2F. QSL via LU2FA. Complete rules  for
          this popular event  can be found  at http://www.contesting.info/  or
OH     - Santa Claus   Land (OH9SCL) will  be again active  on all bands  and
          modes from  the  Artic  Circle  between  17  and  19  December.  The
          operators will be N7NG, OH2BH, OH3BHL,  OH9KL, OH9MDV, OH9MM,  OH9RJ
          and OH9VC. QSL via OH9UV. [TNX OH9MM]
S2     - Manjurul, S21AM and Dave, EI3IO (http://EI3IO.com) will operate from
          Char Dakhin Shahbazpur  (Bhola Island,  AS-140) on  4-7 February.  A
          special call sign is being sought from the licensing authority.  Two
          100 watt CW/SSB MF/HF stations will  be operational and activity  on
          all bands  is  planned,  subject  to  antenna  availability.  A  30m
          communications  tower  is  on-site  and   half  slopers  are   being
          considered for 160  metres and 80/30  metres. QSL  via EI3IO  direct
          (Dave Court, 'Connogue', River Lane, Shankill, Co. Dublin,  Ireland)
          or bureau. Logs will be uploaded to LoTW. [TNX EI3IO]
TK     - TK5EP and TK5MH will participate  in the ARRL  10M Contest as  TK5KP
          (SSB and CW) from Corsica. QSL via TK5KP. [TNX TK5MH]
VU4    - The five operators at Port Blair,  Andaman (VU4NRO and VU4RBI)  have
          different stations on the air simultaneously. Reports indicate  that
          they have one beam installed without rotor. Some pirate CW  activity
          was reported during the very first days; the genuine VU4RBI operated
          on 15m CW for about one hour on 8 December. Activity is expected  to
          continue through 31 December.
          Charles Harpole, K4VUD/HS0ZCW is currently  in Thailand and  expects
          to arrive  at  Port Blair,  Andaman  Island on  14  December  for  a
          two-week visit.  He says  he "will  carry  all advice  on  operating
          practices and propagation  openings to the  team". He  adds that  he
          will be "travelling to  Andaman Islands as  a tourist to  photograph
          and video the VU4 DXpedition. As a non-India citizen, I do not  have
          an operating permit for that  location. I do  hold a one-year  India
          license, VU3CHE,  but it  is licensed  for operations  in New  Delhi
          Bookmark  http://www.niar.org/vnews.html   (niarvu4@gmail.com)   for
          official information.
ZK1    - Tim, M3SDE  (ZK1SDE)  sends an  update  on the  31  January-3  March
          activities from  the  Cook Islands  [425DXN  709].  ZK1SDE,  ZK1SDZ,
          ZK1WET and ZK1XMY will operate from  Aitutaki (OC-083, South  Cooks)
          on 31/01-17/02 and  again on 25/02-03/03.  On 17-24 February  ZK1SDE
          and ZK1SDZ will go on a side trip to Manihiki (OC-014, North Cooks),
          while ZK1WET and ZK1XMY will remain on Aitutaki. QSL direct to M3SDE
          (Tim Beaumont,  P.O.  Box  17,  Kenilworth,  Warwickshire  CV8  1SF,
          England).    Logs    and    updates    will    be    available    on

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ****  GOOD TO KNOW ... ****
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

DXCC NEWS ---> The current TN3S operation (effective 15 May 2002) from  Congo
has been approved for DXCC credit.

EUCW 160M  CONTEST --->  The Union  Francaise  des Telegraphistes  (UFT,  the
French EUCW society) sponsors the  4th European CW  160 Meter Contest,  which
will be held  on 8 January  (20.00-23.00 UTC) and  on 9 January  (04.00-07.00
UTC). Rules can  be found at  http://www.uft.net, where it  also possible  to
download the software written by F6ENO (visit "Telechargements"). [TNX F5NQL]

QSL VK4UC ---> Kim Larson, daughter  of N3SL, is assuming  the duties of  QSL
manager for John, VK4UC. Cards are  on order and  expected in early  January.
John has forwarded nearly  4 pounds of  cards received via  the VK bureau  to
N3SL for processing. About 50 direct  cards also were  included, and will  be
answered at the same time. We ask  that those awaiting cards please not  send
another until the bureau system has had a chance to work. John's logs already
have been  uploaded  into  LoTW,  and  a log  search  will  be  available  at
http://www.qsl.net/n3sl/manager.htm [TNX N3SL]

QSL VO2AAA ---> Cards for the recent operation, centered around the CQ WW  DX
CW Contest, should go to K8DD (Hank Kohl, P.O. Box 88, Attica, MI 48412-9312,

QSL VIA EA7JX  ---> Rod  is the  QSL manager  for AY5FF,  CO3JO, D2U,  L25FF,
YW1D, YW6P and  YX1DIG. Rod says  he has  not heard  from Joao,  D2U for  six
months now, and  at the moment  he is  unable to  reply to  the QSL  requests

QSL VIA LX1NO ---> QSL requests  for Siggi, TF3CW/TF4CW  or any other  future
TF#CW call should be routed via  LX1NO. Siggi is not a member  of IRA and  he
has no QSL cards, so please  refrain from sending bureau  or direct cards  to
him. Norby, LX1NO is also the QSL manager for Thomas, OZ1AA. [TNX LX1NO]

S9A &  S9BB  ---> The  Finnish  team logged  24,617  QSOs during  the  recent
operation from Sao  Tome. The  89% of  the total  QSOs was  made with  Europe
(12,686) and  North  America  (9,115).  Conditions  turned  out  surprisingly
unstable, varying from day to day.  The tropical noise  came lower at  times,
allowing the team to make a number of contacts on 160 and 80 metres (221  and
1096   rexpectively).   The    log   search    is   up    and   running    at
http://www.df3cb.com/logsearch/s9bb/  [TNX OH2BN]

VU4 PROPAGATION CHARTS ---> Andaman chasers  in the US may take advantage  of
the set of short-path and long-path propagation forecasts between each of the
10 continental US call areas and the Andaman Islands prepared by Dave,  AA6YQ
(http://www.ambersoft.com/Amateur_Radio/VU4). He  has  used  PropView,  which
produces a graphical  display emulating propagation  charts that show  likely
openings across a 24-hour UTC day.  Those outside the  US can generate  their
own   forecasts;    PropView    is    free    and    can    be    found    at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          ***  NEWS FROM THE WEB  ***
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA
ARI CONTEST: The results of the 2004 ARI  International DX Contest (1-2  May)
              can   be    found    at    http://www.qsl.net/contest_ari and
              http://www.ari.it/(click on HF and then on Contest). The prizes
              will be mailed  before the end  of the year.  The rules for  the
              2005 event,  as  well  as  the  All  Time  Records  tables,  are
              available on the websites above. [TNX IK2HKT]
LOGS:        The HS72B log search is available at

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  QSL INFO  ********
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER     CALL        MANAGER
3D2FI       G0UIH       HC8N        W5UE        TM0TLT      F5KLJ
3D2XA       WA4WTG      HI3K        AD4Z        TM5VT       F6KJX
3E1A        DL6MYL      HI8/JA6WFM  JA6VU       TM6OLT      F6KFT
4K7Z        UA3FDX      HP1XX       DJ0LZ       TM9TLT      F6KUC
4U1UN       HB9BOU      HS0ZCY      AA4XR       TN6X        DJ6SI
5B4AHH      RA3AMG      HS0ZDY      SM6CVM      TO4A        VE3HO
5K5Z        K7ZD        HS0ZFA      DJ4ER       TZ6JA       JA3EMU
5U5Z        G3SXW       HS72B       E20NTS      UA0SR       W3HNK
5Z4DZ       PC1A        IG9A        IT9GSF      UA0ZDA/6    UA6HPR
6W1RW       F6BEE       IH9P        OK1MG       UA6HLO      UA6HPR
7Q7RS       IW9BBX      IP1TI       IK4JPR      UQ13A       DL8KAC
7X0AD       EA4URE      J79A        K7GK        V26K        AA3B
8P5A        NN1N        J79WI       WI9WI       V31JP       KA9WON
8P9Z        K4BAI       J7OJ        KU9C        V31RM       KN5H
8Q7DV       UA9CLB      JW5E        JW5NM       V47KP       K2SB
8R1K        EA4BQ       JY4NE       K3IRV       V47ZM       K3ZM
9G5ZS       ZS6EGB      KC4AAA      K1IED       V51/DL5XL   DL5XL
9K2MU       WA4JTK      KC7JEF/MM   UA6HPR      VC3L        VE3AT
9K2WDD      9K2MT       KK6WW/KH0   JA6EGL      VC9COAL     VE9WGS
9L1MS       IZ0EGB      LU8XW       WD9EWK      VK6KN       JA1CIC
9M6NA       JE1JKL      LX7I        LX2AJ       VK9AA       DL8YR
9N7BCC      DK7YY       LZ2TU       WB2RAJ      VK9NW       K9NW
9N7CQ       IK2ILH      MJ0ASP      F5SHQ       VK9XG       W0YG
9N7M        PA7FM       MJ0AWR      K2WR        VP2MDG      K2DM
9Y4ZC       DL6FBL      OH0B        OH2BH       VP2MKK      W8QID
A35RK       W7TSQ       OH0I        OH3BHL      VP2MLA      LA9VDA
A45WD       YO9HP       OH0Z        OH5DX       VP2MNS      W8QID
A61AV/p     ON5NT       P3J         5B4AHJ      VP2MQQ      W8QID
AH2R        JH7QXJ      P4/K9UK     WF9V        VP2MW       W8QID
AM7AL       EA4URE      P4/W9AEB    WF9V        VP2MZM      K2DM
BV0J        BW0IR       P4/WG9J     WF9V        VP2VVV      K9VV
C56JHF      SM0JHF      P4/WW9WW    WF9V        VP5W        W7TSQ
C6AKQ       N4BP        P40J        WX4G        VP8DID      DJ2VO
C6AQQ       ND3F        P40K        WM6A        VP8WWW      W5PF
C91F        AA4NN       P40L        K5WW        VP9I        KQ1F
CN2R        W7EJ        P40Q        K0DQ        VR2JN/P     JN4ASA
CO3LF       IZ8EBI      P40TA       WM6A        WH2A        KG6DX
CP6CW       W0ZR        P40TP       WF9V        WP2Z        KU9C
CQ3T        CT3KN       P40W        N2MM        WP3F        DK8ZB
CQ9T        CT3KN       P40YW       AB0YW       XT2MF       KC7V
CS94ZKN     CT3KN       P40ZZ       WF9V        XU7ADE      E21EIC
CT3AS       DJ8FW       P49MR       VE3MR       XU7ADF      AA4XR
CT7B        CT1ILT      PJ2/WB9Z    AF9H        XU7ADI      SM5GMZ
CT9KN       CT3KN       PJ2MI       W2CQ        XU7POS      ON4AJV
CT9L        DJ6QT       PJ2T        N9AG        YB0AJR      OK1JN
CW2A        SM4DHF      PJ4/WW4LL   K4BAI       YB0ECT      K3AIR
CX7CO       SM5KCO      PJ4J        DJ2MX       YB5QZ       W3HNK
D2PFN       KK5DO       PJ4Z        K4BAI       YE0X        OK1JN
D4B         K1BV        PP6ZKN      CT3KN       YI1RM       DJ0LZ
DU1IST      JF1IST      PQ2Q        PY2WC       YI9BON      WA5BON
DU9/N0NM    W4DR        PS2T        W3HC        YI9GT       SP3GTS
EA8EA       OH2MM       PX2A        PY2VM       YI9QWO      K5QWO
EA8EW       OH1MA       PY0S/PS7JN  PS7JN       YI9WRV      W3HNK
ED3URT      EA3TE       R1ANN       RZ3DJ       Z22JE       K3PD
ED6CTB      EA6SB       S9A         OH2TA       Z32ID       DJ0LZ
ED6TAB      EA6ZX       S9BB        OH2TA       Z35X        DJ0LZ
ED7MCM      EA7GOG      S9SS        N4JR        ZK1COW      F6COW
ED7PIE      EA7DA       SC0AG       SM6CTQ      ZK1DRA      W7DRA
EF8TDX      EC8AUA      ST2YJ       LA4YW       ZK1EPY      F6EPY
EI9JN       SP9JZT      SU8BHI      HA3JB       ZK1GNZ      F6GNZ
EK6DZ       RW6HS       SU9FL       WD9DZV      ZL/RA3XR    RA3XR
EK6LX       RW6HS       SU9NC       OM2SA       ZL1V        N3SL
EM1HO       I2PJA       SX2LH       SV2AYT      ZL6QH       ZL2AOH
EM5U        UT2UB       SX8P        SV8CYV      ZM1A        ZL1AMO
ET3TK       OK1CU       T32CK       K6SRZ       ZP0R        W3HNK
EX2M        W3HNK       T32QS       N6TQS       ZY7C        PT7WA
EY8MM       K1BV        TF3CW       LX1NO       ZY7LH       PS7AA
GJ2A        K2WR        TI4CF       W3HNK       ZZ8Z        PY8AZT

                          *** 4 2 5  D X  N E W S ***
                          *******  ADDRESSES  *******
                           Edited by  I1JQJ & IK1ADH
                         Direttore Responsabile IK8MRA

4U1VIC  Vienna International Amateur Radio Club, P.O. Box 200, A-1400 Vienna,
6O0JT   Joe Talbot, VE6 Incoming Bureau, Box 1515, Gibbons, Alberta T0A 1N0,
AA4XR   Bruce E. Ault, 36421 SR 54 W, Zephyrhills, FL 33541, USA
CE0ZIS  Eliazar Rojas Pizarro, P.O. Box 157, Los Andes, Chile
CT3KN   Ricardo Martins, Rua da Levada dos Barreiros 10 4 X, 9000-161
         Funchal, Portugal
DL5XL   Felix Riess, Mittal 3, D-31073 Delligsen, Germany
EA4BQ   Olli Rissanen, Calle Ciguela 331, 28729 Venturada, Madrid, Spain
HA3JB   Kutasi Gabor, P.O. Box 243, H-8601 Siofok, Hungary
K7ZD    Gary McClellan, 3422 E Altadena Ave, Phoenix, Arizona 85028-2010, USA
LA9VDA  Trond Johannessen, Helgedalen 13, N-1528 Moss, Norway
ON5NT   Ghis Penny, P.O. Box 93, BE-9700 Oudenaarde, Belgium
PS7AA   LABRE Rio Grande do Norte, P.O. Box 251, 59010-970 Natal - RN, Brazil
SV2DGH  Christos Sfyris, P.O. Box 4200, Smyrnis 5, 57019 Ano Perea,
         Thessaloniki, Greece
VE9WGS  Wade Gordon Smith, 96 Immigrant Rd, New Brunswick E4A 1B7, Canada
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